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    posted a message on Being Cyber bullied on server
    Sometimes there's simply nothing you can do about it. Honestly, my advice would be to just find a new server. There are hundreds of them out there. Here's a list. Hope this helps :biggrin.gif:
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    posted a message on Mojang, Yogscast In Dispute
    I'm a little perturbed by this. The f**k off comment to the kid was outlandish and downright unprofessional. I hope they lose subscribers.
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    posted a message on skyrim quest not showing in log
    Are you sure it's not in the misc section? It can get quite full and sometimes you can miss the one you're looking for. Also, sometimes the names of quests will change if it is a series, so make sure you didn't move on to the next quest in the chain.
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    posted a message on I ballsed it up
    /kill? You should respawn, I think....
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    posted a message on [Request] Simple and Eloquent Mod
    This would be very amusing. I think it would be cooler though if the ice wand froze the mob, but rather than encasing it in ice, changing it's color to a blue. And rather than killing it, it would be cool to have it just freeze motion and then stay that way, like a statue. Until, of course, you decide to strike the statue, in which case it would die.
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    posted a message on Potion Of Youth
    Quote from robo111

    Love them baby animals?
    Hate it when they grow up?
    Potion of youth!
    Brewed by putting a ghast tear in a mundane potion, it has no use for people.
    BUT, if used on a baby animal by splash potion, it will stay a baby forever.
    I love baby animals, so this would be good for me :biggrin.gif:

    I think a Ghast Tear already has a use in potion-brewing. I like the idea, but there should be a different ingredient for sure. +1
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    posted a message on What's the Manliest You've Ever Felt?
    my little brother shot me in the cheek with a .22 and knocked out 7 teeth. I laughed, took my turn with the gun, knocked down 2 pop cans from 50 feet, then passed out. Woke up on the way to the hospital. Never complained. Badass right?
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    posted a message on Weekly Content Contest - Voting Starts Now!
    There are some really awesome TPs in this contest. Too bad they're pitted against Joliween pack, because, well, that one is just way better. But the other submissions are top quality too!
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    posted a message on Mad it, IF U DARE!
    Adding the ability to do stealth would be freaking fun. I think it would have to be a server specifically for special ops, otherwise this would be perfect for griefers. It would defsies be a good reason to hide yo' kids, hide yo' wife. Also your home/fort/base. +1
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    posted a message on How to improve zombies
    hordes of zombies that are static sounds amazing. They would continuously grow. Love it.
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    posted a message on More real world animals.
    Quote from HornyHamwich

    If any information is missing, please say so.

    There is a mod that does just this. Except maybe the buffalo. It's called mo' creatures.


    deh go
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    posted a message on Minecraft Beatbox
    Quote from liquidfired

    I hope you enjoy this video

    It would be cooler if it had some rhythm.
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    posted a message on Removing mobs(dragons to be exact)
    Quote from AndrewG

    Herp derp.i want the features in future updates,so yeah.

    So, for some reason you feel you are entitled to pick and choose the the features of the game? You didn't make this game, ya know. If you don't like some features, it's very easy to just downgrade your minecraft.jar to a previous release. It seems a little silly to expect that your opinion should outweigh the developers' opinions. If you don't like something, either go back to before it was implemented, or get over it. Srsly.
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    posted a message on Is anyone getting tired of all the new stuff?
    Quote from DoomFire

    Well, 1.8 was broken up into 1.8 and 1.9 and maybe 1.10. because of so much content. And the whole point of him adding all this new stuff is to give people more reason to adventure (hence the adventure update) and if you want people to walk out of their inpenatrable dirt bubble you need to give them LOTS of reason. so he made potions, For potions you need to adventure the nether to find different ingredients. Ender, You need to adventure to find a stronghold and to find endermen to kill, Enchanting, You need exp to enchant, so it makes you leave the house to fight mobs for exp, And maybe go on an adventure while your at it. With all these new things being added, It gives player much choice to WHY they might want to leave their bubble.

    Thats my opinion anyway. I personally LOVE everything being added!

    I aggrizzle. I think the added features are implemented in such a way that if you aren't interested in them, they are in NO way required to play. One can simply ignore them. Personally, I love building, but after hours and hours, to clear my head, or to just do something else, a venture into a cave or the Nether is a welcome distraction.
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    posted a message on aesthetic options
    I like it, but maybe only available in creative mode. I think in Survival you should have to deal, or find a new biome. Weather is part of the challenge IMO.
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