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Hi, everyone! My name is Jason, but I am more commonly known as Jdotson online. Oh, and my Minecraft username is TSApproved, don't ask questions about that though.

I am the sole creator and developer on a game company I call "JdotGames."

JdotGames mainly creates Minecraft maps, starting with my Fahrlend adventure series inspired by The Legend of Zelda. After making a few Fahrlend maps, I made a printable card game that still gets updated today every now and then.

Today, most of my work is dedicated into my War of Champions MOBA Minecraft map. I have the most fun designing new characters and balancing the game, and hope to share that with all of you!

You can read all about all of my games on my wiki page here:

If you have any questions about any of my games, please don't be afraid to contact me! I really love discussing my projects and hearing criticism such as balance changes for War of Champions. I am very new to the Minecraft Forums, so please bear with me!

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