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    posted a message on Practicalities [0.6.2]
    it doesnet work for me, did you do something specifique because i like, payed 70 diamonds. it was basicly all i had.

    edit: its been a couple of minutes and still dont have it fixed

    edit 2: i placed block inside the machine and removed them and it works now.
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    posted a message on Aroma1997s Mods (BetterChests, Mining World Mod, Aroma1997Core, CompactWindmills, AromaBackup, Portable Recharger)
    where is the backup, i can load my world anymore can aroma backup give me a old back up?
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    posted a message on Carpenter's Blocks
    I can't apply a texture to the blocks, tried the all with dirt cobble stone and grass, it just placed the block as if it were stone or some thing (it placed the block right in front)
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    posted a message on ChickenBones Mods
    i got a crash whenever i open the reicpie for something (sorry i speak mostly fench and i have no-idea how to say reicepie, you get my point though) here is my paste bin http://pastebin.com/mGW7i85r edit: its only when i see what it can craft
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    posted a message on Gany's End - Miscellaneous ender themed additions!
    Dude, i LOVE the enderium tool, but stone durability? :( can you make like a diamond infused enderium or somelike that that accually can stay for a sec? please do and i will do a french version (even if you don't add that feature ill still do it :D cause your mod is GREAT!)
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    posted a message on Gany's Nether - Miscellaneous nether themed additions!
    I think its a great mod, and silverfish scale could maybe make thorns armor? ;3 that would be cool. p.s doing french
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    posted a message on [1.10.2/1.9.4] Blood Magic V2.1.0-65 - Updated Sept. 29
    Hey dude! i found this right now and i think its right there with thaumcraft ars magica and witchery. i am using this on a family modpack but i might give it to some people. BTW is there a way to get auto mated blood in someway? (i don't like dieing :L)
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    posted a message on Map Making
    Map Making
    Ok so everyone in minecraft always wanted to make a map by some time, so what i've got for you is a series that showes the basic and From A to Z how to make a map and i hope it help you. we may not be the best at english but if you show your support we will post consistently and more subscriber we have more the server will be up, yes, a server i said : you will be able to go in the server test and have the map download. but the map download will only be availible after 50 subscriber (the server will be up a 1 subscriber)

    thank you,
    sinserly the Gaming Brothers Team
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    posted a message on 21st Century mod
    Quote from Gaurdian23

    Sorry about that lol, if you want could you make the textures for the armor?
    what kind
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    posted a message on 21st Century mod
    Quote from Gaurdian23

    Alright, the mod is now successfully updated to the current version of minecraft. One of the modders have started putting the finishing details on space now (no gravity, planets, solar systems, etc.....wish you luck man lol) so we should be able to push a tester version soon and maybe the official release soon. Sorry for not posting for a while, been kinda busy with school and no one has really been online and talking about the mod but fortunately the mod hasn't been given up on!
    i really hope some one could gived me more texturing to do :( next update could yougive some job to me? anything but coding(bulding texture's and stuf like that). (if there is a new update)
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    posted a message on 21st Century mod
    gaurdian imagine this in FTB :D
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    posted a message on Wanna join the team?
    Quote from billylegota

    lol made a signature for the mod, but we still need the yogscast to do a spotlight on it...

    hope they do we could get popular and alot of download :D
    Quote from SNRepoman

    Skype Name: SN_Repoman

    From one to ten how well do you know forge: 4/5 I'm learning Java and forge to make mods...also lua as used in the Computercraft mod...

    Best skills: textures |models |gui |entities [kind of] |blocks, items

    I have skill in Photoshop and I am having a hard time learning by watching tutorials online and do better by trial by fire. Cause I would like to be able to learn how/make mods and either as a later update or side project make a [codeworded: Sci Fi Colony/Military] mod.
    dude you are a all job man :D hope you are in the team
    Quote from jac1011

    hope they do we could get popular and alot of download :D

    dude you are a all job man :D hope you are in the team
    111 post yay
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    posted a message on 21st Century mod
    can you guys wait this mod had taking MONTH to make can you wait one week or so
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    posted a message on [1.5.1] Minecraft: Ideas Mod V3
    hey what about stacble enchanted book of the same typeand spawner egg in dungeon
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    posted a message on Magic Bees: Magic themed bees for Forestry; The Successor to ThaumicBees
    hey you could maybe add a bee that have making an aspect in a 4x4x4 area insted of using a couldron :Doh and btw not all bees are in the florabox thingny :D
    Quote from Lady_Oolong

    A mostly non-spoilery hint guide to magical bees...in rhyme. (In spoiler tags for length.)

    To start out in the arcane way,
    find a hero to save the day.
    Though if a hero can't be brought,
    royalty is what should be sought.
    First face off against the fire
    to find the devil you desire
    Then travel to the ends of the earth
    to find a mate of incalculable worth.
    Take the sum of both these parts,
    and you're on your way in arcane arts.

    Against forces unseen, be brave,
    You'll chance upon an uncommon knave.
    From your duties, never shirk,
    know well the value of hard work.
    Charm with bravery goes a long way;
    Enchantments work by night or day;
    The supernatural path is yours
    when both together open doors.

    To crystallize what you have earned,
    there are things you will have to learn.
    With the knowledge you attain,
    meld the supernatural with arcane.
    The other elements you want to find
    are in the book, so expand your mind.

    If lore is what you wish to find,
    The arcane student must apply their mind.
    Learn enchantment and embrace the tome,
    a library they call their home.
    If this arcane path a pupil will take,
    Genius will follow the scholar's wake.

    What monsters skulk in this mystery?
    You might wish to ask the desert bee.
    Down the sinister path are eyes of red,
    Down the unseen path is a gossamer thread
    Which leads to the world of the fearsome fey
    whom with ancestors refined, don't act that way.
    Down the lean path is the belfry for where the bell tolls,
    Down the driest path are the tears of tormented souls.

    If the height of power you would dwell,
    Face off, you must, both heaven and hell.
    From hell, the demon, the glowing bee,
    From heaven, the garden of the forbidden tree.
    From both these forces, make one whole:
    A bee that knows the depths of your soul.
    Into this empty vessel, deign
    to teach it knowledge of the arcane.
    For further steps on the path to flower,
    commune with heaven in places of power:
    In the stone circle with the angry fey,
    By the glimmering tree in the shade of day,
    And the last in any place suitably bright,
    But only with vis on a half-lit night.

    There's a traveler who seeks what's just,
    whom often lies yet we always trust.
    Eternally laboring with the magic of time,
    A kingly figure, the last of his line.
    Find then, when none may fail to speak true
    The truth of the unanswerable question: Who?
    how the...
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