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    Oh, thank you :-)

    Yes, they will naturally generate in all Jungle biomes

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    Yes, they are pretty much downscaled and retextured parrots, with a couple of extra small things that they do, and I love them

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    Forge and Fabric support!

    Parakeets can be found naturally in jungle-type biomes. Alternatively, you may spawn them using their custom spawn eggs in the 'Miscellaneous' tab, or via command, i.e. "/summon parakeetmod:parakeet".
    The mod now also includes cockatiels, and the ability to turn off the natural generation of either species via config file (or Mod Menu in Fabric).

    The variant array goes as follows:
    0 = Blue
    1 = Pied blue
    2 = Turquoise
    3 = Spangle turquoise gulmasket
    4 = Green
    5 = Yellow
    6 = Gray

    7 = Green gray factor

    To spawn a particular variant, use the command "/summon parakeetmod:parakeet ~ ~ ~ {Variant: X}".

    Cockatiel variants:

    0 = Normal (male)
    1 = Normal (female)
    2 = Cinnamon pearl pied
    3 = Lutino pearl pied
    4 = Whiteface
    5 = Whiteface pied
    Command: "/summon parakeetmod:cockatiel ~ ~ ~ {Variant:X}".

    If there is a variant you would like to see added, leave a comment and I will consider :)

    - Parakeets can be tamed using wheat, pumpkin, or beetroot seeds. They have 4 life points. You may feed your tamed parakeet either whole or sliced carrots, apples, or beetroots to restore its health (they can be sliced on a crafting table). Beware that cookies are poisonous for them, as they contain chocolate!
    - Cockatiels can be tamed using the same items as a regular parrot. They have 6 life points. You may feed tamed cockatiels or parrots with whole or sliced carrots, apples or beetroots, as well as melon slices, to restore their health.
    - As of version 1.0.6, parakeets and cockatiels feature custom sounds (special thanks to @pea.bo on Instagram for providing permission to their cockatiel's sounds!).
    - Parrots, parakeets, and cockatiels will flock together (as well as with the other types of birds). They will also look at other parakeets or parrots within a radius of 2 blocks, as well as look around.
    - Parakeets and cockatiels can dance to music discs, as well as follow/look at their owner.
    In the Fabric version, they will also perch on their owners' shoulders by default. This can be enabled in Forge via the config file, although it will result in hindered performance (this feature is also not available for Forge servers right now, sorry about that).
    - This mod replaces gray parrot textures to one which resembles an African gray (can be seen in the gallery). You may disable this by opening the .jar mod file using 7zip or WinRAR, and deleting the folder "minecraft" located inside the folder "assets".
    - You may obtain red dye from beetroot slices, instead of whole beetroots. The old recipe has been replaced in favor of beetroot slicing.

    Image gallery:

    Things to be added:

    + More variants, perhaps one with special spawning conditions as well.

    + Breeding?

    Coder support needed:

    I need help coding an alternative way of filtering my parakeet entity class when rendering parakeets on shoulder in Forge. I am using the same function as parrots do in vanilla, although, just in the Forge version, this is causing a memory leak whenever perched parakeets are on screen. I suspect .get() may be involved in this.

    Should you run into a problem affecting my mod, please leave a comment and try to explain how to replicate the issue. Thank you :-)

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    Quote from VanAlioSaldo»

    Hi there Javidg96. I have a few rants and praise towards you.

    To start, I appreciate your devotion to your life, and I offer kind thoughts that your time in Uni is unhindering to your happiness and health. Now, with that said...Your OP is painfully underwritten to the point this thread does not appropriately explain how to install and run this mod until several pages in.

    Your Crafting Recipes Spoiler does not show a single gun's recipe and frankly your entire OP made me severely second guess downloading this mod as I don't appreciate wasting my time trying to make someone else's creation work when it's not properly explained how to make it work, even when I badly want to use it. I have no idea what an Insertion Smoke Grenade is or how it works, and I have even less of a clue how to acquire a single one of these weapons from your gun packs or military mod in a Survival Game as no explanation is given in the OP.

    If you would explain all of these things, I'd even rewrite your OP for you to properly explain in detail the necessary steps and procedures one must take to install these packs and the military mod. But to do this you must offer explanations for what Forge and MC versions are supported by the packs and mod.

    You see, as far as I can tell by your OP, I'm supposed to download these packs, including the military mod, make a folder in the directory '%appdata%\.minecraft' labeled "Flan" or "flan" (I'm uncertain) then drag the contents into folders inside the Flan/flan folder labelled "Shotguns" as an example for the shotgun pack. Yet does that mean we type "Assault Rifles" for the Assault Rifle Pack? You don't even mention the Military Mod is not a pack but a Mod that goes in %appdata%\.minecraft\mods and not %appdata%\.minecraft\flan OR %appdata%\.minecraft\Flan, which in and of itself is a folder made by another mod apparently which is not mentioned in your OP, the mod itself being mentioned once at the top of your OP without referencing it as a prerequisite to these content packs, even if only implied, it is quite confusing.

    Do you see what I'm getting at here? If I'm struggling with understanding your OP then many others are as well.

    Here's why this is a problem. Your Mod and Packs are incredible. The weapons and items are more worthwhile than other mods I've found featuring ranged weapons, in fact I'd say this is the best mod for weaponry for my needs (A Zombie Apocalypse Survival Game) besides a few others mods, which do not run for me. But in terms of content, your mod is doing far better to any other I've seen that I can use.

    So I am distraught. Why have you shot yourself in the foot (I assume with your own modded guns) by offering such a poor OP for such a grand Mod and plethora of Content Packs??? I understand you are busy, but is 30 minutes to write out a concise and specific OP too much to ask after you've poured days into the content of the files your OP is advertising???

    Something as simple as::

    Step One: Download Forge

    Step One.1: Follow these instructions if you need help.

    Step Two: Download Flans Mod

    Step Two.1: Press the Windows Key+R on your keyboard to open the Run Application on Windows Operating Systems

    Step Two.2: Type in %appdata%\.minecraft and press Enter, a new window should appear

    Step Two.3: Find and open a folder called 'mods' (will appear after running Minecraft with Forge installed)

    Step Two.4: Place the Flan Mod's .jar file into the mods folder, close and re-run Minecraft and see if it works. If it doesn't, check to see if the mod supports your version of Minecraft and/or Forge. If it doesn't, life gets a bit technical and you should consult the creator of the mod or google.

    Step Three: Download a Content Pack

    Step Three.1: If you do not have a 'flan' folder in the %appdata%\.minecraft directory, run Minecraft with the Flans Mod installed, a folder titled 'flan' should appear.

    Step Three.2: Inside the 'flan' folder, create a folder if one is not present matching the title of the Content Pack, then move the files of the downloaded Content Pack into the folder of the same name as the Content Pack OR drag and drop the downloaded folder that came with the Content Pack into the 'flan' folder.

    Step Three.3: Run Minecraft and see if it loads the content pack properly. If not, repeat step Three.2, if still not, check that the Folder Name you created matches the Content Pack, possibly in the plural (Shotgun Pack folder name should be Shotguns, Assault Rifle Pack folder name should be Assault Rifles), if that doesn't work try it as singular, (Shotgun Pack = Shotgun, Assault Rifle Pack = Assault Rifle). (I'm not entirely sure though, please be more specific!!)

    To play the Military Mod: download the .jar file > open %appdata%\.minecraft\mods (the mods folder) > place the .jar file in the mods folder > open Minecraft.

    Javidg96, I haven't played this mod fully, it's not even installed on this laptop that I'm using to type this. but of the many gun mods it's one of the better ones and I strongly implore you to write up an OP that fully explains how to make these Content Packs and your Military Mod play, as well as updating your Recipes Spoiler for all Weapons, unless that is they're uncraftable (I don't know!) but I spent over twenty minutes trying to craft a G36C (or V I think it's labelled) to no avail.

    That's it for my ranty portion of this long suggestion, friend. I love what you've done but am nearly heartbroken at how poorly you've relayed it out to the public :(


    Now then, with all of that said, I'd like to offer some additive suggestions once you finish the Halo Pack.

    Designated Marksman Rifles or DMR's. Single shot long range rifles that deal a large fraction of damage (three to four hearts per shot) to mobs. Maybe an ScarH-SV, SVD12, RFB, or an SKS at the least. (Oh, I see they're placed under Sniper Rifles, maybe make them a separate pack?) Or just include the DMR, Needle Rifle, Single Burst Battle Rifle, Light Rifle. and Covenant Carbine in the Halo Pack.

    In the Explosives Pack include C4 that you can place on a block then detonate (TNT encased in Kevlar or leather with redstone at the top) with a Trigger Detonator (made by a Flint Stone [or Flint and Steel], Redstone, and a Steel Bar going left to right.) You can place down more than one C4 but the Detonator detonates them all at once. The blast will be as large as a creeper's but strong enough to destroy any block it's detonated against including obsidian, but the next block over, even if Obsidian, will remain unbroken, while any other material will be destroyed.

    Include Claymores that need wires attached to them to trigger their going off, and need to be placed on the ground to do so, you could make the recipe: sticks in the lower left and right corners, a steel or iron bar above the sticks, TNT in the middle. Once placed you connect a tripwire to it and drag it over the path you want to be walked to trigger it, it'll explode where it is however and not in the direction placed, with a weak blast to not destroy any block except dirt, but still do enough damage to severely harm a nearby player or kill a mob.

    Include Molotov Cocktails, an Awkward Potion on the bottom, a piece of leather above it, and a Flint and Steel above that, when thrown it ignites in a weak explosion that doesn't destroy blocks but sets all blocks touched by the explosion on fire.

    Rename the Combat Knife (made with a stick and a steel bar) to a Ka-Bar, also known as the world's most rigorously tested and renowned knife used by United States Marine Seals for close quarters engagements and silent enemy disposal, and if possible, make attacking a mob or player from behind with it deal three times as much damage as normal.

    Make Incendiary, Explosive, Armor Penetrating, and Hollow Point Ammunition types. Incendiary Ammunition does normal damage but also sets whatever block it hits on fire. Explosive Ammunition does normal damage + incites a small explosion half or a quarter strength of a Creeper's explosion, and can only break a cobblestone block when the bullet hits that block directly. Maybe make only Shotgun's and single fire weapons have Explosive Ammunition. Armor Penetrating Ammunition ignores Armor and deals damage as if the player wasn't wearing armor. Hollow Point Ammunition would deal half as much damage to armored players and mobs as normal ammunition, but twice as much damage to unarmored players and mobs. As for the priority for what ammunition is used, if possible since this mod isn't compatible with 1.9 (which has the offhand equipment slot giving priority to ammunition) maybe make it that ammunition in the hotbar or 'quick select' bar at the bottom of the screen have priority over ammunition in the inventory, and have the ammunition to the left of the used weapon have first priority if multiple ammunition types are in the hotbar.

    Give Assault Rifles and other burst or automatic fire weapons a right-click function that switches their fire rates between Single Shot, Burst Fire, and Automatic Fire.

    Another idea; create a config option that turns off knockback against certain mobs. I'd like a realistic zombie apocalypse experience and if an assault rifle knocked back a zombie 20 squares cause I spammed it full of bullets, it'd sort of kill the experience for me, but if guns only damaged zombies without knocking them back a majority of the time, that'd be perfect. Maybe for every sixth or seventh bullet a Zombie get's stopped or knocked back...

    Just for kicks but I imagine it's not possible, if only you could make headshot's possible on mobs to deal twice as much damage as a normal body shot, that way creepers or skeletons or zombies or enderman could be taken down with significantly less ammo if headshots were dished out against them.

    Create a Slug ammunition for Shotguns, a single projectile that can go long distances accurately (make shotguns into shotgun snipers).

    Flares (I see you have one as a WIP, this is just an addition), I'm uncertain of the recipe (maybe a redstone torch above a stick?) but they'll be throwable torches that emit a slightly obscuring smoke effect as well as provide lighting, where they land is where they place themselves, and can be broken to be picked up, they can only land on the top of a block, not the side or bottom of a block.

    As for the Halo Pack, you better be including Spike Grenades, Fire Bombs, Plasma Grenades and Forerunner Grenades.

    Spike and Plasma Grenades would cling to whatever entity or block they contact (except grass, sugar cane, flowers and torches) and detonate after several seconds, plasma sending out a normal sized supercharged creeper explosion, the spike grenade sending out several projectiles from it's source that would damage any mobs or players nearby. The Fire Bomb's would also stick to entities like mobs or players and would set them on fire long enough to kill them, otherwise wherever they land would create a small grid of fire, similar to a molotov cocktail. Forerunner Grenades would suck in close by mobs and players towards them for a few seconds before exploding like a normal grenade.

    Maybe create a Semtex Grenade that acts like a sticky grenade for the explosives pack, it sticks to a surface it hits then explodes, inciting instant death on players or mobs stuck by them?

    Also for the Explosives pack, Mortars and Land Mines. Mortar's are crafted machines that are placed down then interacted with to aim them (maybe use a map interface to display where the projectiles are going?), projectiles are explosive shells that are loaded into the mortar one at a time then fired off. Land Mines are invisible pressure plates that when walked on detonate (sort of like a pressure plate on top of a block over a TNT block underneath it, but this way there is no time to run away), Land Mines would have an icon for the inventory, but no actual texture, and when they detonate they destroy blocks up to stone. Mortar shells destroy blocks as well.

    Maybe create a Rocket Launcher that is Wire or Laser Guided, that is, it's projectile goes wherever your cursor is pointing at.

    Sorry if I come off a bit cruel in my opinion of your OP, I have a strong hatred for good things being poorly represented. The world fell to darkness because bad things were represented better than good ones. (Nuclear Power over Nikolai Tesla's Free Energy Coils as an example.) I tried to compensate with a plethora of suggestions to help add to an already incredible mod.

    Now if you could just explain what packs and mods work with 1.8.- Versions instead of these 1.6.4 and such tags sitting next to them, that'd be great.

    Much Love, sorry for my criticism, consider it tough love, good luck with your University studies and don't take offense to my post, I mean to help more than anything!

    First of all, thank you for your post. I appreciate that kind of support, it shows that you care about this content and want it to be flawless.

    The OP was written by a younger me, who's first language is not English. As I continue to improve my skills I'll try to rewrite it over and over. I'll also rewrite everything you said as I don't find it as concise as I'd want it to be.

    Now, regarding the content. I'm not certain on the future of the mod, since the Java IDE doesn't seem to work with JavaRE 8. Plus I've been encountering issues on how to update certain aspects of it or adding new features -I've never studied Java, the closest I ever got was Javascript-. I suppose you've noticed that I made a Military Equipment addon for Flan's mod, for people to use in case they don't wanna use the mod, which is not Server Side.

    I'll take note on your suggestions, even though some of them I can already tell I can do nothing about. Some of the changes or additions you suggested are currently not implemented on Flan's mod itself, so that'd be more like Flan's job.

    When the Flan's Mod 1.8 update was released, I made a quick note on how to use the packs with it. You just need to extract the contents of each pack's .jar file in its respective new folder, regardless of the name you give it, so every .jar file would turn into a folder. Again, I'll try to make it super concise.

    Expect updates from this july on. Best regards.
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    Quote from Dinocraft5789»

    Are the guns 3D or 2d?

    2D for now. I don't intend on making the 3D happen until all packs are done at least. I always liked 2D better anyway.
    Quote from poopface45671»

    i have just oooooone question: it says downloads for 1.6-1.8 but then it says how to install also for 1.5, does that meen the 1.6 version works on 1.5?


    If you have a look on the second post on Page 1, you can see a spoiler reading "Old Packs and Mods", you'll find the 1.5 versions you were looking for in there.
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    Quote from Wertologist»

    Looks very promising. I hope to add it to my map project. Will the guns be able to take attachments like different scopes? Will guns be able to have different skins? Will you have a flashlight slot for the pistols?

    Thanks. I intend to add attachments and probably paintjobs, too. Although, I'd like to finish all packs first. You see, I get little to no time to work on this mostly because of uni.

    Quote from alper117»

    I was searching for a Halo pack and it always ended in sadness. Thanks for the Halo pack! Good luck to you! (If you can make the guns 3D and add some vehicles, the pack's downloads definitely beat the Flan's mod original packs!):lol:

    "I get little to no time to work on this mostly because of uni." I'll try to do the modelling stuff once I finish them. Thanks for the feedback.

    Quote from guigo2004»

    Can you be a bit clear about the installation? I don't get it.

    Do as Luke said. I think it's not too complicated.

    Quote from gamma231»

    I'd like to see a Kel-tec KSG, an M26 MASS, slug ammo, and a SRM M1216 in the shotgun pack, and a KH2002, AKS-74U carbine, and a Saritch .308 in the Assault rifle pack. Thanks

    "I get little to no time to work on this mostly because of uni." There is already a KSG though.

    Quote from Tankium»

    3 things:

    please can u make the halo pack the only mod in the word that has grizzly tanks and forerunner phaetons and a bunch of other halo 5 stuff? If yes, that is epic

    i got the (3) packs i could get (the others look like they not 1.8 comptible) all the stuff they add (to me) is the purple and black block, missing texture block, like the banners in end cities (in 1.9)or if u do /give @p farmland that is what they look like no idea how 2 fix that

    and please at least spend a tiny amount of time making the packs? That would be verry appreciated (I know the double r is in verry)

    "I get little to no time to work on this mostly because of uni." You can fix the pink and black blocks by doing the installation fix explained on this thread.


    I know this has been kinda dead for a long time. But it's not over. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

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    posted a message on [1.8.- / 1.7.-] FLAN'S MOD GUN PACKS & MILITARY EQUIPMENT MOD [1.6.-] [FORGE] + 100K DOWNLOADS

    Right, like a kind of "standard" pack with weapons independent to factions or eras? Then progressively add each faction/era elements to that pack.

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    posted a message on [1.8.- / 1.7.-] FLAN'S MOD GUN PACKS & MILITARY EQUIPMENT MOD [1.6.-] [FORGE] + 100K DOWNLOADS

    I think it would definitely be a pack divided in two; one for the Empire Civil War era and one for the Old Republic era (aka Clone Wars).

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    Quote from LukeSkyrata»

    I don't actually know much about modelling, sorry if I misled you. I was offering to help you with finding lore vehicles and playtesting. As a big fan of Halo, I know a fair bit and could likely be quite helpful with regards to things like that. Hassen's is good, and may actually become better than KC's because he is less likely to slack off and has more planned features, but right now it is a WIP with little completed items. Hassen is also a better texturer/modeler. Only the mobs are really complete unfortunately. Oh, and while I can remember, I know you have several packs planned, but I wanted to suggest a Star Wars and/or Star Trek themed pack.

    Well, that can be helpful anyway. You may also suggest any Halo weapon you consider should be in the pack. Huge Halo fan here; hope I didn't miss anything important. It would be really interesting to do those, especially a Star Wars pack -I don't really know much about the Star Treck universe-. You also just reminded me I promised somebody I would do a Fallout pack.
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    posted a message on [1.8.- / 1.7.-] FLAN'S MOD GUN PACKS & MILITARY EQUIPMENT MOD [1.6.-] [FORGE] + 100K DOWNLOADS

    If I get to do that, I'll let you know, some modelling skills are always welcome. Thanks for the offering. I was talking about Killer Chief's, haven't tried 2.0 because I've been away from Minecraft for a while now.

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    Quote from Blackcat355»

    Hi! it would be really awesome if you update the Military equipment pack to 1.8! Could you? :3

    It does work, you just need to install it like the others, check the thread for info. I will be updating them to introduce new features from the mod, though.

    I have a suggestion for the halo pack. Maybe you could try making vehicles or partner with someone for it.

    Well, as Luke said, there's a number of mods that already do that and which I recommend -especially HaloCraft, even though I'm not aware of which version it currently supports-, but I'll take it under consideration, it sounds very fun to do and I don't think it'd be particularly hard to, just a matter of having the spare time and motivation.
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    posted a message on [1.8.- / 1.7.-] FLAN'S MOD GUN PACKS & MILITARY EQUIPMENT MOD [1.6.-] [FORGE] + 100K DOWNLOADS

    Wow, that sure is strange. Try to install the newest Flan's Mod version and if that doesn't help, go for a fresh Forge install using the recommended build. Good luck

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    Quote from 00minerc»

    thx for the ump and make a acog scope ataccment

    It's very likely that I'll add gun attachments in the future

    Quote from LukeSkyrata»

    The Halo pack still does not function correctly, I can see only untextured blocks.

    Are you sure that you did the unpacking thing correctly? I just did it and it worked on the first try -using the recommended Forge build and the latest Flan's Mod version-

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    posted a message on [1.8.- / 1.7.-] FLAN'S MOD GUN PACKS & MILITARY EQUIPMENT MOD [1.6.-] [FORGE] + 100K DOWNLOADS
    Quote from LukeSkyrata»

    I am using 1.8... Halo does not work, have not tried any of the other packs yet.

    Quote from ReSInX»

    Thanks for all the responses but I don't need a mod that I have to downgrade for. Flan's mod sounds like it's problematic and not worth the time. Is there a WORKING gun mod that actually fires? Like I said before, skinning a hoe to make it look like a gun is lame. If I have a gun in my hands, you can be sure I ain't gonna be slapping things with it! lol

    Okay, I tested Flan's mod with the latest recommended build of Forge, it actually works now, it's just the packs that need to be updated to work with the newest version of Flan's mod. Flan's mod is a really easy to use mod imo lol, it just gets messy when there are big updates to the game. I don't know of any other gun mod as I've been away from Minecraft for a while now, sorry for any inconvenience regarding the packs; I'll try to get them updated asap.

    Edit: Okay so, the packs should work immediately if you just unzip them and make them regular folders instead of .jar files on your 'Flan' directory. Still, I will be looking forward to updating all the packs as more features have been added to the mod.

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    posted a message on [1.8.- / 1.7.-] FLAN'S MOD GUN PACKS & MILITARY EQUIPMENT MOD [1.6.-] [FORGE] + 100K DOWNLOADS

    You should probably use the 1.7.10 release of Minecraft with the recommended build of Forge if you want to use Flan's mod, I haven't got Flan's mod to work on 1.8 yet -though a new version may have been released since I last tried to run it which may work, but still I can't tell if my packs would be compatible without someone testing them for me, or testing them myself-.

    Good luck on your modding adventure

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