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    *NOTE: This server is for the java edition of minecraft 1.15.2
    Hello everyone! I'm here to announce The Parthenon of Earth SMP server!
    This server takes place on a 1:2000 scale map of earth complete with
    borders for each country! The server uses factions to claim your land

    and has a dynmap for you to see where your at! Warps are set up at

    every major continent for easy access to an area you may like to build in.

    check out our discord here: https://discord.gg/GYPgrJN
    In our discord, you will find more information about features of this server.

    Feel free to create a shop by spawn or near your base and request a warp

    to it! claim your land and build massive nations with beautiful builds.

    Active and fun community!

    Massive builds are encouraged!

    Server started on 2/18/20 at 12:00pm

    To Join, click the link to join our discord! the IP is under the #information tab!

    *NOTE: the factions plugin is mainly used for claiming though two nations

    can go to war if its agreed upon. if one player invades another without

    permission its considered an invasion and anyone can fight on either side

    to end the war. Players can only be attacked while online and grief damage

    should be kept to a minimal while at war. NO GRIEFING OR RAIDING WILL


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    Quote from CyberSecGuy»

    The word is LORE my guy, not LURE.

    I am going to lure you into my house with candy.

    Here is the lore of my server.

    Thanks for catching that! I hadn't even realized.

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    Ladies and gentlemen, May I present to you, The Pantheon Network!

    What is it exactly?
    A: Well to begin, it is an alpha stage factions server looking for alpha, and soon to be beta testers!

    Why is it a Network if its just a Factions server?
    A: Currently factions is one of 4 game servers under development. Plans to include, Towny, Skyblock, and minigames in the future!

    Why should you care?
    A: While we are in alpha and beta, we will host weekly giveaways including ranks, and buycraft points(once our website finishes development!),
    as well as many exclusive items and enchantments. While currently, the server is open only to staff, all players are welcome to join the discord to learn more about the server and get daily updates on progress. The Beta release will be the first time the public will be allowed on the server, and that will be on January 18th at 12:00pm EST. Plans to include several races with unique traits to the faction experience, each having access to specific dungeons are also under construction! Yes, the server will have its own lore and backstory and will have an mmo-esk plot on top of the faction experience!

    Whats this lore I spoke of?

    A: Thousands of years ago, seven clans lived in constant war.

    - The giants, who controlled the earth with their massive size.

    - The gargoyles, who with their stone bodies were nearly indestructible.

    - The satyrs with their vastly superior athleticism.

    - The dryads with their connection to the healing capabilities of the cosmos

    - The Minotaur's, who’s strength is unparalleled.

    - The demons, who drew power from the chaos of the universe giving them the powers of those they drew from.

    - The angels. Who fought with the light of the universe, stopping at nothing to bring it to peace.

    The 2 thousand year war between the angels and the demons sought to decide the fate of the universe, darkness or light. Each clan being forced to follow the demons or the angels. The giants and Minotaur's following the demons while the gargoyles and the satyrs joined the angels. The dryads, in their peaceful ways, refused to join either side, instead calling on the gods for help. After millennia of warfare over the fate of the universe, the gods heard the plea of the dryads and came to the earth to stop the war. The demons and angels were erased from the mortal world being sent to purgatory for eternity. The gods gave each race a boost in their power so one race cannot be stronger than another. With the angels and demons gone, the gods returned to their slumbers. After the boost in power, the races formed nation, deepest of across the universe to live in isolation, each forgetting the gods and the tales of old, all except the dryads, who continue to worship the gods hoping that one day, in a coming crisis, the gods will once again step in to rid the world of warfare.

    LORE ONLY: TLDR: War broke out long ago giving each nation its own ability when the gods put an end to the war.

    How do i apply for alpha/beta testing?

    A: You don't. Just join our discord and get updates and invites to test things within the server!

    Does any of this sound interesting to you? Check us out on discord with our actively growing community here: https://discord.gg/RKs6gEB
    for any further questions, feel free to as on our discord or on this post! We hope to see you around,

    -The Pantheon Network Management

    P.S. While staff applications are opened, please keep in mind you are only allowed one application per person. Failure to answer questions as well as submitting more than the aforementioned 1 application will result in an instant denial and you'll have to wait one month to apply again. Please note we take our staff team and their responsibilities seriously, therefore, failure to meet standards will result in demotion or termination of your position. Also note, staff will be hired starting at helper and builder only. if you apply stating a position higher than these, your application will be denied.

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