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    posted a message on Looking for partner/developer?Click here!

    Looking for partner to help you to run a sucessful server?Looking for developer to make plugins?

    Contact me here for good server management/development



    Email:[email protected]

    Contact now and you will get a good service,

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    posted a message on ||NexorMC||Custom Features And Gamemodes!||Need staffs!||Factions||

    NexorMC Recruiting Staffs!

    Welcome to NexorMC!NexorMC is a fast-moving and demanding server which will be well-developed.Our server currently includes a big feature:


    - Custom kits

    - Custom Enchants

    - Kind Staffs and Players

    - 24hrs Server Hosting(need donations to resume)

    - custom plugins(upcoming)

    More custom features will be out soon!

    There will be more gamemodes availiable after getting more donations and staffs.

    For Further Information or apply:Contact Us via:https://discord.gg/Jzvp4mS

    Desired Ranks:

    Head-Admin (x1)

    Admin (x5)

    Head-Mod (x1)
    Mod (x3)
    Builder (x4)
    Dev (x1)

    Head-Admin,Admin,Head-mod,Mod application format:

    Email (Optional):
    Previous experiences:
    What can you bring to the server:
    What we need to know about you:
    Plugins you are familiar with:
    Why we should pick you:
    How do we trust you:
    How would you react against someone breaking the rules:
    How long can you stay on every day?

    Builder application format:
    Make sure that the map linked to the aplication is 100% original(created by youself)
    Do not steal other map creations created by others.
    It can cause a instant denial of your application if you get caught.
    Link to The photos of your bulds:
    How long have you been building in minecraft?
    Did you build for other minecraft servers before?If yes,please include the name of that server as well as the website link:

    Developer application format:
    Can you code?
    If you know how to code,answer:"
    Do you have a spigo/bukkit/github account?If yes,can you link to it?
    Do you have a deep understanding of bukkit coding?
    Do you have a deep understanding of java?
    How many plugins can you contribute to us monthly?
    if you cant code:answer:""
    What plugins are you familiar with?Can you give some examples?
    Are you experienced with plugin management?
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    posted a message on [SPECIAL] Looking for aspiring owner - Paid position - ALL expenses covered!

    1) What is your preferred alias/name

    >You can call me JJC and my IGN is J_J_C

    2) How old are you?

    >I am 14

    3) Do you have any previous experience operating/managing/moderating a community? If so, explain what you did.

    >Yes i have.I moderated a server before but the server shutdown because it lacks money.

    4) What is your availability like?

    >I can be available at least 6 hours a week(except for exams)

    5) Do you have experience in any programming languages?

    >yes.I know java,vb.net and simple html.
    Currently learning advanced java concepts.

    6) What is the best way to contact you?

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    posted a message on Need Developers/Builders!!!

    1.Like commandmaker,i have a well-built minecraft servers with my custom plugins installed.And i encountered many unexpected conditions/glitches during that testing period.And my coding skills are improving rapidly.

    2.I am mature and i dont abuse power.Some developers always ruin the server by trolling around the servers and making the players unhappy.This is unlikely on myself.I also have experience for helping new server owners start up their servers and get their servers running.

    3.my IGN is J_J_C


    5.i am 14.

    6.No doubt that you are sexy.(Dont ask this kind of questions tho,lol.)

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    posted a message on ||★Gameye-Network★||★Recruiting Staff & Builders||★Faction||★SkyBlock||★Creative||★KitPvP||★More||★GameModes||★Soon||★ (Updated)

    I cant login to this server.Your fallback/hub server is not setup properly.It throws annotatedconnectionexception.Plz fix this server immediately.

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    posted a message on ♦Galantis Network! v.2♦||♦Upcoming server♦||♦Fun and custom features!♦||♦Under development♦||♦Need donators and staffs!♦

    Server ip:,need donators to buy a host


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    posted a message on //Galantis Network\\custom plugins

    Welcome to Galantis Network!

    We are a server under development and is finding for active players!


    What this server has to offer:[/b]
    Galantis provides a lot of necessary plugins for a player to have the maximum
    enjoyment potential on the server. The current game modes are - Magical Factions and Skyblock.
    With the help of these modes, we will be working on other newer server game modes such as
    Prison, Minigames etc.
    One of our originals is Magical Factions[/b], in the world of Magical Factions you will find yourself
    to be picking one of the four teams. Each team will have their own skills to go off of.
    The teams are Fire, Ice, Earth, [/b]and Death[/b]. Each team member, once joining the team the player will
    earn their own rank and staff (staff as in a magical stick). Each staff in every team will have three abilities that do different things, starting from summoning mobs around your enemies, to disarming your enemy and sending a
    heavenly blaze upon the enemy players.
    Once you pick the team, you are automatically redirected to the team's faction. The goal is
    to work as a team to completely eliminate the other teams and come out victorious, the winners
    will get special items on the next season of magical factions.

    - custom plugins(currently coded some admin tool,will add some custom features later)

    - 2 game modes:skyblock and factions

    - friendly staff

    -full day hosting(never close)


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    posted a message on ★ >> MinerzPlaza << ★ Hub Network ★ Large Budget ★ Sponsored ★ Need Staff ★ Deticated ★ Hub.MinerzPlaza.Com ★ Coming Soon ★

    1.) Real name:marcus

    2.) Age:15

    3.) Skype:no (contact me on [email protected])

    4.) IGN:YLPB

    5.) What are you applying for as a developer? (Custom plugins, Web Development? Can be both) Custom plugins

    6.) If web developer, do you have experience with Xenforo and/or MyBB? i am not a web developer

    7.) How long have you been developing/coding?2 years(when i started focusing on programming:few months)

    8.) What programming languages are you fluent in?java/vb.net

    9.) Do you have experience with Git, Jenkins and/or Maven?no

    10.) Examples of past work?i wil send via gmail

    11.) Can you bring anything else to the table?http://i.imgur.com/K81Xwxo.gif

    12.) Anything else you would like to add?I am mastering java ocp and is very interested in programming

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    I am pretty good at setting up every plugin(with help and javadocs or bukkit page) and some essentials plugin (Worldguard and permissionsex or others)

    i also code plugins when i am free and come up with some ideas.

    If you accept then drop a message on [email protected]

    IGN: CutieSweetie

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