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    I would like to be able to see how this pack works, first hand but unfortunately I can not get around the mountain of malware and even keyloggers that adfly is trying to install on a system (I tried using a fresh sandbox on another machine and that is how I saw the keyloggers because one of my programs must just being ignoring the IP and refusing to let the site that is redirecting have my info, or something, not sure, or maybe it is not trying to redirect to that site all the time. at any rate, I see no files because of this, period, so I can't say anything positive, or otherwise about the original posters work thanks to adfly having all this on it, to be able to load your links to download sadly :( Do you have a link from a site you run or something that is through another method other than hinding behind an adfly link?

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    adfly is still broken and looking into it, its much worse, I am so surprised that firefox only blocks it now, and there is not someone preparing a lawsuit, so much malware, and spyware trying to load from it, luckily I use a lot of protection layers, that catch this behavior, I tried a lot of things and when running it in a sand box on my test machine, it really went nuts grabbing a bunch of really dangerous keyloggers and what not, I really hope creators will find something useful that is not going to destroy the computer OS's of people and maybe their finances because this destroys the user base, Would just be better to make something a pay to download with a small payment on patreon or something.

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