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    posted a message on Dynmap - Dynamic web-based maps for Minecraft

    Ok so, I think I've either misunderstood something or... frankly I dunno... seems like I have to have misunderstood something.

    What... _exactly_ does boostzoom do in a map declaration?

    The reason I ask is I have an isometric iso_SE_30_hires perspective map and, as you can guess, there is a lot of aliasing on the edges of blocks at high zoom levels. Also the textures are quite pixelated.

    I happen to have a mountain of CPU resources to spare so I thought I'd tinker with boostzoom and see what happened. Well... nothing happened. I can tell exactly no difference between boostzoom and mapzoomin. They appear to work exactly the same and have exactly the same effect. I even setup a 512px texture pack to see what affect that would have. Looks better... but still no difference between boostzoom and mapzoomin.


    CraftBukkit version git-Spigot-65a0347-a552117 (MC: 1.11.2) (Implementing API version 1.11.2-R0.1-SNAPSHOT)

    Dynmap version: core=2.4-2082, plugin=2.4-1148

    External HTTPd: Apache 2.4.7

    SQL data store: MariaDB 5.5.54


    # All paths in this configuration file are relative to Dynmap's data-folder: minecraft_server/plugins/dynmap/
    # All map templates are defined in the templates directory
    # To use the HDMap very-low-res (2 ppb) map templates as world defaults, set value to vlowres
    #   The definitions of these templates are in normal-vlowres.txt, nether-vlowres.txt, and the_end-vlowres.txt
    # To use the HDMap low-res (4 ppb) map templates as world defaults, set value to lowres
    #   The definitions of these templates are in normal-lowres.txt, nether-lowres.txt, and the_end-lowres.txt
    # To use the HDMap hi-res (16 ppb) map templates (these can take a VERY long time for initial fullrender), set value to hires
    #   The definitions of these templates are in normal-hires.txt, nether-hires.txt, and the_end-hires.txt
    # To use the HDMap low-res (4 ppb) map templates, with support for boosting resolution selectively to hi-res (16 ppb), set value to low_boost_hi
    #   The definitions of these templates are in normal-low_boost_hi.txt, nether-low_boost_hi.txt, and the_end-low_boost_hi.txt
    # To use the HDMap hi-res (16 ppb) map templates, with support for boosting resolution selectively to vhi-res (32 ppb), set value to hi_boost_vhi
    #   The definitions of these templates are in normal-hi_boost_vhi.txt, nether-hi_boost_vhi.txt, and the_end-hi_boost_vhi.txt
    # To use the HDMap hi-res (16 ppb) map templates, with support for boosting resolution selectively to xhi-res (64 ppb), set value to hi_boost_xhi
    #   The definitions of these templates are in normal-hi_boost_xhi.txt, nether-hi_boost_xhi.txt, and the_end-hi_boost_xhi.txt
    deftemplatesuffix: hi_boost_xhi_custom
    # Map storage scheme: only uncomment one 'type' value
    #  filetree: classic and default scheme: tree of files, with all map data under the directory indicated by 'tilespath' setting
    #  sqlite: single SQLite database file (this can get VERY BIG), located at 'dbfile' setting (default is file dynmap.db in data directory)
    #  mysql: MySQL database, at hostname:port in database, accessed via userid with password
      # Filetree storage (standard tree of image files for maps)
      #type: filetree
      # SQLite db for map storage (uses dbfile as storage location)
      #type: sqlite
      #dbfile: dynmap.db
      # MySQL DB for map storage (at 'hostname':'port' in database 'database' using user 'userid' password 'password' and table prefix 'prefix'
      type: mysql
      hostname: localhost
      port: 3306
      database: <censored>
      userid: <censored>
      password: <censored>
      prefix: "dynmap_"
      - class: org.dynmap.ClientConfigurationComponent
      #- class: org.dynmap.InternalClientUpdateComponent
      #  sendhealth: true
      #  sendposition: true
      #  allowwebchat: false
      #  webchat-interval: 5
      #  hidewebchatip: true
      #  trustclientname: false
      #  includehiddenplayers: true
      #  # (optional) if true, color codes in player display names are used
      #  use-name-colors: false
      #  # (optional) if true, player login IDs will be used for web chat when their IPs match
      #  use-player-login-ip: true
      #  # (optional) if use-player-login-ip is true, setting this to true will cause chat messages not matching a known player IP to be ignored
      #  require-player-login-ip: true
      #  # (optional) block player login IDs that are banned from chatting
      #  block-banned-player-chat: true
      #  # Require login for web-to-server chat (requires login-enabled: true)
      #  webchat-requires-login: true
      #  # If set to true, users must have dynmap.webchat permission in order to chat
      #  webchat-permissions: true
      #  # Limit length of single chat messages
      #  chatlengthlimit: 256
      #  # Optional - make players hidden when they are inside/underground/in shadows (#=light level: 0=full shadow,15=sky)
      #  hideifshadow: 4
      #  # Optional - make player hidden when they are under cover (#=sky light level,0=underground,15=open to sky)
      #  hideifundercover: 14
      #  # (Optional) if true, players that are crouching/sneaking will be hidden 
      #  hideifsneaking: false
      #  # If true, player positions/status is protected (login with ID with dynmap.playermarkers.seeall permission required for info other than self)
      #  protected-player-info: true
      #  # If true, hide players with invisibility potion effects active
      #  hide-if-invisiblity-potion: false
      #  # If true, player names are not shown on map, chat, list
      #  hidenames: false
      - class: org.dynmap.JsonFileClientUpdateComponent
        writeinterval: 1
        sendhealth: true
        sendposition: true
        allowwebchat: false
        webchat-interval: 5
        hidewebchatip: false
        includehiddenplayers: true
        use-name-colors: false
        use-player-login-ip: false
        require-player-login-ip: false
        block-banned-player-chat: true
      #  hideifshadow: 0
      #  hideifundercover: 0
      #  hideifsneaking: false
        # Require login for web-to-server chat (requires login-enabled: true)
        webchat-requires-login: false
        # If set to true, users must have dynmap.webchat permission in order to chat
        webchat-permissions: false
        # Limit length of single chat messages
        chatlengthlimit: 256
        protected-player-info: true
        hide-if-invisiblity-potion: true
        hidenames: false
      - class: org.dynmap.SimpleWebChatComponent
        allowchat: false
        # If true, web UI users can supply name for chat using 'playername' URL parameter.  'trustclientname' must also be set true.
        allowurlname: false
      # Note: this component is needed for the dmarker commands, and for the Marker API to be available to other plugins
      - class: org.dynmap.MarkersComponent
        type: markers
        showlabel: false
        enablesigns: true
        # Default marker set for sign markers
        default-sign-set: markers
        # (optional) add spawn point markers to standard marker layer
        showspawn: true
        spawnicon: world
        spawnlabel: "Spawn"
        # (optional) layer for showing offline player's positions (for 'maxofflinetime' minutes after logoff)
        showofflineplayers: false
        offlinelabel: "Offline"
        offlineicon: offlineuser
        offlinehidebydefault: true
        offlineminzoom: 0
        maxofflinetime: 30
        # (optional) layer for showing player's spawn beds
        showspawnbeds: false
        spawnbedlabel: "Spawn Beds"
        spawnbedicon: bed
        spawnbedhidebydefault: true
        spawnbedminzoom: 0
        spawnbedformat: "%name%'s bed"
        # (optional) show world border (vanilla 1.8+)
        showworldborder: true
      #- class: org.dynmap.ClientComponent
      #  type: chat
      #  allowurlname: false
      #- class: org.dynmap.ClientComponent
      #  type: chatballoon
      #  focuschatballoons: false
      #- class: org.dynmap.ClientComponent
      #  type: chatbox
      #  showplayerfaces: true
      #  messagettl: 5
      #  # Optional: set number of lines in scrollable message history: if set, messagettl is not used to age out messages
      #  #scrollback: 100
      #  # Optiona; set maximum number of lines visible for chatbox
      #  #visiblelines: 10
      #  # Optional: send push button
      #  sendbutton: false
      - class: org.dynmap.ClientComponent
        type: playermarkers
        showplayerfaces: true
        showplayerhealth: true
        # If true, show player body too (only valid if showplayerfaces=true
        showplayerbody: false
        # Option to make player faces small - don't use with showplayerhealth
        smallplayerfaces: false
        # Optional - make player faces layer hidden by default
        hidebydefault: false
        # Optional - ordering priority in layer menu (low goes before high - default is 0)
        layerprio: 100
        # Optional - label for player marker layer (default is 'Players')
        label: "P"
      #- class: org.dynmap.ClientComponent
      #  type: digitalclock
      - class: org.dynmap.ClientComponent
        type: link
      - class: org.dynmap.ClientComponent
        type: timeofdayclock
        showdigitalclock: true
        showweather: true
      # Mouse pointer world coordinate display
      - class: org.dynmap.ClientComponent
        type: coord
        label: "Coordinates Under Cursor"
        hidey: false
        show-mcr: false
      # Note: more than one logo component can be defined
      #- class: org.dynmap.ClientComponent
      #  type: logo
      #  text: "Dynmap"
      #  #logourl: "images/block_surface.png"
      #  linkurl: ""
      #  # Valid positions: top-left, top-right, bottom-left, bottom-right
      #  position: bottom-right
      #- class: org.dynmap.ClientComponent
      #  type: inactive
      #  timeout: 1800 # in seconds (1800 seconds = 30 minutes)
      #  redirecturl: inactive.html
      #  #showmessage: 'You were inactive for too long.'
      #- class: org.dynmap.TestComponent
      #  stuff: "This is some configuration-value"
    # Treat hiddenplayers.txt as a whitelist for players to be shown on the map? (Default false)
    display-whitelist: false
    # How often a tile gets rendered (in seconds).
    renderinterval: 0.5
    # How many tiles on update queue before accelerate render interval
    renderacceleratethreshold: 60
    # How often to render tiles when backlog is above renderacceleratethreshold
    renderaccelerateinterval: 0.1
    # How many update tiles to work on at once (if not defined, default is 1/2 the number of cores)
    tiles-rendered-at-once: 8
    # If true, use normal priority threads for rendering (versus low priority) - this can keep rendering
    # from starving on busy Windows boxes (Linux JVMs pretty much ignore thread priority), but may result
    # in more competition for CPU resources with other processes
    usenormalthreadpriority: true
    # Save and restore pending tile renders - prevents their loss on server shutdown or /reload
    saverestorepending: true
    # Save period for pending jobs (in seconds): periodic saving for crash recovery of jobs
    save-pending-period: 900
    # Zoom-out tile update period - how often to scan for and process tile updates into zoom-out tiles (in seconds)
    zoomoutperiod: 30
    # Control whether zoom out tiles are validated on startup (can be needed if zoomout processing is interrupted, but can be expensive on large maps)
    initial-zoomout-validate: true
    # Default delay on processing of updated tiles, in seconds.  This can reduce potentially expensive re-rendering
    # of frequently updated tiles (such as due to machines, pistons, quarries or other automation).  Values can
    # also be set on individual worlds and individual maps.
    tileupdatedelay: 60
    # Tile hashing is used to minimize tile file updates when no changes have occurred - set to false to disable
    enabletilehash: true
    # Optional - hide ores: render as normal stone (so that they aren't revealed by maps)
    hideores: false
    # Optional - enabled BetterGrass style rendering of grass and snow block sides
    better-grass: true
    # Optional - enable smooth lighting by default on all maps supporting it (can be set per map as lighting option)
    smooth-lighting: true
    # Optional - use world provider lighting table (good for custom worlds with custom lighting curves, like nether)
    #   false=classic Dynmap lighting curve
    use-brightness-table: true
    # Optional - render specific block IDs using the texures and models of another block ID: can be used to hide/disguise specific
    #  blocks (e.g. make ores look like stone, hide chests) or to provide simple support for rendering unsupported custom blocks
    #    "168": 9
    #    "169": 9
    #    "14": 1
    #    "15": 1
    #    "16": 1
    # Default image format for HDMaps (png, jpg, jpg-q75, jpg-q80, jpg-q85, jpg-q90, jpg-q95, jpg-q100)
    # Has no effect on maps with explicit format settings
    image-format: png
    #  use-generated-textures: if true, use generated textures (same as client); false is static water/lava textures
    #  correct-water-lighting: if true, use corrected water lighting (same as client); false is legacy water (darker)
    #  transparent-leaves: if true, leaves are transparent (lighting-wise): false is needed for some Spout versions that break lighting on leaf blocks
    use-generated-textures: true
    correct-water-lighting: true
    transparent-leaves: true
    # ctm-support: if true, Connected Texture Mod (CTM) in texture packs is enabled (default)
    ctm-support: true
    # custom-colors-support: if true, Custom Colors in texture packs is enabled (default)
    custom-colors-support: true
    # Control loading of player faces (if set to false, skins are never fetched)
    fetchskins: true
    # Control updating of player faces, once loaded (if faces are being managed by other apps or manually)
    #refreshskins: false
    # Customize URL used for fetching player skins (%player% is macro for name)
    skin-url: ""
    # Control behavior for new (1.0+) compass orientation (sunrise moved 90 degrees: east is now what used to be south)
    #   default is 'newrose' (preserve pre-1.0 maps, rotate rose)
    #   'newnorth' is used to rotate maps and rose (requires fullrender of any HDMap map - same as 'newrose' for FlatMap or KzedMap)
    compass-mode: newnorth
      #- playermove
      #- playerjoin
      - blockplaced
      - blockbreak
      - leavesdecay
      - blockburn
      - chunkgenerated
      - blockformed
      - blockfaded
      - blockspread
      - pistonmoved
      - explosion
      #- blockfromto
      #- blockphysics
      - structuregrow
      - blockgrow
      #- blockredstone
    # Title for the web page - if not specified, defaults to the server's name (unless it is the default of 'Unknown Server')
    #webpage-title: "My Awesome Server Map"
    # The path where the tile-files are placed.
    tilespath: ../../data/dynmap/web/tiles
    # The path where the web-files are located.
    webpath: ../../data/dynmap/web
    # The path were the /dynmapexp command exports OBJ ZIP files
    exportpath: ../../data/dynmap/export
    # The network-interface the webserver will bind to ( for all interfaces, for only local access).
    # If not set, uses same setting as server in (or if not specified)
    # The TCP-port the webserver will listen on.
    webserver-port: 8123
    # Maximum concurrent session on internal web server - limits resources used in Bukkit server
    max-sessions: 30
    # Disables Webserver portion of Dynmap (Advanced users only)
    disable-webserver: false
    # Enable/disable having the web server allow symbolic links (true=compatible with existing code, false=more secure (default))
    allow-symlinks: true
    # Enable login support
    login-enabled: true
    # Require login to access website (requires login-enabled: true)
    login-required: false
    # Period between tile renders for fullrender, in seconds (non-zero to pace fullrenders, lessen CPU load)
    timesliceinterval: 0.1
    # Maximum chunk loads per server tick (1/20th of a second) - reducing this below 90 will impact render performance, but also will reduce server thread load
    maxchunkspertick: 200
    # Progress report interval for fullrender/radiusrender, in tiles.  Must be 100 or greater
    progressloginterval: 1000
    # Parallel fullrender: if defined, number of concurrent threads used for fullrender or radiusrender
    #   Note: setting this will result in much more intensive CPU use, some additional memory use.  Caution should be used when
    #  setting this to equal or exceed the number of physical cores on the system.
    parallelrendercnt: 16
    # Interval the browser should poll for updates.
    updaterate: 2000
    # If nonzero, server will pause fullrender/radiusrender processing when 'fullrenderplayerlimit' or more users are logged in
    fullrenderplayerlimit: 5
    # If nonzero, server will pause update render processing when 'updateplayerlimit' or more users are logged in
    updateplayerlimit: 0
    # Target limit on server thread use - msec per tick
    per-tick-time-limit: 50
    # If TPS of server is below this setting, update renders processing is paused
    update-min-tps: 18.0
    # If TPS of server is below this setting, full/radius renders processing is paused
    fullrender-min-tps: 18.0
    # If TPS of server is below this setting, zoom out processing is paused
    zoomout-min-tps: 18.0
    showplayerfacesinmenu: false
    # Control whether players that are hidden or not on current map are grayed out (true=yes)
    grayplayerswhenhidden: false
    # Use player permissions to order player list: first to last, players are ordered by first permission listed that they have
    # That is, anyone with first listed permission goes before anyone with second, etc, with users with none of the nodes going last
      - dynmap.playermarkers.seeall
    # Set sidebaropened: 'true' to pin menu sidebar opened permanently, 'pinned' to default the sidebar to pinned, but allow it to unpin
    sidebaropened: pinned
    # Customized HTTP response headers - add 'id: value' pairs to all HTTP response headers (internal web server only)
    #    Access-Control-Allow-Origin: ""
    #    X-Custom-Header-Of-Mine: "MyHeaderValue"
    # Trusted proxies for web server - which proxy addresses are trusted to supply valid X-Forwarded-For fields
      - ""
      - "0:0:0:0:0:0:0:1"
    # Join/quit message format for web chat: set to "" to disable notice on web UI
    joinmessage: "%playername% joined"
    quitmessage: "%playername% quit"
    spammessage: "You may only chat once every %interval% seconds."
    # format for messages from web: %playername% substitutes sender ID (typically IP), %message% includes text
    webmsgformat: "&color;2[WEB] %playername%: &color;f%message%"
    # Control whether layer control is presented on the UI (default is true)
    showlayercontrol: true
    # Enable checking for banned IPs via banned-ips.txt (internal web server only)
    check-banned-ips: true
    # Default selection when map page is loaded
    defaultzoom: 0
    defaultworld: scrapyard
    defaultmap: "Top Down"
    # (optional) Zoom level and map to switch to when following a player, if possible
    #followzoom: 3
    #followmap: surface
    # If true, make persistent record of IP addresses used by player logins, to support web IP to player matching
    persist-ids-by-ip: true
    # If true, map text to cyrillic
    cyrillic-support: false
    # If true, coordinates will be rounded
    round-coordinates: true
    # Messages to customize
        maptypes: "Map Types"
        players: "Players"
        chatrequireslogin: "Chat Requires Login"
        chatnotallowed: "You are not permitted to send chat messages"
        hiddennamejoin: "Player joined"
        hiddennamequit: "Player quit"
    # URL for client configuration (only need to be tailored for proxies or other non-standard configurations)
        # configuration URL
        #configuration: "up/configuration"
        # update URL
        #update: "up/world/{world}/{timestamp}"
        # sendmessage URL
        #sendmessage: "up/sendmessage"
        # login URL
        #login: "up/login"
        # register URL
        #register: "up/register"
        # tiles base URL
        #tiles: "tiles/"
        # markers base URL
        #markers: "tiles/"
    # Spout support controls
        # If false, ignore spout even if detected
        enabled: true
        # If true, previously loaded textures will be assumed to still be valid (faster startup, but
        # can result in stale textures if originals are updated - delete files in texturepacks/standard/spoout
        # to clean cached textures and force reload on next startup)
        use-existing-textures: true
    # Customization commands - allows scripts to be run before/after certain events
            # Command run just before any image file is written or updated: run with single parameter with fully qualified file name
            preupdatecommand: ""
            # Command run just after any image file is written or updated: run with single parameter with fully qualified file name
            postupdatecommand: ""
    # Snapshot cache size, in chunks
    snapshotcachesize: 500
    # Snapshot cache uses soft references (true), else weak references (false)
    soft-ref-cache: true
    # Set to true to enable verbose startup messages - can help with debugging map configuration problems
    # Set to false for a much quieter startup log
    verbose: false
    # Enables debugging.
    # - class: org.dynmap.debug.LogDebugger
    #   Debug: dump blocks missing render data
    dump-missing-blocks: false


    # These are examples of world-specific settings - customize your content as you see fit
    # NOTES:
    # All lines here are commented with the # symbol - delete the # symbol on copied lines you wish to enable
    # Definitions of a world made here will superecede any world definition with the same name in configuration.txt
    # Deleting this file will result in a fresh copy being produced by dynmap.jar on the next startup.
     - name: scrapyard
     title: "The Scrapyard"
     enabled: true
     - name: creative
     title: "Creation"
     enabled: true
     - name: scrapyard_nether
     title: "The Nether"
     enabled: true
     - name: scrapyard_the_end
     title: "The End"
     enabled: true
     - name: testworld
     title: "Testing World"
     enabled: false


    # The user is free to add new and custom shaders here, including replacements for standard ones
    # Dynmap's install will not overwrite it
     # Texture pack based shader for R3DCraft Textures @ 64x
     - class: org.dynmap.hdmap.TexturePackHDShader
     name: r3d64tex
     # Texture pack based shader for R3DCraft Textures @ 512x
     - class: org.dynmap.hdmap.TexturePackHDShader
     name: r3d512tex
     # Cave view shader with only lit areas and no soft blocks
     - class: org.dynmap.hdmap.CaveHDShader
     name: lit-cave-noplants
     onlyiflit: true
     hiddenids: [ 6, 17, 18, 31, 32, 37, 38, 39, 40, 50, 55, 78, 81, 83, 86, 99, 100, 103, 104, 105, 111, 115 ]
     # R3DCraft texture @ 64x cave view shader
     - class: org.dynmap.hdmap.TexturePackHDCaveShader
     name: r3d64tex-cave
     max-sky-light: 0
     min-emitted-light: 1
     # R3DCraft texture @ 512x cave view shader
     - class: org.dynmap.hdmap.TexturePackHDCaveShader
     name: r3d512tex-cave
     max-sky-light: 0
     min-emitted-light: 1
     - class: org.dynmap.hdmap.DefaultHDShader
     name: biome-amidst
     colorscheme: amidst
     biomecolored: biome
     # Topological map shader (hide plants and other soft features)
     - class: org.dynmap.hdmap.TopoHDShader
     name: topo256-custom
     color255: "#FF00FF"
     color206: "#660066"
     color205: "#ff0000"
     color158: "#660000"
     color157: "#ffff00"
     color110: "#666600"
     color109: "#00ff00"
     color62: "#006600"
     color61: "#808080"
     color24: "#1a1a1a"
     color18: "#0d0d0d"
     color0: "#000000"
     #linecolor: "#000000"
     watercolor: "#0000FF"
     wateralpha: 0.5
     hiddenids: [ 6, 17, 18, 31, 32, 37, 38, 39, 40, 50, 55, 78, 81, 83, 86, 99, 100, 103, 104, 105, 111, 115, 161, 162, 168, 169, 174 ]


    version: 0.20
     enabled: true
     # Number of extra zoom-out levels for world (each level is twice as big as the previous one)
     extrazoomout: 2
     - class: org.dynmap.hdmap.HDMap
     name: flat
     title: "Top Down"
     prefix: flat
     icon: images/block_flat.png
     perspective: iso_S_90_hires
     shader: r3d512tex
     lighting: brightnightandday-smooth
     mapzoomin: 2
     boostzoom: 3
     - class: org.dynmap.hdmap.HDMap
     name: surfaceSE
     title: "Isometric SE"
     prefix: iSE
     icon: images/block_surface.png
     perspective: iso_SE_30_hires
     shader: r3d512tex
     lighting: brightnightandday-smooth
     boostzoom: 5
     - class: org.dynmap.hdmap.HDMap
     name: surfaceNW
     title: "Isometric NW"
     prefix: iNW
     icon: images/block_surface.png
     perspective: iso_NW_30_hires
     shader: r3d512tex
     lighting: brightnightandday-smooth
     boostzoom: 5
     - class: org.dynmap.hdmap.HDMap
     name: biome
     title: "Biome Map"
     prefix: bio
     icon: images/block_biome.png
     perspective: iso_S_90_lowres
     shader: biome-amidst
     lighting: default
     mapzoomin: 3
     - class: org.dynmap.hdmap.HDMap
     name: topo
     title: "Topographical"
     prefix: top
     icon: images/block_other.png
     perspective: iso_S_90_lowres
     shader: topo256-custom
     lighting: default
     mapzoomin: 3
     - class: org.dynmap.hdmap.HDMap
     name: cave
     title: "Cave"
     prefix: ctSE
     icon: images/block_cave.png
     perspective: iso_SE_60_lowres
     shader: cave-noplants
     lighting: default
     mapzoomin: 3
     protected: true
     - class: org.dynmap.hdmap.HDMap
     name: cave-tex
     title: "Cave - Textured"
     prefix: cttSE
     icon: images/block_cave.png
     perspective: iso_SE_60_hires
     shader: r3d512tex-cave
     lighting: shadows-smooth
     boostzoom: 3
     protected: true


    version: 0.20
     enabled: true
     # Number of extra zoom-out levels for world (each level is twice as big as the previous one)
     extrazoomout: 2
     - class: org.dynmap.hdmap.HDMap
     name: flat
     title: "Top Down"
     prefix: flat
     perspective: iso_S_90_hires
     shader: r3d64tex
     lighting: nethershadows
     protected: true
     # Map background color (day or night)
     background: "#300806"
     mapzoomin: 3
     boostzoom: 2
     - class: org.dynmap.hdmap.HDMap
     name: netherSE
     title: "Isometric SE"
     prefix: niSE
     icon: images/block_nether.png
     perspective: iso_SE_30_hires
     shader: r3d64tex
     lighting: nethershadows
     protected: true
     # Map background color (day or night)
     background: "#300806"
     mapzoomin: 3
     boostzoom: 2
     - class: org.dynmap.hdmap.HDMap
     name: netherNW
     title: "Isometric NW"
     prefix: niNW
     icon: images/block_nether.png
     perspective: iso_NW_30_hires
     shader: r3d64tex
     lighting: nethershadows
     protected: true
     # Map background color (day or night)
     background: "#300806"
     mapzoomin: 3
     boostzoom: 2


    version: 0.20
     enabled: true
     # Number of extra zoom-out levels for world (each level is twice as big as the previous one)
     extrazoomout: 2
     - class: org.dynmap.hdmap.HDMap
     name: flat
     title: "Top Down"
     prefix: flat
     perspective: iso_S_90_hires
     shader: r3d64tex
     lighting: brightnight-smooth
     protected: true
     mapzoomin: 3
     boostzoom: 2
     - class: org.dynmap.hdmap.HDMap
     name: the_endSE
     title: "Isometric SE"
     prefix: siSE
     perspective: iso_SE_30_hires
     icon: images/block_the_end.png
     shader: r3d64tex
     lighting: brightnight-smooth
     protected: true
     mapzoomin: 3
     boostzoom: 2
     - class: org.dynmap.hdmap.HDMap
     name: the_endNW
     title: "Isometric NW"
     prefix: siNW
     perspective: iso_NW_30_hires
     icon: images/block_the_end.png
     shader: r3d64tex
     lighting: brightnight-smooth
     protected: true
     mapzoomin: 3
     boostzoom: 2
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    posted a message on Light Level Overlay
    I've used Zombe's for so long, mainly for its version of this feature, because no one else was doing it. Ironic that when I finally find a better option and with Zombe's author MIA I can't get the better option working. :-/

    Quote from Layia

    I can also provide the ready package, then you dont need to do anything, except copy this in mod folder xD
    Works with MC 1.5.1 and Forge 611

    Bleh! Still not working for me, I striped mc down to *just* MC 1.5.1, Forge, and the provided LLOverlay package. On Startup I get a blank screen and...

    [INFO] [STDERR] Exception in thread "Minecraft main thread" java.lang.VerifyError: (class: cc/apoc/lloverlay/LightLevelOverlayForgeMod, method: renderWorldLastEvent signature: (Lnet/minecraftforge/client/event/RenderWorldLastEvent;)V) Incompatible argument to function

    My other Forge mods are working fine so I'm confused on how this one works for others and not me. Having updated LWJGL wouldn't have cause this would it? Using LWJGL 2.8.4 (2.8.5 causes problems).

    Regardless thanx for the help Layia. Hopefully the author will be back soon with his own update and maybe that will solve my problem.
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    posted a message on OptiFine HD C9 (FPS Boost, Dynamic Lights, Shaders and much more)
    Quote from YoshiGlobal

    I've heard people talking about the magic launcher. Does it work with Mcpatcher?

    Er... I'm confused. Why are you using mcpatcher? Do you not use Optifine? And if so... why are you posting in the Optifine thread? Just... seems.... weird.
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    posted a message on [32x,64x,96x,128x,256x][v1.7.9+] Minecraft Enhanced, Updated 6-3 Fish
    Quote from Matakor

    Could you add support for Optifine's new connected textures?

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    posted a message on [Launcher] Magic Launcher 1.3.4 (mods, options, profiles, news)
    Quote from Gravemind2401

    ok so i ran it in test mode and managed to get the errors to show in the log:

    ########## GL ERROR ##########
    @ Post render
    1283: Stack overflow
    Error while passing event Worldedit CUI Communication event (net.lahwran.WorldRenderEvent)
        at net.lahwran.wecui.obf.ObfHub.getPlayerX(
        at net.lahwran.wecui.rendering.WorldRenderListener.onEvent(
        at net.lahwran.wecui.rendering.WorldRenderListener.onEvent(
        at net.lahwran.fevents.EventManager.callEvent(
        at net.lahwran.wecui.obf.RenderHooks.render(
        at net.lahwran.wecui.obf.RenderHooks.a(
        at wb.a(
        at wb.a(
        at afv.a(
        at adt.a(
        at adt.b(
        at EntityRendererProxy.b(
        at net.minecraft.client.Minecraft.x(SourceFile:738)
        at Source)

    this error basically spams the log, happening like 10 times a second. its not a bug in the actual mod, because it works perfectly fine with any other launcher.

    i also get lots of flashing when new chunks load, sometimes the chunk will flash rapidly for a bit then go back to normal. it also happens in the corners of the screen when turning sharply

    I also use WorldEdit CUI and I use it with MagicLauncher. I am not having any of the problems you describe. Check the forum posts for your mods and look for compatibility info. Make sure you have set MagicLoader to load the mods in the same order that such pages suggest you "install" them.

    Also, i see a lot of mentions of "lahwran" in that log. You are using yetanotherx's updated version right? Not _303's or the original by lahwran.

    Quote from white_noise

    Thing I don't like about this (otherwise great) patcher is that I can't use GLSL shaders with it. They need to be installed after all the mods to work and I can't do it because of the way this launcher patches the jar. Also, I can't instal shaders as mod because they have their own installer. It's so frustrating.
    Is there a way to solve this problem? I mean use MagicPatcher with GLSL Shaders mod?

    That's a problem with the way GLSL mod installs. I still don't understand his hangup about providing the mod the same way every one else does. The explanation he has given frankly doesn't hold water. And of course he refuses to even discus finding a way that wouldn't have the aforementioned explanation as a concern. :-/

    But hey, its his mod, he can pretty much put whatever restrictions he wants on it. It's just all rather suspicious honestly. Hence the main reason I don't use GLSL Shader mod.

    AFAIK for now you have about 3 options. 1: use this launcher but install the mods you want to use, including GLSL Shader mod, directly in the minecraft.jar (at which point you just lost about half the features of the launcher). or 2: Don't use magic launcher (at which point you lose all it's features). or 3: Don't use mods that insist on only providing a patcher installer (such as GLSL Shader mod).
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    posted a message on [Launcher] Magic Launcher 1.3.4 (mods, options, profiles, news)
    omg... a decent replacement launcher for minecraft... finally! And I mean decent in the nicest way possible. No seriously this is pretty freaking cool.

    I do have some thoughts though. I was using MyCraft before but MagicLauncher stomps all over MyCraft. The place when MyCraft is better, though, is portability. I can copy it from one computer to another or make 5 different copies of everything while I'm testing different mod combinations and it just keeps right on trucking. I also put .minecraft folder in the same folder as the MyCraft folder and use a batch file to set the %APPDATA% folder to the current folder... thus eliminating the "hidden" .minecraft folder. Works great with MyCraft.

    I did the same with magic launcher and it works there too... until I try to make a copy of the folder. Then magic loader chokes on the absolute paths in it's config file. I edited the config file directly and made everything into relative paths and that works perfect. I can copy the folder a dozen times to different drive letters and different computers even... No issue. This even allows MagicLauncher/Minecraft to run from a portable harddrive. Clearly MagicLauncher already works with this setup... it just needs the option to be configured this way without manually editing config files and moving folders.

    I was hoping you would consider a "portable mode" option. The three main differences is that this would move the .minecraft folder to the same folder as MagicLauncher.exe/.jar, replace the paths in the config with relative paths (relative to MagicLauncher.exe/.jar), and set the %appdata% system variable for the running process (magiclauncher) to the location of MagicLauncher.exe/.jar. This mode would, of course, be off by default for those who it might confuse.

    Wha'da'ya think?
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    posted a message on [OBSELETE] CUI - GUI Visualizer for WorldEdit [v1.4.6]
    Quote from Jadedwolf

    I installed this version of worldeditcui and I'm a getting a conflict with Zombe mod.
    Thus error is below.
    exception in reflection code encountered !
    ### Exception: java.lang.reflect.InvocationTargetException
    	at sun.reflect.GeneratedMethodAccessor8.invoke(Unknown Source)
    	at sun.reflect.DelegatingMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(Unknown Source)
    	at java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke(Unknown Source)
    	at ZMod.getResult(
    	at ZMod.getResult(
    	at ZMod.pingDrawGUIHandle(
    	at ZER.b(
    	at net.minecraft.client.Minecraft.x(SourceFile:738)
    	at Source)
    Caused by: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: SPCPluginManager
    	at mod_WorldEditCUI.OnTickInGame(
    	at ModLoader.OnTick(
    	... 10 more
    Caused by: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: SPCPluginManager
    	at$ Source)
    	at$ Source)
    	at Method)
    	at Source)
    	at java.lang.ClassLoader.loadClass(Unknown Source)
    	at java.lang.ClassLoader.loadClass(Unknown Source)
    	... 12 more

    Quote from Jadedwolf

    I did happen to figure out what was the issue.
    I upgraded worldeditcui from and older version thus I didn't realize how completely different your version is from it. So I manually removed the old one and fixed the errors.
    Should put a note in the OP. "Do not upgrade from lahwrans version, must be a fresh install."

    No... This issue MIGHT be related to WorldEdit CUI... (i can't say it isn't because i have never used Zombe without WECUI installed at the same time) but I had this issue randomly with the the old WECUI as well. And I've had it randomly since. Even when I make absolutely no changes to anything of any kind (besides opening and closing MC) it seems like there is a roughly 1 in 100 chance that Zombe will give the above error. At which point all of Zombe's graphical features (mob safe, mob radar, xray, etc) stop working... usually. At that point restarting Mc will make the error go away but it is necessary to re-install Zombe to fix the graphical problems with it (just zombie... nothing else has to be changed).

    In short I strongly suspect this is just a problem with Zombe that has nothing to do with any other mods.
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    posted a message on [OBSELETE] CUI - GUI Visualizer for WorldEdit [v1.4.6]
    Quote from Balthasarx

    Yetanotherx, I don't know if you have heard of Spout, but it is an api for multiplayer similar to bukkit, and it soon will no longer require bukkit. It allows modders to add in custom blocks items, and such to multiplayer for those who use the spoutcraft client.

    Unfortunately worldeditcui does not work with the spoutcraft client since it isn't compatible with modloader, so right now I'm having to change between my spoutcraft and minecraft exes when I need to do worldedits. So I was hoping you could take a look at spout and see if it would be possible for you to make a version that works with the spoutcraft client. Here is a link to their client addon(mod) FAQ

    -Thanks for your time

    Wouldnt this be something better to ask the worldedit devs about? I was under the impression the whole point of Spout was to allow server side plugins to define client side gui and graphical features.
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    posted a message on [OBSELETE] CUI - GUI Visualizer for WorldEdit [v1.4.6]
    For all those having issues with clearing selection:

    WorldEdit 5.0 changed how selections are cleared because of a new feature they added conflicting with the old way it was done.

    Clearing a selection in worldedit is now done by typing

    just that... nothing else.

    However... this does not clear what worldeditcui claims is selected... nor does it display a message of any kind indicating it has been cleared. If you type the above command and then type any of the selection based commands (expand, shift, size, etc) it will complain that you need to make a selection first.

    Also the command
    //sel cuboid

    does not clear the worldedit selection in WE5. Not unless you are in poly selection mode when you type it.

    To then clear both worldedit and worldeditcui you would type:
    //sel cuboid

    This is not really a bug in worldeditcui so much as a lack of communication on the part of a certain other project.

    Could worldedit cui be updated to clear on "//sel" as well? I believe this would more closely match the old behavior and would not interfere with the new worldedit resizing feature (and //desel changed to send //sel on the back end when used with WE >=5.0 ?).

    Also I have a minor issue with the README. Namely that it is formatted and named in such a way that will cause problems for Windows users. Namely it uses UNIX style carriage returns instead of Windows style. Windows style works perfect on windows and *nix while unix style only works on *nix (unless you use a unix aware text editor like notepad++). Second the README needs to be given an extension... preferably ".TXT". Without an extension windows will insist that you select a program to open it with every time it is opened... and there is no way to tell it to remember your choice.
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    posted a message on OptiFine HD C9 (FPS Boost, Dynamic Lights, Shaders and much more)
    Quote from FireFreak


    Second: Why only dual cores? The multithreaded version should be dynamic in that if it sees 2 cores, it adapts and makes use of em. 4 cores, sure. 8 cores/threads, sure. Given the HUGE potential for a HUGE increase in loading speed and FPS, it really should be able to use ALL of someones cores, or at least 4.

    Third: The AA version is very glitchy. 12xAA or 16xAA on my 6850 seems to just not work, like the whole AA effect disapears. Also, it flickers to fast clouds when close up to an object. Extremely annoying. Also sometimes there is lighting bugs, like whole surface caves just pitch black, no shadowing in, etc.


    Fifth and lastly: When is the MT and AA version being updated to C?

    Edit: and something else. ambient Occlusion Fancy and Fancy fog aren't able to be enabled by default on ATI cards. You need to change the method you use to work both on Ati and Nvidia.

    2: Not everything benefits from multi-threading. Minecraft benefits from having rendering and chunk loading separated to separate cores... but beyond that? I don't think there would be much more improvement via mutli-threading it further. Splitting chunk loading onto multiple cores wouldn't help because the bottleneck is the hard drive. I don't think rendering would benefit ether but I'm not as sure on that point.

    3: I'm experiencing the issues with AA not always working as well... but the problems with pitch black caves and no shadowing or things like that... that's minecraft itself... not optifine. Those are documented and well known problems and have to do with the lighting data being calculated and saved incorrectly to the world file. The only completely effective way to fix it is to load your world in mcedit and run a re-light operation on the entire world.

    5: optifine is usually updated in the order: classic, smooth, multi-thread, AA. As i understand it this is because each link in that chain builds on top of the improvements of the one before it. How long depends on the individual issues involved in each. Usually when classic is updated multi-threaded is updated within a week and AA within 2. I suppose the devs could withhold classic, smooth, and multi-thread versions till AA was done as well... but why?

    E: That is a problem with ATI's support for OpenGL. Feel free to send them a sternly worded email... but don't expect it to have much effect. Minecraft (and optifine by extension) is not the only game that has to downgrade slightly or render those features in non-standard ways for ATI cards.
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    posted a message on [1.2.5] Water Shader alpha v5b
    Quote from 3rdsurfer

    ...i just realized im in a swamp biome, so i really want this so i wont have nasty green water in every texture pack, but 2 weeks isn't too long. :Turquoise: + :Water: = :SSSS:

    This is completely off-topic but... I can offer you two potential solutions for that. If you would like details feel free to PM me.
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    posted a message on [1.2.5] Water Shader alpha v5b
    Quote from Camt

    You know what I find more annoying than 'please update this'?
    People complaining about people who say that. The way they say it makes it out that they are better than everyone else.

    If people want a mod updated, in my opinion they should have the right to rquest that it be updated. They'd only ask if it were a great mod, such as this one.

    But bear in mind that theres a difference between a small and simple request; and a caps-locked spam of update requests involving death threats and endless exlamation marks followed by a couple of number 1's.

    By the way, if you're going to respond to this, keep calm. No need to blow up at me.
    Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. And I'm guessing a lot of you won't agree with what I have to say. Speak your view; don't yell it.

    I agree that asking about an update is perfectly ok.

    But asking for an update when its already a given that there will be an update whether you ask for one or not isn't really asking for an update at all... it's demanding an update now... which it goes without saying is exceptionally rude. Asking the dev to update this mod strongly implys you don't care what he has going on his life or what other priorities he might have... you expect him to put you and your gaming experience first.

    At this point there is no reason to ask *about* the update. Christmas isn't here yet and it has already been stated in the op post that the update will come after or around Christmas.

    The fact that he has already explained the delay and given a time frame for it makes asking for an update even more rude... borderline insulting even. At this point any one who asks for the mod to be updated or whines that they have to wait till christmas is basically saying they dont care about the dev's grades... his future... his ability to land a job... his chances of providing for a family... they think them playing minecraft is more important than all those things (except when they are doing those things themselves... of course) and he should put their playing minecraft ahead of those things.

    Feeling superior? Lol... when some one is being that incredibly insulting immature selfish and rude... it's really hard not to.

    I want this mod too. I want it today. Yesterday would have been better. But a game comes well below the devs need to better himself with school. And I am not uncouth enough to imply otherwise.

    And before any one talks about the rights of end-users... consider how all this nagging and whining makes the dev feel. Unappreciated perhaps? Lemme ask you... if you had people telling you to drop all the important things in your life to dance for their amusement and then when you wouldn't they started moaning and groaning and piling on the insults would you continue dancing for them... or would you quit and find more rewarding hobbies? No one wins from all this whining. Even if the whiners get what they want now... in the end it may result in the mod being taken down and source scraped by a dev who is fed up. A childish thing to do... for sure... but every man has his breaking point.

    tl;dr version:

    If it wasn't already a given that the mod has to be updated every time a new minecraft version is released, and if the dev hadn't already announced a time frame and given a quite reasonable explanation for the delay, and if there was some bug that was acknowledged but not yet fixed... i can see asking for an update... maybe even hounding the dev for one. But under the current circumstances its a half step above pouring glue in the un-cool kids hair. Something only a child would consider and even then it's blatantly wrong.

    Quote from Seikojin

    How long should a mod sit until it is abandoned? There are a few people going around PMing, emailing and listing that they are taking up updates for some mods. I am sure anyone doing updates to old mods give credit where it is due. They just can't wait for the update any longer and get it out. :smile.gif:

    This mod is not licensed open source. This mod is not licensed public domain. That implys this mod is licensed proprietary and no one has the right to modify it then redistribute it. And they definitely don't have the right to profit from it. I wonder how many of these people you speak of tried to contact the dev first and get permission to help him out? I'm guessing "none" considering the update wasn't posted here. Even licensing aside... its quite rude to make a minor change to some ones work then start making money off of it.

    As for abandoned. The clock doesn't even start until after christmas... as its been clearly stated in the op post that it will be worked on then. So how long it would need to sit is a moot point atm. I would probably say 3 months with no update and no word from the dev before it would be considered abandoned. But the clock still wouldnt start untill the latest anticipated update time (in this case "christmas").
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    posted a message on Modding Tips and Tricks!
    To every one who is getting
    Error: Could not find or load main class C:\Users\Wolferz\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\bin\lwjgl.jar

    or similar when attempting to generate a bug report with the command:
    java -Xms512m -Xmx1024m -cp "%APPDATA%\.minecraft\bin\*" -Djava.library.path="%APPDATA%\.minecraft\bin\natives" net.minecraft.client.Minecraft

    The problem is the command itself. The command posted by the OP does not seem to work with Minecraft 1.0. Also of note, the copy of LWJGL was updated when Minecraft 1.0 was released. I am *assuming* that this updated LWJGL is the source of the problem.

    For those who care... LWJGL is a java library used by Minecraft (and other java based games) to interface with input, sound, and graphics features of Windows.

    I don't know enough about java to suggest a fixed command, unfortunately. I only barely know what I've posted above.
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    posted a message on [1.2.5] Minecraft Console
    Oh and... something I forgot in my previous post.

    HOME and END keys need to move the cursor to the beginning and end of the input box, respectively.
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    posted a message on [1.2.5] Minecraft Console
    Seems pretty cool. I honestly couldn't live without it. But its missing some basics.

    First off, CTRL+LEFT_ARROW should move back one word at a time. CTRL+RIGHT_ARROW should move forward one word at a time. And PAGE_UP and PAGE_DOWN should scroll back in the buffer so we don't have to use the mouse to scroll back. Or SHIFT+PAGE_UP/DOWN if you;d rather keep in line with how *nix typically handles it.

    These are both actually pretty standard features in any program that takes keyboard input. They are just completely undocumented. Feel free to try it in notepad... or an input box on a forum (this one would work) to see what I'm talking about. And using the keyboard only is a significant time saver over switching back and forth to the mouse.

    Also it would be nice if we could select text in the input box (both with the mouse and by holding down the shift key) as this makes correcting or replacing chunks of text more visual and less prone to errors.

    Finally it would be nice if the same key that opens the console also closes it. As it is I have to open it with one key and then close it with the ESC key or by switching to the mouse....

    whoa... ever get deja vu of deja vu? I just got deja vu of a time I got deja vu of a time I got deja vu of me having this conversation. heh... trippy.

    Any way... thanx for the awesome mod. I'll be keeping an eye on it for sure.
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