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    posted a message on Parkour Master! 10 DOWNLOADS!
    justStupid986...... just to have 1 post writing this ??? Make something useful mate
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    posted a message on Help me to find it please
    i googled it, this is not what i whant / need. I can't and will not run 2,3,4,5 servers on my local machine either, i would like to have only one server running but be able to switch the worlds when i walk true a portal or something similar.

    Like Mystcraft, I walk true my prtal and end up in a different dimension, this dimension should be my other world.

    I tried to copy my existing world into an existing mystcraft age, but it mess the world up when i reach a point what i never discovered in the original one. It looks like when i open up black parts of the map it uses the worldgen from mystcraft, not from the actual world what was it before
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    posted a message on Help me to find it please
    Server HUB???
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    posted a message on Help me to find it please

    first, sry if this is not the right place for this post..
    second, i need help to find a mod.

    I have my own server (FTB) and i would like to teleport with a mod from one world into another.
    Both worlds are already created and in use but i would like to just teleport to one or the other without shutting the server down, change the server file (Worldname) and start the server again.
    Hopefully there would be a mod where i can take items from one world to the other as well.

    It should work kind of Mystcraft, but i would use my own created world not one what is created by mystcraft.
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    posted a message on LanteaCraft
    hi, have i done something wrong? I cant find any ore from this mod in my world. What for lvl are they spawn?
    I installed the mod into an existing world and turned "B:enableNaquadahOre=true" in the config.
    Restarted Server and Client but still cant find any ore.
    If i would know the level where they spawn, i can have a closer look.

    Mod is deffently installed, i can see the ore and blocks in NEI.
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    posted a message on Equivalent Exchange 3 - 0.1.142
    hey guys, where is the wiki?? Can i have a link to it please?
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    posted a message on Direwolf20's Modded Lets Play series
    Hey Dire.. could you be so nice and share your config file from your keyboard settings with us? There are so many keys in conflict with others and i really want the setup like you have it. Sometimes it dosent work with the standart settings what come with the modpack like m for map...m was setup for 2 diffrent mods.. :(

    There are so many keys overlapping with others and i never know what i should do with them. Then i change it so there are no overlapping once anymore and when i watch a video from you, you press m for map and i have to find what key i have changed it to... its frustrating :(
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    posted a message on [Alpha] The Aether II: Genesis of the Void (The Festive Update! Presents, new companions, and more!)
    i don't know if someone told you guys yet.
    NEI is not working with Aether. Since i installed aether i don't have the NEI list on the right side anymore, it will not come up if i press 'O' to blend it in/out.
    maybe it got something to do with the aether gui for the inventory.

    Thanks for listening
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    posted a message on Ars Magica v5.52.014 (Updated August 2) (1.5.2)
    Hi there, i installed your mod on my client and server and when i tried to connect to my server, my client give me this error message
    *Forge Mod Loader has found ID mismatches Complete details are in the log file
    ID 20259 from Mod ArsMagica is missing
    ID 31999 is mismatched between world and game

    I looked thue the config files but i cant find a ID 20259 in your config files and i don't know how to fix it, could yo help me out here?
    If you need the log file, please let me know witch one you need, there are more then one log file (forge, client and what ever else)

    Thanks, i saw a bit of your mod in the FTB Direwolf Forgecraft 2 series and that made me install your mod :)
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    posted a message on [Forge]ForgeEssentials -- Bukkit functionality for your Forge server
    does the version 1.4.7- works only with the latest forge (minecraftforge-universal-1.4.7- or would it work with the 1.4.7 - as well? I tried to install it on the, the server starts but no ForgeEssential folder is created.


    I got it to work...

    the only thing what i couldn't figure out yet is this *colorize* command.. how does it works and what does it?
    Does it colours the font on the signs? And if yes, how i can choose the colour?
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    posted a message on [1.7.2][1.6.4][1.5.2][SMP]Fihgu's Command Mods for Vanilla Server
    How can i share an region with another player? Couldn't figure it out
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    posted a message on Giving out free Teamspeak 3 private channels for your clan or group here
    I try to get a place on the FTB / Forge Teamspeak because i am a wiki translator for FTB, if i cant get a place on that server, i will defently come back to you, thx :D
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    posted a message on Giving out free Teamspeak 3 private channels for your clan or group here
    Quote from pwnkeeper

    The Simply Vanilla server at http://www.minecraft...for-your-group/ is providing free private Teamspeak 3 channels to any group or clan that needs one, whether you play on our server or not. You will be given a password protected channel over which you will have channel admin rights. Forget dealing with skype and dropped calls, get your own place to hang out, and maybe even hang out with us every now and then!

    Post here if you need a channel and I will PM you connection info and you will find a channel with your forum name that you can re-name and change the password as you wish.


    That sounds really awesome, i got today my free mumble server what is hooked up to my server but i am not really happy with mumble. I am more used to Teamspeak3 , room, passwords etc.. i don't know much about mumble. Great thing what you are offering here. Do i have to play on your server to be able to get a room on your Teamspeak? That wasn't really clear for me.
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    posted a message on [1.4.6] FTB Server - Direwolf20 v4 - Looking for LP Partner
    Hi There together...

    I'am looking for players who would love to join me for my Let's Play's on the Feed the Beast - Direwolf20 modpack v4.

    About me:
    I'am 35 years old, living in Australia and love to play minecraft since 1.6.
    I know bits and pieces about the mods what are integrated in the Direwolf20 modpack but I am not a pro.
    I got 2 Kids, I am married and i have a bunch of animals around me ( 2 birds, 3 cat's, 1 dog and 4 guinea pigs )
    I started doing Let's Play's of my of, have already 9 video's uploaded on my Channel and have 90 views on it.
    I am also not a pro in doing Let's Play's but I am getting better per day.

    What I got to offer:
    - I got the server what we need to make the Let's Play Episode's
    - I got a mumble server what is hooked up to my server account ( 4 slots as well )
    - Access to a Teamspeak server with my own Room ( not my own Server )
    - I also have Skype installed
    - I'am able to record in decent HD Quality ( 1280 * 720 )
    ( my channel on youtube http://www.youtube.c...ay?feature=mhee )
    - Maybe later an upgrade to Teamspeak3 instead of Mumble

    What I expect from you:
    - It would be great if you are min. 18+ but I will not stick to this
    - Also better to make the lets play without getting into timezone trouble you should be Australian as well
    ( make no sense if you are in a timezone +10 to my one, one of us have to stand up early or be up very late to do the LP )
    - Before we start with LP i would like to know you bit better to be sure we fit together and come along with each other

    Everything else what i have to say:
    - I am open for ideas ( example: build a spawn before start LP, install one ore the other mod as well)
    - What I will not do is install 100+ extra Mods because I would make it easy for us if the Direwolf20 modpack updates
    - Sometimes people don't come along with each other, that's not a drama, a drama would be if after we split up there are nasty comments about the other to read in the forum, that should not be happen

    Other Questions??
    If you got other questions, please ask what ever they are...

    What i need to know from you:
    From where you are?
    Have you done LP before?
    Do you have a youtube channel?
    Do you want to record as well?
    Skype / Mumble / Teamspeak ?
    Tell me a bit about you ( more then a sentence please )
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    posted a message on Anyone looking for LP Partner or Minecraft friend?
    Quote from maliciouxs

    Im 18 from Texas. That sounds pretty cool. I would like to be your lp partner

    Now the only difficult thing with you living in Texas is the timezone.. it's 4:46PM on my place in the moment.
    When you would be able to be online to make LP together? And i don't know how good the connection for you would be because the server is hosted in Australia. But we can give it a try. I am also making a post in the forum to look for LP partner's because i can fit 4 player on my server, more people i think is more fun :) I will send you the link after i have finished it, bare with me it would not take that long :)

    Here is the link to my page in the forum, have a look
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