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    I actually got around that large-landmass problem just by importing them into a custom map and carving them up into smaller chunks - the >16m you were talking about. I will give it a quick test in a bit anyway, though. The only real problem I've found with merging multiple landmasses like that is sometimes you end up with quirky joins where grass that was on the surface of one piece ends up buried deep in the earth of another, but that's not really a big deal.

    Still, at risk of derailing the thread, I want to share the tip of the iceberg of what your program has enabled me to do. These are from my upcoming Elemental Nation Wars (PVP) server:

    I just bedrock'd the floor on my map and MCEdit made it through the process of lighting 17,424 chunks without crashing. Looks like it worked flawlessly. For that alone, you deserve a medal.
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    Code, I just want to say thank you. I cannot imagine running a minecraft server without MCEdit to help me make the custom maps my players adore.

    Please never stop being awesome.
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    Quote from hexparrot »
    Now, the particular kernel I've used is x86, but the limitations THERE are 4.0GB, right where youre at before PAE is needed. So the kernel shouldnt be at fault either. I wonder why its only recognizing 2.5GB...

    I have a x64 iso you might consider using, its already compiled and ready--just it doesnt have the firewall. Didnt rebuild the x64 in-kernel firewall. But depending on your need in that area, its something else we can try.

    I'm game. The firewall's actually been disabled on my server already because it was causing other problems, and taking it down was a workaround.
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    Quote from hexparrot »
    Quote from jamsessionein »
    Having a frustrating time trying to increase the memory allocated to my server... Machine has 4GB of RAM to work with.

    What am I doing wrong here?

    tbh, might just be a cosmetic error on my behalf. ill look into it.

    in the meantime, from the command line, if you type in 'top'
    to see all the running processes, what do you see for the java process
    running your world under VSZ?

    if it says 1000-1200, then theres definitely a problem im gonna trace down.

    if it says 3000-3400 etc, then its properly allocating the memory that you are asking,
    even if it is misreporting.

    1181 is what java's reading out for me, but the process is only showing up while it's trying to create the world; at some point along the lines, the 'start' button for world 1 switched from resulting in status: up to status: down, lol.

    Edit: Followup.

    Interestingly, when I set the MEM setting back down to 1024, world one was more than willing to start up again. At 3GB Ram, it would refuse, and return world one: down. So, by turning the MEM up in the defaults, somehow it stopped working entirely. Am I missing something?

    Edit again: more followup. Java will run if I set the MEM value to 1024 or 2056, but not 3072 [3gb] or even 4096 [4gb] on a lark. When set to 2GB and running, it shows a VSZ of 2215, so it is doing that properly.

    'free' in the console shows the following:

    total used free shared buffers
    Mem: 2593956 455712 2138244 0 38136
    Swap: 41608472 0 41608472
    Total: 44202428 455712 43746716

    Is this helpful or indicative of anything?

    One more edit: I can push it as high as 2.5GB before it refuses to start the world anymore.
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    Having a frustrating time trying to increase the memory allocated to my server... Machine has 4GB of RAM to work with.

    I've read this: http://codeemo.com/mantis/view.php?id=10

    I've gone into /usr/games/minecraft/uservars..






    I've changed the 'MEM' entry to 3072 (for 3GB of ram)... Written, saved, closed. I hit sudo filetool.sh -b, then I stop the servers and try to restart them, but they're still pulling up with the default 1GB:

    executing command: cgi-bin/server.cgi?command=create&world=one&memory=1024&port=25565&max_players=30&mod=bukkit
    {'command': 'create', 'memory': '1024', 'world': 'one', 'max_players': '30', 'port': '25565', 'mod': 'bukkit'} Environment: World one (1024 MB) running bukkit on port 25565 - max_players = 30 world not found, creating new worldfile...
    populating world...give about 20 seconds
    world generated and ready to go!

    What am I doing wrong here?
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    Quote from SecretProjectX »
    Quote from hexparrot »
    Quote from SecretProjectX »
    I'm having a problem with the 8080 at the end of the ip address. I don't get a prompt asking for user name or password I just get an error page no matter what browser I use. I can get to the parent directory screen and all of the installation went smoothly. So what can my issue be and how can I fix it. Please help, thank you.

    Means you didnt do step 2 of ./20_passwords.sh OR you didnt save it with ./90_reboot_sudo.sh

    How to correct:

    nano /etc/httpd.conf

    should have one line:


    you can keep 'admin' as the username if you want or change it, and change password. SAVE the file. then

    sudo filetool.sh -b

    I did both of those steps. When I turn the virtualbox thing back on it gets the server is running screen fine and when I typed nano /etc/httpd.conf my password was still there. Is there anywhere else I could have made a mistake? Is there a chance that the admin port or whatever you call it wasn't set to 8080? How would I find out what it is set to?

    This might be germane, because I was having problems with the 8080 thing as well, and am on Optimum Online:


    Apparently the ISP blocks that port.

    A friend who is infinitely more knowledgable than I with linux fixed it using voodoo that I don't understand, but something to consider.
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    Apparently, even with the water and air options unchecked while importing, it's still doing it anyway, and I can't figure out why.

    Say I have a big mountain that sticks up out of the water, and on another map I have a flat plains.

    If I select the mountain and some of the surrounding water, and export it to a schematic...

    ... then attempt to import it onto the middle of the 'plains', while unchecking the air and water options...

    In theory, I should end up with the mountain smashed right into the terrain of the plains. Instead, I'm getting the mountain and the water around it in the middle of the plains.

    What am I doing wrong, here?

    Edit: To better illustrate the problem.

    I have two landmasses that I am trying to composite into one bigger landmass.

    I line them up how I want them...

    And uncheck the water and air options, and then hit import. Instead of two continents enmeshed in one another, I end up with this:

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    posted a message on Farewell, Columbia, city in the skies.
    So, back before the Halloween, I ran a thriving minecraft SMP server. We had 20 to 30 people on a night, and I was lucky enough to have a good community that could cooperate and work on big, massive-scale projects together, entirely by hand.

    One of our bigger constructions was recreating the underwater city of Rapture from the Bioshock games. I did a walk-through tour of the place back in October and filmed it, for a bit of fun.

    I only covered about 2/3 of what we had built down there at the time with these videos, and it's grown a fair bit since.

    People started to get bored of building underwater, though, and we started thining about what our next superproject might be. Since we had a fair bit of success with Rapture, we thought we might like to try making the flying city, Columbia, from Irrational Games' upcoming title Bioshock: Infinite.

    We immediately set about dissecting the that had come out just a few weeks beforehand, and started work on recreating the city in the sky. Because the architecture of Columbia is so high, and because the city itself had to be flying in the air, we had a problem: There's only 128 vertical blocks of space to build with in Minecraft. To give us a place to work with, I cracked open MCEditor, and flattened a 600x600ish section of our map down pretty much to bedrock. We built the 'field' below the flying city above this layer, which gave us 124-ish blocks of height to work with. This turned out to be just enough to fit most of the huge buildings while still being able to keep the city high enough off the 'ground' to look like it was flying.

    It was going great! Until the Halloween patch.

    With the Halloween patch, performance issues basically made Columbia unplayable. If nobody was near the large field we'd made to accomodate the city? Server ran fine, business as usual. All the people in Rapture could go about their business.

    If people tried going to the field, however, the server began to lag for everyone. Just one single person near it would basically render the game inoperable. This occurred even when I loaded the map up in singleplayer to test it!

    I did a quick video recording of the issue at the time to try and bring it to Notch's attention, although at the time I took pains never to look towards Columbia, because I didn't want to ruin the surprise of what we had been working on.

    At the time, Notch mentioned a lighting bug being an issue, and so many of my players simply decided to 'wait it out' until a patch came around that would fix Columbia.

    That patch never came. Over the subsequent weeks, much of my playerbase vanished, their enthusiasm for the game and SMP crippled by the fact that thousands of their hours of work were basically gone. These days, we're lucky if we have 2-3 people on, max, and I've had to remove Columbia entirely from the map in order to make things playable again.

    So, with all of that said. It's been nearly 6 weeks since we lost access to Columbia, and I don't have a whole lot of hope of it ever being finished properly anymore. Still, we made a ton of progress, and I didn't want that to go to waste. This morning, I loaded up a backup copy I had of the map when Columbia was still on it, and I set about taking a couple screenshots to eulogize the flying city that never was. Took a while, because the bug makes chunk loading so crazy slow, but I had time to kill. Much of the city we made followed the gameplay trailer 1:1, and when we were done we planned on creating a 're-enactment' of it, filmed in Minecraft. Hopefully if you watch the trailer, some of these images will look familiar.

    The alley where Booker DeWitt regains consciousness, on Columbia.

    The first corner, by the burning general store, Harper No. 6

    A closer look at Harper's.

    The giant archway, with statue bearing American Flag.

    Transitional area out to the gardens, where DeWitt encounters Saltsonsall. The floating wooden platforms were the basis for our 'Skyline' - basically, what was going to be an elaborate minecart transportation system between platforms.

    Yep. And there's a bunch more well beyond the limit of my vision here...

    ... as you can see. Note the angels on the clocktower. :D

    A view from the Skyline of the next area, including the bridge where DeWitt squares off against the Handyman.

    Just outside the bar where DeWitt gets mobbed.

    The interior of the bar where DeWitt gets mobbed.

    A look at the 'back' of the hotel and clocktower area.

    The mob in the trailer chases DeWitt over to this area, which isn't 100% finished.

    Another look at our giant statute in the even gianter archway, with an american flag draped over the arms.

    A few general shots to give you a sense of scale.

    One from in the field below. We hadn't finished the platform undersides yet.

    Nighttime in Columbia.
    That's enough for now. If I find time later, maybe I'll do a quick (lol, as though the chunks would load 'quick') video run through of the place.

    Edit: Just to clarify, I spent weeks trying everything I could think of to get this map working again.


    Near as I can figure, it has to do with lighting problems towards the bottom of the map, per the thread above.

    I put in a support request with the GetSatisfaction thing Mojang set up:
    http://getsatisfaction.com/mojang/topic ... r_problems

    But it has not been addressed yet.
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    Fantastic mod. I'd like to see an additional launcher block that launches the exact opposite way from the standard launching logic (i.e. the opposite way around the compass rose).
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    posted a message on Bottomless Map Lag & Freezing Tests
    I'm right there with you. Haven't done as much testing as you seem to have with it, but...

    We had a flying supercity on our pre-Halloween map whose design and altitude necessitated that we create an artifical 'plateau' very close to the bottom of the world. We made a giant 500x500 or so flat field; 1 layer of grass over 2 layers of dirt over one layer of bedrock over void. Worked great, and gave us plenty of room between 'ground' and sky to create the flying city effect we wanted.

    Halloween patch rolls around, and it's a disaster. Nobody can go near the damn thing without minecraft screeching to a halt. Tried moving it into a new map, no success. I deleted the city itself as a test, and left just the field, and the lag issues were still present, which led me to conclude, much like you did, that being that close to the bottom of the world was causing huge problems. This happens in both Singleplayer and Multiplayer - in Single, the game handles it a little better, but it still chugs mightily.

    We've been waiting since the Halloween Patch our fingers crossed that Notch will hopefully fix whatever's causing this, because we've invested thousands of man-hours into our flying city, collectively, and we don't want to lose the damn thing. I'm hoping that the bug that's causing this will be addressed...

    For a comparison, by the way, we also have an underwater city that has its foundations mostly at bedrock level. Surprisingly, there haven't been any issues with it. I guess the way it handles light underwater is different enough not to cause problems.
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    I love MCEdit to death.

    The only thing I find I really could use is a way of making a selection and then brushing only INSIDE that selection. It'd make blending areas together a hell of a lot easier.
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    posted a message on Lag seems to be location dependant
    Yeah. We have giant areas on our old map where we were building a supercity. If anyone goes near it, the server chugs and dies. Everywhere else seems to be mostly unaffected.

    I'm hoping Notch fixes things!
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    posted a message on Server Delay
    It's happening to a lot of us, particularly those with larger or more complex maps.

    At this point, I'm just recommending that everybody who is having these problems tweet or e-mail notch and explain the difficulties to him. It's not happening to everyone, which is admittedly strange, and I'm concerned that if those of us who are having the problems aren't vocal about it now, he'll never get around to fixing it.
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    posted a message on Any way to alter map generation / biome frequency?
    The new biomes are nice, but leave a little to be desired. For example, the last map my server had up was wonderful because we had a very oceanic map seed at our disposal, which created large landmasses separated by expanses of water. This helped keep areas to specific themes (i.e. 8 bit island, the jungle, that sort of thing).

    For example:

    At the time, I'd just gone in with MCEdit and made my own biomes. This was around September or so.

    I've probably gone through 100 singleplayer worlds looking for ocean since the new patch hit, but it seems like all that keeps popping out is very tiny bodies of water with small, token biomes littered everywhere.

    Is there any way I can decrease the frequency of biomes, or improve the amount of water that's spawning on my map? Any way to maybe change the map generator? I'd just make this all in an editor, but then there'd be no resources seeded anywhere on it.
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    I took a quick video of my server for the other thread, but I figure I might crosspost it here. Are you guys getting similar performance?

    I'm actually not seeing the CPU spike, but it's still doing this.
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