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    Welcome to the forums! You should give the Introductions and Leavings thread a look so you can post there.
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    I almost had all of my copies gone of Dota 2 and then Steam decided to give me 6 more. CURSE YOU STEAM!!
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    They're fun projects but can be expensive. Typically, you'll want to have a RAID config for some reliability and backup in case one of your drives fails. The amount of drives you have will change the RAID setup you will want. You'll also want to buy a RAID card to manage the RAID. Drives are getting cheaper but still are expensive, especially if you are buying a lot of them.
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    I want to die peacefully in my sleep, like my grandfather. Not screaming, like the passengers in his car.
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    posted a message on Recommended mouse and Keyboard?

    As I am sitting here typing on a non-mechanical keyboard...
    Do mechanical keyboards last longer?
    Are they more durable? (Same question basically)
    How hard is the transition from a non-mechanical keyboard to a mechanical keyboard?


    Mechanical keyboards last an incredible amount of time. The legendary IBM Model M's (basically the God of all keyboards, they're built like tanks and are amazing to type on, they were made around 20 years ago) still work today if they haven't been run over by steamrollers. It's also really easy to transition from a membrane keyboard to a mechanical, it might feel a bit weird for a few days but then you will get used to it and love it.

    For sub $80 here: http://www.amazon.com/Storm-QuickFire-Rapid-Mechanical-SGK-4000-GKCL1-US/dp/B0068INSUM Pick the one you want from the selector and you'll be good to go. Do a little more research before you choose, listen to some audio comparisons and if possible try them in person.

    Quote from KaosC57

    who is this Xinveres? I know alot about computers. and also my father (a guy who works on computers for a LIVING) said that i should get the Merc Stealth. (also i own a book thats about as thick as 2 bibles put together that explains alot about computers from when they started to this very day. it was made by Scott Muller the title is Upgrading and Reparing PC's 19th edition). so if you want to argue with me go right ahead but i know alot about computer's past and present.

    now onto the Perixx. that was my own descion. i was looking for a nice mouse. but i didnt want a mouse that cost as much as a freeking graphics card.. and so it was down to the Anker High Prescion Lazer Gaming Mouse and the Perixx MX-2000. The Perixx was a bit cheaper and had more programmable buttons and a wider DPI range than the Anker. while the Anker had 8000 DPI (witch is a but overkill for me.) i did not like how the buttons were positioned and i had a button for DPI instead of a switch. so to save a bit of money and get a product more in my needs i went with the Perixx.

    Try a mechanical keyboard and stop recommending the Merc Stealth. Steelseries makes great stuff (especially the mechanical keyboards) but if you are spending over $80 there is no point in getting something non-mechanical.
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    posted a message on THQ's franchises will be auctioned off 'title by title' on Jan. 22
    Don't touch Darksiders, EA. Don't you dare.
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    posted a message on The Goodwill thread- Free gift games!
    I've got 7 copies of Dota 2 if anyone wants one. PM if interested, either email (if you have a fairly common username on Steam I'd prefer this, for example my own Steam name (Jakus) turns up quite a few results) or Steam.

    #1 Taken by Diplout! Diplout has forfeited his game.
    #2 Taken by noobcorps!
    #3 Taken by Darknova65! I have five remaining copies.
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    posted a message on Sony to announce PlayStation 4 in February at Destination PlayStation
    Quote from xSatuim

    Pah I'm still on PS2
    Still one of the greatest consoles ever

    Agreed. Still, this quote:

    Quote from teckmaster

    the rumor that Sony has ended production of the PS2

    Makes me go wat. It's been almost 13 years since the release, their current console is as old as the hills now (tech wise) and should have been replaced two years ago, and only NOW are they ending production of this thing? Was it still selling? And their are so many used ones out there that are working that it makes me wonder if they were making any money off of it at all.
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    Future Proofing

    The idea of a future proof PC comes up a lot, mostly in threads that have absurd budgets. While it is fun to speculate and make hypothetical future proof builds, you cannot future proof your PC. Technology is constantly upgrading and being improved on. For example, every single year, AMD and Nvidia will release a new series of GPU's that will improve upon the last generation. Even supercomputers are not future proof, they are extremely powerful, but that term is relative. The first supercomputer, the CDC 6600, is weaker than your phone. The Titan, the current fastest supercomputer, will probably not hold that title for longer than a year or two. This doesn't mean that you need a new build every year, but every 2-4 years or so is a good time to upgrade your PC, depending on what you do. You should also take in to account that buying top of the line parts now is pointless (of course, this depends on what you do, an i7 does indeed have uses but not for the average user) as better technology will be available for half the price in 2 years or so. You should also be aware that Youtube videos saying "future proof $1500 PC!" or similar, are always wrong, in 10 years that will be a pile of trash you wouldn't give to your grandmother. So, please, don't buy a PC with the amount of money you could buy a used car with, it won't last forever and you are wasting your money.
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    I believe Facebook already has their own version of this that looks better.
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