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    So I recently registered a domain for a Minecraft server and mistakenly thought I could get away without paying for making my information private. It's private now, but since then I've been getting at least 15 spam calls and several spam emails a day. Has anyone had to deal with this problem, and if so, does it ever end?

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    posted a message on Just Minecraft - 100% Vanilla Survival

    Just 100% vanilla Minecraft survival on 1.13 map.


    No fly/pvp hacks.

    No chat abuse.

    No intentionally causing lag.

    Raiding, griefing, and pvp are allowed. No world border or map resets. The world is permanent.
    Non bed-spawns are slightly random to prevent spawn camping.

    IP: justminecraftvanilla.com
    Subreddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/justminecraftvanilla/

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    posted a message on Realm of Elysian Needs Builders and Moderators

    You are whitelisted now. I must admit I fell asleep, usually I respond to apps almost immediately. Hope you enjoy the server! Here is the invite link for Discord: https://discord.gg/wfPx4bN

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    posted a message on Realm of Elysian Needs Builders and Moderators

    Server Banner

    Help Wanted:

    We are in need of talented builders to help make an amazing spawn area on our custom generated world.
    Among the basics of any spawn, we need aesthetically pleasing village-themed scenery and villager shops.


    The server also needs helpful moderators who are able to provide information to players,
    take action when needed, and be all-around friendly and fun people to hang out on the server!

    If you are interested in either of these staff positions, please let us know and reply to this post with any examples of your work or past experience.

    You will of course receive some bonuses and perks! Some of these include:

    • Role tags in game and on website
    • Extra claim blocks
    • Starter supplies
    • And more

    You also have perks for any features we implement in the future such as an economy or the introduction of new items.
    We'd like to make sure you are continuously rewarded for your efforts :)

    Please look at the main server forum post to find out what we are about! It might prove useful.

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    posted a message on Realm of Elysian [1.13.2] [Co-op] [Survival] [Whitelist] [18+]

    Server Banner

    Welcome to Realm of Elysian!

    Server Icon

    Realm of Elysian is a non-grief, non-pvp cooperative survival server with
    a focus on building and exploration, but anyone at all can join! The world was pre-rendered using a variety of new biomes which you can check out right now on our Dynamic Map.

    You may apply to join as a reply to this forum post or on our website. We also have a Discord, but you must be whitelisted to send messages. Although we are an 18+ server, it is not a strict requirement. As long as you behave maturely and are honest in your application, we would be glad to have you on the server.


    • Custom pre-rendered world
    • Grief Prevention
    • No map resets
    • Spawn shop for new items


    1. No raiding or griefing other players.
    2. No engaging in pvp unless it is agreed upon.
    3. No use of hacked clients, x-ray texture packs, or unfair mods.
    4. No posting or discussing explicit content on any of our platforms.
    5. Be kind and courteous to other players.


    • IGN:
    • Discord (If Applicable):
    • Above 18?:
    • Favorite thing to do in Minecraft:
    • What made you want to join?:
    • Anything else you'd like to share:

    If you would like to apply for staff, please include it in your application! We are looking for helpful moderators and talented builders.

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    posted a message on Java Beans [sVanilla] [Survival] [PvP] [Custom Plugins] [Discord]

    It's been 2 days and we've already added some more neat stuff! Hotbar coordinates, better spawn pvp protection, and a comprehensive guide to keep players up to date on what's new. More and more players are checking out our server, so you should too!

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    posted a message on Java Beans [sVanilla] [Survival] [PvP] [Custom Plugins] [Discord]
    server icon

    Welcome to Java Beans!
    Semi-Vanilla Survival

    Java Beans is a semi-vanilla survival server designed to feel like an augmented version of vanilla.
    We've added a few features to make things a little more interesting without deviating too far from vanilla gameplay,
    and we will continue to update the server with custom plugins using suggestions and feedback.


    • Custom mob drops such as spawn eggs
    • Ability to fill glass bottles with experience
    • Improved farming with hoes and bone meal
    • Chat and name customization

    Planned Features:

    • More custom mob drops such as webs from spiders
    • Trade system or balanced economy
    • New recipes for some items
    • Features from community suggestion / feedback

    We also have a Discord server where you can chat with the community, get news and updates about the server, or even play games with other players! An invite is available on the Minecraft server, but staying active on Minecraft is not necessary to be a part of the Discord server.


    Leave a comment! Let us know what you think about our server. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them below.

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