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    posted a message on Minecraft Randomly crashes with no errors.

    Update: I figured out what the problem was

    I did a system restore of my pc.

    Worked fine again!

    Windows 10 updated some drivers overnight, BAM i start getting the problem again.

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    posted a message on Minecraft Randomly crashes with no errors.
    Quote from grimallq»

    This thing ...

    Nobody, including Mojang, knows the cause of this one.

    Some possible workarounds:
    - do you have D3DGear installed? get rid of it
    - switch to a different Java version
    - reinstall drivers

    Bleh! i've done all those already, i don't have D3DGear installed either.
    Should i report this to mojang? see if they can fix it.

    Thank you for the help too!

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    posted a message on Minecraft Randomly crashes with no errors.
    Quote from grimallq»

    There are 2 logs in Mojang's launcher. Launcher log and Game Output.

    You only posted Game Output.

    Launcher logs: http://pastebin.com/SPscvJt4

    This was with a mod, but i get the same with vanilla too

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    posted a message on Minecraft Randomly crashes with no errors.
    Quote from grimallq»

    Post all logs in full.

    I'm not sure if this is what you mean.
    No crash-report is generated upon minecraft crashing.
    I went under Roaming/.minecraft/logs/2016-09-09-7.log
    this is the full log from there.

    Edit: http://paste.ubuntu.com/23154472/ Here's the DxDiag Too

    Quote from Lionblaze77»

    Was minecraft running of the Runtime located at Program Files or the runtime the launcher makes/installs

    Looks like it's been using the launchers runtime. I'll see if using the other one has made any difference.

    I appreciate your help! it's been bugging me for days :/

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    posted a message on Minecraft Randomly crashes with no errors.

    So recently in the last few days my minecraft would crash randomly, but not generate any crash reports or errors.

    The only thing i have to work off are these two launcher logs/game output.



    One was with optifine 1.8 the other was purely in vanilla.

    I can't figure out what it could be.

    Things i've tried to fix it:

    -Upgrade Graphics drivers

    -Downgrade Graphics drivers (older version)

    -update all my drivers

    -re-install minecraft as well as clean whiping all the files

    -re install java and try other versions (am currently running java 8 latest)

    Could really appreciate any help i could get!

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    posted a message on VanillaBreakfast SMP Reborn || World Created August 13th 2019 || 24/7 Up Time

    How long have you been playing minecraft?: I've been playing minecraft since Alpha build, which was around 2010-2012, i can't exactly remember.
    Have you ever been on a smp server before?: Yes, I've been on one particularly large one. it was a youtuber by the name of MangoTango, it started vanilla then ended up with plugins. it housed around 50-80 people so it was quite big. i ended up being HeadAdmin. i've also run my own with about 20 members in total over a few months.
    How often will you be able to play on the server?: I'm free most of the week, some days i'll be on for 3-5 hours, but as per usual it depends on how much i enjoy it! if i'm enjoy it i may even be on for a lot longer. :)
    Have you ever been banned from another server?: No, Never been banned :D
    What kind of player are you(Redstoner, PvPer, builder, etc.):I'm not too shabby with redstone, i know a lot of cool things to build and constantly enjoy learning. as for building i'm decent, i'm not going to build masterpieces but at the same time i Will never build cobblestone/wood/dirt shacks xD

    I enjoy pvp and am also decent at it, it's just a bit hard with my ping sometimes. :/
    Skype name to contact you: I'll pm you. :)

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    posted a message on Khronic Kraft SMP | Completely Vanilla | Looking for active and experienced players


    [b]IGN: [/b]ArcaneEcho

    [b]Skype: [/b]I'll Pm you, i don't like giving it out.

    [b]Age: [/b] 18

    [b]Tell me a bit about you: [/b]I'm an 18 y/o school finisher currently just working and gaming. :) i enjoy playing both console and PC, i mainly play fps on console and game like minecraft and RocketLeauge on PC. I'm looking for a SMP with a good sized community to play on.

    [b]Experience with the game: [/b]I've been playing Minecraft for quite a while, i bought the game in Alpha back in 2010 so i'm quite experienced with it.

    [b]How active will you be: [/b]This will depend on how much i enjoy it, i haven't got too many work shifts scheduled for the next while so i should be free 4-5 days a week that's when i'm normally gaming. so basically i'll probably be on 4-5 days a week if i enjoy it.

    [b]Extra Info:[/b] If i get accepted i'm hoping to bring 1-2 of my mates i game with. ofc they'll have to apply and get accepted, if they do this will greatly increase all our time played on the server :)

    [b]Tell me a joke: [/b]I got two XD
    A man walks into a bar... Ouch!

    I'm reading a book on sign language, you could say it's quite handy... *cue Cricket noise*

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    posted a message on LAZEE VALLEY -- Community SMP -- Map Reset For 1.9 Release (2 Month Old Map) -- Recruitment OPEN! -- APPLY TODAY!

    This seems amazing! shame it's an amplified world. my computer probably can't run it. :/

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    posted a message on Newish 1.9 survival vanilla server Whitelisted

    Ingame Name: ArcaneEcho
    Age: 18
    How long have you played Minecraft?: I've been playing since about 2010 (Alpha)
    How did you find this thread?: Went through a few pages in a hope that'd i'd find a cool lil' SMP to fill my time in with :)
    Why do you feel I should choose you to be whitelisted?: I'd love to join the server, i'm looking for an active community, with a decent amount of players, you guys fit the description pretty well. I feel i should be whitelisted because i'm a mature player with a large experience with minecraft and i believe i can make a contribution to the server.
    Skype?: I'll Pm You after i send this reply. :)
    Youtube Channel?: Only a personal one, i use to upload random stuff like ban reports, Montages in minecraft and other fun stuff i enjoy, i don't plan on recording any series of any kind i just.

    P.s I have a few friends that'd like to apply if i get selected. Just a heads up. :)

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    posted a message on Ideas For Pranks using Plugins?!

    So i have a SMP i play with some friends on. I'm the owner of the server.

    Recently i've been feeling like pranking everyone, i want to use plugins to do so.

    I'm pretty open to most ideas, a previous prank i did, was i installed the HeroBrine AI plugin and commanded it to haunt them, attack them and the when they were starting to get really worried i'd get Herobrine to teleport them to his graveyard.

    I've had a look at some of these Admin-Troll plugins ect, but i feel i could do something better and maybe more original.

    Any suggestions are appreciated,


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    posted a message on Ideas for a 1.9 SMP. e.g. survival island. ect

    So i have a group of people, we're all part of a smp i own. Now the problem is i don't really know what to do for the world, it's going to be 1.9 (new snapshot). we're tossing up doing something like survival island(s) with a twist. although we're not sure what we could do for a twist.

    Possible ideas so far:

    - Survival island with a twist

    - island war, each island/team has their own island , with a raging war going on each island must fight for ultimate supremacy, with a death by pvp cap.

    This is one idea i had if you have any other ideas feel free to leave em below!


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    posted a message on Is it possible to copy textures from a mod, to create a resource pack?

    I'm just working on my texture pack, and i thought it'd be pretty cool to take some tools from a mod and put it into my pack.
    Just wondering how i go about accessing the textures from the mod?

    Any tips would be appreciated! :)

    Disclaimer: I am NOT going to put my texture pack up for download! It has textures that are from other packs.

    Edit: the mod i'm looking to get textures from is metallurgy.

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    posted a message on ZooSMP Is Recruiting New Players.
    Quote from GhostieJesse»

    IGN: HeyMeJesse

    Age: 17

    Current Location: MN, USA

    How good is your english?: I'd say pretty good for it not being my first language c:

    How Active will you be? Everyday, the way you explain the smp sounds like great fun. c:

    Skype: (must have skype, as this is our main form of communication[You can also PM me this]) Will send username if I get accepted.

    A Little bit about yourself: I am very outgoing, I can sometimes be funny, I absolutely love the Cube smp, and I am almost 18 ;3

    (Optional) Attach some screenshots of your builds: I don't have any but I am pretty good at building.

    Strengths and Weaknesses in Minecraft: Strengths: I can build well. Weakness: I die a lot ;-;

    Thanks for applying, you've been accepted! just PM me your skype when your ready :)

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    posted a message on ZooSMP Is Recruiting New Players.
    Quote from ChiefPuma»

    IGN: ChiefPuma

    Age: 16

    Current Location: Glasgow, Scotland

    How good is your english? Very good

    How Active will you be? around 2 or 3 hours a day

    Skype: YoungM902

    A Little bit about yourself: Love playing Minecraft and have been playing for around 2 years. By the time the server is up I'll have finished my exams so I'll have plenty of time to relax and play.

    Strengths and Weaknesses in Minecraft: Strengths : Building for long periods, PvP (especially with bows) Weaknesses : complicated redstone.

    Quote from Bigseu_1997»

    IGN: Bigsey_1997

    Age: 17

    Current location: England

    How is my english: Id hope its pretty good,as Im from england haha

    How active will I be: i can play pretty much everyday

    Skype: I have it but id rather not put it on here!

    A little bit about myself: I have a passion for minecraft but i don't know many people who play it (IRL) so i want to find people to share my experiences with.

    Strengths and weaknesses: Im good at survival but I'm not so good at PvP.

    You've both been accepted. congrats!

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    posted a message on ZooSMP Is Recruiting New Players.

    Hi, if you're reading this you're probably looking to join an SMP, well you're in luck!

    ZooSMP (Yes, the name isn't great, but it has a meaning behind it) is recruiting.

    What the server is about; we're just a bunch of mates, that enjoy playing minecraft.

    the current world is a plugin-world with similar features to How2Minecraft Season 2, such as the ability to buy commands, server shop, mcmmo, custom enchants. Other features include, Create's (given to active nice members, you can also buy for in game money)

    and the possible addition of a create to spawn at a random location in the world and for members to have to race there and fight each other for the loot.

    The world is currently in development, and will not be open for a week or so.

    please comment down below with an application as follows. (please note, we'll only be accepting mature members)


    1: no griefing/stealing we have multiple plugins to rollback and catch griefer's.

    2: Do NOT give the teamspeak IP to anyone this will result in a immediate ban!

    3: No racism, or abuse towards any other players.

    4: Hacking of any form is not tolerated, we have multiple unique plugins to catch you!



    Current Location:

    How good is your english?

    How Active will you be?

    Skype: (must have skype, as this is our main form of communication[You can also PM me this])

    A Little bit about yourself:

    (Optional) Attach some screenshots of your builds:

    Strengths and Weaknesses in Minecraft:

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