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    Hello Mojang Team,

    this is _CaptainPeanut_ reporting for duty!

    I have a few requests and suggestions.

    Before I suggest the new features, I would like you to know that this is 100% my idea and that you don't HAVE to give me credit. You can if you want.

      Utensils. You should add forks or knives. To create a fork, you could add a trident and a piece of iron ingot in the crafting table. If you hold food in your main-hand and the utensil in your off-hand, you would eat faster and gain more food points.

      Hercules Piston. You could add an extra piston called the Hercules Piston. It could switch on and off of "sticky-mode" and "regular" mode. It could push obsidian and could have a bigger push-limit than regular pistons. It could be crafted with a normal piston and a sticky piston.

      Tamable Foxes/dolphins. You might be working on this feature but I'm not sure. It would be SPECTACULAR if you could tame dolphins with fish and foxes with berries. The foxes would act like dogs but would have different attacks and damage.

      Happiness Potion. You know when you accidentally punch a villager and it gets mad at you and it raises it's prices for trades? There should be a Happiness Potion where it can splash on villagers and they become happy with you and forget why they're mad.

      I was thinking about bears like panda's and polar bears. Why not add something simple like a grizzly bear or a brown bear. They attack pillagers and eat berries off of berry bushes.

    Thanks so much for reading this message. I wish so much I can talk to you all in person. This took a lot of thinking, time and effort. Please consider adding these features.

    Sincerely from:


    P.S. I like minecraft 99999999999 times better than Fortnite.
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