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    Hey guys!

    A bunch of us at Penny Arcade have gone nuts over the game, as is to be expected about giant virtual legos. About mid-September, I set up a server for our exclusive use over there, and in that time we've built some stuff that is, in my humble opinion, pretty impressive.


    By now the Cult of Rapture server has made its rounds on the internet and gotten all of the attention it well and truly deserved. However, back when I first set the server up, most of us hadn't caught wind of it yet, so we set about making Rapture on our own. Fast-forward a week later, and we'd dug an absolutely mind-blowing hole in the bottom of a natural ocean that the map generator provided us, and we'd started to build an immense city at the bottom.

    We were not trying to precisely duplicate Rapture. Given that the build server regularly hosts 30+ people, trying to precisely recreate a game that some might not have played didn't seem like a worthwhile endeavor. What we did, instead, was try and retain the flavor of Rapture, while still enjoying the process of making our own original creations. Obviously, this means we have structures that did not exist in the game - such as our giant Surface Recreation Dome, which is one of the main hubs of the city. With that said, we're still tremendously proud of our accomplishments so far, especially considering it was all done by hand.

    About a week after breaking ground on Rapture, we started to find building underwater a little tiring because of the absolutely terrible visibility underwater. The gameplay trailer for Bioshock: Infinite had just come out, and a couple of us were impressed as hell with the way Columbia, the game's flying city, looked. You can probably guess what happened - a number of players started making the superpatriotic flying city. It has grown exponentially probably way more than Rapture has, and in my opinion it is terribly cool.

    Just like Rapture, we were not trying to make any kind of precise recreation. However, we did learn from Rapture's mistakes; having a ton of people build a city however they wanted generally turns the place into a maze really fast, particularly underwater. Instead, we designated a couple people as 'platform builders' who then built the foundations for Columbia's buildings, and carved the top of these platforms into plots, where players could build whatever structures their hearts desire.

    We're anxiously awaiting the day that minecarts work properly in SMP so that we can add a working skyrail system in. :smile.gif:

    I just want to emphasize that all of the construction on the map is done by hand. Nothing was editor'd in. Admins and mods on the main build server do spawn blocks for people when needed, but only for things that can't otherwise by regularly attained such as ice blocks or lava. If they want any gold, diamond, rock, whatever, that is regularly available in the map, it's up to the player to get it.

    The map itself has been edited. When Columbia and Rapture started to become gigantic, we found we were having a big problem - these megacities started to butt up against other people's work, and things were generally getting crowded. On September 25th, I took it upon myself to make a brand-new map for us to play on, and with the game's natural map editor, MCEdit, and NBT Forge I crafted the landscape you see on the server now. I removed Rapture and Columbia from their original, hand-dug spaces on the old map, and inserted them into the current one after making appropriate room for them. Nothing else from the old map was saved, because most of the players wanted a fresh start.

    To try and keep things somewhat organized, I carved a 6-wide canyon around the edge of the map down to bedrock, because otherwise people would get crazy lost looking for things outside the boundary. Right now, my players are restricted to within this boundary. In the future, I might take it down and expand the 'themed' areas (lava, snow, desert) out a little more, depending on our needs. The server population is booming now.

    Enough talking!

    THE MAP:
    Updated October 1, 2010.

    A full size isometric render:

    http://www.fusedcreations.com/adam/colr ... er_007.jpg


    This server has BUILDING DISABLED. It is intended ONLY FOR TOURISM PURPOSES, because we would like to have a public server for people to see what we're up to.

    The server will be updated to reflect the main build server every 48 hours, or however often time allows me to do it.


    Some screenshots of the stuff that's around the server to maybe entice you to come explore.


    One of the dome being excavated, just because it's sort've crazy how much it's grown:



    And so on. The server is just littered with cool stuff that people make. Half the time I am on it I just wander around, myself, looking at the stuff that pops up. With 30 regulars a night (and growing), things tend to appear, and quickly.


    /warp <destination>: This was implemented because there is a lot of stuff built all over the place, and the number one question people would always ask is "Where is _____?", usually followed by "I'm lost :(".
    The current destination options are: HOME, RAPTURE, COLUMBIA, DOME, EMBER, LAVALAND, DESERT, ARCTIC. The Dome is located within Rapture; first-time visitors are encouraged to use the Rapture point to enter via the lighthouse for the full effect.

    /sethome: Similar to how warp functions, it allows you to set your own personal waypoint that you can reach by typing /home. You will land within 2-3 blocks of where you are when you set the point.

    /kit: Simple item kits that will furnish you with a variety of things. The only one available currently is /kit boat, which will produce a boat to help you get around the map.

    /playerlist: Allows you to see a list of all of the players who are currently online.

    /compass: Shows you your current heading (as of when you typed the command).

    /motd: Will simply repeat the Message of the Day in the chat log for you.

    I think I covered all the bases. If not, I'll edit stuff in later.

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    Thanks for the response, Code. The ships my guys are building are intentionally limited in size to about 9x9x20 or so anyway, since we didn't want to cloud the flying city they're building with them, so something that can move blocks that size would be ideal.

    I'll simply twiddle my thumbs and eagerly anticipate this, for now.
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    I know with the fabulous MCEdit that I can 'crane' objects around the map and move them where they need to be. The only problem is that I usually have to take the server down in order to do that - after I've made the changes and repositioned the building/airship/whatever that my players have asked me to move. With 32 people on, it's a huge inconvenience to have to jumpstart the server every time something needs moving.

    Is there any utility that would enable me to move blocks from A to B without taking the server down?

    For example, my players have made an airship dock, and airships inside it. They want me to move these things out of the dock and into the air. Is there any tool that would let me do that live, from within the game?
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    This is a fantastic mod. I really could not be happier.

    Quick query: If I have a usergroup set aside (say, 'farmers'), what's the easiest way to set it up so that I can enable that group to use /item to spawn only one particular item? In this case, I want farmers to be able to /item 8 [quantity] to get water tiles, but I don't want to give them broad access to /item [anything] [quantity] like the mods have.
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    My SMP server's been busy the past week - they've managed to craft both an underwater city and one in the sky.

    They want to live in 'isolation', as it were. Right now, they currently get to the tower in the sky, for example, with a simple ladder. They want to 'untether' it and completely remove themselves from contact with the ground. To that end, they've tried boat slingshots (upward waterfalls that the boat shoots up) in the hope that they'd be able to use those to reach the city without climbing. No such luck, since the boats don't go up high enough when emerging from those waterfalls.

    They've been asking me if it's possible to get simple teleportation blocks up - like, hit point A, it takes you to point B type things. They want to put a dirigible in the sky over the city that the player can then skydive in from. Same with the ocean group - they have a submersible.

    I know Runecraft has teleportation runes, but I'm really looking for something much simpler. Do any elegant solutions exist? I was looking at Topaz's Toolkit, but I don't think that'll work for me because my server's not a UNIX environment - I'm hosting my SMP server on windows. I'm just looking for something that'll let players teleport to a specific point, not user-to-user.
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    Is there any way to take an .mclevel file that I've made with this utility and convert it over into folders and .dats for SMP server use? I'd crane the stuff I have into an Alpha map, but I generated the map in the .mclevel specifically to have a lower cloud level, and that would defeat the purpose.
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    I... don't believe any of what you've just said is applicable, here.

    I'm talking about taking an .mclevel file that I have made, and making it so that I can host it on SMP. This is, ostensibly, the right forum for that. Also, as I mentioned in the OP, Omen does not seem to be able to open the .mclevel file I have - when I click 'open' and direct it to the file, it just sits there on a white screen and does nothing.

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    So guys, give me a hand here.

    I've transplanted a nice city a bunch of my friends and I have made into a new map.

    I need help, though. The format both NBTForge and MCEdit use, which are both the editors I know how to use, seems to be. So I have it saved in .mclevel format.

    To play with it on a multiplayer server, as I understand it, I need to expand it into a hundred folders with .dat files inside. I don't know how to do this, or a tool that can convert it thusly. Apparently OMEN editor can, but I'm not able to get it to do that for whatever reason, because OMEN doesn't seem to open it... it just sits at a white screen when I try.

    Is there any handy solution available so I can get this .mclevel up for my players?
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    It's not a bad thought, and something I considered once I discovered I could use MCEdit to transplant areas like that. However, we've got a lot of buildings around, and I would really hate to have my regular users come in and find that I've suddenly changed the map on them and failed to bring along their favorite project.

    Is there no more elegant solution to this?
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    Pretty simply, I've got a server up and running that a lot of people have been building on. For aesthetic reasons (flying city) they would really like it if I could lower the cloud level so that the clouds aren't flying through their buildings all the time, and so that they had more room to build in between 'above the clouds' and the ceiling.

    I know NBT Forge has an option that lets me set the cloud level when generating a new map, but I'm looking for a way to change it on my current, existing SMP map without screwing anything else up, since we have a lot built. Is there a way?
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    So this sounds like an absolutely lovely script, and it may just be me being dense, but I've downloaded it and tried to run it and had little to no success. Running the .bat, with or without my server being up, gives me the following:

    'php' is not recognized as an internal or external command,
    operable program or batch file.


    Execution complete. MineAuto crashed.
    Crash on (Mon 09/20/2010) @ ( 1:39:02.98).


    Any ideas what I'm doing wrong here?
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