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    In addition, once you've uploaded your picture as an attachment, you can then go back and open your attachment in a new tab. Then, use the picture url in your address bar for "insert image." Here it is with Badprenup's picture, https://media.minecraftforum.net/attachments/310/579/637179875945211937.png.

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    I only support this if graves act as containers holding all your items on death. I also think it should just happen when you die and not require a specific item. Mining it would destroy it unless you had silk touch.

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    Well, I was using some cheats in an emulator, but instead of activating them one by one to see which ones worked, I just activated a bunch at once. I spent the next hour trying to figure out which cheat was causing my game to crash. Fortunately, there was no data corruption.

    Have you ever tried your hands at making a mod (for any game)?

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    You emerge years later as a crazy old man spouting nonsense. No mortal can see the horrors within and walk away sane.

    I put this thread into the vending machine.

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    LOD, LOD, it's swifter than slow, its fast!

    What is LOD?
    LOD comparison picture from Oblivion
    LOD stands for "Level of Detail." It's a term used for low-quality versions of 3D models and terrain used in modern games to increase the render distance without hurting performance. Older games, especially open-world games, had to use fog to hide the fact that they couldn't render distant terrain, but by using LOD, games were able to overcome this problem without slowing the console to a crawl. By using LOD in Minecraft, we could increase render distance without significantly hurting performance.

    How would it work?

    Normally, LOD is either manually made by 3D artists or automatically generated by a computer program and packaged in the game's files. However, with a randomly generated game like Minecraft, that's obviously not viable. Instead, the LOD must be generated on the fly.

    When it generates LOD, the game creates a bunch of cubes to fill the chunk. It then deletes any cube without a solid block, and assigns a single color to each side of each cube based on texture of the blocks within. It's pretty difficult to explain, but here's a picture of different levels of LOD. On the left is a typical Minecraft chunk, and each version of the chunk is LOD with progressively less detail.
    Minecraft LOD models
    In order to reduce size, LOD models would have no textures, only blank colors based on the texture. Different colors have different priorities. For example, a face will prefer a lava color over stone. LOD models also would have no transparency. In addition, LOD models would not include most blocks that aren't a full block in size, such as flowers and chests. Slabs, stairs, and liquids would be an exception, and would be treated as full blocks for LOD generation.

    When would it generate?

    By default, LOD wouldn't generate at all, and actually has to be enabled manually on a per-world basis. That's because the LOD models can add a lot to the world size (the models I made for this suggestion take about 130kb uncompressed, which isn't a lot, but could significantly bloat world size with a lot of chunks generated). When generating a world, you will have an option to "Generate LOD during gameplay". You can also enable this option from the "Edit World" menu. You can also choose to manually generate LOD for all generated chunks from the "Edit World" menu.

    If you choose to generate LOD during gameplay, then you will have an option for "Chunk updates required", which defaults to 10. Minecraft would keep a list of all chunks that have been edited since LOD for that chunk has been generated. If the number of edits is greater than or equal to the "Chunk updates required" value, then the game will regenerate the LOD for that chunk when the chunk is unloaded. The game will also generate LOD whenever a new chunk is generated.

    How would I see it?

    If LOD is enabled for the current world, there will be an option for "LOD distance" in the video settings. This is basically an addition to your regular render distance. If you have your render distance at 8, and your LOD distance at 7, then you will have an effective render distance of 15 (though chunks beyond the regular render distance will only be visible but not actually loaded). You will also have an option to "Generate distant terrain for LOD", which, if enabled, will allow the game to generate chunks beyond your render distance, then immediately unload them and replace them with LOD. By default this option is off, as it can significantly hurt performance when exploring new areas. It is recommended you only use LOD for chunks that have already been generated unless you have a beefy PC.


    What about multiplayer?

    In LAN play, everyone will generate LOD if it is enabled, though LOD generation distance will be maxed at 5 chunks beyond the render distance. For servers, LOD has to be enabled in the server config file, and you can choose who can generate LOD during gameplay as well:


    This means that Admins, a player named TheGoldenJ, and a user with the UUID 124578 can generate LOD.

    Anyway, if you have any questions, feel free to ask! I probably didn't do the best job explaining, so I don't mind clarifying anything.

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    Honestly? I'd love the idea of a giant beast roaming the world, provided it was neutral and didn't grief. However, I'd need more specifics to support a suggestion like this.

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    Chapter 2: Dark Infection

    You meet up with Morris and leave the camp, following the road at a brisk pace. "I'm glad you went with me," he said. "Most of the stealthy guys went with Jacques. I was a little afraid that I'd be alone out here. Not my first rodeo, of course, but it's always nicer to have someone to watch your back on these kinds of missions."

    You have no idea what a rodeo is, but decide not to ask him about it.

    The trip was largely uneventful, aside from spotting some strange wildlife in the distance. However, none of it seemed hostile, and you hurried down the road. Soon, the town of Riverside was in sight. "We should try to get a good vantage point of the town before we walk in. Hmm, that hill over there seems like good spot." You climb the small hill and crouch while Morris grabs a spyglass from his bag and scans the town. You can't see his face very well, but you can see his jaw drop. "It can't be...look at this!"

    Morris hands you the spyglass. You look at the town. It's lit up with lanterns allowing you to see the town's single street clearly. Then, you see what alarmed Morris. From a distance, you had seen shadows walking through the town, but couldn't quite make out what they were. Now you could see that they were bipedal beasts, with claws, scales, horns, a tail, and a pair of small wings.

    "Dramen," said Morris. "Half-dragon creatures of legend that usually serve under a powerful drake. They're also known to eat people. If they've taken over the town, then there's very likely no survivors left. We should return to the camp and tell Frederick to skirt around Riverside."

    You continue to look at the creatures, and, despite their distance, can very faintly hear them talking to each other. "Aw man, I can't wait to eat him," says one. "He's the fattest of the bunch. He'll make a great dinner."

    "Why do you get him?" said another. "I'm the one who went through all the trouble of catching him! You know how fast those children can be!"

    You tell Morris what you just heard. "What? How can you hear-- they must be at least 100 feet away! Never mind that, you can't seriously think its a good idea to rescue him. The two of us can't possibly take on this entire town alone!"

    You know Morris is right. You could take out maybe two or three, but there was at least two dozen of them down there. Still, you can't just leave the child. Maybe you could sneak in? This strange feeling you have is also spreading through your body, but it is filling you with...confidence?

    What do you do?

    A: Rescue mission, attempt to save the child

    B: Play it safe, return to camp and come back with a greater force

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    Well, I hoping for at least two votes, but honestly I'm glad I got any.

    Chapter 1 - Enter the Void

    Your group decided to join up with Frederick's. You packed up rations for a two-week trip, hoping that you would be able to restock before your supplies ran out.

    You traveled for a couple of days until you reached the Void. The journey there was largely uneventful, as the road was all in Kingdom territory. All the while, you could see the Void dome, slowly appearing to grow larger as you approached. Eventually, you reached its edge. At this point, the Void towered above you, and looked like a wall stretching infinitely in all directions. It was growing very slowly, at about an ant's pace. While a pure opaque black, the Void did seem to have a liquidy surface that reflected some sunlight.

    Frederick grabbed a nearby branch and stuck it halfway into the surface of the Void. It went in without any resistance. However, Frederick, even with all his strength, could not manage to pull it back out. "As expected," he said. "You can enter the Void easily, but it seems no force in Farondar could push you out. This is your last chance to retreat. I won't be forcing any of you to follow me. There is a very real possibility that you will never come back out."

    A booming voice was heard next to you. "And forfeit our pay?" It was Gordin, a muscular, shirtless warrior carrying a massive hammer the size of Frederick. "Ain't nobody here who would bother comin' all the way here just ta chicken out at da last second. Right?" He looked around at the group. "Or do I need ta clobber some courage into some of y'all?"

    "Now, now, Gordy, sweetheart, not everyone hear is as strong as you." Elina, Gordin's wife and a beautiful, yet feared, warlock, attempted to calm him down. "Let's just go a bit easy on them. After all, if anyone tries to run I can summon some lightning to strike them down. Much more efficient, right darling?" Gordin broke into a big toothy grin and gave a slow chuckle. Any urge to abandon the quest suddenly left you. Looking back at Frederick, you caught a brief glimpse of stern disappointment before his normal glowing grin returned to his face.

    "Well, now that we've got that settled, I suppose we should head in." He drew his weapon and stepped toward the Void. "Be careful. We have no idea what's on the other side. Could be hostile." He walked into the Void, and you could see the surface ripple as it was disturbed.

    In case of an immediate attack, the group chose to go in with a scattered formation, to make it more difficult for them to be picked off. As you came in contact with the Void's surface, you felt strange. The Void itself didn't feel alien or hostile--in fact, it felt quite familiar. Darkness enveloped you for a moment, and then you were through. And what you saw was quite surprising.

    There was no sunlight here, aside from a faint purple spot in the sky which you assumed was where the sun was trying to penetrate the Void's surface. In front of you was a massive field of azure grass, populated by blue fireflies traveling in small swarms. You could see the occasional tree as well, with some kind of strange green glowing fruits hanging from them. In fact, there seemed to be a lot of glowing spots in the distance that you couldn't distinguish. Some were moving, and were likely living creatures. The biggest eyecatcher, however, was the giant glowing pillar of light in far the distance.

    "That's the Capitol, I think," said Frederick. "The dragon's probably there, maintaining the Void."

    "I always love it when me target's obvious," said Gordin.

    "Honestly, this place doesn't seem that bad," said Morris, a deadeye archer standing next to you. "A little hard to see, but you could probably get used to it."

    "I've been here before," continued Frederick. "These trees are in the same spots, but they've grown and mutated quite a bit. Same thing with these fireflies. They're a common species here, but they're generally not this big, or blue, for that matter." You decided to get a closer look at one of the fireflies. It was the size of your hand. "If the Void can mutate living things, then watch yourself and keep me posted if you feel sick at all." Frederick moved towards one of the trees, and picked one of the fruits. It continued to glow in his hand, and, surprisingly, the tree instantly started growing another fruit to replace it. "These look edible. You could probably just peel off the skin, like an orange or a grapefruit."

    "It could be poisonous," remarked Elina.

    "It looks very yummy though. Gordin wanna try some." Gordin snatched the fruit from Frederick and peeled it, then broke off a piece and threw it in his mouth. "UMM! Best fruit I've ever had! Hey you, you want some?"

    Gordin is offering you some fruit. It smells very sweet.

    A: Take a bite

    B: Decline

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    As a kid, I was always a fan of Choose Your Own Adventure Stories. I've also always wanted to make an RP, but never had the patience for it. While brainstorming, I came up with an idea, to sort of merge these two likes of mine into a game:

    How To Play
    I will come up with a story, one segment at a time. At the end of the segment, the players will have a choice to make. Most of the time, you will be given two options for how to continue the story. Vote for the option you want to see pursued. When I write the next segment, the option with the most votes will determine how the story goes. You may vote multiple times, but may not double-post. In case of a tie, the first valid vote will win.


    "The group came to a fork in the road. To the south was a rocky mountain range. To the north was miserable mire.
    A: Go South
    B: Go North"

    Player 1:

    Player 2:
    "B. I've heard swamps are very refreshing."

    Player 1:
    "A. Mountains are good for exercise."

    "The group decided to go south."

    Occasionally, there may also be a free-for-all vote, where you can put whatever you want in. These votes don't affect the story, but allow you to add some personal flair.

    If there are no votes, I may make my own vote and bump the thread with the next segment of the story. I will try to write once per day, but there may be longer delays between segments.

    Be careful with your vote. There are no rewinds, and I won't be running this story again. While the story won't end prematurely, your choices could affect the ending and your companions.

    And yes, I am making this story up as I go along. Only certain parts are set in stone.


    The continent of Farondar consists of three kingdoms: The Kingdom of Gamikor to the northwest, the Norlock Coalition to the southwest, and the Trinic Empire to the east. The Empire has maintained control over the other two kingdoms for two centuries, and the land has been at peace. Glamikor does not oppose their rulers, and while the Coalition has always desired independence, the Empire's army has always kept them in check. However, peace does not ensure unity, and even the Empire's massive army was unprepared for what happened on that fateful day.

    The sky opened up. A vortex that could be seen from nearly any point on the entire continent appeared in the heavens, and out of it flew a creature of legend--a massive blue dragon. It made its way towards Brinestrom, the Empire's port-city-capitol. It circled above the city, before landing on the palace.

    Unfortunately, no one knows for sure what exactly happened next, as no survivors of the event managed to flee. All that was recorded to this point were given from eyewitnesses that were able to see what happened, but still far enough to escape. However, the aftermath can still be seen to this day. A massive dome, made of opaque dark energy, surrounded the capitol, then started to grow until it covered nearly half the continent. It then stopped, but it is believed that it could begin to grow again and devour the rest of Farondar at any moment.

    That was two months ago.

    The king of Gamikor has wanted to march his army into the dome, which has been called the Void, as he believes the dragon is still alive inside of it, and killing it will destroy the Void. However, the Coalition has seen this as its chance to build up its army and invade Gamikor. Too many innocent lives will be lost in such an invasion. Unfortunately, the army must be stationed at the border to prevent this from happening. Not all hope is lost, however. The king has invited the best mercenaries from across the land to form a group to invade the Void and kill the dragon. If they succeed they will be well compensated. You are one of these mercenaries.

    The mercenaries decide to split into two groups. One will approach the void from the north, and the other from the south. You attend a meeting to determine which group you will go with.

    "All right, well, welcome to my humble abode." Frederick Norton, the leader of the north group, greeted you. Despite his claim, his grand manor was anything but humble, filled with trophies from past bounties and awards given to him by grateful lords. Frederick was the most famous mercenary on the continent, having slain countless beasts threatening villages to bandits harassing merchants, and had even once foiled an assassination on the king. His long, wavy, blond hair complemented his perfectly polished white plate armor with blue accents. "Please make yourself comfortable. I'll have my servers bring out the food soon. You'll want to eat up, as I doubt you'll get a good meal once we're in the Void."

    "Oh, please, cut the trash. We're not here for a fancy dinner." Everyone looked over at the speaker, leaning against a wall on the opposite side of the room. It was the leader of the south group, Jacques Martin. A middle-aged man with a fancy goatee, mustache, and crossbow, Jacques was almost as much of a legend as Frederick. He had worked as a general for the Empire for years, before eventually stepping down to pursue mercenary work for personal reasons. "Just brief the buggers so we can pack up and get moving. That Void's not going to destroy itself."

    "Impatient as always, I see." Frederick raised an eyebrow. "Well, you all know why you're here. We'll be splitting into two groups to tackle the Void. Since we have no idea what it's like in there, we're going to have to be cautious. Splitting up makes it more difficult for dragon to take us all out simultaneously, and gives us a better chance of sneaking up it.

    "My group is taking the north side. We'll be going through the northern Empire, which was mostly flat plains and farmland, and least before the Void hit. There's a lot more towns on the north side, which means more opportunities to restock on supplies.

    "The south side, on the other hand, is heavily forested. There are also a couple of mountains, and a few forts. It's certainly a more difficult path that is more conducive to those with an aptitude for stealth.

    "After dinner, meet up with either me or Jacques."

    Who do you go with?
    A: Take the northern path through the plains with Frederick, the charismatic paladin
    B: Take the southern path through the forests with Jacques, the secretive rogue

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    Thank you!

    You take a bite of the fruit. It's delicious, sweet and crisp, almost like a perfectly ripe apple.

    "Ha! Your tongue's glowing!" Gordin laughs and points at you, oblivious to his own glowing mouth.

    "Well, hopefully that wasn't poisonous," said Elina. "I suppose we'll find out in a day or two."

    "The quickest way to the Capitol is to follow the Northwind road." Frederick is looking down the road, trying to make out as much as he can in the darkness. "It goes through the county seat of Northbastion, and a few smaller settlements. The first one we'll come across is Riverside, a small group of houses around a lumbermill. It's about a day away."

    "A day away in daylight," interjects Morris. "The path can be a bit dangerous in the dark, so I'd estimate it would take about two days to get there. We also have no idea if we'd find friends or foes in the town. I recommend we set up camp for the main group tonight, and have a smaller group who's more experienced in moving quickly and quietly scout out the town. Plus, if they are friendly, I believe it would be courteous to let them know of our group in advance."

    "Okay," agreed Frederick. "Who want to join the scouting group?"

    You could stay and help set up camp, but you also have some experience in some espionage from a mission a while back. You could be helpful in the scouting team. But, you do feel a little strange. Not sick, just a little different than normal.

    Which group do you join?

    A: Help scout out the town

    B: Help set up camp

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