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    posted a message on New Hostile Mob Spawning | BUG?

    So I was not being paranoid. I've noticed the same thing.

    Yeah, they don't spawn much, so I guess…night out? :-D

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    OK, tested again, no luck.

    If you want to give it a try, here is a link to my world: Isteria 2019-05-02

    It's already in 1.14, I've played with it for a bit, changing pressure plates and making water elevators, but still. Chunks not loading etc. As it's described. Vsync disabled everywhere, it doesn't matter.

    Why I'm giving the link to you? I'm just curious, if it will work fine on your machine.

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    posted a message on World glitching

    What's the context of that world?

    Maybe I'll give it another try.

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    posted a message on World glitching

    Vsync is just not related enough that I had to try it.

    And as a surprise to exactly no one, it doesn't work. At least for me.

    I've run with my horse through not loaded chunks. Thanks to my highway system, I can just…run safely.

    It seems like I'd have to wait for some future update.

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    posted a message on World glitching

    OK, so it's version and origin independent.

    What about other things? Like java version. I rock 191, ×64.

    And arguments are -Xmx8G -XX:+UnlockExperimentalVMOptions -XX:+UseG1GC -XX:G1ReservePercent=20 -XX:MaxGCPauseMillis=50 -XX:G1HeapRegionSize=128M , used for very long time.

    Although I doubt it has any impact.

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    posted a message on World glitching

    Happens to me as well, but nobody here talks about context of that world.

    Where those worlds have been created? In 1.14 or in previous versions? Were there some previous upgrades, like from 1.12 to 1.13 (I always omit the last version number, assume the highest)? Were mods involved?

    This matters.

    Do I have solution? No. It happens to me as well. World created in 1.11, played on 1.12 with mods, upgrade to 1.13.2 specifically was not possible, had to go through 1.13(.0), but upgrade directly to 1.14 was fine, even performance boost but this happens…

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    posted a message on How many torches have you used?

    Funny you ask. I have no idea, I've lost stats some time ago during one of my experiments (backing up my world ever since).

    But just today, I've crafted 72 stacks of them. Those things…I use them so much…

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    posted a message on Broken terrain/chunks loading/generation in 19w13a

    Update: Yeah, chunk generating was broken, but fixed in 19w13b. So if anyone else has the same problem, then just update.

    Other than that, I haven't found option to delete this thread, but if some admin stumbles upon this, please delete it.

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    posted a message on Broken terrain/chunks loading/generation in 19w13a

    I've decided to give snapshots a try. So I've generated new world on latest snapshot. Terrain/chunks loading/generation was broken. Basically, it only generates chunks near me, and that's pretty much it.

    Deleted that world, tried different one, different seed, name. Same thing.

    Tried not to use my parameters and only the bundled java version. Same thing.

    Did the above in new profile folder. Same thing.

    At this point, except reinstalling MC (which will not help) and then OS (unknown), I don't know what to do.

    It's not a big problem, but it might be, since the same thing has happened to me when I was trying to upgrade my existing world to latest snapshot (it has happened during one of the upgrade paths, not the slow, working one).

    It just doesn't want to load new chunks. And everything outside those generated is pretty much stuck. It shakes, but not move anywhere.

    At this point, I just want to ask: is it only me, or anyone else? I know it's snapshot, so bugs can be expected (but this?), so „no fix needed“, meaning it's not urgent.

    And here is how it looks like:

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    posted a message on Isterian empire

    Thanks. Really appreciated.

    Cannae melis is in fact sugar cane.

    Yeah, don't use google's latin translator. It's not that good. :-D

    English has a lot of words from latin, only distorted, so it should be for the most part fine. Vitrum is glass, lateres means bricks, saxum is stone, and so on.

    Regarding the effort: it increases over time. My original home and vertical farms near it, both animal and plant, are old buildings. Back then, there were no regulations, norms, nothing. Now I have sort of code of how to build. What needs to be there, and so on. The building with IIR logo and Isteria on it's roof is actually the newest. Here you can see the code in action.

    The only thing what's missing in published version, is faxi (aka torches) on ledges. I've done this since publishing (and It went faster than I thought).

    And speaking of that building, that top level above all sheep is for turtles. Whenever I transition to 1.13.2. Whenever mods like Inventory tweaks, journey map and so on will be done for it.

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    posted a message on Isterian empire

    Basic info:

    I’ve created this topic to share my world with you. I wanted to do this for some time, but didn’t, because I was not sure about if anyone would even care. I’m not sure about it now as well, but…YOLO, right? :-D

    Some of you might see map from this world in another thread, and now you can actually visit. Download link is at the end of this post.

    Context info:

    World created almost 2 years ago (like…4 days from now it will be 2 years exactly), in 1.11.2, vanilla, with the seed of speed of causality (also light) in m/s as a seed, 299792458. Default settings otherwise. Now the world is saved as 1.12.2, vanilla. No mod required, although I use some and sadly am kind of dependent on them, that’s why it’s not 1.13.2. However, during construction of newer buildings, I’ve included preparation for future upgrade to 1.13.2 features, mainly water elevators.

    It wouldn’t be me, if there was no map, so here it is:

    IIR, 2019-03-28

    You should probably read this:

    You are starting in my old bedroom, beginning of the year 7 (Isterian calendar: 10 days in a week, 10 weeks in a month, 10 months in a year. Super simple (just like metric system)). Current state of the empire? Reasonably good. Northern colony was established, southern still waits, eastern will be relocated, western is not planned, and in the empire itself, I have finished south-eastern block, which is that big plot of land, secured, but nothing in it. Yet. I have a lot of things in my new home, but I haven’t still completely moved out of my old one, the one where you start.

    I haven’t purposefully marked any locations on the map, take it as an adventure, to find where what is. I can only tell you that my old home is in northern part of central block of imperial region, and from it, 4 main highways go to their respective directions. Home is surrounded by highway ring, of course. If you go with the southern exit of the building on highway level (y=74, anywhere), then you should have on your right-hand side doors leading to horse station. With horse in it. 12,5 m/s, which is also why I don’t understand those traveling by minecart. That construction above you, is just for lighting. I really need lanterns…

    Another info:

    You should be facing something, what seems a large building, but it’s just part of building complex, sheep house for colored wool and another vertical farm. Sheep house is that under IIR logo, vertical is under “Isteria” label.

    But I’d suggest you to go south-east. On highway going that direction. It will lead you straight to my new home. It’s largest building I’ve ever build, consuming in total about 300 000 blocks of all kinds. And if your FPS goes down, then…yeah. That’s normal, too big build. Next to that are the dark rooms, follow black carpet to go down, blue to go up. Green signifies that on that side of the hall, there are stairs, red that there are no stairs. Yeah, let’s just say that this type of staircase was not one of my best ideas. It’s also really old building and there is no physical space to retrofit it with elevators. But you basically only need to go down, 2 levels, to “collection room”.

    Additional quick bits of info. Might be useful:

    I could talk about other builds like that, but I don’t want to spoil it for you. So just couple of information.

    I’m big fan of Latin. So, naturally, signs with chest content-descriptive text are in Latin.

    Everything is numbered from 0. As it should. Numbers start at 0.

    You get (at your start) standard equipment. Tools, weapons, armor, everything enchanted…

    The room you start looking in, is kind of everything-here room. It’s last remnant of chaos. In those chests, you find adamantium (EN: diamond) tools, armor, behind enchanting library books with spells…

    Pretty much every construction material is already in new home.

    You travel everywhere by horse. You just run into horse station near building you want to go in, ditch the horse in and go your way. That is the intended use case. No leads, no nothing. Just dismount and you’re done. Highway network will be probably your best friend while getting somewhere.

    That piece of highway in south-east is not finished yet.

    You can get to southern colony using nether. There is also highway network. Just go bit east and then there is turn south. No need to take horse there, because Nether has already one.

    But, while in Nether, go check out the western highway. Just run about 400 m, you should get on a bridge. Then, after a while, there is another station (leads to mushroom island, I believe). But take look at that bridge. Trust me, it’s worth it.

    In the empire, the southern-most station is imperial docks.

    That sandstone square on the map in middle of water surrounded by highway, is the yellow tower. For some reason, it slows down PC like nothing.

    In western block, there are 2 buildings, the commercial district. Villagers can be found there. Old buildings, very old.

    They’re near absolute tower. From bedrock to build limit. On stairs. No elevators. Again, old building.

    In center-south is experimental pig farm. Just for fun, you can make pigs to just…jump off of a ledge, falling on hoppers. Potato farm nearby, but it has low output.

    That area west, with the large building, is westland mine. This is result of unrestricted mining. From top to bedrock. Take everything. Now, I revitalizing the area. Only thick, tall walls remain to build. And that large building? Mostly unused. For now.

    Near it is the white concrete tower. Most recent tower, required me to build concrete making facility, aka the build below commercial district.

    North-eastern region, where highway ends: village, generated bit…wrong. So I’ve started to fix it. My work there is not done yet.

    East end of highway system: leveled area for eastern colony. But…it will not be there. Because wit addition of south-eastern block, it got too close to the empire to be considered as a colony, so…leveled for nothing, I guess. But that is prevailing theme with eastern colony. On your way there, you saw pine gigants on suspiciously leveled land. There was a colony building. No more. Just tower, as memory.

    Just bit north from the empire, basically in water, there is a station. For spider and undead spawner. Unremarkable on map, but bigger on the inside, connected with underground tunnels, even with near by island, or what’s left of it. Because where is water now, there used to actually be land. Just compare it to new world on the same seed.

    Download link:

    Download here, 150 MB, zip

    Future updates:

    Will be, if there will be interest in this. If not, I leave this topic to die. So basically, let me know. Or tell me about what I did wrong in my world. Pretty sure there will be plenty of things. :-D

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    posted a message on What have you done recently?

    Northern colony. Finally. Compare this map with the one couple posts before.

    IIR 2019-03-17 – 16-51-43

    So, basically: Extension of the northern highway, about 0,6 km from last position, leaving the colony about 1,5 km from my home. Although this number is hard to say, because my home is…what? Imperial border wall? Old house or the new one? Central point of all 3 blocks of the empire?

    Anyway. That is the overall map. It's only 2 days old, but I've made some progress wit preparing the land in future colony to be in standard. So here is minimap of just that colony:

    Northern colony

    Highway leads to small horse station, which is connected to building's core (stairs and elevators), and then 3 rooms around it. It's unusually small scale build for me, but I really needed something done, fast. Roof already has the signature diorite surface. And next to that, 25 piceae gigants. Unimaginable, how much wood I needed. Around the building, there is future imperial land, which in the north-eastern sector is not leveled yet due to changes in plans (extension). And around that, the exclusion zone. Everything leveled with chunk granularity, I take whole chunks, round borders to chunk.

    And for those of you, who want to see how it looks like, boots on the ground, here it is:


    ↑ Colonial home and small scale tree farm. Looking from leveled land.


    ↑ End of the northern highway, for now. And horse station for this home.


    ↑ Front lobby in new home.


    ↑ Storage for stuff from animals/mobs. Column for hostiles and then 4 others, 2 crates have no usage for now. And yes, that on the right is missing hoppers. I did not have had the time to put them there.


    ↑ Storage room for (mostly) construction materials. Typical imperial storage columns, 349 stack slots each, and then some stand alone large crates.


    ↑ And labels, of course, in latin. And since we're in north, there is a lot of nix (and yes, I will not say what it is, but you can figure it out yourself :-) ).


    ↑ Sunset from balcony with most of leveled land. That land needs lighting and granitum walls around it.


    ↑ Still from balcony, my small scale tree farm and closer look at my home.


    ↑ You see, if I decide how borders will be, I don't care. About anything. I'll cut through mountains, fill up rivers, cover ravines, I really don't care. There is the empire and everything else will bend to the will of the empire.


    ↑ Snow covered trees, behind which is land, which still needs leveling. And my experiments with explosions on ice. Interesting results in deed.


    ↑ Looking south, towards home. This is the northern highway.


    ↑ And from the same spot look at current state of northern colony. There is not much there, YET.


    ↑ I've bend this part of the highway in such way, because I need future land to be clear of anything. I have plans for some buildings there. And that lave there? Yeah, I have plans for it too.


    ↑ One of those new buildings will be for rabbits. Colony absolutely needs to be self-sufficient and living there must be sustainable. And my food of choice? Rabbits. I know! Pigs would be better. Or even chickens. But I'm sick of those. I don't have much rabbits in the empire, because…they're not that „profitable“. Here? Situation is different.


    ↑ That little crack in the hill on the right is my mark, where to dig when leveling. It's limiter. This limit the exclusion zone.


    ↑ And just look at the colonial home together with horse station from highway. Front lobby down, 1st floor with most storage, furnaces and so on, and then 2nd floor, where rabbits reside for now, and where my bedroom is.

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    posted a message on How to gather water from underground river in survival mode?

    Water source block is different from flowing water. Go upstream and you find some hole in the wall of that cave where the water is coming from.

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    posted a message on Chicken

    The dog is just looking at you.

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    posted a message on Least Fav Tree type (Birch = Worst)
    Quote from AvionPhoton»

    I wish Mojang would increase the drop rates of saplings for jungle trees a bit, I don't like deforesting jungles, or any forest for that matter!

    Yeah, I also don't understand the reasoning behind lowered drop rates of saplings of jungle trees. Is it because they can produce a lot of wood? But what about gigant piceas then? Using them, you can get an unimaginable amount of wood.

    I also don't like that I'm basically forced to deforest jungles. One of the most rarest, beautiful biomes.I don't want to rekt that place (for that I have westland mine).

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