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    A few days ago, I made an Angel Ring from Extra Utilities 2. This item grants creative flight, and uses Grid Power (GP) to function. GP is a power system in EU2 that allows certain items and devices to be powered from any dimension so long as enough power is being generated. GP is generated using a variety of Mills, the most basic one being a Manual Mill. Others include the Lava, Water, Fire and Wind Mills, which generate 4 GP each, Solar and Lunar Panels, which generate 1 GP each, at day or night only, the Dragon Egg Mill, which generates 500 GP, and a Creative Mill, which is Creative mode only, and generates 10,000 GP.

    The Angel Ring uses 32 GP. Crafting it requires capturing a couple of different mobs in Golden/Cursed Lassos. Golden Lassos are used to capture non-hostile mobs, while Cursed Lassos are used for hostile mobs. Mobs captured by it need to have a 1/2 heart in order to do so. The mob needed for the Ring is a Ghast. I am so OP right now that I had to do it with a plain, non-enchanted vanilla bow, and then not draw the string back fully. This also meant not reflecting the Ghast's fireballs back on it, as doing so will most likely one shot it. It took several attempts before I successfully captured one. The other mobs needed (a Chicken, a Squid and a Bat), were much easier to get.

    I do not really need the Ring as I have Draconic Armor, but wanted it as an alternate means of flight. I don't fly as fast with it vs. the armor, so I am sticking with the latter for now.

    Later, I greatly increased the amount of food items in my kitchen, so much so that I can now craft 257 different foods at last count. Since then, I've been going around and harvesting fruit from Pam's trees, using the Acceleration Wand to rapidly grow them, getting a stack of each type per tree. I have gotten most of them at this point, but I think there are still a few I have yet to find, so more exploring is in order.

    I plan on growing many of the Pam's trees inside my base, and in order to make room for them, I expanded it yet again:

    The new area adds about 10 chunks south of my Botania and Blood Magic areas. I also added a Mana Enchanter to my Botania area. This uses books and Mana to enchant, but does not consume the books.

    Last, I started working on the 2nd floor of the house, adding interior walls. I'm kind of stuck on this, as I am not sure what size or how many rooms I want upstairs. For now I have left it unfinished while I look for more Pam's related things in the world.

    Edit: I decided to add interior walls to the 1st floor of the house, and enclosed the stairwell to the 2nd floor. In addition, I was looking at Bibliocraft's option to add custom paintings. Initially I tried doing it with a separate resource pack, but later decided to add it to Soartex Fanver. There is an example resource pack on Bibliocraft's website, and I just added the contents of the assets folder. I added around 16 images to it. One did not render, which was that of the Andromeda Galaxy, M31. I may try again later.

    Here are a few of the paintings I added to my Library/Study room:

    The one on the right is that of Mount Everest. I wanted it to be a 4x4.

    Most of the paintings I've added lately have been borderless, but a few have Dark Oak Frames around them. Dark Oak contrasts well with the lighter Birch walls in the house.

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    Last Saturday, I went back into my 1st Minecraft world, started around 10 years ago this week, and explored a bit. My two original worlds are still in 1.2.5, and I never updated them to the new launcher, so I have been playing them offline.

    In my world 1, I had built multiple minecart tracks all over the world, 3 houses, a castle, a large arch bridge made of bricks, and a 50x50x2 underground mob farm. All along the rail lines, I would place outposts; one of those I put on a mushroom island I found south of my southernmost house. I chose that outpost as a starting point for exploration, and went to around 10,000 south, but found nothing but ocean, with occasional islands, and 2 more mushroom islands as well.

    I later gave up on exploring that world and went back to my 1.12.2 world where the main thing I did was to tear down and rebuild my house there.

    This is what the old house looked like:

    I had found it too small for my liking, and replaced it with a much larger house, which is below:

    The new house is 21x28 on the inside:

    I chose a combination of bricks, polished stone (from Extra Utilities 2) and chiseled black concrete for the outer walls. Again I am using greenheart wood stairs for the roof. The floors are all made out of birch planks. Another big difference between this house and the previous one is that all of the wood used is fireproof. Fire proof wood is added by Forestry, and can be made using Refractory Wax (produced by centrifuging Simmering and Molten Combs, both produced by Nether bees). Since all the wood also has EMC, I can craft any of the fireproof items from the wood if I have one log of the same type.

    The house is still a work in progress; I chose to make the 1st floor open, with no interior walls.

    There are a couple of things from the Bibliocraft mod in this screenshot. The music discs are on a disc rack from that mod, and there are actually 2 stacked on top of one another. Each rack holds 9 discs.

    This is supposed to be a living room area, but I have yet to add all the furniture here. Since I do not have a furniture mod such as Mr. Crayfish, I'm having to use vanilla items such as stairs and signs. Bibliocraft has a few furniture items I can use. The painting with the sun in it which has a frame around it is a custom painting from Bibliocraft. It is even possible to import your own images for paintings in this mod.

    The Study/Library area. Most of what is here is also from Bibliocraft.The lamps are from that mod, as are the 3 blocks in front of and to the right of the window. Those are the Typesetting Table, Printing Press and Painting Press. The first 2 of these can be used to duplicate any book, including enchanted ones, at an XP cost up to 40 levels. Above the Painting Press in the Dark Oak Case is a pair of Reading Glasses. These are used with the Typesetting Table. On the right wall past the Crafting Grid are some Bookcases. Each can hold up to 18 books. Next is a Desk and Chair, and a Table with a Typewriter on it. It has no usage; it is merely decorative. Right of that is a Fancy Workbench. It functions like a Crafting Table, but can store up to 9 recipes in it, much like the Worktable from Forestry. Then a Disenchanter from Draconic Evolution, and an Enchanter from EnderIO.

    The Kitchen/Dining Area. The Table and Chairs are from Bibliocraft; you can place carpet on the table to make it look like a table cloth. Nothing can be put on the plates, though. In the back is the kitchen area. From left to right is a Market from Pam's HarvestCraft, a Kitchen Corner with a Cutting Board on it (behind the Chair), 2 Kitchen Counters, one with a Toaster, the other with a Cow in a Jar, an Oven, Cooking Table, Sink and another Kitchen Counter, and 2 double Fridges, all of which are from Cooking for Blockheads. Pam's has over 300 different foods that can be crafted; the Cooking Table allows crafting of anything that has the needed ingredients and tools nearby. Everything on the right wall except the cabinets along the ceiling are part of a multiblock kitchen.

    The Cow in a Jar is one of the more amusing items here. It supplies infinite milk which slowly refills when used to all recipes. It is made by placing a cow on top of a milk jar, then dropping an Anvil on it.

    I still have to do a bedroom; that's going to be upstairs, and that floor will have interior walls. I also need to finish out the living room area.

    The flooring in the kitchen area is made using coal and quartz blocks.

    The pack used here is Soartex Fanver.

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    It's been a long time since I was last in my 1.12.2 world as I have not been playing Minecraft for a while, so yesterday I logged into it for the first time in about 5 months.

    I had finally found a place for the Astral Sorcery Horologium ritual that actually worked; I'm still not sure why it works in some places and not in others. I ended up locating it next to the Aevitas ritual:

    If you look closely at the Ritual Pedestal (which is behind one of the Lenses), there is a purple hourglass shape of the constellation Horologium on the ground under it. The Ritual Anchor is linked to another one in my Thermal Expansion/Ender IO room. All of the machines show blue particle effects on them indicating they are being tick accelerated. My SAG Mills in particular seem to be running quite fast.

    I've been running my Void Ore Miner (which is at Tier 5) for a while, and can now upgrade it to Tier 6. For that tier, I need 92 Strcuture Frames of that tier, which use 2 Aethium crystals each, and a controller of the same tier. The controller uses 6 Aethium blocks. So I need a total of 238 Aethium crystals.

    Environmental Tech has 6 tiers of machines, such as the void miners, solar arrays, and nanobot beacons (which function like the vanilla ones). There are also 6 tiers of crystal used for each machine. They are (1) Litherite, (2) Erodium, (3) Kyronite, (4) Pladium, (5) Ionite, and (6) Aethium. Blocks of the tier 3 and higher crystals are also Wither proof. Only Litherite is craftable; the others must be obtained through Void Ore mining.

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    I haven't played the latest snapshot as I am still on 1.12.2, which has the greatest amount of mod support (only 24 pages for 1.13, but 295 for 1.12.2).

    I saw a video on this snapshot by Youtuber Paul Soares Jr. where someone commented that the bees were bigger than chickens.

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    I tore down the entire roof of my new Thaumcraft building and added a second level and a new roof. Initally I wanted to put some glass in the top as before so I could see outside, but it didn't quite work out as well as I wanted, so I opted for for 3x3 windows in the sides of the second level.

    Here is a screenshot of the roof. I got the idea from seeing some of the design of the Twilight Forest castle, with the alternating black and white spires on some of the towers, and the encased castle bricks found in a lot of places there.

    I chose to use slabs instead of whole blocks or stairs. The white slabs are Astral Sorcery marble. They are made from Marble Bricks. They are the only slabs in that mod. The black ones are Black Quartz slabs from Actually Additions.

    The new second level I am thinking of using for Essentia Storage. I might even build an Essentia sorting system up here. It is possible to do this with Essentia Buffers and other components of the tube system. I moved all of the Warded Jars with no labels on them that had some Essentia in them into a Diamond Shulker Box, and took it upstairs to the new room. This is a lot safer than messing around with placing jars full of Essentia down. I accidentally shift-clicked another full jar (250 Vis) of Essentia, causing it to be released as Flux and opening a rift.

    I also set this up in the new room:

    This is the Essentia Centrifuge. It breaks down complex Essentia into simpler forms; in this case Vitium into its components Perditio and Praecantatio. Once the centrifuge was done, I ended up with 48 Praecantatio and 55 Perditio. The latter is more useful, as it is a component in the making of Alumentum. The other can still be used to fuel Flux Condensers or be centrifuged again into Aer and Potentia. Both are used in Thaumatorium recipes. I may consider moving that upstairs as well, though only if I have a tube-based Essentia sorting system to support it.

    Edit - on top of the centrifuge is an Essentia Buffer. It allows multiple Essentia types to pass through the tube network to the warded jars.

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    I got started in Botania, getting close to the point where I can make Terrasteel and open the portal to Alfheim.

    The only Astral Sorcery related thing I did was to harvest all of the fully grown Dynamism Gems at the ruins of the Woodland Mansion. I was looking for 8% projectile damage, 8% maximum life, but the best I got was 7 & 7% of each.

    Among the Botania things I did was to make Living Wood and Living Rock, make a Mana Pool, a Mana Spreader, and 8 Endoflames. These flowers will consume fuel items and produce mana. I have 4 Droppers above them connected to a Dark Utilities Timer currently set for 450 ticks (22.5 sec.). Coal is being fed the Droppers from a 4x1 Mk III Power Flower with the Energy Condenser targeting coal. Connected to it is an EnderIO Item Conduit, and also connected is Redstone Conduit to the timer. Like all EnderIO cables, multiple types can go in one block space.

    I also built the Runic Altar and made some of all of the Runes. I made 8 each of Air, Earth, Water, and Fire, 8 each of Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter, and 4 each of Mana, Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Sloth, Wrath, Envy and Pride.

    Then I decided I would go exploring in the opposite direction of the first Woodland Mansion to try and find another. About 13,000 meters out I found a Cartographer in a village that traded with me for a map to another Woodland Mansion. I explored NE of the village, and came upon it in a Snowy Coniferous Forest (a BoP biome).

    This one's more than double the distance away from my base that the other one was.

    One of the Mansion's inhabitants

    That's an Evoker standing in the corner of that room. I set a teleport destination in my Advanced Dislocater, setting it about 100m from the front doorway. I also put a Mega Torch there.

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    I upgraded my Void Ore Miner to tier 3. I needed 166 Kyronite crystals for this; I got a bit over 3 stacks of it. I had to clear out some more space in the area in the Mining Dimension I had set up as the new structure was running into the Draconic Energy orb.

    So I cleared out about 3 meters of space, changing the stairs coming down into the room so they ran along the wall.

    I let the miner run while I was exploring the world a lot, and as a result I had a lot of ores to process. I've already gotten more than enough (409) Pladium crystals to upgrade the miner to tier 4, and throw in a few Accuracy Modifiers. These are now craftable where I could not make them at tier 2.

    I also did a lot of things with Astral Sorcery. I got Attuned Celestial Crystals for each of the 12 bright and dim constellations, upgraded the crafting altar to the Iridescent Altar, which unlocked the Radiance Chapter, made some Regen IV Stardew potions and put Power VII and Infinity on the Draconic Bow. In order to do this, it had to be done with the existing enchantments stripped off, and on the Stellar Refraction Table. For the bow, I chose 2 Discidia and a Pelotrio. Discidia puts Power III-VII on bows, and Sharpness III-VII on swords.

    I also got a Phoenix Fire potion effect added to one of my Regen IV Stardew. This lasts for about 6-8 minutes, and saves you from death.

    The Stellar Refraction Table in action:

    The colored lenses on either side will light up while the table is working, and constellations to be added to items, books or potions will generate small lightning bolts as above.

    The Iridescent Altar:

    The Enhanced Celestial Collector Crystal on the left is the original one I had set up here, attuned to Aevitas. After upgrading the altar, I had only about half power in it during the day. Adding a second one attuned to Armara maxed the starlight power during the day. I chose Armara to complement Aevitas - the former appears on the first 5 moon phases, while Aevitas appears on the last 5. Many of the tier 5 recipes require additional items to be added during the crafting process; they are placed on the Spectral Relays. I had to locate them on the outermost edge of the Sooty Marble as anywhere else seemed to reduce the starlight power to almost half again. There is also a slot for an attuned crystal; some recipes require focused starlight from a specific constellation.

    The block in the center of the screen is an Observatory. This replaces the Telescope and allows faint constellations to be discovered. It requires a Lucerna (light) attuned crystal in the altar's slot, and the constellation to be in the sky when crafting.

    This took a long time and a lot of starlight power to craft.

    Edit: I went to the Woodland Mansion to check on the progress of the Dynamism Gems I was growing there and saw this:

    Fortunately I had gotten everything I wanted to keep out of here when I raided the place a long time ago. Its a shame to see it got burned down.

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    I was out exploring the world, gaining perk XP when there was a solar eclipse. I decided to stop exploring and head back home before dark, as the constellation Horologium only appears on the night after a solar eclipse. These occur every 36 in-game days; my In-Game Info screen showed it to be day 948.

    Once it became night, I looked through the Telescope and found Horologium fairly quickly - it is the only constellation I had not discovered in the sky yet. Then I attuned one of my Celestial Crystals to the constellation:

    Horologium looks like an hourglass when looked at in the night sky or in the Astral Tome. Its ritual effect is to speed up machine ticks.

    This is the attuned crystal:

    I got this done just in time...not seconds after finishing the attunement, it began to rain. There is also a shooting star in the sky, which I am going to follow.

    I did so, and it gave me a bit of Aquamarine and an item called a Shining Casing. All this does is act as a container for something called a Lucent Scroll, which gives random bits of knowledge.

    Last, I unlocked a gem socket in my perk tree:

    I'm continuing to grow the Dynamism Gems as I am looking for one that has both 8% Melee Damage and 8% Maximum Health. And while exploring, I gained another Perk Point.

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    I have now reached the Constellation chapter of Astral Sorcery, having upgraded the Starlight Crafting Altar to the Celestial Altar.

    The completed structure is 11x5x11. I made the platform 15x15, out of the same small marble bricks I am using in my base, then mined out the center 11x11 area to make room for the multiblock.

    I've also been growing Rock and Celestial Crystals as well as Dynamism Gems. Rock and Celestial Crystals have 3 properties: size, purity and cutting. Regular rock crystals have a max size of 400, while the celestial ones have a max size of 900. Crystals grow by absorbing Liquid Starlight collected from Light Wells:

    The Lightwells are on the right, next to the Cherry tree (BoP, not a Forestry Cherry). In front is a Reinforced Large Drum holding Liquid Starlight. I have around 428 buckets of it in there. Liquid Starlight is a very cold fluid; if you use Thermal Expansion Fluiducts, they need to be Hardened or better or they will break.

    The holes in the front were for growing Celestial Crystals. You throw a Rock Crystal and a Stardust into Liquid Starlight, then wait for the crystal to absorb it. It will then appear as a Celestial Crystal Cluster. If you attempt to harvest it right away, all you'll get is Stardust. Once the crystal grows, it can then be harvested. A max size crystal has a 1 in 6 chance of splitting into two crystals when immersed in Liquid Starlight. If planted on Starmetal Ore, it will turn the ore back to iron (you can see some iron ore and a Starmetal ore in the ground above). There is also a 1 in 3 chance when planted this way that you'll get two crystals when harvesting one. The second crystal will have a higher purity,

    The other crystals are Dynamism Gems. They grow like the Celstial Crystals do, and when ready to harvest will yield one of the 3 gem types when broken. Each Ilium (orange) Ourium (blue) and Fengarum (white) gem have random properties when harvested, and will give greater bonuses when borken at night vs. day. Gems work in a similar mechanic to some RPGs, where the gem goes into an equipment slot on tools, weapons or armor. Mystical Agriculture has this mechanic. Dynamism Gems affect one's perks, and in order to use one you need to unlock one of the gem sockets in the perk tree:

    Because of their random stats, you'll want to start growing as many of these as possible early on.

    Yellow indicates perks which are active, blue indicates locked perks, and magenta indicates any that can be activated. The bar at the left is how much perk XP I have. I am very close to gaining a perk point.

    Lastly, a max, size, purity and cutting Celstial Crystal. I managed to get this purely by luck, though it also took some dips in starlight to grow it to max size:

    I think I want to use this to craft a Celestial Collector Crystal.

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    I recall a long time ago when playing vanilla back in the Alpha days and had a mouse with a very sensitive wheel. I accidentally threw my Clock on my hotbar into lava rather than what I wanted to throw in. I had very little Gold at the time this happened.

    I upgraded the Void Ore Miner to Tier 2, and have already gotten 9 of the gem (Kyronite) needed to upgrade it to Tier 3.

    I also made the Linking Tool and Lens from Astral Sorcery. Both my Void Ore Miner and the IFG Laser Drill have brought me a good amount of Rock Crystal ore. I have found that storing the crystals in the Refined Storage System does not allow me to hold shift to see their properties, which are going to become more important as I progress through the mod. I moved them to a Large Storage Crate, which can hold 351 items. Rock Crystals do not stack as every one you mine has different properties, which I can see in the crate. Normally they are found near/at bedrock (Y1 - 6) in single ore veins.

    The Linking Tool is used to link together a collector of starlight to a block to be transmuted. It functions in a similar manner to Draconic Evolution's Crystal Binder. Shift right click on the source, then right click on the destination. Iron ore transmutes to Starmetal ore when linked. In the day time, it takes about 22 seconds to transmute one ore block to Starmetal. At moonrise, this time decreases to 7 seconds, then down to about 3 by midnight. Both the Stardust and Starmetal ingots have EMC, 512 each per item. Making this effectively unlocks the next chapter of the mod, Constellation, as both the dust and ingots are used in the making of the next crafting altar, the Celestial Altar.

    Edit: I attuned myself to Vicio. This opens the perk tree for this constellation.

    First, the screenshot of the attunement process:

    When the constellation you want to attune yourself to is in the sky, you place Spectral Relays in a pattern matching that constellation around the Attunement Altar, then stand on top of it. The camera view will zoom out and gradually rotate as starlight energy is infused into your player. The golden arnaments around the Altar will lift up like shown. You can place a Constellation Paper of that constellation in your off hand to guide you in placing the Spectral Relays.

    Vicio's perk tree:

    The perk tree also shows the perks available from other constellations. Vicio gives me XP for exploring the world, and unlocks perks related to movement. The first perk I got was +1 reach. This is very useful, and means I won't need to get into Botania to make the Ring of Far Reach, which requires the Portal to Alfheim to be opened to make it.

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