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    posted a message on Anyone looking for LP Partner or Minecraft friend?
    How old are you and from where you are? I am actually looking for a LP Partner. I got a small 4 slot server, hosted in Australia with mumble server access. On the server is the Feed the Beast Direwolf20 modpack v4 installed what i would use for my LP's. I alsoo have a mod installed for permissions what could be used to look chests and create regions. They can get shared or only for private use.
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    posted a message on Looking for somewhere to call, 'Home'.
    Hi there...

    my name is Dave, IGN is iceDave. I have a server since 3 month's, it is mainly only for my self but i am looking for few players how want's to join me and maybe make let's play with me together. I have nothing great done yet on the server, started couple times a new world because of getting into Let's Play's. I am 35 Years old, never done something great with Let's Play's before, just started around a week ago. My Channel is http://www.youtube.c...iew=1&flow=grid I live in Australia near Wollongong / Sydney.
    My Server is whitelisted in the moment but i got a security mod installed what allows you to look chests, create areas and much more.

    How old are you and from where you are?

    Maybe if you like the idea of doing a let's play after we found out if we come along with each other and to build your place what you can call home then, let me know.

    ahh.. and btw.. i have the Feed the Beast Direwolf20 modpack installed on my server, what i love to use in my let's Play's and play around with it much.
    If you don't know about Feed the Beast, here is a link to it.
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    posted a message on My very first Let's Play
    nicely done. You tell the people really good what you have planed for the episode so far what is good. If you look to go into a cave you should have torches to light it up, otherwise its a black screen what is not nice to watch at but you got torches very quick so it doesn't matter really much. Voice and sound is good, video quality is good as well. I started my first Lets play around a week ago and felt a bit funny to talk to my self all the time. Maybe you will have a look what i done. I started 2 episodes so far. Had to stop it because of computer problems the first time. Then i noticed, let's play of my own aren't that funny so i am looking for a buddy now how wants to join me. Because i had to much mods installed i decide to start a new episode again without mods added by my own ( only the mods what comming with the FTB modpack). My channel -> http://www.youtube.com/user/icedaveLetsPlay/videos?flow=grid&view=1 I jumped onto your channel and subscribed because i whant to see where its going for you :) Good luck and go ahead, really nice start so far.
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    posted a message on Twitch TV Live stream? Need help!
    it is free to download, but to stream games you have to get a license.. or is this not true?
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    posted a message on Lets Play with the Direwolf20 FTB modpack + couple mods added by myself
    Hi Together, have a look at my
    Minecraft Lets Play with the FTB Direwolf20 modpack + couple added mods by myself.

    Please give me a change to get better and don't judge me to early. I am new in this Video Business and i was very nervous in my first episode. Second, English is not my mother language so i will pronounce some words maybe wrong, what could make it a bit more funny hehe. It's maybe not that great but how i sad, give me a change it will get better.
    In the next few Episodes i will get material together and start building my first few Machines to get started.
    Every time if I use a new Machine / Tool or something else, I try to explain from wich mod and what for use it got so everyone could follow this Series easy and know if he (you) can do it by himself in his own modpack.

    Accident happens.. :(

    Season2 Arrived

    This time SMP, Direwolf20 modpack / FTB added mods...

    Episode 01

    Episode 02

    Season 1
    Episode 1:
    Episode 2 :

    Episode 3 :

    Episode 4 :

    Episode 5 :

    My installed mods are:

    - Advanced HUD
    - Advanced Machines for IC2
    - Advanced Solarpanels
    - Autoswitch
    - Backtools
    - Better World mods (Core, Plants and Slopes)
    - Buildcraft
    - Charged Pads
    - ChickenChunks
    - Compact Solars
    - Computercraft
    - Dynamic Lights
    - Ender Storage
    - Equivalent Exchange 3
    - Extra Bees
    - ExtraBiomesXL
    - Factoryzation
    - Forestry
    - ForgeIRC
    - GraviSuite
    - GraviGun
    - GregTech
    - ICS BackpackHud
    - IC2 NuclearControl
    - Immbis Core
    - IndustrialCraft2
    - InvTweak
    - Ironchest
    - LittleBlocks
    - LogisticPipes
    - Macro / Keybindin mod
    - Magic Yarn
    - MineChem2
    - Misc Pheripherals
    - Mob Amputation
    - Mob Dismemberment
    - ModPLC
    - ModularForceField System
    - Mystcraft
    - NotEnoghItems
    - NEI RedPowerPlugin
    - NEI Thermal Expensions
    - Obsidian Presure Plates
    - Omni Tools
    - Optifine
    - Petrolium Generator
    - Player API
    - PortalGun
    - PowerConverters
    - Railcraft
    - RedPower
    - Rei's MiniMap
    - RenderPlayerAPI
    - SecretRooms
    - SoulShards
    - ThaumCraft 3
    - ThebombzenAPI
    - ThemalExpansions
    - Timber
    - TrainCraft
    - TubeStuff
    - TwilightForrest
    - ValvePipe
    - Wireless Redstone ChickenBone Edition
    - Xycraft

    Most probably I will have my own Webpage soon with a complete list of this mods and download links to the official pages. Maybe this list is not complete .. but this are the most popular and nice mods.
    Over the nest episodes I will get into this mods more. I Am new to Technic and Magic mods so bare with me, watch me learning and build awesome stuff out of it and with it.

    Find me on Twitter @icedave77
    Give me a like / comment.. any is appreciated
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    posted a message on Direwolf20's Modded Lets Play series
    for the indigo plants i had to walk 2000+ meter to get to a plains biome to get few...
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    posted a message on Need help find a certain mod!
    i think it was a mod from chickenbone -> chunkloader or something...

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    posted a message on ExtrabiomesXL Universal 3.16.3 for MC 1.7.10
    i read on github there is a 3.6.0 release... is there a download for it or do i have to compile it of my own what i am not able to because i don't know how :(
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    posted a message on Eloraam's Mods (RedPower 2 Prerelease 6)
    Quote from Wolfheart9

    Except you just did make a stupid comment on the situation.. And before you take super offence to it, put yourself in shoes other than your own. You're a server owner, people are spending their money to help you keep the server running. You have the map all ready, but not redpower. They ask when it's coming out, you check here... no news. You tell them you don't know. They wait, they're patient, then another month rolls by.

    They ask again, now you see a little news, which says 'coming soon', so you tell them that. More waiting. Then another version of Minecraft comes out. Then another. Now you have people either pulling out from donating because they don't want to play until RP is out, or they're pushing to just have the server made without redpower, even though they want the blocks it provides.

    It's not entitlement, it's not that she owes anyone anything, it's basic human communication. If you have this amount of people waiting on what you make, you don't have to say 'This mod will be released on November 29th at 8:32PM EST when you hear a threelegged cow moo in the nearest farm', it's more 'Yea, it won't be out this week' or 'Not planning a release at all this month'. That would be enough for server owners to know if they should just go forward, or wait the possible few more days.

    I accept what you saying.. and i know server owners get pushed from players but still it makes no diffrence to some other comments in here... I would love to have a server / make one and i will not make one before rp is released, so i wait as well.. i know the situation. And i got kids, so i know what it sounds like if they want something and don't get it right know in that moment :)
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    posted a message on Eloraam's Mods (RedPower 2 Prerelease 6)
    I am glad repower is not made by my brother.... If he would read some of this comments... he would release redpower just because of some stupid comments even later ... I wait as long as you guys to get redpower done but i am waiting without crying or making stupid comments about release date ... if its ready we will get it, today, tomorrow, in a week or even in months... how long you played minecraft now without redpower? Does it matters if you have to play it for few weeks longer without?? Dont get me wrong.. i love to see redpower updated, but i will not make pressure at all at eloraam, she will release it if its done and when she think its ready for release..

    Have a nice day and keep refreshing the page hehehe :)
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    posted a message on I need NEI for MC 1.2.5
    Hi, i need NEI for MC 1.2.5..
    On the forum (NEI page from chickenbone) is only a link for older versions but the versions numbers on that page do not tell for what for MC version they are... could someone help me with this?? Thx so much !!!
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    posted a message on ChickenBones Mods
    Hi, i need the old version from NEI core and NEI .....

    I clicked on the link *older Versions* but i get only funny numbers they didnt tell me for what version they are... could someone help me what for a download i have to pick to get the right one for MC 1.2.5??
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    posted a message on TweaKrafT [1.5.1] UPDATED!
    Did you had a look at http://terrafirmacraft.com/ mod? This is a kind of mod like yours.. may you get some ideas of that.. i like the idea to make minecraft bit more real / harder like terrafirmacraft does it. But Terrafirmcraft is very complex and not compatible with lots of mods because it changes lot of baseclasses ... gameplay .. go ahead and you get lots of likes... :) -->> +1 and lots of :Diamond:
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    posted a message on Minecraft 1.4.2 ModPack - Feed The Beast
    that is what i want to see :) I like the mods what you would use...
    I tried to suggest few mods in the forum from FTB but i can't reply or write a post in the forum...yes i registered my self and got the link per mail to click on it..still i can't write in the forum.
    So i suggest my mods here ..

    Forgotten Nature http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1519278-forgotten-nature-mc132v107major-addition-to-nature-in-mc/

    BetterWorld mods (core slopes eg ) http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1486452-132-betterworld-build-your-world-how-you-like-more-then-1500-diff-blocks-slopes-columns-much-more1st-downloads-available/page__st__40

    The Huds from this side http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1114612-132-bspkrs-mods-statuseffecthud-v152-armorstatushud-v12-directionhud-v152/
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