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    posted a message on Looking to be a Builder for a time Lapse video. or a Big project.
    What did you mean correctly? What is a big project for you?
    I started a new server, there is only few things done yet and i am looking for nice players how help me to build nice things on the server before i make it real public. Maybe this is something *big* ?? i dont really know :tongue.gif:... tell me what you mean with big an whats in you mind..
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    posted a message on Looking for a server hoster
    Quote from GLaDOS101

    I need somebody to host a server for me so I can teach my girlfriend how to play this game. It can be whitelisted or not, just as long as GLaDOS101 and MsDanniellie14 are on it. I don't care if it can't be 24/7, I would like somebody to help out.

    i got a server and i am looking for players, builders, mods, admins... but unluckly the serverhost got problems in the moment and the servers are off.. but you are most welcome to train your girl on my server if you want... it should be back up tomorrow sad the host.
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    posted a message on [Owner] [Admin]?
    Quote from XMineSnipezX

    Hey guys, I have a Bukkit server but I need a video tutorial on how to put [Owner] as my title on my server. If anyone could make a video tutorial it would be awesome. I don't get how to do it.

    you need something like permissionsEx, essential chatmanager, bukkitpermissions...
    then you have to set the prefix / suffix ...
    this would be then you [owner] in chat..
    look on youtube under permissionsex , chatmanager etc... there are heaps of vidoes already ..
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    posted a message on CAN I PLZ BE ADMIN: Public service announcement
    Hi there, i all ready made a IP-Ban plugin what works really nice, but i have no time to update it ... better.. to include your stuff here what would be a really nice idea .. but if anyone would have a nice start to do this plugin, they can have the code of my plugin, use it to get this stuff into it. The plugin is on the bukkit forums --> http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/icebanip/ maybe this will get you help to get this idea done quicker.. or not..
    btw it is a really god idea..
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    posted a message on looking for a host/partner
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    posted a message on Neuschwanstein Castle (88X262) -survival -no mods
    i all ready done this castle and looked for players for my server (was a 1.8.1 map) waited now for 1.0 to copy the castle in a new map. Now i am building few more things an then my server would be up to join. Castle is not finished yet because its huge and a lot of work have to be done for it. god luck with your building :smile.gif:
    Heres a pic of my castle if you want to have a look
    few more..
    Spawn area
    few nice pics from the area
    i also got a video from the castle (walk arround.. on my youtube channel)

    have a look and enjoy, server would be up soon for closer looks..
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    posted a message on Want a shot at the last one? It's not too late - sign up now for a chance to own an ultra-rare collector's item!

    why the fu... is it every time the same... only some countries are able to have the change??? It is mean and racist.. for this minecraft xbox version only amerika is allow to have the winning change...that pi.. me off every time.. for diablo III beta key it was the same.. so often i see that does australia have not the permission to get into this competions / sweeptakes, beta key's... why is that???
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    posted a message on [Closed] ☆ ☆ ☆ SUPER-EARTH ☆ ☆ ☆ The Original Minecraft Community ☆
    Minecraft In Game Name (case sensitive):iceDave
    Where are you from?:Australia NSW (speak english and German)
    Your age?:34
    Have you read and agreed to the rules in the post below? defently yes
    Did you vote for us? not yet, cant vote for something what i havent seen
    Extra notes?: I hate to play of my own on my private server, i need friends
    How did you hear of Super-Earth?: from minecraft forum
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    online and confirmed your request
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    Moderator Application Form
    First name:Dave
    In game name:icedave
    Age:43EDIT 34 what a mistake...
    Do you have a mic:only inbuild web mic but could get a headset if needed
    How often will you use our teamspeak:i am more a writer person not such a great talker but would talk if i have to
    How often will you post on the forums: I use forums very often to look things up, read about things and if i have questions i ask. If anyone got a question what i can awnser or help out with id do so.
    About how long will you spend per day on the server: I got my own business but i spend a lot of time in minecraft. Sometimes i cant go to work because of the weather and those days i most spend the time for minecraft. Forum, playing, looking for addons for my own server ( only i play on my server :sad.gif: because its more a private one )
    Timezone: Australia / Sydney
    Country: Australia / Sydney
    Skype name: icedave77
    How often are you on skype: If i have to use it to be moderator / Server builder i have it run when i start up my laptop until i shut it down.
    Would you consider yourself to be a "good" builder:If i build something, i would have it perfect and look fancy, if i am unhappy with what i build, i smash it down and restart from scratch, sometimes it needs only bits and peaces to redone to look what it should be. I can take orders what i should build and would build it again and again until the owner is happy with the results. If the owner is happy i am happy as well because he could be proud of his server and i would be proud to be part of it.
    Post pictures of your 3 best creations:
    1) http://www.youtube.com/user/IceDave77?feature=mhee my youtube channel with a video from my castle, not finished yet but more done since the video was made.
    2) http://i806.photobucket.com/albums/yy342/ice-dave/2011-11-23_114516.png
    What is the best thing about you:The best thing maybe is does i can take orders and follow them, i am honnest, i love building and playing minecraft. Try lots of things and be not afraid to learn new things, look them up in the net how i have to make it work if i try something.
    What is the worst thing about you (don't saying nothing): I am old ..hehehe.. mhm worst thing... depends in what reason you ask for... cant think of something special what i should write in here ..worst <-> minecraft
    Summarize why we would pick you over someone else:I would have my own server but i dont think i would have the time to get the community a great service. I all ready posted 2 times a post where i am looking for helpers and builders for my server but it ends up in a bit of a mess. I have a server running (under 1.8) with lots of plugins and permissions for my self because i love to play and not only build. How i sad befor, i can follow orders what i have to build and try to make the best what i can do to fir you ideas what it should look like. I can work really hard because i would have it done. Sometimes i like to build without creative mode, sometimes i use infiniti blocks to build it fast. I like to set up plugins and test them, find out how powerful they are, if they useful or not. I am a little bit a tester what plugins belongs.

    I hope this is what you are looking for and i wait for an awnser, dossnt matter if it would be a positiv or negativ.
    Anyway i wish you good luck to find the people how you are looking for..

    hopfull talk to you later.. ohhmm..write maybe .. LOL
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    posted a message on Minecraft 1.0 Server ... new build
    Quote from DarkForce2000

    Just incase you didn't notcie dave I will keep updating my post with ideas.

    AWEsome mate.. i looked at you link and what i have seen is really great, like you texturepack, what is it called??
    Maybe we should sit together and talk about what we can do with the castle, optic and style i mean.. looks like you have really god ideas. I will PM you defently to invite you to my server. And, no i dont judge you, normaly i would have not to young players, but looks like does i would change my mind in this case hehehe.

    For all replys on this thread.
    I tried to uppload the new video from my castle for the last 6 hours and i had to start it 3 times new because of a error from youtube, it su... really.
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    posted a message on Minecraft 1.0 Server ... new build
    thx at bob_you_uncle and Epic_xwootx you two are the first one how replyed how i would have it. For the rest of the castle i have allready my plans because its a rebuild of neuschwanstein what exist in real. I would finish it like it is build in real, google it if you like to have a look and then you know what is still missing and have to be done. The idea with church is very goog, a thorn and ball room would be integreateted anyway, what is a castle without that :wink.gif: hehe.
    Arround the castle i would have a village and maybe a big wall with watchtowers.. outside this area then all buildingplaces what could be buyed / rent from players protected from worldguard.
    On my existing server are running essential, worldguard, worldedit, BigBrother, iConomy6, PermissionEx with ranks, showcas standalon, spout and a chatmanager, there a few plugins what i have picked as well for the new server but not installed on the existing one yet
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    posted a message on New Server In The Process Looking For People To Help Me
    Quote from mcduder1

    i did i wanna see how a blocky COD would look

    instead of a laptop u could use a pc but if u still have ur old laptop delete everything and maybe that could host the server if it could be 24/7

    My laptop is a very god one and the server would running fine on it, i7 2.4Ghz, 8GB 1333mhz ram, 2GB Grafik, alienware.
    The old laptop is now used from my sons girlfriend and my office PC sometimes goes in sleepmode and would never wake up again without shutting him down.. So the only way would be to host it from my laptop. I tryed it before and it worked fine, invited a friend from another server and we tested if the server runs smoothly..

    But that is one of the main problems, hosting.... my laptop would only run when i am at home and could have an eye on it, got 3 cats and they jumping arround everywhere.. 2 kids they cant leave things alone ...hehehe... ok, not so bad..
    I am living in australi and i got my own buisiness, most of the time i would be at home from 2PM to 22PM and in this time the server would be on. On the weekend even longer and earlier..not bad for a start i think. Sometimes i got no work and have a day of and on those days the server would run as well..
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    posted a message on Minecraft 1.0 Server ... new build
    does anyone read my whole text?? There a questions what you should awnser to get an invite...
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    posted a message on New Server In The Process Looking For People To Help Me
    hi, my name is dave, ingamename is icedave and i am 34 years old.
    I am playing for a while now, think since 1.7 and start playing singleplayer, then i discoverd servers and start playing on few... i was that exited, does i build my own one on my laptop and start playing on a server with heaps of plugins..but everytime allown. Because i couldne host it ...crappy laptop..
    I have a simmilar post in the forum here, where i look for players how help me to set up my server, create the world, planing what for plugins should be used etc.
    Now becuase i have a new laptop (alienware M17XR3) i would host my server as well, but not 24/7.
    Later i would rent a server..maybe.. I got a Youtube channel with that castle what i build what should be the spawnpoint.
    I am actually upload a new version of this video right in the backround with updates of the castle.
    If you have a look on my channel, my videos, what i wrote here, all your awnsers should be covered.
    Maybe we can find a way how we could work together or not..HEHEHE...

    Anyway, if you like my video, what i have build, my ideas, buildingstyle, you would come back to me.. or not?? :biggrin.gif:

    talk to you later...ohhmm...chat i meant..
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