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    posted a message on No holds barred halloween mod Revival.... Again.

    A long time ago the No holds Barred Halloween Mod was revived.... then it died yet again, the quest is just simply asking for someone who can actually mod to bring back this beloved ancient classic yet again. the last guy who tried to bring the mod back was able to reach out to the original original creator of the halloween mod, and they did originally give permission to update it since the original original creator just doesn't really do modding anymore.


    Here is the now dead updated version which is no longer actually updated.


    And here is the original version by Kodaichi.

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    posted a message on [1.12.2] [1.7.10] FandomCraft ReMix - The ultimate game/movie collection mod, being reborn for 1.12.2.
    Quote from eriavery»

    If you'd like to see a few of the upcoming Legend of Zelda-related items that will be in the upcoming FandomCraft ReMix 1.12.2 version, check out my other mod, Ultmate Lootboxes and find yourself the Hylian Box!

    What happened to the discord?!

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    posted a message on More mobs, more atmosphere!

    These kinds of mobs have been suggested time and time again, but i'm not really opposed to any of them.

    Please ignore the vocal minority of the community, they are the reason we didn't get penguins in update aquatic if i recall, Not all mobs need a use, there is ALWAYS a place for mobs whose main purpose is to make the world feel alive.

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    posted a message on Spooky Mobs! More creatures lurking within the shadows.

    The focus of this mob suggestion is to add in more creeps who lurk in the darkness. Tired of the Spiders, the Creepers, the zombies, the skeletons? or even the endermen and witches? Then do i have plenty of ideas for you!


    Ghosts are transparent mobs that spawn at night, they float around and have the same spawn rate as a spider. they slightly glow.

    when a ghost sees a player, it will attack via floating towards them, ghostly hands outstretched. i imagine their sounds would probably just be basic ghostly moans.

    A Ghost has 9 hearts of health.

    A ghost deals 1 heart of damage unarmoured on easy, 1 and a half on normal, and 2 full hearts on hard.

    During daylight, Ghosts burn in the sun.

    On death, Ghosts drop Ectoplasm, they can also drop white wool sometimes, and soulsand rarely.

    Ectoplasm can be crafted with any wooden themed items to make transparent ghostly versions of those wood items/blocks. perfect for building ghost ships or other creepy structures from beyond the grave!

    Werewolves & Silver Ore

    Silver Ore: Silver ore is a special ore type that generates around the world somewhat commonly, it would have an entire tool and armor set as well as a sword.

    Silver Armor is about the same as leather defense wise, but has the exclusive bonus of being 50% more protective against the undead & werewolves. same durability as diamond.

    Silver sword and tools are pretty much around the same as their iron counterparts, but each has the special bonus of dealing more damage to the undead and Werewolves.


    Werewolves: special night mobs that spawn exclusively in various forest type biomes (Excluding jungles). they look like large humanoid wolfmen walking upright, they fight with their claws and can sometimes break into a sprint if the play runs from them. when sprinting they run on all fours.

    They have around the same spawn rate as an enderman or witch. although, they spawn A LOT more often during the night of a full moon.

    Werewolves have about 20 hearts, but they take double the damage from silver swords.

    Sound effect wise, Werewolves just sound like growling evil wolves.

    Werewolves will leave players who wear full silver armor sets alone, although if the player attacks them, they WILL fight back.

    During the Daylight Werewolves will let out a loud howl before turning into what looks like a normal vanilla wolf with slightly off coloring. the ""normal wolf"" will act the same. the normal wolf form of the werewolf will despawn once the player gets far enough like most mobs.

    Werewolves have some wolfish behavior to them when they aren't attacking players, they will go after sheep and skeletons.


    On death, Werewolves drop leather, but they can also RARELY drop: The Bloody Sash.

    This special piece of equipment can be worn in the chestplate region, when wearing it during the night, the player will turn into a werewolf!

    As a werewolf the following things happen, good and bad:


    the Werewolf form cannot wear any armor except the sash, it will auto unequip any other armor being worn.

    the Werewolf form replaces the players model with that of a werewolf.

    the Werewolf Form can sprint on all fours to go even faster than a normal player sprinting.

    as a Werewolf: Sheep,Villagers and Skeletons fear you and will flee, while Snow and Iron golems will attempt to attack you.

    As a werewolf, you cannot fight with tools or weapons, instead you use your claws, the claws deal around diamond sword damage and can also be used as a standin for an iron pickaxe, being able to break any block an iron pick can.

    the werewolf form does not drain any hunger when it is being used during nights of a full moon, likewise full moon nights allow the players werewolf form to have more attack power.

    the werewolf form itself counts as armor.


    Also known as an Umbrella Ghost, these night mobs look like red japanese umbrellas with minor wear and tear damages all around it. it's handle though looks like a human leg wearing a sandal. it has one single eye on it and a smile with a tongue sticking out.

    The Karakasa-Obake spawns anywhere in the world at night like other hostiles, although, they spawn a lot more often during rain. it moves by hopping slowly, when it sees an enemy, it will leap into the air and open up like an umbrella, slowly drifting downwards towards the player in an attempt to kick them.

    the Karakasa has 6 hearts and it's sounds would probably be high pitched laughter.

    the Karakasa-obakes drops would include sticks,Red wool and rarely Kasacloth.

    Kasacloth is used to make Kasa Carpets, a type of fancy red carpet with an eye like design on it. it can also be used with sticks to make a Pocketkasa.

    The Pocketkasa is a small karakasa as an item, the player can hold onto it and slowly drift downwards when falling. the player can also attack with the Pocketkasa to create a small gust of wind that pushes mobs away. the pocketkasa does have durability that drains via falling or pushing mobs, it can be repaired with Karacloth.

    And the final thing Kasacloth can be used for is used with string and torches to make Paper Lanterns, a hanging lightsource.


    The paper lanterns tie into this one. first things first, you will need to take a paper lantern and surround it with ectoplasm to get a "Suspicious paper lantern."

    The Suspicious paper lantern looks and acts the exact same as a normal paper lantern, but after a total of 3 in game nights pass by, on the 4th night, the Chochin-Obake will spawn replacing the paper lantern. it looks like a paper lantern with a single eye, and a mouth with a tongue sticking out.

    The Chochin-Obake is friendly to the player, and will protect them from all harm, the Chochin cannot move from it's spot, for it is a ghost lantern.

    The Chochin-Obake has 50 hearts, and will attack any hostile mobs that get too close to it by lashing it's tongue at the enemy, it's got quite some range.

    The Chochin-Obake will instant kill creepers to prevent them from blowing up and griefing any bases that they were supposed to be protecting.

    When they see a player, they will lightly shake while giggling happily.

    (if possible.) the chochin-obake still produces light since they are still a lantern.

    The Chochin-Obake will not fight a player, even if they attack it or are in werewolf form. on death, the Chochin-Obake will drop into Ectoplasm,String and Kasacloth. sometimes a torch too.

    That's all i got so far, i really hope someone out there could make this. i know these four mobs might be a tall order, but i'm confident someone could pull these off!

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    posted a message on Better Nether [1.16|1.15|1.12]
    Quote from polomitics»

    Gotcha. I do feel like their should be some demonic elements, given things like wither skeletons and zombie pig man exist. Perhaps a backstory on why the pig man population become zombified? Perhaps it would have something to do with the wither skeletons presence, like the wither corrupted them. Just a suggestion.

    Not to mention that the nether IS hell, after all, it's biome ID IS HELL!

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    posted a message on Looking for help, mainly an experienced coder to potentially help on a nether survival mod.

    Future update ideas:

    Version 1.: Living in Hell
    Basic survival stuff, the basic mod suggestion.
    Version 2: Demonology Update
    Adds basic Demons and a few more advanced ones. also focuses on structures and a new ore: Valorite.
    Version 3: Deal with the Devil update
    Focuses on acquireing villagers and villages in the nether, also focuses on a brand new way of trading: Devil Deals.
    Version 4: Light in the Dark update
    Focuses on a new species of Demon known as Infernals as well as a "war" between them and Pigmen. also focuses on adding "purified" areas that can be created through the use of Silver Saplings.

    i continue to have too many ideas. and even more than just this.

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    posted a message on Looking for help, mainly an experienced coder to potentially help on a nether survival mod.

    The title pretty much says all.

    i've been longing for a full fledged nether survival mod for a long time, and i have SO many ideas at this point. but my only problem is i don't have the skillset to make this mod come true. i managed to meet someone who said that they could probably do the textures and models, but we'd still need an experienced coder to help out with this.

    The main goal of the mod is to allow it to be possible to live in the nether and survive. it's meant to be played alongside other nether expansion mods like Nether Ex, Better Nether and natura mostly.

    the main goal right now is for the first update to be focused on getting the survival parts in the mod, while future updates can be focused on other things, such as structures, dungeons and even demonic entities!

    Thank you for reading, if you'd like to see the current ideas for a Version 1 of the mod, i made a document.


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    posted a message on Better Nether [1.16|1.15|1.12]
    Quote from paulevs»

    ivuul, thank you for your ideas, I am interested in fishing, "phoenix" and sheeps, but they need advanced AI. I will think more about them later. Bees probably not (I saw some kind of them in other mods), but maybe I will make some alternative. I like an idea of mobs, that will interact with environment. Lava fish... I will think about it.

    But i never suggested any kinda bees. unless you're talking about the Fire Beetles. in which case, damn... i put most of my effort into that one.

    Thank you for considering some of them either way.

    i'm guessing the Duplicow and nether ores probably didn't catch your interest?

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    posted a message on Better Nether [1.16|1.15|1.12]

    i've edited my suggestions adding some basic stats for the mobs, i'm not good with balancing but i guess it's just a basic idea.

    What do you think of them if i may ask?

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    posted a message on Better Nether [1.16|1.15|1.12]

    Well... i worked all night on this while i was at work (it was a VERY VERY slow work night.) i don't really think i'm usually that great at suggestions, but i hope you enjoy and/or consider them nonetheless.

    So, this is probably the most overused nether themed suggestion i've ever seen but i'll suggest it anyways, the first major important thing: Why not allow netherrak coal,iron,gold,diamond,lapis and emerald spawn throughout the nether?

    The Fire Beetle!

    large orange beetles that would either be Neutral or Hostile, tamable through the use of either perhaps a black apple, a netherwart or mushroom type?

    Biomes they spawn in:
    Normal Nether (Uncommonly)
    Nether Grasslands (Uncommonly)
    Gravel Deserts (Rarely)
    (Potential NetherEx support if possible): Torrid Wastelands (Commonly)

    The Fire Beetles roam usually alone, they spend their time roaming looking for food, and will become undyingly loyal to any kind soul who feeds them. the Fire Beetle is a bit of a force to be reckoned with, their hardened shell keeps them alive for quite a while in fights, a tamed Fire Beetle can take out enemies hostile to their master. perhaps if the nether ores makes it in (Or if not, perhaps modded support for modded in nether ores.) the Fire Beetle could be attracted to lingering around ores or even spawning near large ore clusters.

    tamed fire beetles also have a special ability. right clicking them will have them open their shells allowing you to place item inside as portable storage. the Fire Beetle will also slowly smelt any ores that is stored within it. when an ore is inside the Fire Beetle, smoke particles will come from it.

    They can also sit still and not move if you sneak + right click on them with an empty hand. as for what wild Fire Beetles could drop? i suppose they could potentially drop some Fire Beetle meat for some new food, perhaps when cooked their meat could give some fire resistance? or maybe it can just be a good food. they could also potentially drop some smelted ore such as iron and gold ingots, and/or perhaps their shells? No idea what it could be used for, i'm just kinda spit balling at this point.


    HP: 25 hearts

    Damage: (Easy) 1 heart (Normal) 2 hearts and sets the player on fire (Hard) 3 hearts, sets the player on fire. these states are unarmored, tweak if you wish, i'm not good at balancing.

    Nether counterparts to some of the overworld animals

    The Teslamb!

    The Teslamb are demonic 3 eyed sheep that can come in many colors, and can be sheared for their respective wool colors, they have two states that they can be in:

    The Calm State
    1. Their third eye is closed in this state
    2. They are neutral in this state, attacking one will cause it to instantly go into it's Static State (more on this in a moment.), all other nearby calm teslambs will flee in fear.
    3. Calm Teslambs can be bred via nether wart or perhaps nether grass (i haven't been able to play the mod too much yet, can you obtain nether grass in survival normally?) or perhaps any other plant idea?
    4. Calm Teslambs can be peacefully and safely sheared for their wool.

    The Static State
    Teslambs might spawn in this state, but they will calm down after the length of one in game day, they can instantly be tossed into this state if they are harmed in any way.
    1. Static Teslambs third eye opens up, lightning particles circle their wool.
    2. Static Teslambs will fire off bolts of lightning to any nearby mobs that isn't the player,another Teslamb, or a players pet.
    3. Static Teslambs will zap players who shear them in this state, dealing damage and not shearing the wool.
    4. Static Teslambs will ruthlessly try to zap any players who try to fight them, they have a short charge up before they toss their bolts, allowing a player to dodge or block with their shield if they have one.

    On Death Teslambs drop their wool (not nearly as much as you'd get via shearing.) and Mutton.

    Teslambs can be found in the following biomes:
    Normal Nether (Uncommonly)
    Nether Jungle (Commonly)
    Nether Grasslands (Commonly)
    (Potential NetherEx support.) Fungi Forest (Commonly)


    HP: 4 hearts like normal sheep.

    Damage: (Easy) 1 heart, (Normal) 3 hearts, (Hard) 3 and a half hearts.

    A shadowy shimmering cow creature that seems to leave behind clones of itself that slowly copy it's movements before disappearing.
    be careful, if you accidentally attack a duplicow clone, it will disappear blinding the player and allow the normal duplicow to flee
    The Duplicow is entirely passive, attacking the real duplicow will cause it's clones to despawn.

    when standing around, it might spawn clones around to throw players who are hunting them off.

    They can be bred but i'm not sure what should be used for it, they can drop Wraith leather and multiplying beef, and can be milked giving a source of milk in the nether in the form of shimmermilk, a milk that seems to shimmer slightly..

    Likewise, perhaps there can be Wraith Leather Armor, a type of shimmering armor that is the same DEF and Durability of normal leather armor (or maybe slightly better since it's a nether armor set?) Wraith Leather can also be used in place of leather for any recipe.

    Biomes: Normal Nether: semi commonly
    Nether Jungle (Commonly)
    Nether Grasslands (Semi commonly)
    Mushroom Forest (Semi Commonly)
    (Potential Nether Ex Support) Fungi Forest (Semi Commonly)


    HP: 5 hearts.

    Fyre Fowl

    Large Chicken like birds with feathers made of flames, they live in groups and prey on Pigzombies that trespass in their nesting grounds. they lay eggs in the form of a block on the ground, then they will stay by the eggs protecting them from anything, including players.

    Fyre Fowls can be led and bred via rotten flesh once bred they will manually lay an egg, eggs that were laid by Fyre Fowl breeding can be safely harvested by the player without worry that the Fyre Fowl parents will attempt to fight them. on death they drop Phoenix Feathers which can be used in place of Feathers in recipes, they also drop raw Fyre Fowl which is the nether version of raw chicken.

    They are only found in the normal nether biome semi commonly and
    (If Netherex support is possible.) the Torrid Wastelands (Commonly)


    6 Hearts

    Damage: (Easy) 2 hearts, (Normal) 3 hearts, sets the player on fire., (Hard) 3 and a half hearts, sets the player on fire.

    the Lavafin

    A special of slightly large (about an entire block big.) fish that can be found passively swimming in the lava, they like to sometimes leap out from the lava into the air and fall back into the lava. if you can (somehow) kill one they will drop themselves as an item which can be eaten (no need to cook it!) the nether version of a fish!

    If the Lavafin leaps out of the lava and somehow lands on land, it'll flop until it finds lava again kinda like a guardian when it gets stranded.


    HP: 1 heart

    Lava Fishing!

    Wish you could go on a fishing trip, but you're too busy stuck in hell with crying sky demons and necrotic pigs? Worry not, just find yourself an Underworld Fishing Pole in a Nether Fortress chest! (or possibly another structure loot.) and get fishin'!

    The Underworld Fishing Pole allows you to fish in large enough lava sources, potential outcomes you may get from fishing include:
    Obsidian Block
    A Zombie Pigman (Will actually just spawn a neutral zombie pigman in the lava that you were fishing at.
    Ghast Tear
    Phoenix Feather
    Rotten Flesh
    Scorch snapper (Another fish type, no idea what it could be used for outside of food.
    Skeletal Fish (Can be turned into Bonemeal
    Skeleton Skull
    Wither Skull (Rarest potential item.)
    Diamond (Another rare potential item)
    Feel free to come up with any additional ideas for things to be able to fish up!

    That's about it for me, i hope you enjoyed them. sorry for any potential spelling mistakes, i'm very tired from work.

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    posted a message on Better Nether [1.16|1.15|1.12]
    Quote from paulevs»

    Work in progress - fist mob and soft-depend on Albedo

    (Library. Soft means you may not to install it)

    The first mob is firefly. It is not finished yet and has a very stupid AI, but I'm working on it. If you install Albedo, firefly will light 2 blocks around it. Otherwise, they will be only bright mobs.

    Screenshot Without Albedo:

    Screenshot With Albedo:

    Mobs! i look forward to some. i really wish i could suggest some mobs, but unfortunately the only things i'd ever suggest are basic demons, or my nether dragon/red dragon suggestion i made awhile back.

    i suppose something that could be neat is nether themed creatures that could provide a way to get certain overworld exclusive items, so that way a nether survival would be more possible. likewise any structures that could use dungeon loot could also help towards that. i dunno if you'd be interested in either of those ideas, but i could try to flesh some of them out and come up with more whenever i get home from work.

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    posted a message on 1.12.2+ Minecraft Gargoyles: The Protectors of your builds
    Quote from MohawkyMagoo»

    Still no config, still over spawning, still over powered, still bad world generation of structures.

    Yep... and it really is a shame, because there is a good mod under these problems. the gargoyles are wonderfully well done and a great idea... but...

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    posted a message on Dungeon Decorations (+ Extras!) (A Decorations mod mainly based on UO Decorations.

    But anyways, thank you so much for considering to do this!

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    posted a message on Dungeon Decorations (+ Extras!) (A Decorations mod mainly based on UO Decorations.

    My discord is Asmodeus, discord number is #8434

    It's 10:21 PM for me right now and i have to leave for work around 11 PM so i'll probably be unreachable until i get home in the morning.

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    posted a message on Dungeon Decorations (+ Extras!) (A Decorations mod mainly based on UO Decorations.

    I'd love it if you wanted to try and take this mod on! that would be great!

    If you need to speak to me about anything relating the ideas, i have a discord that i can be reached from more easily. i probably won't be around for long today due to having to work later tonight.

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