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I don't really have much to say. I don't really post here any more and most of the topics are mundane and pointless, and posting is no longer enjoyable. Certain mods and admins really **** me off and I don't like the family friendly Roblox clone forum that this has become. I know at times I probably seemed cold and unwelcoming but that's just my personality, so if I ever offended you while I was here, sorry. I doubt I'll even lurk anymore. If you really want to find me, I'm on reddit as jakus_ch. Some subreddits I like are onetruegod, mildlyinteresting, and fiftyfity.

If you do happen to read this thanks for being here, but there really isn't anything to see.
Interests Gaming, Programming, Cars, Sound, Computers, Books, Science, Cross Country, and Skiing.

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