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    hello everyone! Milo here! me and my friend are starting a dutch minecraft roleplay series called Source! we still need alot and by alot i mean allllooooooot of voice and body actors! we arent even finished with the map and the story yet! so we wont need alot of help anytime soon but in the future we will need actors for sure! :) if anyone whats to apply comment down below! :) the story is about a guy named Eserey, his dad Nemesis is a terrible dad and his mom Lisa Nebula was murdered at young age! Ghost had 3 brothers and 1 sister his brothers are named: Kai, Strike And Crimson and his sister is called Eva!

    Nemesis Esereys dad knew eserey was The Ghost and had the power of one of the sources, The Inferno Source that lived inside his heart! so he was sent to the Ghost Temple where he met Dawn And Jax after a while he will meet Milo (my Character) too! Milo is a wizard! yay! xD (if i am not telling the story right dont blame me my friend whos playing Eserey created it!) :P

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