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    posted a message on Dokucraft, The Saga Continues.
    Quote from tetraghost»

    just started playing again after a while- I've tried 1.10, 1.10.2, and 1.11.2 with Optifine and continue to have this problem with connected glass textures:

    anyone else run into this? no idea what else I should try at this point :(

    What's the issue? I'm pretty sure it's supposed to look like that.
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    posted a message on Can't view profile comments

    Alright, thanks for doing what you can.

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    posted a message on Can't view profile comments

    I've come back for a bit to see that I've got a new comment on my profile; however, I am unable to view my (or anyone else's) comment page, instead getting an "Error: There was a problem processing your request" message.

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    posted a message on How to fix PvP combat

    Well, I'm always for more customization, so I Support. However, I doubt this will really appease 1.8 fans, since we already have a way to revert back to the old combat system in a way, but as it is apparently too complicated, it seems nothing short of a gamerule will stop them from complaining.

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    posted a message on Best PC Equivalent to TU1?

    You mean the original release of the Xbox 360 version? According to the wiki it is equivalent to the Beta 1.6.6 version, although it is slightly different as 1.6.6b has charged creepers and TU1 uses new sounds that weren't added until Official Release 1.0.0.

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    posted a message on Weird error from the launcher

    That's perfectly normal.

    Preparing to launch minecraft client for 1.12.2 - The launcher has been told to run Minecraft version 1.12.2.

    Checking installations. - The launcher looks in your versions folder for 1.12.2. If it fails, it downloads it.

    Minecraft client 1.12.2 is ready to start. - Version 1.12.2 exists in your versions folder and is not corrupt.

    Starting! - The launcher is now actually launching the game.

    Using default game log configuration client-1.12.xml (outputs XML) - These are just settings for the game to keep track of how you'd like the launcher to log everything in the console.

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    posted a message on I have a problem with my premium account "Your account has been deleted, contact customer support to resolve the situation."

    No one on this forum can help you. Contact Mojang customer support and make sure you have your transaction ID.

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    posted a message on Deleting my .minecraft file

    Restart your PC and try again.

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    posted a message on /rank Command - Restrict Players to Specific Actions

    Looks good and pretty useful. I'd just add it to the /op command instead of as a whole new command, but nonetheless, I Support.

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    posted a message on Which mob are you going to vote for in Minecon Earth?

    I'll go with C since it's unique and combat isn't usually a focus for me.

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    posted a message on EA done messed up
    Quote from ZaffreAqua»

    Not surprising, to be honest. Sadly, this is also becoming the norm. This DLC, and especially lootbox crap needs to crash and burn hard. EA at this point is just eating up studios and throwing them out.

    At this point the only "triple A" games worth looking forward to are the occasional Nintendo game, and even then that's if Miyamoto doesn't ruin it by trying to cram some gimmick into it. Almost every other "triple A" game is filled to the brim with ways to milk as much money out of you, even after paying an atrocious $60 price tag up front.

    Really miss the days when EA made good games like Simcity 4, and the NFS games before prostreet. Heck, I still occasionally play the original Battlefront II. Good stuff.

    To be fair, games have been $60 for a while, even though games have become more expensive to produce and the economy has continued to inflate. I don't consider that price atrocious, and I don't even think that DLC is inherently bad. It's just that many companies are lazy and greedy nowadays and sees DLC as a quick moneygrab, and even companies like Nintendo (as much as I love them) and Mojang aren't exempt from this. A character skin isn't 1/12 of the game's content, so why is it 1/12 of the price?
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    posted a message on Random Fact: You technically don't KNOW anything....

    It might be an oval. Technically you are correct. The Earth is slightly squashed at the poles. However, ovals are still round.

    This one just confuses me. What I'm saying is that 100 million people play Minecraft, but if I'm just making up Minecraft for no apparent reason, then I'm also making up 100 million people.

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    posted a message on Random Fact: You technically don't KNOW anything....

    Alright, I'll admit I did get a laugh out of this. And yes, it is true that it is technically impossible to empirically prove anything. However, if you, like most human being, possess logic, and you have faith in that logic, then all of these things can be known. You still know these things, you could just be wrong, but as long as you believe in your logic, you won't think you're wrong, and therefore, you technically do know all these things.

    You don't KNOW that this thread exists, it may be a hallucination. Then why did my post count go up after posting on this thread? Logic dictates that I can't post on a thread that doesn't exist.

    You don't KNOW your name is (insert here) because you may be hallucinating what is on your birth certificate and people could be lying. A name is literally just something you are called. If people are lying to you and you are somehow hallucinating, whatever they're calling you is still a name for you, even if it may not be your birth name.

    You don't KNOW that apples are red, people might be lying and you might be colorblind. What is red but a subjective perception of a color? What's red to me may look like green to you, but because you have never seen green as red you believe that what I see is red is red as well. Besides, apples aren't all red, they're a variety of colors.

    You don't KNOW that Trump is a person, he might be an oompa loompa. Oompa Loompas are short, have weird voices, and like to sing. Trump is none of those.

    You don't KNOW that the Earth is round, it could be a complete lie that people came up with. Having seen a Lunar eclipse and the Earth's shadow on the moon, I can say that the Earth is indeed round.

    You don't KNOW that you can see, you might be blind but you are hallucinating. By my ability to recognize movement away from me and react accordingly, I am either really good at hallucinating and guessing, or I can see.

    You don't KNOW that you have a girlfriend, because she may be a hallucination, or a guy. Actually I don't have a girlfriend, because I have no life.

    You don't KNOW that your mom is home, she might be some kind of shape shifting alien from Andromeda, because you don't KNOW that those don't exist. I know that aliens cannot exist, for a large number of reasons I won't get into right now.

    You don't KNOW if you are on your phone/computer looking at this, because you might be dreaming. Just pinched myself and confirmed that this is indeed not a dream. Also, I feel a sensation of being tired, which I could not feel if I was already asleep.

    You don't KNOW that the sky is blue, you might be colorblind and people are lying. Refer to the apple point, color is a subjective perception.

    You don't KNOW that Minecraft exists, it might be a projection from your mind that nobody else can see but your mind also makes you think that other people play it. Wow, I'm really good at role playing >100 million people.

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    posted a message on HELP NOT WORKING

    To be honest, I know absolutely nothing about server software. However, the initial crash log makes it pretty obvious that you're using an outdated version of the software. Try downloading the most recent version to see if that helps.

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    posted a message on Minecraft 2, Part 5: The Combat
    Quote from Acknid»

    The graphics mention was just a brief example.

    This doesn't compare to normal suggestions. Adding a small thing to the game is not an entire sequel. There's no story, there's nothing to continue off of. Not really worth the time and money to pump out another sandbox sequel with meh changes here and there and have a whole 'nother game to keep updating.

    Maybe you've heard of a little game called The Sims? Or maybe, Civilization, Roller Coaster Tycoon, or Age of Empires? Guess what, none of those games have a story, yet each of them have sequels. A story is not the only reason for a sequel, simply the progression of features is enough. And my vision for Minecraft is a progression of features, but would take so much work to make, it would be better for everyone to be a new game. You don't break the old game, it's easier to start from scratch than to rewrite everything for compatibility, and it has potential to be an even greater game.

    (Also worth noting, the game Terraria is essentially a very popular 2D version of Minecraft, and guess what, it's getting its own sequel and the players there are hyped. Terraria could just be updated indefinitely but the developers recognize that something completely new yet familiar will bolster it even more.)

    Some of the things you suggested are not what makes minecraft likable.

    Eh, well we won't know until we try. However, it's worth noting that this suggestion is essentially for a more RPG-ish version of the game, and Minecraft seems to be moving more in that direction anyway, albeit slowly. (And if you read this post from the Word of Notch, it seems a fantasy RPG-style survival game was his original intention.)

    If you honestly think there's just benefits from an unneeded sequel, there is an entire line of thought that flew straight over you.

    I've been all over this several times, so just read the posts from these links:

    By me:
    - Part 1 (Read "Note to Critics" and "Why we could use a Minecraft 2, and what the goals of a sequel would be (in my eyes))
    - Response to my goals

    By yoshi9048, respected writer of the former critic's guide: Business sense

    By Badpreenup, briefly mentioning that Minecraft could benefit from a clean break.

    Quote from Genius_idiot»

    with 5 parts and counting (I need confirmation from jdc on this, but I think we're 25-30% through the number of parts there will be) I don't think this counts as a "small" thing.

    Well, lets see, I plan for three parts each for the Overworld, Underground, and the three dimensions, perhaps a dedicated thread for the final boss, plus an appendix for anything I forgot, so that means we're at 5/22, or 23% through, and the next parts are going to be even larger than the previous portions. So yeah, this is hardly some small suggestion.

    Also, jdc, once you get all the parts on here do you plan to do a reddit thread so that Mojang might see this?

    Well, first I'd port over all my current suggestions to get my name out, but yeah, that's the plan. I doubt anything would come of it, but who knows.

    Quote from fishg»

    While I'm opposed to the idea of a Minecraft 2, I'll try and keep an unbiased look at this from just the combat reworking.

    I never get how people freak out about 1.9 changing the game so much. The cooldown timer barely affects me, at first glance all I noticed new were shields. This feels like the combat reworking we never got. Special abilities, different types of swings, parrying- I'd want to see this all added to the current game! I also appreciate all the thought you put into making this balanced and easy to use. The one thing I would suggest you change is the ranged weapons; compared to melee they are now dull.

    What do you recommend? Even in Skyrim, which had no small part in inspiring this suggestion, there's not much you can do with bows. There is a bit of variety in the special weapons I mentioned, but I can't think of any great improvements to make to bows.
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