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    posted a message on how to make banners like mojang or herobrine
    You craft a banner with an enchanted golden apple (also known as a god apple or notch apple).
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    posted a message on Use for Bats + Flying Potion!
    Flying in survival is too overpowered. Perhaps you could use bats to make a glider of some kind. Bat leather = hanglider?
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    posted a message on Uses For Useless Items!
    There are some items in Minecraft that have no good reason to exist. For example: the poisoned potato. This item's only purpose is to poison yourself, basically. This and rotten flesh are crappy emergency foods, and therefore they need a better use. Near-pointless items, textures, mobs, particles, and sounds need uses! Any suggestions for these items? (besides what I have)

    • Rotten Flesh: Brewing reagent
    • Poisoned Potato: Brewing reagent
    • Clownfish: Brewing reagent
    • Rubies (unimplemented item): Material for armor, tools, and a sword, or maybe trade them with villagers
    • Quiver (unimplemented item)
    • Ghast's Affectionate Scream (unimplemented sound): tamable ghasts?
    • Footprints (unused feature): footprints in snow and sand?
    • Blindness (used in servers only): blindness potions?
    • Health boost (used in servers only): Armor enchantment?
    • Saturation (unused effect, with the possible exception of servers): Improved healing potion?
    • Purple arrow (unimplemented entity): Poison arrows?
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    posted a message on Hideously deformed steve??
    Its extremely creepy when I see other players like this. Steve REALLY needs a doctor or pixel surgeon or something. (get my joke?) How do I fix this?
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