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    posted a message on Flan's Mod 5.5.2 Update : 1.12.2, 100s of new Skins! : Helicopters, Mechas, Planes, Vehicles, 3D Guns, Multiplayer, TDM, CTF

    Flan's Mod 5.5.2 (for 1.12.2) released yesterday with a ton of crash fixes and both Apocalypse and Teams support

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    posted a message on Flan's Mod 5.5.2 Update : 1.12.2, 100s of new Skins! : Helicopters, Mechas, Planes, Vehicles, 3D Guns, Multiplayer, TDM, CTF

    The initial 1.12.2 release is out today! There may be bug patches over the coming weeks, but most of the functionality is now working

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    posted a message on Flan's Mod 5.5.2 Update : 1.12.2, 100s of new Skins! : Helicopters, Mechas, Planes, Vehicles, 3D Guns, Multiplayer, TDM, CTF

    Apparently the Flan's Mod download links on the website have been broken for some time, but I have now fixed and updated them

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    posted a message on Flan's Mod 5.5.2 Update : 1.12.2, 100s of new Skins! : Helicopters, Mechas, Planes, Vehicles, 3D Guns, Multiplayer, TDM, CTF
    Quote from GuilleGamer13»

    This is the best gun mod ever.

    The only thing that would made it MUCH BETTER it would be adding skins to de guns (1 - 2 each) as in CS:GO or in COD.

    Thanks for reading and I hope it gets applied. Thanks ^^!!

    Try putting the modern guns in the Gun Modification Table and see.

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    posted a message on Flan's Mod Content Packs and Maps
    This thread is for content packs and maps based on Flan's Mod. It has been created because of the new restrictions on post length.

    The main mod thread is here

    User Made Content

    The following content packs are by users other than myself. I accept no liability for damages caused to your Minecraft, your saves or your computer incurred by downloading and using their content packs.

    Minecraft Forums content pack section has been archived, but Manus has provided an alternative forum for posting content packs here
    Pack makers should create threads in this section and tell me about them so I may link to them here.

    1.6.2 / 1.6.4 Content Packs

    Kirby859's Packs

    A wide range of terrible and great packs, Kirby859's packs are usually half-done with iron sights. A few guns kill very quickly in some packs, though others are balanced differently. Guns range from the World War I era to something an idiot designed in his garage yesterday.

    Modern Warfare 3 Pack and Black Ops 2 Pack
    by FruitSaladHD

    This pack is loaded with both Primary and Secondary weapons from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. Along with recent updates including a craftable MOAB which can be airdropped from a plane.

    Survivor's Pack
    by ante185

    javidg96's Packs

    1.5.2 Content Packs

    Manus Vehicle Pack
    by Manus

    A massive pack of vehicles and planes mostly from the WW2 era.

    Full Vehicle List
    Black Car
    Opel Blitz
    GMC Truck
    F1 Racer in 6 colours
    Police Car
    Pink Cadillac
    Dodge Ram
    Panzer IV (H)
    Flakpanzer IV

    A-10 Thunderbolt
    Viper Mk. 2
    AH1 Cobra
    F22 Raptor
    Learjet 28
    Dropship Mk. 1/2

    Flak 88 AA/AT Gun

    Requires Simple Parts Pack


    Nision's Armory
    by PMSF

    Multi Warfare Addons
    by CreeKsx3

    A small pack with some Russian weapons, tanks and planes that is currently under development and aims to add many new guns, planes and vehicles to all different aspects of warfare and even to the home

    Requires Simple Parts Pack


    World at War Pack
    by Mill2

    The World at War pack is a Collection of infamous weapons, tanks, and planes of the World War Era (1900-1945). It is a great pack with wonderful looking models (by Manus (with permission)) and it brings the beginning of Modern Warfare to your Minecraft world

    Requires Simple Parts Pack


    Skyte's Packs
    by LegaSkyte

    A collection of multiple packs, like Chocolate Guns and Dutch Weaponry Pack. More will be added in the furture.


    Halo 3 Armour Pack
    by Milox117

    Modern Assault Weapons Pack
    by timetogo11


    ShadowRanger's Armory
    by ShadowRanger787

    Mafia II Pack
    by Ratman_3000

    A pack based on Mafia II adding a variety of new guns and cars from the game Mafia II

    Requires Simple Parts Pack


    Nerf Pack Expanded
    by Noble_Web

    This currently replaces the Nerf Pack and so the two cannot be used together.

    H2-Überchasis Pack
    by Milox117


    Stan's Vehicle Pack
    by MegaStannyBoy

    A pack, full of all kinds of vehicles.
    Requires Simple Parts Pack

    FutureCraft Sci-Fi Pack
    by PrototypeTheta

    Now with Teams functionality!

    Survival Pack
    by alvin1117

    Modern Warfare 2 Guns


    A Random Assortment of Weaponry (RAW Pack)
    by KJA1997

    In this pack, there are several new guns, such as the Bipod version of the Barrett .50, the HOWA Type 96 Grenade Launcher, a Missile launcher for the included Missilefighter, the M777 Howitzer Anti Aircraft Rocket Launcher and new materials (carbon, blastrod, firepowder), a new bomb (nuke) and incendiary ammo for the Barret .50 Bipod version.

    Requires Simple Parts Pack

    Crate 'o' Guns HD Pack
    by Doc_Raven

    Old West Guns Pack
    by Sojita

    WW2 Germany Content Pack
    by lordjacob1

    Half-Life 2 Pack
    by Zergod

    Half-Life 2 weapons with full 3D models

    Milox117's Package
    by Milox117

    Laser Guns Content Pack
    by SoBiohazardous

    This pack contains various classes of laser weapons, including items, binoculars, and fully auto rocket launchers.

    Mickioo's Pack
    by Mickioo

    Zergod's Half Life 2 Pack
    by ZerGod

    Islands of Death Pack
    by IngChuck


    Asphalt Aftermath by Ideafix

    Battle of the Mountain by taa1taa

    Jungle by Carl772

    Desert Gold by axciom

    Apocalypse by Tehsov

    Frozen Battle by LegaSkyte and PMSF

    Break-In by Carl772

    Revolution Conquest by MaqnumGunslinger

    Operation Geranamo by roadhouse699

    Airport Map by fjavier2k

    Counter Strike Skyfall by A101A

    Desert Camp by SteveSapien

    Under Attack by pdog11111

    King of the Hill by ragnarock200

    As two American scouts were patrolling some wilderness, bullets rained down from a hill. They realized they stumbled upon a small but heavily fortified with enemy stronghold armed with bunkers and sandbags with a total of 15 machine guns set on top of a hill. The pinned scouts called into HQ where Rangers would have to mount a full on balls-to-the-wall frontal assault on the stronghold to save the scouts. The high point was also important to because they could set up a radar station. The stronghold was also right next to the sea, so the Americans could get supplies and reinforcements by the shore behind the hill. The rangers gathered up a company of men and armor. Problems arose quickly when they found out Gerry made an artificial ravine, filled it with lava, and mined the bridges. No armor could pass through the ravine and the men who had made it to the other side of the ravine were stuck there and they had to go and assault the hill in a classic Catch 22. In the .rar file, there are screenshots of the map and the map itself. This map took me 5 hours to build, from about 4 PM to 9 PM. My recommended game mode is conquest. There is one flag in the small area where the Rangers and trapped and one flag inside the stronghold. The team I set are "german" and "american", respectfully. This is my 2nd complete map.

    Flan's Mod Map Collection (including Hurtgen Forest) by Kirby859

    Modern Weapons Revenge by Daron122

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    posted a message on Why was the Content Packs forum archived?
    The content packs section was created because of people repeatedly being told off for posting content packs in the mods forum. If this forum is to be deleted or archived, then content packs should be allowed in the mods forum. Otherwise, I will have to redirect my content pack makers elsewhere to sites such as planetminecraft.
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    posted a message on [1.1][SMP] Flan's Old Mods : Planes, WW2 Guns, Vehicles, PlayerAPI, Moods, MpUtils, Teams
    This thread is for my old mods, for 1.1 and older. These mods are no longer maintained and have been superseded by my new mod at http://www.minecraft.../topic/182918-/
    You should also like my Facebook page if you want to get lots of updates about my mod's development

    Check out this cool new texture pack because it is pure awesome.
    The Mods
    ModLoaderMp - 1.2.3


    Turbo Model Thingy - 1.1
    Planes Mod - 1.1
    Vehicles Mod - 1.1
    Mp Utils - 1.1
    WW2 Guns Mod - 1.1
    Player API - 1.1
    Mood Mod - 1.8.1
    Teams Mod - 1.8.1
    SDKs Guns Unofficial - 1.5_01

    Server List

    Follow me on Twitter

    Like my mods on Facebook

    Terms and Conditions for Downloading and Using my Mods
    Used Terms
    MODS : A modification to or a plugin for Minecraft designed to change, add or remove content, created by or hosted by with written permission the OWNER
    OWNER : James Flannery, the original author or permitted re-hoster of the MODS
    USER : The person downloading, installing or using any of the MODS

    The MODS are provided without warranty and therefore the USER of the MODS takes full responsibility for their copy of minecraft, their savegames, their computer and any other damages caused by these MODS.

    The USER of the mods may download, install and play the MODS on their computer. Downloading must be done through this page or through the links given on this page, unless written permission has been given to other hosters elsewhere.

    The MODS and derivative works may only be redistributed with advance written permission from the OWNER, except for ModLoaderMp and TurboModelThingy, in which case permission obtained from their original authors will also be sufficient. It is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN to make money from these MODS and/or derivative works (selling,,, sharecash etc) and the OWNER may claim damages or otherwise rectify the situation.

    Derivative Works / Modifications
    The MODS may be decompiled without permission for private purposes. Distribution of these modifications and / or derivative works require advance written permission of the OWNER.

    Having problems? Go to troubleshooting

    Check out this awesome video by cherchell_is showing off planes, vehicles, WW2 guns and SDKs guns

    And for a quick overview of my mods check out this awesome video by PocketIsland

    Quick Download Section




    ModLoaderMp Client v2
    ModLoaderMp Server v2

    Turbo Model Thingy Client

    Planes Client
    Planes Server

    Vehicles Client
    Vehicles Server

    WW2 Guns Client
    WW2 Guns Server

    MpUtils Server

    :Yellow: :Yellow: :Orange: :Orange: :Red: :Red: :Rose: :Rose: :Pink: :Pink: :Purple: :Purple: :Violet: :Violet: :Indigo: :Indigo: :Blue: :Blue: :Teal: :Teal: :Green: :Green: :Lime: :Lime:

    Planes v16
    Back to top

    Have you ever gotten tired of exploring your world on foot? Then its time to take to the skies!

    Introducing : Planes v16

    Note : You NEED to add the planes folder if you want more planes than just the biplane


    Latest News
    New Stuff
    Custom Crafting Table

    v6 SMP featured on YogsCast

    A big thank you to donoteat, theWOODman, Hanno25 and 1reeper for allowing me to use their plane skins in the mod

    Latest News and Updates
      Updated to 1.1
      Fixed SMP crafting
      Updated for 1.8.1
      PlaneAPI improvements
      Updated for 1.7.3
      Updated for 1.7.2
      Made mouse control optional
      Reduced server side "sprites" to 0
      New mouse controls and roll movements
      Exploding plane wrecks

    V16 changes

      Converted planes to .txt file format
      Slightly improved SMP code, but it will always be based on Notch's code, so it won't be great

    Run the error test and post the result. An error log speaks a thousand words.
    (Copied from SDK's thread, a useful bug finder)
    If you're having problems, download this (windows only) and run it to see the error. If you post a problem that's related to an error without an error report, it will be ignored.

    If you get the following error, follow the instructions here.
    'java' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file

    Common Problems
    Please search for your error here before posting it.

    Problem : Bad Packet ID : 230, java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: BaseModMp or java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: BaseModMp
    Solution : You did not install ModLoaderMp correctly, make sure you are running the right version and try again.

    Problem : java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: ISpawnable
    Solution : You need to get ModLoaderMp v2

    Problem : java.lang.Exception: No more empty item sprite indices left!
    Soultion : You have too many mods, remove some

    Problem : The plane won't move
    Solution : Press "R" and put coal in

    Problem : My planes appear to be huge boxy things
    Solution : Reinstall TurboModelThingy

    Problem : I can't see plane workbenches / plane workbenches make me crash in SMP
    Solution : Try changing the plane workbench ID to 230 and 255, if neither works, ask the server owner what they set the block ID to

    Problem : I can't craft bombs / bullets in SMP
    Solution : The server has bombs / bullets disabled, check the if you own the server

    Problem : I can't craft anything in SMP
    Solution : The server has been incorrectly installed, retry the installation


    Here is a video detailing all the plane crafting recipes and showing off the planes.

    You can craft the plane components like so:

    Wheel - 23260

    Wooden Tail - 23257

    Biplane Wing - 23256

    Triplane Wing - 23268

    Wooden Propeller - 23258

    Machine-gun - 23267

    Wooden Cockpit - 23269

    Metal Cockpit - 23265

    Bomb Bay - 23262

    Passenger Bay - 23280

    Metal Tail - 23261

    Piston, think of the fire-lighter as a spark plug - 23279

    These affect the speed of the plane you make, v4 being the slowest and v8 rotary being the fastest (I have no idea how accurate this is)
    V4 Engine - 23274

    V6 Engine - 23275

    V8 Engine - 23277

    8 Cylinder Rotary Engine - 23278

    Metal Propeller - 23281

    Metal Wing - 23289

    Metal Wing (MG) - 23263

    Metal Wing (Prop) - 23273, 23282, 23283, 23284

    Any engine works, and it remembers the power of the engine

    Bullet - 23270

    Small Bomb - 23271

    Large Bomb - 23272

    Napalm - 23273

    AA Barrel - 23285

    AA Shell - 23288

    Anti-Aircraft Guns
    Right click to mount. Left click with an AA Shell in inventory to shoot.

    Flakvierling-38 - 23286

    Bofors 40mm - 23287

    (It has wheels but cannot yet move. I may add this functionality later)

    The Plane Crafting Table
    Now you have your components, but you need a custom crafting table in order to make your plane.
    (Block ID = 255, changeable in the

    It is crafted thus

    and with it you can create all your favourite planes

    Biplane - 23317

    Sopwith Camel - 23318

    Fokker Dr.1 - 23319

    Spitfire - 23320

    Two Seater Biplane - 23321

    Messerschmitt BF-109 - 23323

    and an altogether new plane; the P-51 Mustang!
    ID : 23324

    Remember that all planes will take any engine and this will affect the plane's speed


    A cool planes showcase by jackdeboer

    and a video showing off mouse controls

    A german planes showcase


    Go to .minecraft/config/mod_Planes.cfg and edit it to select mouse or keyboard controls. Default is keyboard, and only keyboard controls work in SMP.

    Mouse Controls
    Default forwards key : Accelerate
    Default backwards key : Deccelerate
    Default right key : Yaw right
    Default left key : Yaw left
    Mouse look up : Pitch up
    Mouse look down : Pitch down
    Mouse look left : Roll left
    Mouse look right : Roll right
    Left Mouse : Shoot
    Right Mouse : Bomb
    E : Get out
    R : Access inventory

    Keyboard Controls
    Default controls for planes are:
    Default forwards key : Accelerate
    Default backwards key : Deccelerate
    Default right key : Turn right
    Default left key : turn left
    Space - Look up
    Left Shift - Look down
    E - Get out
    R - Inventory
    Left Control - Shoot
    C - Drop Bomb

    For the AA guns, simply right click to get on and left click with an AA shell in your inventory to fire


    1.1 Version 16 : SSP and SMP Installation

    Stuck with installation? Follow these!
    Planes installation video by EricPickup

    Server installation video by EricPickup

    Mac installation video by yay.

    Note about installing with Minecraft Forge or Optifine. Install Planes first and then Forge or Optifine afterwards. Using one of those two mods will disable mouse controls however.


    1. Download & Install Risugami's ModLoader
    2. Download & Install SDK's ModLoaderMp V2
    3. Download & Install GaryCXJk's Turbo Model Thingy
    4. (Optional)Download & Install Risugami's AudioMod
    5. Download Planes v16
    6. Add the contents of the "jar files" folder to the minecraft.jar
    7. Add the contents of the "resource files" to the resources folder
    8. Drag planes folder into the .minecraft folder
    9. Delete META-INF folder, if you didn't already
    10. Play!


    1. Download & Install SDK's ModLoaderMp Server V2
    2. Download Planes Server v16
    3. Add the files to minecraft_server.jar
    4. Add the planes folder to the minecraft server folder
    5. Start your server (and tell me if you are running a server for the list below)

    Bukkit Server
    (Anyone is allowed to port the server files to bukkit and host them, given they link people to this page to get the client side files)
    Bukkit ports of my mod can be found on this forum
    krnlyng's outdated bukkit port

    Installing new planes

    When someone makes a plane with the Planes API, download their plane, drag the plane's texture into the item folder and the plane's icon into the plane folder in your minecraft.jar, and add files to resources if necessary. Then go to your .minecraft/planes folder and add the plane's .txt file.

    Additional Planes

    Making new planes

    Go to .minecraft/planes, copy a plane's .txt file and rename it to the name of your plane.
    Open the plane .txt file and edit all the values inside. The ShortName defines the texture name and so once you have set that field and chosen a model to use (Biplane, Camel, Fokker, Spitfire, BF109 or TwoSeaterBiplane) you can create a texture starting from the other textures provided, or from the blocky textures provided here. Once done, install the plane as in the above instructions.


    If you wish to support this mod, please place one of these banners (courtesy of SamLord and Blocker226) in your signature

    By SamLord


    By Blocker226



    Add a property to set the default engine
    Add AA gun tow truck / use ATV

    Known Bugs

    When sitting in a two seater in SMP it looks like you are in the front seat, not the back
    Notch's awful netcode is awful
    All netcode is awful

    Extra Planes

    Billy's Plane Pack

    Andy's Planes

    Alternate Skins

    To install, save the skin to your computer, rename it biplane.png, BF109.png or Spitfire.png and place it in your minecraft.jar/items folder

    To create a new skin, download this file and use the templates included.
    This zip contains blocky skins for the Biplane, Spitfire, Flakvierling and Bofors.

    Steampunk Spitifre skin by Elretha

    Kawasaki KDA-5 skin by Jolkanin (Biplane)

    Creeper Plane by Jumbify (Biplane)

    Painterly Plane by danden (Biplane)

    Cartoony Plane by Meringue (Biplane)

    Mixcraft HD Plane by CrazyErik

    Faithful HD Plane by CrazyErik

    Last Days Plane by Droung6

    Miura Clan Plane by AnjinMiura


    Back Versions

    :Yellow: :Yellow: :Orange: :Orange: :Red: :Red: :Rose: :Rose: :Pink: :Pink: :Purple: :Purple: :Violet: :Violet: :Indigo: :Indigo: :Blue: :Blue: :Teal: :Teal: :White: :White: :Green: :Green: :Lime: :Lime:

    Teams Mod v3
    Back to top

    Simply put, this mod allows players to play TDM or CTF matches against each other and score points to win. More gametypes can be made by anyone who knows a fair bit of java.

    There are a potential 16 teams, of indeterminate size, which all correspond to the colours of the wools. On connecting, a player will be assigned a team and they will then earn kills for that team.

    Banners act like spawn points for the teams, and so should be placed where you wish players to spawn for that team. They are crafted from 3 wool of the appropriate colour stacked vertically and crafting can be disabled in the server properties file.

    Coloured helmets identify which team you are on. To get a helmet, right click a banner of your colour. In future, I may make it so the helmets auto-equip, or even make you spawn wearing them. They can also be crafted as a normal helmet, but with coloured wool.

    These team flags are configurable by the gametype file and so can be used in all manner of ways. The possibilities are endless. Capture The Flag (already done), Domination, King of the Hill and many more. Flags can be crafted as below, but this can be turned off with the property canCraftBanners

    (Some item spawners also shown)

    Super Stick - ID : 24174
    It looks just like a normal stick, but I can assure you it is not. This bad boy is only available to server ops through /give and can change banner and flag colours and reset item spawners. But "what are item spawners?" you ask. Read on.

    Item Spawners - ID : 252
    Again, only spawnable by an op with /give. When you place this it has no item associated with it. When you right click it with an item it will then spawn that item once every 60~120 seconds (default). Note that if you give it a 64 stack, it will remember this and spew out 64 stacks of items. Right clicking with a super stick erases the item stored in memory, as once it has an item it will not accept a new one until cleared.



    1. Download and Install Risugami's ModLoader
    2. Download and Install SDK's ModLoaderMp (Guns, utils etc optional)
    3. Download Teams v3 from here
    4. Add the contents of the zip file to the minecraft.jar
    5. Delete META-INF folder, if you didn't already
    6. Play!


    1. Download and Install SDK's ModLoaderMp Server
    2. Download and Install PlayerAPI Server
    3. Download Teams v3 Server from here
    4. Add the .class files to minecraft_server.jar
    5. Start your server (and tell me if you are running a server for the list)]

    Information on mod_Teams.cfg

    friendlyFire=false : Whether or not players can kill team-mates
    canCraftHelmets=true : Whether or not players can craft helmets
    canCraftBanners=true : Whether or not players can craft banners
    canCraftFlags=true : Whether or not players can craft flags
    helmetsFromBanners=true : Whether or not banners give helmets on right click
    canBreakBanners=false : Whether or not players can break banners
    teamSizes=4 : Maximum number of people on the teams
    blueTeamName=Blues : Name of the blue team, "null" implies no blue team
    redTeamName=Reds : Reds, and so on...
    gametype=Ctf : Current gametypes are "Tdm" and "Ctf"
    itemSpawnerId=252 : This needs to be the same client and server side, so it is advised that you do not change this
    itemSpawnerDelay=60 : The item spawner will wait anywhere between this and 2x this to respawn an item
    TDM / CTF specifics
    scoreLimit=5 : The score a team has to reach to win a round
    spawnAtBanners=true : Whether or not players spawn at the banners
    CTF specifics
    flagResetTime=1200 : The time in 1/20ths of a second for the flag to reset to its original position


    Fix the above
    Add team chat
    Add options to switch teams
    Add options to view scores (possibly an addition to inventory screen?)
    Force helmets onto players heads
    More gametypes - Monsterhunt, King of the hill etc
    Rewards for winning

    Back Versions

    1.7.3 Versions
    v2 Client -
    v2 Server -
    1.6.4 Versions
    v2 Client -
    v2 Server -
    1.5_01 Versions
    v2 Client -
    v2 Server -

    :Yellow: :Yellow: :Orange: :Orange: :Red: :Red: :Rose: :Rose: :Pink: :Pink: :Purple: :Purple: :Violet: :Violet: :Indigo: :Indigo: :Blue: :Blue: :Teal: :Teal: :SSSS: :SSSS: :Green: :Green: :Lime: :Lime:

    SDK's ModLoaderMp
    Back to top

    SDK's Thread

    SDK's ModLoaderMp is currently up to date so download it HERE

    If that does not work you can download the unofficial version here, but try SDK's version first.
    (V2 fixes all the camelCase problems)

    Installation : Client 1.2.3 v2

    Requires Risugami's ModLoader
    Simply drag and drop the files into minecraft.jar
    Delete META-INF, even though you already did with ModLoader

    Download from adfly
    Download from mediafire

    Installation : Server 1.2.3 v2

    Drag and drop all files into minecraft_server.jar
    (Don't delete META-INF)
    Download from adfly
    Download from mediafire

    1.1 Version

    ModLoaderMp Client
    ModLoaderMp Server

    1.0.0 Version

    ModLoaderMp Client
    ModLoaderMp Server

    1.9pre5 Version

    ModLoaderMp Client
    ModLoaderMp Server

    1.8.1 Version

    ModLoaderMp Client
    ModLoaderMp Server

    1.7.3 Version 2

    ModLoaderMp Client
    ModLoaderMp Server

    1.7.2 Version

    ModLoaderMp Client
    ModLoaderMp Server

    1.6.4 Version

    ModLoaderMp Client
    ModLoaderMp Server

    1.5_01 Version

    ModLoaderMp Client
    ModLoaderMp Server

    For Developers

    I have created a tutorial for updating mods to use ModLoaderMp and you can find it here

    A small note for developers, Notch took Packet200 for stats, so ModLoaderMp now uses Packet230ModLoader

    :Yellow: :Yellow: :Orange: :Orange: :Red: :Red: :Rose: :Rose: :Pink: :Pink: :Purple: :Purple: :Violet: :Violet: :Indigo: :Indigo: :Blue: :Blue: :Teal: :Teal: :SSSS: :SSSS: :Green: :Green: :Lime: :Lime:

    Mp Utils
    Back to top

    This mod adds a few new server commands such as /god, /i and /spawn.

    Version 2 : Added /god, /spawn, /mobkill, /enable, /disable
    Version 3 : Fixed god mode players leaving the game causing a server crash


    OP Only
    /i <id> [num] [meta] - An improved /give command. Gives items with damage values and amounts up to 1024 (16 stacks)
    /heal - Heal yourself to full health
    /warp <x> <y> <z> - Warp yourself to this x,y,z location (you can find your current location by pressing F3)
    /spawn <entity> [num] - Spawns an entity where <entity> is the entity name with which it is registered and num is some number (capped to 20) for how many to spawn
    /mobkill <radius> - Kills all evil mobs in the radius specified
    /god - Enables / disables godmode

    OP / Server Console
    /weather <none|rain|snow|thunder|lightning> - Sets the weather

    Server Console Only
    /enable <command></command> - Enable a command
    /disable <command></command> - Disable a command

    Requires ModLoaderMp
    This is a server-side only mod, so connecting players do not need to download it.
    They will need ModLoaderMp, and at least one SMP mod to initialize ModLoaderMp however.

    1.5_01 Source from mediafire

    Useful Info : Entity Names
    Arrow, Snowball, Painting, Creeper, Skeleton, Spider, Giant, Zombie, Slime, Ghast, PigZombie, Pig, Sheep, Cow, Chicken, Squid, Wolf, PrimedTnt, FallingSand, Minecart, Boat

    AAAllies, AAAxis, Biplane, Fokker, Camel, Spitfire, BF109, Mustang, Kubel, Jeep, Sherman, Panzer, Flag, Banner

    :Yellow: :Yellow: :Orange: :Orange: :Red: :Red: :Rose: :Rose: :Pink: :Pink: :Purple: :Purple: :Violet: :Violet: :Indigo: :Indigo: :Blue: :Blue: :Teal: :Teal: :Turquoise: :Turquoise: :Green: :Green: :Lime: :Lime:

    SDK's Guns Unofficial
    Back to top

    SDK has now updated his mods officially. You can get them all (including ModLoaderMp)

    This is an unofficial update of SDK's guns for 1.5_01 and as such may be quite buggy in some places. I have just packaged guns, utils, fps and grappling hook in one big mod, but I may upload separately later. Again, is optional, as SDK requested and so you may choose whether or not you want to support me.

    Shooting entities is now fixed. Please redownload the client

    Original Thread : http://www.minecraft...hp?f=25&t=92206

    Installation Client

    Requires Risugami's ModLoader and ModLoaderMp

    Download from
    Download from mediafire

    Add the contents of "resources" to .minecraft/resources
    Add the contents of "minecraft" to your minecraft.jar
    Add all the properties files to .minecraft

    Installation Server

    Requires ModLoaderMp

    Download from
    Download from mediafire

    Add the contents of "minecraft_server" to your minecraft_server.jar
    Add all the properties files to the minecraft server folder

    Known bugs
    ATVs are still bugged in SMP
    Some grenades act like normal grenades in SMP

    :Yellow: :Yellow: :Orange: :Orange: :Red: :Red: :Rose: :Rose: :Pink: :Pink: :Purple: :Purple: :Violet: :Violet: :Indigo: :Indigo: :Blue: :Blue: :Teal: :Teal: :Turquoise: :Turquoise: :Green: :Green: :Lime: :Lime:

    Vehicles Mod

    Have you ever gotten tired of exploring your world by plane? Then its time to take to the roads!

    Introducing : Vehicles v4
    Back to top

    This mod aims to add all manner of vehicles (mainly WW2 based, as that is where my planes mod is heading too), and so far it contains a Jeep, a Kubelwagen, a Sherman tank and a Panzer IV tank.

    If planes are installed this mod uses the items from that, so no incompatibility there.


    You will need wheels and engines which have the same recipes as the planes mod.
    Also, some land vehicle specifics are required.

    Small Car Chassis - 23456

    Tank Barrel - 23457

    Tank Turret - 23458

    Tank Body -23459

    Caterpillar Track Piece - 23460

    Caterpillar Track - 23461

    Tank Shell - 23462

    The Vehicles
    Remember that these will take any engine except the 8 cylinder rotary engine and the engine will affect their speed.

    Kubelwagen - 23487

    Jeep - 23488

    Sherman Tank - 23489

    Panzer IV Tank - 23490

    And once you have crafted them, you can drive them!

    Default controls for vehicles are:
    W - Accelerate
    S - Deccelerate
    A - Turn left
    D - Turn right
    E - Get out
    R - Inventory
    Left Ctrl - Shoot

    Installation : v4
    An installation video, incase you get stuck :

    Requires ModLoader and AudioMod
    Requires ModLoaderMp
    Requires Turbo Model Thingy
    Download here

    Requires ModLoaderMp Server
    Download here

    Bukkit Server
    (Anyone is allowed to port the server files to bukkit and host them, given they link people to this page to get the client side files)


    By Blocker226


    Known bugs
    Handling is not great
    You can be suffocated when exiting the car sometimes
    Passengers can get suffocated

    v4 - Added Panzer IV
    Vehicles point the right way in SMP
    Vehicles don't fall through the floor in SMP
    Shifted Tank Barrel Origin to look better
    Planes and Vehicles item conflicts sorted

    v3 - Added Sherman Tank
    Added tank parts + shells
    Added sounds

    v2 - Added Willy's Jeep
    Exit bug fixed
    Wheels turn more
    Towing supported (but not implemented by any vehicle)
    Engine type synchronisation between server and client (smoother SMP movement)
    Passenger seat entities destroyed with car

    v1 - Initial release

    Back Versions
    1.0.0 version
    v4 client -
    v4server -

    1.8.1 version
    v4 client -
    v4 server -

    1.7.3 version
    v4 client -
    v4 server -

    1.7.2 version
    v4 client -
    v4 server -

    1.6.5/1.6.6 versions
    v4 Client -
    v4 Server -

    1.6.4 versions
    v3 Client -
    v3 Server -

    1.5_01 versions
    v3 Client -
    v3 Server -
    v2 Client -
    v2 Server -

    :Yellow: :Yellow: :Orange: :Orange: :Red: :Red: :Rose: :Rose: :Pink: :Pink: :Purple: :Purple: :Violet: :Violet: :Indigo: :Indigo: :Blue: :Blue: :Teal: :Teal: :Turquoise: :Turquoise: :Green: :Green: :Lime: :Lime:

    Mood Mod
    Back to top

    Ever get caught in the Minecraft rain and think it odd that your character doesn't care how wet he gets?

    Well now you can make him as miserable as you like!
    The Mood Mod adds a few moods that change based on what you do in the world and have a slight effect on your play. All moods contribute to an overall mood displayed at the top of your screen. This overall mood will affect your block breaking speed, from doubling it when in a perfect mood to making it zero when in an awful mood (you will already be dead at a the lowest possible mood)

    Press M to access the moods menu. This is configurable in the controls menu. (I would like to do this with planes, but alas, there is not enough space)

    Increased by : Rain, water
    Decreased by : Proximity to fire, lava, furnace, decreases over time

    Increased by : Cold biomes, ice, water
    Decreased by : Hot biomes, proximity to fire, lava, furnace

    Directly linked to hunger bar

    Increased by : Increases over time
    Decreased by : Sleeping
    Effects : Hurts player over time

    Increased by : Proximity to dirt
    Decreased by : Rain / water

    Directly linked to health

    Increased by : Dark, monsters
    Decreased by : Light, animals

    More moods - please make suggestions
    Mood helper items

    Installation : v3
    Requires ModLoader
    Requires ModLoaderMp
    Requires PlayerAPI
    Download here

    Requires ModLoaderMp Server
    Requires PlayerAPI Server
    Download here

    Back Versions
    1.7.3 Versions
    v2 Client -
    v2 Server -
    1.7.2 Versions
    v2 Client -
    v2 Server -
    1.6.4 Versions
    v2 Client -
    v2 Server -
    1.5_01 Versions
    v2 Client -
    v2 Server -

    :Yellow: :Yellow: :Orange: :Orange: :Red: :Red: :Rose: :Rose: :Pink: :Pink: :Purple: :Purple: :Violet: :Violet: :Indigo: :Indigo: :Blue: :Blue: :Teal: :Teal: :Turquoise: :Turquoise: :Green: :Green: :Lime: :Lime:

    Turbo Model Thingy
    Back to top

    GaryCXJk has yet to update TMT to 1.1 so get my unofficial version HERE

    GaryCXJk's Thread (for 1.0.0 and earlier)

    Turbo Model Thingy Client 2.2.3 for Minecraft 1.8.1 Unofficial

    Turbo Model Thingy 2.2.6 for Minecraft 1.7.3

    Turbo Model Thingy 2.2.5 for Minecraft 1.7.3

    TurboModelThingy 2.2.2 for Minecraft 1.6.4

    GaryCXJk's Thread

    :Yellow: :Yellow: :Orange: :Orange: :Red: :Red: :Rose: :Rose: :Pink: :Pink: :Purple: :Purple: :Violet: :Violet: :Indigo: :Indigo: :Blue: :Blue: :Teal: :Teal: :Turquoise: :Turquoise: :Green: :Green: :Lime: :Lime:

    WW2 Guns

    Did you ever think that your planes + vehicles war server was getting boring? Something missing? Well here is the missing piece : WW2 Guns!

    Introducing : WW2 Guns v3

    New to Version 3 : Luger, Webley and Colt pistols. Bazooka and panzerschreck anti-tank weapons.
    Note : The anti-tank weapons don't currently have much effect on vehicles from vehicles mod but that is due to a bug in Vehicles and it will be fixed next time Vehicles is updated.


    Crafting such complicated items as guns on a 3x3 crafting grid is annoying, and extending the grid just makes it difficult to remember the recipes. So for this mod, I added 3 new blocks that are used to create your guns really easily. The blocks can be crafted as follows.

    German Weapon Box - 150

    British Weapon Box - 151

    American Weapon Box - 152

    And when placed they look like this.

    To create a gun with the new weapon boxes, right click them and you will be brought to the weapons screen.

    On this screen your total iron, gunpowder, wood and glass are shown at the top, and the prices per item are shown by the items. To buy an item, just click it. It will take your resources and give you the gun / ammo (if you have the space)

    Gun List
    Gun IDs are listed as GunID / ClipID
    MP 40 - 23557 / 23556
    MP 44 - 23559 / 23558
    Kar98k - 23561 / 23560
    Kar98k Sniper - 23562 / 23560
    Luger - 23564 / 23563
    PanzerSchreck - 23566 / 23565

    Sten - 23587 / 23586
    Lee Enfield - 23589 / 23588
    Lee Enfield Sniper - 23590 / 23588
    Webley - 23592 / 23591
    (The Biritsh box also includes the American Bazooka)

    M1 Carbine - 23617 / 23616
    M1 Garand - 23619 / 23618
    Thompson - 23621 / 23620
    BAR - 23623 / 23622
    Springfield - 23625 / 23624
    Colt - 23627 / 23626
    Bazooka - 23629 / 23628

    Here is a nice up-to-date video showcasing the mod

    And a sniper montage


    If WW2Guns is giving you an error, please re-download the client

    Requires ModLoader and AudioMod
    Requires ModLoaderMp
    Download here

    Requires ModLoaderMp Server
    Download here

    Bukkit Server
    (Anyone is allowed to port the server files to bukkit and host them, given they link people to this page to get the client side files)
    krnlyng has modified ModLoaderMp and WW2 Guns to work with bukkit!
    You can see his work here


    By Blocker226


    Related Extras

    Alternate textures by stinson9191 - http://www.mediafire...1848q0g6mm8ld07
    WW2 Uniforms by dapro1590 - http://www.minecraft.../topic/741203-/
    WW2 Planes
    WW2 Vehicles

    Teams mod integration
    Anti-tank weapons
    Russian weapons
    Japanese weapons
    SMP improvements

    1.7.2v2 - Increased bullet speed
    Added a new gun
    Possibly fixed SDK compatibility
    v2 - SMP
    v1 - Initial release

    Back Versions
    v3 client -
    v3 server -

    v3 client -
    v3 server -

    v3 client -
    v3 server -

    v2 client -
    v2 server -

    v2 client -
    v2 server -

    1.6.6v1 Client -

    :Yellow: :Yellow: :Orange: :Orange: :Red: :Red: :Rose: :Rose: :Pink: :Pink: :Purple: :Purple: :Violet: :Violet: :Indigo: :Indigo: :Blue: :Blue: :Teal: :Teal: :Turquoise: :Turquoise: :Green: :Green: :Lime: :Lime:

    Player API
    Back to top

    Player API is an API which gives mods access to the EntityPlayer class while minimizing conflicts between mods.

    Divisor has taken over PlayerAPI for the moment so you can get the latest versions

    But if that doesn't work, try these below.


    Download Player API 1.8.1 v1.2
    Go to the appdata folder and navigate to .minecraft/bin
    Open minecraft.jar in WinZIP, WinRAR or 7zip
    Drag the three class files from Player API into the jar
    Delete the META-INF folder if you haven't already


    Download Player API 1.8.1 v1 server
    Open minecraft_server.jar in WinZIP, WinRAR or 7zip
    Drag the three class files from Player API into the jar

    For Developers

    MCP source
    To make a player API mod simply make a class that extends PlayerBase (much like extending BaseMod) and register it with PlayerAPI.RegisterPlayerBase(PlayerBaseExample.class); in your mod_ file constructor. An example PlayerBaseMoods is included in the download

    To get a PlayerBase from the player you can use the method PlayerAPI.getPlayerBase(player, PlayerBaseExample.class);

    If you require more hooks to make your mod work with player API, please PM me and it should be in the next release

    Mods that use PlayerAPI
    Teams Server
    Smart Moving

    Back Versions
    Player API 1.7.3 v1.7
    Player API 1.7.3 v1.5 server

    :Yellow: :Yellow: :Orange: :Orange: :Red: :Red: :Rose: :Rose: :Pink: :Pink: :Purple: :Purple: :Violet: :Violet: :Indigo: :Indigo: :Blue: :Blue: :Teal: :Teal: :Turquoise: :Turquoise: :Green: :Green: :Lime: :Lime:

    Full Server List
    Back to top

    To get added to the list send me a PM with the information about your server. Having it in the same format as the rest is very useful for me, so please take a bit of care when sending me info.

    1.1 Servers!

    PrideCraft - Planes v16 + Vehicles v4 + WW2 Guns v3
    MCF User : F3RULLO14
    IP :
    Info : Go to planetminecraft and search for PrideCraft

    Dark-Planes - Planes v16 + Vehicles v4 + WW2 Guns v3
    IP :
    MCF User : swe0mikke0swe
    Info :

    Raging-Storms - Planes v16 + Vehicles v4 + WW2 Guns v3
    IP :
    MCF User : expert700
    Info : Biosphere map

    Inacio's Planes Server - Planes v16
    IP :
    MCF User : Inacio
    Info : http://www.facepunch...threads/1155577

    The Rebel Lands War Server - Planes v16 + Vehicles v4 + WW2 Guns v3 + Smart Moving
    IP :
    MCF User : Poe1075
    Info : http://www.planetmin...s-smart-moving/

    Nightfury's server - Planes v16 + Vehicles v4 + WW2 Guns v3
    MCF User : Pontusedberg and Nightfury18
    IP :
    Info : Go to planetminecraft and search for Nightfury's server

    Cubix-Craft - Planes v16 + Vehicles v4 + WW2 Guns v3
    MCF User: Oscarian

    icetea98 - Planes v16 + Vehicles v4 + WW2 Guns v3
    IP :
    Info :

    DarkPvP - Planes v16 + Vehicles v4 + WW2 Guns v3
    MCF User : darkmage0252
    IP :

    MrBlockPlacer - Planes v16
    IP :

    Endless Dreams - Planes v16 + Vehicles v4 + WW2 Guns v3
    MCF User : shadowdemonx9

    KyleCraft - Planes v16 + Vehicles v4 + WW2 Guns v3
    MCF User : chicken063
    IP :
    Info : http://www.thetechga...1.html#20627901

    LaZerminerZ - Planes v16 + Vehicles v4 + WW2 Guns v3
    IP :
    MCF User : tommielag
    Info : Sweedish Server,

    Bost772 - Planes v16
    IP :
    Hamachi ID: Wasdert
    Password: 123
    Info : Whitelisted, PM Bost772 to get access.

    warcraft - Planes v16 + WW2 Guns v3
    IP :
    Hamachi ID : bjorken98
    Password : wolfpack
    MCF User : elling16

    LPxPlayer - Planes v16 + Vehicles v4 + WW2 Guns v3
    Hamachi IDs : Minecraft-WW2, Minecraft-WW2[x], x being from 2 to 10
    Info : Send LPxPlayer a PM to get IP and password.

    icetea98 - Planes v16 + WW2 Guns v3
    IP :
    Hamachi ID : Bottleice1
    No Password

    WWII Server - Planes v16 + Vehicles v4 + WW2 Guns v3 + Smart Moving
    MCF User : PMSF
    Info : Get Hamachi information here

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    posted a message on Community Spotlight - Clay Soldiers
    You forgot to mention Kodaichi, original maker of the mod. You should probably list both of them as the makers.
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    posted a message on Flan's Mod 5.5.2 Update : 1.12.2, 100s of new Skins! : Helicopters, Mechas, Planes, Vehicles, 3D Guns, Multiplayer, TDM, CTF
    Quote from BF109pilot

    Well, I would like for Jamioflan to notice this post (or at least someone to help me with this annoying glitch.) First off, planes mod is one of my all time favorite mods. However, one of my favorite things about a mod is the mod's updates. I wait in anticipation of an interesting update after the modder hints towards new features. I feel that this mod has lost that and could do with some new and different mod features (You add all of these great new planes, but they are almost the exact same.). Now I don't mean to be mean here, but I think that this mod should have a couple of new features that really spice it up, something that REALLY sparks some new interest. :ohmy.gif:
    ----Now, you have lots of new planes, really all that you need. However, you could add some kind of drastically different plane that would get people interested. Like a bomber, a glider (in case you didn't already know, there WERE gliders in the or something of that sort. If you don't feel like adding any of those things, then you could add some new features to existing planes like an ejector seat or a health bar in the engine GUI (It might show up on the screen when you enter the plane instead of having to look in the engine GUI constantly) so you know how many more hits you can sustain before your plane is destroyed. For better accuracy at shooting, there could be the little target thing, like this[+], You don't even have to add something directly related to the plane itself. You could have parachutes, aviator armor made from a bit of iron, leather, cloth, maybe string, and glass for the goggles. :biggrin.gif:
    ----You might add more severe effects of a damaged plane: When destroyed it ALWAYS blows up (it'd be better that way), it starts to smoke sooner (damage does not repair over time, you would have to repair it with spanner or something of the sort), your plane begins to wobble a bit you and need to struggle to stay in complete control (not only that, but the plane's texture might change to a more damaged texture such as a broken cockpit window, bullet marks on the side, and smoke stains on the side. The sounds of the engine would also become more broken sounding.), at VERY little health, the plane shakes/rolls out of control and it's all you can do to steer it at a lake or eject as it careens towards the earth (In the explosion that ensues, there should be slightly less fire to prevent the destruction of ALL of the planes parts or the players inventory. The sounds being played while the plane is on such a downward trend would be that of a sputtering, destroyed, burning, and generally busted engine. More smoke would be emitted during this stage so that it would be challenging to see. It should however be possible to control the plane, but only the most skilled pilot could do so and the plane WOULD be forced to land, the health would e decreasing due to the fire in the engine and even without being hit again, it would explode if not fixed, but you have to be outside the plane while fixing so you can't do midflight repairs.), if the plane is still in the air and is damaged further, the plane would explode in a (preferably) custom flaming explosion. (you would be given a random time 1-3 second warning, the sound of the motor exploding and flames trailing behind you or just the plane on fire, thus giving you enough time to eject before the explosion occurs. No, once in this final stage, you can't avoid certain explosion, I'm sorry, but it's true, no repairs once this happens, it's just the way things are.) :tongue.gif:
    ----If you liked any of my ideas at ALL please reply (you don't just have to be Jamioflan, I can take comments from other people). If you think that my ideas are very good, but impossible to code, they can be made simpler. The main thing here is that the mod just hasn't changed enough and needs to be spiced up a bit more with something no one will see coming, something that the minecrafters just can't get enough of or that REALLY interests them. If you want any more ideas because you think that the planes mod should be updated again but you want some more new ideas, please, by all means ask, I've got plenty more (simple or impossible, I've got 'em all). I REALLY want to see some interesting new features to this brilliant mod. Keep up the good work and don't kill yourself trying to update for Minecraft 1.0.0. ,as much as I want all of my mods to update. Hope you liked at least some of my ideas. :smile.gif:

    ----I also have an annoying crash when I enter a plane with mouse controls on:
    java.lang.ClassCastException: EntityPlaneCamera cannot be cast to qs
    at iw.c(
    at iw.a(
    at net.minecraft.client.Minecraft.k(SourceFile:1375)
    at Source)
    --- END ERROR REPORT fe4738de ----------
    ----Please help, mouse controls are the best controls for planes, I really want to be able to use them! :sad.gif:

    Wow, what a wall of text. I'm sorry about the lack of updates to planes lately, but I am at university and cannot really add new features right now. I have a Lancaster bomber modelled and textured but I didn't get the gunner seats coded before the start of term. Perhaps there will be some nice content updates over Christmas.
    Also, if you wish to reply to this, do so in a PM. I hardly ever read these posts so it was sheer chance that meant it was read.
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    posted a message on Flan's Mod 5.5.2 Update : 1.12.2, 100s of new Skins! : Helicopters, Mechas, Planes, Vehicles, 3D Guns, Multiplayer, TDM, CTF
    Quote from SpitFir3Tornado

    If you can't figure this out your stupid. YOU TRIED TO RUN 21 DIFFERENT MAJOR CONTENT MODS TOGETHER. Go get ID Resolver and it just MIGHT help you. If not, then you have to manually check for overlapping class files.

    Haha. This was very funny. The error log clearly says "java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: ModelRendererTurbo" meaning he hasn't installed Turbo Model Thingy. Sure, having too many mods is bad, but its not causing this problem. Very funny and ironic anyway.
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    posted a message on [1.2.5] Chemistrycraft Pre-release 3 out!
    If you really want to make an accurate model of the elements, shouldn't you do some research into what the ores of elements are called. (Its not clear cut ores-per-element anyway, there will be different amounts of different elements in one ore)
    I could complain more about why your mod is a fail, but I'll let you develop more fail first.
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    posted a message on Terracraft - On Indefinite Hiatus
    BiomeGenBase - ModLoader.AddSpawn? Or for other things, there's reflection.
    ChunkProviderGenerate - ModLoader has generation hooks.
    ContainerPlayer - Can be changed by making a new class and swapping it in the player, or having a parallel inventory
    EntityPlayer - PlayerAPI gives all the player hooks you will need and more if you want.
    GameSettings - ModLoader has hooks for this
    GuiIngame - ModLoader has a render tick hook so you don't need to edit this to draw to the screen.
    GuiInventory - Replacement method, like in the Aether
    InventoryPlayer - Can use a parallel inventory, like in the Aether
    RenderBlocks - ModLoader has hooks for this
    SlotArmor - Make a new slot with your new Gui that you used replacement on
    World - SAPI edits this, I don't know what you need with it, but SAPI might help
    WorldGenMinable - Make a new minable class for your ores

    That's most of your edits gone. Sorry if I misinterpreted the purpose of some of those edits, but I assume most of them are valid.

    Edit: Just noticed "For example, ModLoader can't add custom GUIs(screens like inventory, crafting)" in your original post. Of course ModLoader can add custom GUIs, and even if you mean replacing old ones, the Aether does it with no class edits.
    Also, that poll "ModLoader? No. or No!" just proves how much this is all about ego and nothing to do with compatibility.
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    posted a message on ORIGINAL Texture Pack Central/ Mods List [closed]
    Texture Pack Name: Alice in Wonderland Pack
    Author Name: Lizzie (User : Lizzie96)
    Beta HD? What resolution?: 16x16
    Thread Link:
    Display Screenshot (Width must be 320):
    IG Screenshots (all in one image):
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    posted a message on [1.1.0] The Good Old Days (Now With Skylands)
    Yes, I remember crying obsidian in the good old days. I built many a fortress from it.
    How is crying obsidian from the good old days? It was never added...
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