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    posted a message on The Ultimate mod Pack [1.6.4] ver.1.0
    I'm not downloading with screenshots (and I won't regardless, I just use FTB), but you almost certainly will have a number of mods whos licenses require permission from the mod authors to use. You need to include a list of mods that are included, links to their respective pages, and proof of permission if you have it.
    Also, your grammar and spelling, as well as your formatting, is horrendous. It just makes it seem like the modpack is more likely to be a virus, whether it is or not.
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    posted a message on I NEED HELP
    idk what mod vazkii makes that you have, but that's the problem. it has something to do with version checks, idk what that would be. maybe you have a 1.4.5 version of some mod, but i think it's a programming error. either way, if you can find what mod vazkii makes that you have and uninstall it, it should work.
    also in 1.4.5 forge doesn't need modloader, so if you install them both, it crashes.
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    posted a message on Redstone on the 63rd Layer! (Rare)
    This is with the Metallurgy mod, it makes all vanilla ores generate up to layer 128. I know that it's metallurgy because the tool textures are changed. In the vanilla code it would be physically impossible for this to happen.
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    posted a message on This feature is hilarious
    ... and then I took an arrow to the knee
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    posted a message on Most frusterating/retarded thing you ever done?
    I used a fishing rod on a creeper once... that wasn't pretty.
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    posted a message on PaleoCraft -- Realistic Dinosaurs in Minecraft!
    looks cool, I take it you're not a coder, but do you have a team yet?
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    posted a message on W.I.P. Feed the Beast/City Construction Challenge/Skyblock
    Just wondering what y'all might think of a map that mixes three popular ideas, and uses a pre-made modpack.

    Skyblock/FTB/City Construction Challenge

    This map is my first map I've released, so the upload and all the different difficulties may be a while in the coming, however, I have some plans.

    A survival challenge map using the modpack found here (and with some challenges based on the mods):
    Go there to DL the modpack, I'm not going to redistribute it.
    With challenges based on this:

    To complete this challenge, you must take industrious control of the random floating block you spawned on, in order to become a builder/alchemist/engineer/beekeeper remembered throughout the ages!

    First off, I will define a house (dwelling).

    A house must have at least one bedroom and one other room, regardless of the difficulty or level.
    A house must not be built out of cobblestone, dirt, grass, sand, or other materials I later think of, except for decoration. No floors, ceilings, walls, or roofs.
    A house must have walls and a roof, and be entirely closed from the outside world.
    Rooms must be separated by doors.
    Houses cannot have any possibility of hostile mobs spawning.
    Bedrooms must have beds.

    *For now there is only 1 difficulty, I will expand that later.*

    So, what there will be in the map (to start): A large building containing rewards, and per-level rules. There will also be the block that you spawn on, and a chest.

    Easy Difficulty

    LEVEL 1

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    posted a message on [1.5.2] AMCO: About 150 of the best mods all working together

    1) If on a Mac or Linux, disable IC2. To do so:

    a) Find and open "application support" (that's the name on macs). It should be in {your name}->library on macs
    b} In this folder, find and open "minecraft" or ".minecraft"
    c) In "minecraft", open "config".
    d) Open "modloader.cfg"
    e) Find the line with "IC2" on it, and change "on" into "off"
    f) BE HAPPY.

    2) DON'T DISABLE "NOT ENOUGH ITEMS". EVER. It changes base classes, and so if it is disabled, minecraft crashes.

    I already wrote a long post describing how to disable the NEI features without actually disabling it in modloader.cfg, but you can do it simply by going into your inventory and hitting 'o'.

    3) Don't post on here for texture pack problems. They don't work. If you really do want the texture packs to work, install optifine. I've tried just the basic mod, and it fixes the problem (it takes a little longer than normal to exit the screen, but that should be fine).

    4) Don't use Magic Launcher. It doesn't work. End of story.

    5) Use the minecrafterrortest.bat on the original post. Don't tell us your problem, show us it! Simply download the program, run it, reproduce the error, and copy and paste the resulting error code from within the minecraft screen into spoiler code. To use spoiler code, do the following:

    {spoiler} and {/spoiler} for spoilers,
    {code} and {/code} for code.
    just as a note, use [] brackets for all of them (not {} brackets), I just can't write in here because it would end my spoiler and end my coded text if I used them

    And always, always, read the first post and the last 2 pages in case your error has been answered.
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    posted a message on [1.5.2] AMCO: About 150 of the best mods all working together
    Guys. before sending crash reports, check to see if other people have had the same one. So far, no one has had a solution to the IC2 one, so stop spamming up the thread.
    Also, to the people that say "OMG CANT GET ERROR REPORT ITS A BLACK SCREEN!!!", look on the original post, download minecrafterrorreport.bat, and run it. It always black screens and quits if you get an error, unless you use that.
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    posted a message on Interview with Jeb - Mod API & More
    just get modloader from risugami to be in the vanilla (with a few edits of course)... that would solve a lot of problems. the other part of the mod api that they need is the 4096 block update. CANT WAIT FOR THAT ONE.
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