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    I've been really getting into playing the Feed The Factory mod pack.

    I've abbreviated a few mod names as follows:

    IE - Immersive Engineering, EIO - Ender IO, TE - Thermal Expansion, MM - Modular Machinery, LA - Logistical Automation

    Some info on the research system in the pack - there are 6 tiers of science, Green - Logistic, Red - Mechanics, Blue - Production, Purple - Utility, Yellow - Chemical, and rainbow (the science cycles colors between the previous 5 tiers) - Quantum.

    Green and Red science can be made in the Burner Researcher multi-block. Green needs TE Iron Plates and IE Conveyor Belts, plus Coal or Charcoal. Red uses TE Steel Gears, IE Copper Coil Blocks, and again coal or charcoal. Blue requires a custom item added by the mod pack author called an Aluminum Widget. It is made with a TE Al Gear, 4 IE Al Structural Arms (ramps), and 4 Al wire. The other 2 components are IE Redstone Engineering Blocks and TE Fluxed Electrum.

    I have posted some screenshots of the factory. The 1st is that of my Storage Drawers. With the exception of cobblestone, some items which I only have a few or one of, and any tools, everything I have crafted or smelted in the pack is stored here. The 2nd image is my IE Metal Presses, and in the background IE Water Wheels. I have 30 of these on 10 IE Kinetic Generators producing a total of 450 Redstone Flux (RF)/t. There is also an Ender IO LV Capacitor Bank, storing 900,000 RF. It is behind the 2nd Metal Press, and is to the right of the Dropper.

    The 3rd image shows some IE Improved Blast Furnaces, which can make Steel from Iron and coal, charcoal or coal coke. The last of these is made in an IE Coke Oven from Coal, which also produces Creosote Oil. That is to the left of the belts that look like stairs. These are LA Escalator Belts. The Creosote Oil is in that tank on the right of the belt. It is about 2/3 full, and holds 512,000 mB. Next image is that of the Researcher GUI. This is also a MM multi-block machine.The last image is that of my TE smelting line. The ore multiplication at my current stage of tech is 2.5x, and can go up to 10x with TE Augments. A closer look at the Water Wheels is in this image. Since the wheels themselves are made out of IE Treated Wood (uses the creosote oil), I chose to make the entire building housing them out of those. The machine to the left of the first Pulverizer is an IE Assembler multi-block. It can auto-craft almost instantly, but the pack author made it so that anything unlockable, including what you have already researched, cannot be made in it.

    I have unlocked the next tier of power, MV. EIO's MV Energy Conduits can be made, and can transfer 5000 RF/t, 10x the LV ones. I also unlocked tier 4 Solar Panels (64 RF/t) from Solar Flux Reborn. I last played with this mod in Stoneblock.

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    It's been a couple of years since I last played Minecraft, and the other night decided to install a modpack in the Curseforge app called Feed The Factory. This pack basically turns Minecraft into Factorio, and is the single most un-Minecraft like pack I have ever played. For one thing, the only ores/gems/dusts you can get at the start are iron, copper, coal, redstone and diamond. You will never have to mine these by hand, instead placing down multiblock structures called Burner Mining Drills, which are a lot like their counterparts in Factorio as they require fuel (coal or charcoal). Other ores are unlocked in later tiers through research. There are 5 types of science in the pack, the first of these being Logistics/Transport, which is green, like that of the packs in Factorio. These take conveyor belts and iron plates from Immersive Engineering, and coal. They also take 30 seconds each to craft. This is 6 times longer than the equivalent science in Factorio, which takes 5 seconds to craft.

    The first few packs I am going to manually make, but later ones I'll have to automate.

    Some of the other major mods in this pack: all of the Thermal series mods, Chisel, Deep Mob Learning, Iron Chests, Buildcraft (including the Logistics Pipes addon), EnderIO, Tiny Coal, Xaero's Minimap, Nuclear Craft.

    Many of these mods are gated behind game progression and doing research in multiblock machines. Also, a lot of vanilla things are this way as well. I don't yet have access to Minecarts or gold ore. The former requires 16 of the green packs.

    Also, the pack is set to peaceful mode and it is always day time.

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    The main thing I've been doing for the past several weeks has been branch mining - a lot of it. I've been mining down at Y11 in an area west of my base, mainly for diamonds. Before I started this, I had around 4000 diamonds in my Refined Storage system; I now have around 5900. I've been using a Silk Touch Tinker's Cobalt Pickaxe for this, and also mining redstone ore this way. Redstone ore when pulverized has a chance of creating Cinnabar as a secondary output. This can then be used in an Induction Smelter to triple ore outputs, with a 75% of producing Rich Slag as a byproduct. It too can be used for ore tripling.

    Gold also produces Cinnabar as a secondary output when pulverized, though with a lesser chance than redstone ore.

    A screenshot of all of the tunnels, which are 2 blocks apart:

    The larger tunnel running E-W is 3x3. The Fluxbore from Thermal Expansion has several mining modes. 3x3 is one of them. It can also mine a 1x2 tunnel. For lighting, I am using a Torch Launcher from Cyclic, which I put Unbreaking III on. This gives it an effective durablity of 768. Like other tools from this mod, and a lot of other tools from other mods, it can be repaired in either a Magma Anvil (uses lava to repair items) or a Powered Diamond Anvil (uses RF/FE to repair). It is very useful for lighting up caves from a great distance, and could come in handy in a dimension like the Deep Dark from Extra Utilities 2.

    I'm considering doing all my mining in the Mining Dimension, which I have not visited in a long time.

    All the time I have been mining, though, things have occurred at my base. One of those were a couple of Shooting Stars from Astral Sorcery. When these land, they explode with a force greater than that of TNT. This is the approximate size of the crater they leave behind:

    Another of these landed inside my base, but fortunately only destroyed some grass and one Refined Storage cable, easily replaced.

    I had un-claimed all the chunks around my base in order to troubleshoot the framerate lag around my Astral Sorcery area and forgot to reclaim them. I have since done so.

    There were also some fences at my animal pens and some logs around one of the farm areas near the village that were destroyed by lightning. Forestry adds fireproof woods, made using a Thermionic Fabricator. This uses molten glass along with Refractory Wax to make the wood. The wax is gotten from centrifuging combs from Nether bees.

    I replaced all the fences around the animal pens with their fireproof equivalents. I am considering doing the entire walkway on the outer walls of the base eventually. When I rebuilt the house, all the wood I used was fireproof.

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    Maybe Mekanism? Though I'm not sure if it is for 1.16.4 yet.

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    I expanded the storage in my kitchen cabinets to 12. I had started out with only 4 cabinets, then went to 6, and when it looked like I was going to completely fill those, I added another 6. Each can hold the equivalent of a single chest.

    All 12 are connected to the rest of the kitchen blocks, which also includes both fridges. Each of those can store the equivalent of a double chest. I have been putting all of the meat, fish and similar things that would normally go there in them, while everything else has gone into the cabinets above or counters below.

    Pam's HarvestCraft has a block called the Market, where you can buy various items, such as all of the seeds and saplings, as well as animal spawn eggs and a few other things. Seeds are 1 emerald each, saplings 3 emeralds each. I bought 2 of each sapling, and 4 of each seed, except for a few which I felt I did not need. I have around 3000 emeralds in my Refined Storage system, having gotten most from the Void Ore Miner, an Immersive Engineering Excavator, and from Vindicators. Those I have gotten as a result of capturing one in a Soul Vial when I last explored the Woodland Mansion south of my base (before lightining struck it and burned it down). I have a room with Powered Spawners for them, Blazes, Wither Skeletons, Blizzes (from Thermal Foundation), and Pech Foragers (from Thaumcraft), which has a Mob Masher from Mob Grinding Utils in it. This has 10 each of Sharpness, Looting and Beheading Upgrades in it.

    The paintings on the left and to the right of the table are a couple of the default Bibliocraft ones. The others are the vanilla Soartex Fanver ones. I chose two food related ones for this room.

    I fixed the image for the Andromeda Galaxy - the reason it would not render was because the file name was too long. I made it 3x3. It replaces the 3x4 painting that was on this wall (the same as in the previous image) - unintended consequences of placing a Shulker Box in front of it - it knocked the painting off the wall. In addition, I added several more paintings to the zip file for Soartex.

    As for where I am growing the Pam's trees and crops, I chose recently expanded areas on the east and west sides of the base for the trees, and 4 9x9 plots for all of the seeds. In order to plant all of those, I re-purposed 2 of the existing plots, one wheat, the other Canola (a crop from Actually Additions, used mostly for fuel), and added 2 more in one of the new areas.

    I also switched my main food type, to Chocolate Cake. This is also from Actually Additions, and restores 8 hunger and 13 saturation (about double that of Steak). It uses dough (made from 2 wheat), an egg, 3 milk, and 3 cocoa beans to make. Unlike vanilla cake, it does not need to be placed to use.

    Edit: I did a bit of mining down at Y level 11, and got around 16 diamonds from 2 veins, then found an Infernal hive. This is added by Magic Bees, and as the name suggests, these bees like the Nether, but are not found there. They produce Refractory Wax, which is used in the making of all the fireproof wood types. I put them in one of the unused Gendustry Industrial Apiaries, with a Hell Emulation Upgrade, 3 Dryer Upgrades, an Automation Upgrade and 4 Production Upgrades, along with some Nether Wart nearby.

    You can tell if there is an Infernal Hive nearby as they are completely surrounded by Glowstone.

    These bees are aggressive, and if you stand near the Apiary, you will get attacked once every few seconds. It's not enough to even trigger the entropy of my Draconic Armor, so I'm not even bothering with the Apiarist's armor which would completely protect against their effect.

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    A few days ago, I made an Angel Ring from Extra Utilities 2. This item grants creative flight, and uses Grid Power (GP) to function. GP is a power system in EU2 that allows certain items and devices to be powered from any dimension so long as enough power is being generated. GP is generated using a variety of Mills, the most basic one being a Manual Mill. Others include the Lava, Water, Fire and Wind Mills, which generate 4 GP each, Solar and Lunar Panels, which generate 1 GP each, at day or night only, the Dragon Egg Mill, which generates 500 GP, and a Creative Mill, which is Creative mode only, and generates 10,000 GP.

    The Angel Ring uses 32 GP. Crafting it requires capturing a couple of different mobs in Golden/Cursed Lassos. Golden Lassos are used to capture non-hostile mobs, while Cursed Lassos are used for hostile mobs. Mobs captured by it need to have a 1/2 heart in order to do so. The mob needed for the Ring is a Ghast. I am so OP right now that I had to do it with a plain, non-enchanted vanilla bow, and then not draw the string back fully. This also meant not reflecting the Ghast's fireballs back on it, as doing so will most likely one shot it. It took several attempts before I successfully captured one. The other mobs needed (a Chicken, a Squid and a Bat), were much easier to get.

    I do not really need the Ring as I have Draconic Armor, but wanted it as an alternate means of flight. I don't fly as fast with it vs. the armor, so I am sticking with the latter for now.

    Later, I greatly increased the amount of food items in my kitchen, so much so that I can now craft 257 different foods at last count. Since then, I've been going around and harvesting fruit from Pam's trees, using the Acceleration Wand to rapidly grow them, getting a stack of each type per tree. I have gotten most of them at this point, but I think there are still a few I have yet to find, so more exploring is in order.

    I plan on growing many of the Pam's trees inside my base, and in order to make room for them, I expanded it yet again:

    The new area adds about 10 chunks south of my Botania and Blood Magic areas. I also added a Mana Enchanter to my Botania area. This uses books and Mana to enchant, but does not consume the books.

    Last, I started working on the 2nd floor of the house, adding interior walls. I'm kind of stuck on this, as I am not sure what size or how many rooms I want upstairs. For now I have left it unfinished while I look for more Pam's related things in the world.

    Edit: I decided to add interior walls to the 1st floor of the house, and enclosed the stairwell to the 2nd floor. In addition, I was looking at Bibliocraft's option to add custom paintings. Initially I tried doing it with a separate resource pack, but later decided to add it to Soartex Fanver. There is an example resource pack on Bibliocraft's website, and I just added the contents of the assets folder. I added around 16 images to it. One did not render, which was that of the Andromeda Galaxy, M31. I may try again later.

    Here are a few of the paintings I added to my Library/Study room:

    The one on the right is that of Mount Everest. I wanted it to be a 4x4.

    Most of the paintings I've added lately have been borderless, but a few have Dark Oak Frames around them. Dark Oak contrasts well with the lighter Birch walls in the house.

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    Last Saturday, I went back into my 1st Minecraft world, started around 10 years ago this week, and explored a bit. My two original worlds are still in 1.2.5, and I never updated them to the new launcher, so I have been playing them offline.

    In my world 1, I had built multiple minecart tracks all over the world, 3 houses, a castle, a large arch bridge made of bricks, and a 50x50x2 underground mob farm. All along the rail lines, I would place outposts; one of those I put on a mushroom island I found south of my southernmost house. I chose that outpost as a starting point for exploration, and went to around 10,000 south, but found nothing but ocean, with occasional islands, and 2 more mushroom islands as well.

    I later gave up on exploring that world and went back to my 1.12.2 world where the main thing I did was to tear down and rebuild my house there.

    This is what the old house looked like:

    I had found it too small for my liking, and replaced it with a much larger house, which is below:

    The new house is 21x28 on the inside:

    I chose a combination of bricks, polished stone (from Extra Utilities 2) and chiseled black concrete for the outer walls. Again I am using greenheart wood stairs for the roof. The floors are all made out of birch planks. Another big difference between this house and the previous one is that all of the wood used is fireproof. Fire proof wood is added by Forestry, and can be made using Refractory Wax (produced by centrifuging Simmering and Molten Combs, both produced by Nether bees). Since all the wood also has EMC, I can craft any of the fireproof items from the wood if I have one log of the same type.

    The house is still a work in progress; I chose to make the 1st floor open, with no interior walls.

    There are a couple of things from the Bibliocraft mod in this screenshot. The music discs are on a disc rack from that mod, and there are actually 2 stacked on top of one another. Each rack holds 9 discs.

    This is supposed to be a living room area, but I have yet to add all the furniture here. Since I do not have a furniture mod such as Mr. Crayfish, I'm having to use vanilla items such as stairs and signs. Bibliocraft has a few furniture items I can use. The painting with the sun in it which has a frame around it is a custom painting from Bibliocraft. It is even possible to import your own images for paintings in this mod.

    The Study/Library area. Most of what is here is also from Bibliocraft.The lamps are from that mod, as are the 3 blocks in front of and to the right of the window. Those are the Typesetting Table, Printing Press and Painting Press. The first 2 of these can be used to duplicate any book, including enchanted ones, at an XP cost up to 40 levels. Above the Painting Press in the Dark Oak Case is a pair of Reading Glasses. These are used with the Typesetting Table. On the right wall past the Crafting Grid are some Bookcases. Each can hold up to 18 books. Next is a Desk and Chair, and a Table with a Typewriter on it. It has no usage; it is merely decorative. Right of that is a Fancy Workbench. It functions like a Crafting Table, but can store up to 9 recipes in it, much like the Worktable from Forestry. Then a Disenchanter from Draconic Evolution, and an Enchanter from EnderIO.

    The Kitchen/Dining Area. The Table and Chairs are from Bibliocraft; you can place carpet on the table to make it look like a table cloth. Nothing can be put on the plates, though. In the back is the kitchen area. From left to right is a Market from Pam's HarvestCraft, a Kitchen Corner with a Cutting Board on it (behind the Chair), 2 Kitchen Counters, one with a Toaster, the other with a Cow in a Jar, an Oven, Cooking Table, Sink and another Kitchen Counter, and 2 double Fridges, all of which are from Cooking for Blockheads. Pam's has over 300 different foods that can be crafted; the Cooking Table allows crafting of anything that has the needed ingredients and tools nearby. Everything on the right wall except the cabinets along the ceiling are part of a multiblock kitchen.

    The Cow in a Jar is one of the more amusing items here. It supplies infinite milk which slowly refills when used to all recipes. It is made by placing a cow on top of a milk jar, then dropping an Anvil on it.

    I still have to do a bedroom; that's going to be upstairs, and that floor will have interior walls. I also need to finish out the living room area.

    The flooring in the kitchen area is made using coal and quartz blocks.

    The pack used here is Soartex Fanver.

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    I went back into my 1.12.2 world and did several things. One of those was to continue exploring the world. Using Profile #3 on my Draconic armor, where I have both movement and flight speed set to 300%, I was able to explore an area roughly 20000x1680 blocks. This was enough to gain anothe Astral Sorcery Perk Point, which I put into Discidia (offense). That gave an additional 10% melee damage.

    I also expanded my base a couple of times, on the west and south sides:

    Each of the smaller squares is 1 chunk. The darker areas are claimed and loaded chunks. This means explosions will not destroy blocks in these areas, and with the chunks loaded, machines will continue to run when I am outside the normal chunk loading range.

    The large black and white structures in the center are my Astral Sorcery area. There are also several of the ritual pedestals scattered about the base area. The red and black structure is my Blood Magic Altar, and below it and to the right is the Incense Altar. The smaller yellow structures are Gendustry Apiaries. Two of the rituals are above it; I added the 3rd one above the Blood Altar so I would instantly regenerate to my full health upon logging into the world without having to go to the Blood Altar every time.

    I've been doing some troubleshooting, trying to figure out why in some areas of the base, the Ritual Pedestals do not work, most notably around the house (the green area above the Astral Sorcery areas) and around the Immersive Engineering area above the house. I am still not sure what mod is interfering with it; for now I am setting up the rituals elsewhere.

    At the bottom left is my Environmental Tech Void Ore Miner, now at Tier 6. It is now within the base walls. I placed Pladium Bricks, which are blue, around the base of it. I did not enough of the crystals to completely fill the open areas:

    The bottom layer of bricks around the structure is made of Construction Blocks from Direwolf20's Building Gadgets mod. They look exactly like the bricks, but when you mine them, you get Construction Paste back rather than the block, so they cannot be used for duping things like diamond or emerald blocks. This also means that they won't work with Beacons.

    Using that mod has really helped with adding to my base, and the items from it can pull directly from a /dank/null.

    I also wired redstone conduits to all of the Watches of Flowing Time in my Thermal Expansion Room, so they can all be turned on and off at once with a single button.

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    Probably Terraria, though I also like Factorio a lot.

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    Funny thing this topic is coming up right now - I'm currently watching a video on Youtube called the History of Minecraft on Youtube, and a lot of the old Minecraft players are mentioned, such as the Yogscast crew, Etho, Paul Soares Jr., Antvenom, DanTDM, and a lot of others. Two of the earliest ones that got me into Minecraft were SeaNanners and X.

    But my current favorites are Direwolf20 and Chosen Architect. I've also watched some of Mischief of Mice's and MartyG's videos.

    Zisteau is another Minecraft Youtuber I've watched at times.

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    I went back to my 1.7.10 Direwolf20 modpack world and did a few things I hadn't done there.

    One of those was to make the rest of the Awakened Ichorium armor from Thaumic Tinkerer. It has infinite durability, can be enchanted and has abilities similar to that of the Draconic armor. These include Creative flight, faster movement speed, jump boost/step assist, underwater breathing and Aqua Affinity I. It can also be enchanted. I had a Boots of the Horizontal Shield and Leggings of the Burning Mantle; I only needed the Cowl of the Abyssal Depths and Robes of the Stratosphere. I plan on using it to take on both the 1st and 2nd Gaia Guardians, something I have not yet done in this world.

    I added some semi-automation to a couple of my Thermal Expansion and Ender IO machines (one Pulverizer by itself, a Redstone Furnace connected to another Pulverizer, and one of the SAG Mills). I also added Dark Steel Grinding Balls to both SAG MIlls, which increase their main output to 150%, and bonus output to 200%, and have a 30% power reduction. These are the only type in 1.7.10 as this is the first version of Ender IO. There are a few ores that cannot be processed in a Pulverizer that a SAG Mill can accept. The Smeltery is one of the few things in 1.7.10 that can be tick accelerated with a Watch of Flowing Time from ProjectE, so I put one next to the Controller. It only appears to work on melting ores and casting, and affects nothing else in any other mod (unlike in 1.12.2).

    Later I dug out another 18x18x5 room to do all of my Pneumaticcraft things in. This is another mod I never played with back when I started this pack, and only did a bit when playing it in 1.6.4. The first thing you need to do in this mod is create Compressed Iron. You drop iron in front of TNT or any other explosive and blow it up. You lose about 20% of the iron doing it this way. A Creeper Trophy from Open Blocks is perfect for this; it doesn't destroy any blocks or damage players, but will knock paintings and item frames off of walls. Once I had enough Compressed Iron, I was able to make a Pressure Chamber, some Pressure Tubing, and a few Air Compressors. All of these can take a maximum of 5 bars of pressure before exploding; I lost one of the Air Compressors this way, and later re-did the entire setup, except the Pressure Chamber itself.

    I plan on connecting the Pressure Chamber up with my AE2 system so I can automate the making of PCB components. The Air Compressor (to the right of the Gold Chest) is connected with some redstone to a Pressure Tube Gauge Module, which turns on the compressor at about 3.5 bars and off at about 4.5 bars. For now I am manually feeding it coal as needed. I connected everything to a normal cable, which only allows 8 channels, 7 of which I currently am using. 3 of those are being used by the ME Crafting, Pattern and Interface Terminals. The others are connected to Export Busses all exporting coal, 3 to more Air Compressors, and a 4th to a Thermopneumatic Processing Plant. That machine makes both liquid plastic and lubricant. The former is used to make the various plastic colors, needed for much of the mid stages of the mod, and latter is used for making speed upgrades.

    The other two things on the right are a UV Light Box (used for making Empty PCBs) and a Charging Station.

    Once you have enough Compressed Iron, the next stage is refining Oil. Pneumaticcraft adds this resource to a world, though if you have Buildcraft installed, you can use its oil instead, though you wont get the Black Gold achievement as any oil picked up will the BC oil. In the approximate center of the screen is the Refinery. This is a multiblock structure, and you will need at least 2 of them (4 if you want all the oil products) in order to get the product needed to make liquid plastic. The 4 products are Diesel, Gasoline, Kerosene, and LPG. If you have a 2 high refinery, it will produce diesel and LPG, and a 3 high will produce everything except gasoline. All of the products can be used as fuel, and the other 3 can further be broken down to LPG.

    The tank on the right of the screen is filled with liquid plastic. The Thermopneumatic Processing Plant is below the tank. It uses LPG and coal to make the liquid plastic. It requires heat to function, as does the refinery and another machine at the front right, a Plastic Mixer. The object connected to it and to an Air Compressor is a Vortex Tube, which uses pressure to generate heat or cold. The Plastic Mixer needs more heat than the other machine, so it needs only a Netherrack fire under it. The other machines that use heat also have one under them. You can use lava, but it will quickly get turned into obsidian.

    The plastic was originally made using seeds you found in the world; now you only need red, green and blue dyes in the mixer. Plastic is used in the making of a lot of the later blocks and items in the mod, mainly the assembly line machines, all of which require circuit boards. There are some items for which you will need to use emeralds to obtain; another change was the introduction of the Amadron Tablet, which allows the buying and selling of these items. The 3 main items are a printed circuit blueprint, used in making the UV Light Box, and the Assembly Drill and Laser programs. The Tablet is air pressure powered, and is charged at the Charging Station.

    When an item is requested/sold via the Tablet, a small drone will appear and either collect emeralds for items bought, or liquids (any except for gasoline or plastic) for items sold, teleport away, and a short time later return with the items or emeralds. The Tablet is the 4th item on my hotbar.

    I'm in the process of making several PCBs - the UV Light Box process is the longest of these, after which it has to be dropped into Etching Acid for about a minute. That is in the fenced off area, and damaged players on contact.

    Lastly, I made an Electromagnet from Ender IO, but decided I did not like the fact I had to carry it on the hotbar, and the only bauble slot it would go in was where my Feline Amulet (repels Creepers) was. So I made a Greater Ring of Magnetization from Botania. I have to take it out of the bauble slot when dropping the Empty PCB into the acid. It takes about a minute to be turned into an Unassembled PCB.

    Edit: I got the Assembly line in PenumaticCraft going:

    The Assembly line is essentially a multiblock. The Controller (the block at left center of the screen with the word Standby on its display), uses programs to craft things using either a laser or drill. The two arms in the back next to the chest are the Assembly IO units. One pulls items out of the chest and puts it on the platform (the block in front of the drill) for the drill or laser (in back of the platform) to work on, while the other puts crafted items back into the chest where the AE system picks them up. The chest has an interface on the bottom and an import bus in back with filters matching the items to be crafted here. Making the circuit boards here is a lot faster than the old process using the UV Light Box and Etching Acid.

    Oil for days:

    Thats a total of 2048 buckets of it for the Refinery to use for making plastic. I went exploring around the map for oil, at first manually picking it up using buckets and the portable tanks, but later tried doing so with the Buildcraft pump. That seems to be bugged as it stops pumping shortly after it starts. The Enderthermic pump from Extra Utilities 2 does work, although it is intended for pumping lava from the Nether, the version in this pack allows pumping of other fluids.

    Also, I discovered that PenumaticCraft machines can be tick accelerated in 1.7.10 using the ProjectE Watch of Flowing Time on a Dark Matter Pedestal. what could possibly go wrong? Fortunately, no explosions (yet).

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    It's been a long time since I was last in my 1.12.2 world as I have not been playing Minecraft for a while, so yesterday I logged into it for the first time in about 5 months.

    I had finally found a place for the Astral Sorcery Horologium ritual that actually worked; I'm still not sure why it works in some places and not in others. I ended up locating it next to the Aevitas ritual:

    If you look closely at the Ritual Pedestal (which is behind one of the Lenses), there is a purple hourglass shape of the constellation Horologium on the ground under it. The Ritual Anchor is linked to another one in my Thermal Expansion/Ender IO room. All of the machines show blue particle effects on them indicating they are being tick accelerated. My SAG Mills in particular seem to be running quite fast.

    I've been running my Void Ore Miner (which is at Tier 5) for a while, and can now upgrade it to Tier 6. For that tier, I need 92 Strcuture Frames of that tier, which use 2 Aethium crystals each, and a controller of the same tier. The controller uses 6 Aethium blocks. So I need a total of 238 Aethium crystals.

    Environmental Tech has 6 tiers of machines, such as the void miners, solar arrays, and nanobot beacons (which function like the vanilla ones). There are also 6 tiers of crystal used for each machine. They are (1) Litherite, (2) Erodium, (3) Kyronite, (4) Pladium, (5) Ionite, and (6) Aethium. Blocks of the tier 3 and higher crystals are also Wither proof. Only Litherite is craftable; the others must be obtained through Void Ore mining.

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    Cooked Porkchops and Steak have the highest hunger restoration in vanilla, at 8 hunger, while Golden Carrots have the highest saturation, at 14.4.

    For modded foods, Hydra Chops from the Twilight Forest are the best, have 18 hunger and 36 saturation, plus they give Regeneration I. Of course, the challenge here is getting them, as the Hydra is a pretty tough boss, having 180 hearts, and dealing 9.5 hearts with its fiery breath, 9 with its explosive projectiles, and 24 with its bite, which only occurs at close range. And it only takes damage from projectiles when its mouth is open to attack. And like the mythical creature of legend, when one of its heads is killed, two more take its place.

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    Silk Touch and Fortune are mutually exclusive, at least in vanilla. The IC2 mod has an Iridium Drill that allows you to switch between the two modes; perhaps other mods have something like this as well (the only other one I can think of is Actually Additions).

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    IIRC, there wasn't much to do after exploring the Eldritch Dimension, defeating its boss (there were 4 different ones you could encounter, though only one of the 4 were found in each dungeon), and obtaining the Primordial Pearl. The latter was used in the crafting of the Advanced Alchemical Furnace.

    Now if you had Thaumic Tinkerer 2, it was usually at this point you unlocked the KAMI module, which gave access to more powerful wands, weapons, armor and tools, as well as a dimension where you could mine large amounts of ores (the Bedrock Dimension).

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