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    I've been involved in Minecraft since , and I've gotten a lot of enjoyment out of it over the years, but nothing approaches the sort of fun that I've had when I'm working on a huge project with friends. It's with that in mind that I established Crafti.ca, a creative minecraft server with one defining goal: Collaborative worldbuilding.

    The Crossroads, pictured here, is the main 'hub' world of Crafti.ca.

    Crafti.ca makes heavy use of Multiverse to support community super-build projects that exist in separate, dedicated realms designed to fully accompany the structures within. Players are encouraged to take a theme or project to heart and not only produce exemplary builds but to craft the entire world around them in pursuit of this vision. The idea is simple - you're not crafting an individual build, but part of a whole world that is designed to tell a story. For example, underwater city building would take place in a world with a map with specially designed terrain intended to accommodate a 200-ish deep ocean with kelp, coral, and other oceanic features, and players would be encouraged to produce buildings that fit within the theme and setting of the world. Other world projects may be attempts at recreating famous locations from games, movies, or even the real world.

    We have a site - CRAFTI.CA - which should provide you with a fair amount of information regarding the server. Perhaps the most important section is the JOIN page, which includes basic information for how to get started on the server. There is no whitelist for the server - players are encouraged to join and explore the server - but there are certain requirements that must be fulfilled in order to receive build permissions. Again, the JOIN page outlines this process.

    For those looking to get a quick start, the IP is: mc.crafti.ca. Please, please, please read the join page for basic information so that we don't have to make fun of you when you ask questions that are answered there.

    There simple truth is that there's no lack of Creative servers in the realm of Minecraft, but I'm hoping Crafti.ca will stand out from the pack with the strength of its community, the talent of its builders, and the fun approach to world-building that we've tried to adopt. In short, I've tried to make Crafti.ca representative of the sort of creative server I'd want to play on, and I hope you guys'll join me and give it a shot.
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    I've gone to 32x, and I can't go back - 16x just doesn't cut it for me anymore.

    However, I really liked Painterly's old 'shattered moon' texture - it gave the world a really surreal edge - so I set about making a 32x version of it from scratch. I'm just postin' it up here if anyone wants it, free for the taking.


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    So a couple months ago, back around October / November, I ran a build server for the Penny-Arcade.com forums that hosted mostly megaprojects. One of the things we put together was the City of Rapture from the Bioshock games - an anachronistic underwater metropolis. We filmed a little machanima at the time, which you can view here: & . I also did a quick flyaround recently since I got Roundaround's Crystal Clear Water mod working.

    I dug this old map out of a hard drive I was backing up on the machine that used to host the server, and I thought I might post it. It was made back in Alpha, which is why you won't see some of the newer blocks, and also why we didn't do a whole lot with redstone - it didn't work at the time. It was done entirely by hand, including the mining and creation of materials, with the exception of recently using MCEdit to clear a spot on the ocean floor out to drop it into a new map by itself. We had Minecart Mania running on the server, which is how our whole metro/tram system operated back then. If you have an autocart-esque mod running, I don't see why it shouldn't still work - might just take a little renovating. It should spawn you by the Lighthouse - head on inside, and you will find the Boathysphere(tm) Ride, which was how we got into the city before minecarts worked in SMP.

    I will probably be releasing some other stuff in the next week or two as I find time, including a flying city map. Enjoy!
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