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    Hey guys!

    I literally haven't played Minecraft in a YEAR; but today I accidentally clicked on my Bookmarks folder and I found this page in there. Clicked on it, and now I'm a bit sad. This all brought back a lot of memories of times I used to have on this forum and in Minecraft. It's crazy that I really stopped playing and just never looked back, but I have a lot more time for other stuff now that I've quit Minecraft. For all the people still commenting on this post: it really warms my heart that people do care about the effort I put into my map. However, I'm certainly not going to be making any others. I've forgotten how to play Minecraft at this point, and even just clicking around the forum, everything feels so foreign, although I see a lot of my old friends here.

    So yeah-- I'll probably be back here every few months (as I have so far) whenever I remember this place. I had lots of fun playing Minecraft, but it's just not for me anymore. Sorry guys. <3 Love you all!
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    Hai! Sorry to potentially hijack the thread here, but I am on esper.net on the channel #ctm right now, hanging out with some people! Come along if you want to say hi to me and catch up on stuff.

    So that I don't take it too off-topic here, but still posting here since my old-time friends are here, the short version of things is that I stopped playing Minecraft entirely. I will still come to the forums to say hi every so often, but I have stopped developing my map series, and I don't play at all anymore. :(

    For the people who've been here a long time and remember me, this isn't the last time you'll get to say hi to me again. I will pop in from time to time, but those times will probably be scarce.

    For those new-timers on the thread here: hello! I'm a person that used to post here a lot, and I was a very active member of the community. Around early January, I decided that I wanted to have a social life and wanted to not be addicted to Minecraft, so I stopped playing entirely, and I have never really felt the urge to come back.

    To keep this at least a little bit on-topic, thanks, Vechs, for all the fun times you've given me over the year in which I played CTM maps! December 2011 to December 2012, you will always be remembered as a time of fun and Minecraft. <3

    Hope to see some of you around, and thanks for all the fun! :)
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    Aight guys! Red has made the new CTM Shop thread. Although he didn't ask me my permission to do it, I don't mind at all. I was sort of hoping someone would make a new one, because I just don't think I'm going to have time to continue this thread. :(

    I am playing Minecraft again somewhat; spending most of my time on the wonderful Project Ares servers though. This means not much progress on my CTM maps, or on this thread. :(

    y'all can keep discussing things on this thread, or let it die. Whatever you want. Community can has decide. Hope it's been useful (as much as a derpy Isaac thread could have been) to you!

    Good luck Red. :)
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    It seems I am nawt dead. :3 however i can only come on teh forums like never :-(

    Quote from shiden9000

    finish inferno mines soon man


    I hope this communication written ere this day of the month January finds you in full health, both in body and soul, and I ask thou to hearest me the following:

    Dearest sir, also known in additional locations as Vechs or Vaks, I hereby would appreciate just a tidbit of your most valuable time and use this marvelous opportunity to kindly beseech you of the following: wouldst thou consider, regardless of current occupations, to carry forward with the plans laidst out by thou ere many moons ago in a fashion bearing with most haste?

    Many thanks and declarations of gratitude,
    Yours truly, shiden9000.
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    Want this cool banner by Pieluvr? Then just copy the code below into your signature!



    Mediafire unfortunately deleted all of my files. So I've moved to Fileswap. EDIT: Aimoskeeto has informed me that indeed, Fileswap has a download count. So the Downloads section will still be updated.

    Catastrophic Creeper Caverns has been updated to v1.1, since everyone thought it was so easy. There's about 40 more charged creeper spawners in the map now, and 64 less pieces of glowstone. Aren't you glad you wished for it to be harder?

    Welcome to a new CTM map series by me, isaac_bardin! These maps are fairly traditional CTM maps, in which you can break and place blocks, mine, craft, etc. They're based off the amazing original Super Hostile map series by Vechs (link is here) in which you spawn in a hostile world and attempt to survive and thrive. The latter might not happen, though, depending on the difficulty of the map you're trying to play.

    The main goal of my maps is to find the Monument. This is a place with slots for blocks of wool. You find these pieces of wool in special rooms around the map. Most of my maps feature the usual 19-slot Monument, but some maps may have Bonus Goals or a Bonus Monument. For these, the same rules apply as to the main Monument.

    :Green: :Green: :Green: :Green:

    1. Find and complete the Monument.
    2. Only use Victory Blocks from chests around the map. The only exception are mineral blocks, which you can craft.
    3. Don't use Peaceful difficulty.
    4. Don't leave the map's boundaries or go where you aren't supposed to go.
    5. You may use mob drops or items found in chests to craft anything besides blocks for the Monument.
    6. Have "fun!"

    Easy: A cakewalk! There may be a lot of spawners, but the large amount of awesome, renewable loot you get makes your time spent on this map relaxing-- relatively.
    Medium: A step up from easy. You may find yourself in trouble sometimes, or much of the time. Still, great loot keeps you steps away from your demise.
    Hard: You shall rage, and you shall rage hard. While I'll never blow up the wool or do anything like that, some areas may be a bit unfair. Loot is less common, spawners are more common. Die in a pit of mobs.
    Insane: Do you dare to see what a map like this looks like?

    What kind of general theme a map has. There may be no theme sometimes.

    How much time, in hours, this map will take to complete for an average player.

    Linear-Branching: Areas in these maps branch out from central points, called Intersections.
    Linear: One area comes after another, mostly in a set path.
    Open World: Lost in a huge world, you must explore to find dungeons.
    Hub: Areas branch out from a central hub.
    Minimap: A small map with 3-5 wools.

    :Teal: :Teal: :Teal: :Teal:

    The Lonely Lands #0
    Humble Beginnings

    Type: Linear Branching
    Theme: None
    Difficulty: Easy
    Playtime: 20 - 25 hours

    Preferred .jar: Minecraft 1.4
    Download: Humble Beginnings v2.0

    This is the very first CTM map I ever made. Thus, while it is fun for a few afternoons of play, the aesthetics are not really up to par with my future/later maps. I made some radical decisions in terms of design in this map, and it's really a love-it-or-hate-it kind of deal. I'd recommend playing a newer map, but if you don't mind that some areas don't measure up to my exacting standards, this map really does have fun gameplay once you get into it.
    I'd consider this map an introductory map to my series. Play it, enjoy it, but keep in mind that when I made this map, I was still learning how to use WorldEdit and MCedit to their full advantage. My newer maps are up to a far higher standard, but I'm leaving this map up for download because it could be fun for an afternoon of CTM rage.


    The Lonely Lands #1
    Darkbright Caverns

    Type: Linear-Branching
    Theme: Stone/Lava
    Difficulty: Hard
    Playtime: 30 - 40 hours

    Preferred .jar: Minecraft 1.4
    Download: Coming Febuary 2013!

    The Lonely Lands #1 is coming! It's going to be a Hard, Cave-Based map set entirely underground in caves. Featuring awesome area names and huge, epic areas, do you have what it takes to conquer the caverns that are both dark and bright?
    Want teaser pics and updates? Follow this thread, I might post some!

    The Lonely Lands #2
    Lush Skies

    Type: Open World
    Theme: Sky Islands
    Difficulty: Medium
    Playtime: 40 - 60 hours

    Preferred .jar: Minecraft 1.4
    Download: Coming May 2013!

    The Lonely Lands #2 is coming! Being released sometime in mid 2013, it will be up to far higher standards than the Lonely Lands #0, both in terms of aesthetics and gameplay. I'm really going to take my time on this one and talk to beta testers every step of the mapmaking way so I can ensure a fun and rewarding experience for you guys.
    Want teaser pics and updates? Follow my thread! I might post some every so often.

    LL Minimap #1
    Catastrophic Creeper Caverns
    Download: http://www.fileswap....s_v1.1.zip.html
    Leaderboards (top three speedrun times):
    1. LimitlessMC - 3:11
    2. Aimoskeeto - 3:54
    3. Aimoskeeto - 3:57

    This is a fun little map that takes you through a psychedelic landscape, filled with plenty 'o creepers. It's a very small map, and it will only take you 5-10 minutes, but you'll enjoy every second of it. Can you find the creeper spawn egg and bring it back to its rightful place?


    LL Minimap #2
    Grim Ghast Grotto
    Download: Coming soon!
    Leaderboards (top three speedrun times):
    1. isaac_bardin 5:00
    2. isaac_bardin 5:00
    3. isaac_bardin 5:00


    :Green: :Green: :Green: :Green:

    Hey Isaac, I like your maps! How can I contribute to you though? You don't use Ad.fly links or have a donation box anywhere...
    I'm not interested in getting money for making my maps, I just view mapmaking as a hobby and love to do it. But if you want to support me, the best way is to post feedback (especially pictures, I love those) of the map(s) you are playing at the time! It keeps my thread alive and lets me know what I need to incorporate into my next maps. Also, LPs of my map are greatly appreciated as long as you include a link to this page!

    How long does it take you to make your maps?
    I made Humble Beginnings in about 3 weeks. My other maps (future tense right now) will probably have a lot more time spent on them. I'd like to spend more time on the aesthetics of things, and I need to work on my gameplay arc too.

    What tools do you use to make your maps? I'd like to make my own but I'm not sure how.
    I use SinglePlayerCommands, WorldEdit, WE scripts like the Terraforming Toolkit, Super Spiral Generator, Magic Circles, MCedit, WorldPainter, TooManyItems, In-Game NBTedit, and much more. This can sound a little overwhelming to a new mapmaker, but there's plenty of tutorials on YouTube for learning each of these programs. Once you know the basics, you'll be mapmaking in no time.

    Hey, Minecraft version ____ came out! Why aren't your maps updated?
    I view mapmaking as a hobby. It's not my job, and I have many things to do in real life that may hinder me from updating my maps. I may or may not update maps, or make new maps. I may take weeks, or even months, off mapmaking. When I don't feel like mapmaking, I'm not going to do it. But I do my best to keep things updated and running smoothly for you guys.

    I have another question! How can I contact you?
    I'm often found hanging around Vechs' Super Hostile thread, one of my other threads, the CTM Shop, or on esper.net in the IRC channel #CTM. I'd be glad to hear from you!

    Silly onionhead! Nobody has ever asked you any of these questions.
    Shhh! Don't tell! Maybe people will think other people are actually curious about this stuff. And it inflates my ego still further. Don't pop the ego balloon.

    :Teal: :Teal: :Teal: :Teal:

    When a YouTuber makes a video series of one of my maps, the link to the first episode of it will be posted below! Keep in mind that just some of the LPs of my maps will be posted here (usually the first people to play a certain map) because I don't have space for every LP ever.

    LPs of #0: Humble Beginnings
    GamesPlaysJames: http://bit.ly/WOU4tU
    TeamTagSwag: http://bit.ly/TeRrvN
    Wokkel53: http://bit.ly/10DhEd6
    Kingkaider: http://bit.ly/VcjpKp
    AJointEffortGaming: http://bit.ly/WzveJI
    Herculius100: http://bit.ly/VtlrGf
    DrDetroit: http://bit.ly/TNexJN
    Laxaria: http://bit.ly/X8f9en
    BVF: http://bit.ly/YCdcML
    MasterViniMC: http://bit.ly/12Iipmj
    StaticRayMinecraft: http://bit.ly/VgWJHI
    Jimboslice21: http://bit.ly/VbxdUY

    :Green: :Green: :Green: :Green:

    100 downloads: Goal reached!
    200 downloads: Goal reached!
    300 downloads: Goal reached!
    400 downloads: Goal reached!
    500 downloads: Goal reached!
    1,000 downloads: Goal reached!
    2,000 downloads: Goal reached!
    3,000 downloads: Goal reached!

    Downloads Overall: 3678 as of December 27rd, 2012.

    :Teal: :Teal: :Teal: :Teal:

    Pieluvr: Thanks for making me the awesome Lonely Lands banner!
    Aimoskeeto: Thanks for making me all the fonts in this thread.
    Kingkaider: Thanks for being my MCedit magician for LL#1! I appreciate it muchly.
    Vechs: The father of CTM maps.

    :Green: :Green: :Green: :Green:

    Thanks to Vechs for the following text (text was modified from his thread).

    Users are free (and encouraged) to create videos of the MAPS and share the videos online, using websites such as YouTube. Users are also free to include advertisements and monetize their videos of my maps. Watching people play my maps is by far the best way for me to learn how to make better maps. If you have made video's or LP's (Let's Play series) of my maps, then thank you very much!


    MAP (MAPS, plural) - Data that interfaces with the Minecraft client to extend, add, change or remove game content.
    MOJANG - Mojang AB
    OWNER - , Original author(s) of the MAP. Under the copyright terms accepted when purchasing Minecraft (http://www.minecraft.net/copyright.jsp) the OWNER has full rights over their MAP despite use of MOJANG code.
    USER - End user of the map, person installing the map.


    Use of these MAPS to be installed, manually or automatically, is given to the USER without restriction.

    These MAPS may only be distributed where uploaded, mirrored, or otherwise linked to by the OWNER solely. All mirrors of these MAPS must have advance written permission from the OWNER. ANY attempts to make money off of these MAPS (selling, selling modified versions, adfly, sharecash, etc.) are STRICTLY FORBIDDEN, and the OWNER may claim damages or take other action to rectify the situation.

    These MAPS are provided freely and may be decompiled and modified for private use, either with a decompiler or a bytecode editor. Public distribution of modified versions of these MAPS require advance written permission of the OWNER and may be subject to certain terms.

    :Teal: :Teal: :Teal: :Teal:
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    Quote from Vechs

    Thank you very much for the offer, I really do appreciate it, but I have to decline.


    If you ever need any menial tasks done that would make the community happy if completed but you don't want to do, just call on me.
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    Thanks to Goreae and z_bill for making the first two generations of CTM compilation threads! Thanks to StratMaster007 for the awesome banner!

    Welcome to the all new CTM Central! Link to the former CTM Central: http://bit.ly.WKguvW. This compilation of CTM maps is quite a different beast than the last one. Read on to find out how!

    Want this cool banner by StratMaster007? Then just copy and paste this into your signature!



    New reviews are constantly put up! If you're a volunteer reviewer, please consider reviewing one of the maps that need a review!

    This is just a small collection of some of the CTM maps out there. There's hundreds, or maybe even thousands, of CTM maps. Unfortunately, it'd take me years to post them all here, and years more to get reviews for them all.

    Maps are organized by rating, from highest to lowest! Please note that a map's rating can go up or down when new maps are released.

    If you appreciate the time I've taken to write this thread, respond to it! Don't let it die! Or, if you have less time on your hands, make the rep-whory part of me feel good and give it a +1.

    :Teal: :Teal: :Teal: :Teal: :Teal: :Teal: :Teal: :Teal: :Teal: :Teal: :Teal: :Teal: :Teal: :Teal: :Teal: :Teal: :Teal: :Teal: :Teal: :Teal: :Teal: :Teal: :Teal: :Teal: :Teal: :Teal: :Teal: :Teal: :Teal:

    What are CTM maps?
    CTM maps are a kind of custom map pioneered by Vechs, which is in many ways similar to vanilla Minecraft. You can place and break blocks, but the difference is that you have a goal, which is to collect materials and place them in some sort of monument to your victory. In obtaining these materials, you will have to traverse dangerous terrain, filled with strong mobs and devious traps. Will you complete any of these hard maps?

    What should I post in this thread?
    Pretty much anything related to CTM maps is OK! Post about progress you're making on CTM maps, post pictures of your own CTM maps, post a few of your LPs of CTM maps (please do not spam up the thread with these, however) and discuss the finer aspects of maps!

    What is in this thread?
    Basically, this is a complete CTM resource. Currently, there are only reviews of CTM maps, but eventually there may be walkthroughs of popular CTM maps, tips on how to conquer maps well, and more!

    Can I please review maps for this thread like the volunteers I see below?
    Sorry, right now we are not currently accepting reviewers! However, keep your eye on this thread. In the future we may need more.

    :Indigo: :Indigo: :Indigo: :Indigo: :Indigo: :Indigo: :Indigo: :Indigo: :Indigo: :Indigo: :Indigo: :Indigo: :Indigo: :Indigo: :Indigo: :Indigo: :Indigo: :Indigo: :Indigo: :Indigo: :Indigo: :Indigo: :Indigo: :Indigo: :Indigo: :Indigo: :Indigo: :Indigo: :Indigo:

    Rating System:
    Maps are rated from 1-10. The higher score, the better the map.

    Orange Text: review by isaac_bardin.
    Red Text: review by Olangotang.
    Dark Blue Text: review by Hybran.
    Purple Text: review by kingkaider.
    Brown Text: review by Pieluvr.
    Green Text: review by LimitlessMC.
    Cyan Text: review by WittyWhiscash.
    Blue Text: review by Delthyn.
    Black Text: review by Other/Anonymous

    Super Hostile
    Rating: 9.5
    Commentary: Vechs, the father of the CTM series, has created a number of truly inspiring maps to conquer. His maps are varied and interesting, and every area feels fresh, unique, and different. Vechs' maps have mostly traditional CTM dungeons and areas, but given that he invented the genre his maps have inspired others, and not the other way around. If you've never played a CTM map before, play Vechs' maps before anyone else's.

    Vinyl Fantasy
    Rating: 9.0
    Three_two's insanely creative and insanely hard maps will leave you wanting more after you place the last record in the monument. His maps require you to find discs to place in a Jukebox Monument. The discs are hidden in boxes in beautiful, inventive landscapes. Three_two is best known for his skill in creating large landscapes and in combining blocks that look well together. The aesthetics of these maps especially will stun you. However, given the difficulty level of these maps, don't stand and stare for too long, or you'll die.
    Hello, players. Look at your map, now back to 3_2's, now back at your map, now back to 3_2's. Sadly, it isn't yours, but if it stopped using wool and switched to records, it could look like 3_2's. Look down, back up, where are you? You're falling in the void with the records your map could have. What's in your hand, back at me. I have it, it's a pick with two uses to mine those diamonds you love. Look again, the pick is now with the diamonds. (in the void) Anything is possible when your map has records and not wool. I'm on a pig. All that aside, 3_2 combines artistic style and shape with the unruly forces of the mobs against you to utterly RIP YOUR SOUL TO PIECES. Cruel starts make for instant ragequits. He uses lighting cues, visual cues, death cues and everything inbetweDEAD. These maps should come with a warning label that's too hot for the censoring board. Enjoy imagining about the records your map could have.

    Mystic Worlds
    Rating: 9.0
    Domara's first map, Safe Haven, took him over a year and a half to construct. Not a single bit of that time was wasted, apparently, because Domara creates absolute masterpieces. His huge maps require you to find 72 different objectives before the map is completed. On your journey through his maps, you will be taken through vast landscapes, each one very different than the last. His maps are difficult, but at the same time give out a lot of fun enchanted loot, so you'll always be on your toes and also having fun in this amazing series.

    Author: AMLUP
    Rating: 8.5
    Commentary: AMLP may be more famous as a YouTuber, but his map-making skills are certainly up to scratch as well. Creating beautiful and innovative (for the most part) areas, the maps offer a level of difficulty that encourages deaths without ragequits, a difficult balance to achieve. Weaknesses of the maps include a slight emphasis on taking on the areas in certain orders, which can lead to imbalance when players follow other paths first, and a fondness for the void...
    AnotherMinecraftLP is one who knows his secrets from the old TNT traps to the unavoidable player sensors that kill you. His map series gets straight to the point with all you would want in a CTM map. Everything from gigantic, refreshing valleys, to the hardest platforming puzzle in all of CTM-kind in his series. Amlup provides interesting loot chests, a steady amount of materials and the get-to-it action that everyone loves in CTM maps. However, he does have a few similar concepts in his own maps, like a desert area in both maps, the starting areas looking interestingly similar and more. I do commend him on a lot of his areas, breaking the ground in 1.4 tech and fun designs for all. All things said, he is breaking into Uncharted Territory.

    Author: Piecia997 and Geminos
    Rating: 8.5
    Commentary: This open-world map by the brilliant mapmakers in Gustavo Entertainment Team use Minecraft 1.4 blocks and features to create an amazing open-world map. From start to finish, you'll be stunned by the great terrain and block combinations. This map is more about adventuring and finding dungeons than beating them, but the gameplay is immersive and fun and keeps you wanting more. The insane amount of loot being heaped upon you, each item with its own name and abilities (and cool items like drinkable vodka potions) makes you want to explore more. The difficulty curve of this map is a little bit strange, and some areas can lead to frustration, but overall this is a fun map.

    Author: Thadiwyn
    Rating: 8.0
    Commentary: Thadiwyn is an absolute master of aesthetics, and his map series shows this to full extent. His first map, Blight Castle, is set almost purely in the interior of a castle, and not only visually stuns the player, but has great gameplay and even an involving storyline. His second map takes a completely different concept, and forces the player to think extra quickly. Weaknesses of the series include a slight imbalance between the story and gameplay, and occasional spikes in the difficulty curve.

    Author: Xekaj
    Rating: 8.0
    Commentary: While Xekaj may be a cold hearted man for your relaxing needs, his maps are something different to the others in his pool. Combining magnificent structures with agonizing difficulty, Xek creates a more strategic style of gameplay for the player. Xek allows you to search the environment for loot to aid you in difficult to find places, or take the beast of his challenge on from the get-go. However, for anyone not necessarily the best at CTM maps, they will find Zero Mercy too much of a challenge no matter what. Although this may diminish the playerbase, the strong and brave enough are the ones that are destined for victory in these maps. But, still, the title holds true for all the maps - even the practice maps!

    Author: Amalon
    Rating: 8.0
    Commentary: Amalon brings us a solid series of maps called The Ruthless Regions. The first is a fairly difficult survival island map, with inspiration from the classic Super Hostile series. His second, and most notable map, is Cutthroat Caverns, a classic CTM cave-style map. The map starts off heavily inspired by Spellbound Caves, but picks up as promised in the second intersection with wonderfully crafted enviroments. The whole map gives a very homey feel to CTM veterans looking for a bit of a challenge, but doesn't really bring anything new to the table in the end.

    Author: Kroseklan4
    Rating: 7.5
    Commentary: Krose's maps are interesting, as they have this feeling that they flow along through completely weird terrain and castles, unjustifiable, and then into cramped caves where you'll get lost coming back with that precious wool of yours. His use of weird enchanted loot helps balance the map out, as I was constantly changing from a typical sword to an enchanted item to help me fight swarms of enemies. His second map, Skyward Ascent, focuses heavily on 1.3/1.4 feature being implemented into fitting spots, which makes it one of the first maps that does this successfully. Although most of the terrain looks marvellous, to me something's off about some of it, like I've seen it done before in other maps. Still, the designs are amazing, and I'd recommend these maps for anyone who just wants fast-paced CTM fun.

    Author: bRan
    Rating: 7.5
    Commentary: Although the names of these maps aren't the most original and the fact that these maps are only 5 blocks long (excluding the bonus Challenge Block), these are amazing maps with beautiful aesthetics, difficult but well-balanced areas with custom loot and custom monsters holding custom items (this only includes the first map, Sandstone, but bRan is making an updated version for the others). If you're looking for a shorter map but harder map, Sandstone and bRan's MiniCTM maps are a must-try!

    Author: Timetoslide
    Rating: 7.5
    Commentary: TimetoSlide, a.k.a. Bloo, has introduced a whole new side of CTM and especially brings out the evil side in this new map series. The areas are visually stunning and buildings have a lot of detail and thought put into them. These maps have vast areas to conquer and fun loot and some of the things in the map will definitely catch you off guard. You never know what lies ahead in this series, which creates excitement throughout the time you're playing them.

    Author: Mattgeek1997
    Rating: 7.5
    Commentary: Cubic Horrors lives up to its name in every way imaginable. Matt's first map; The Fire Beneath, is a ROM-Hack ++ map that embodies the worst nightmares of even the most experienced CTM veteran. Matt's love of the void and lava shows clearly, as even the first intersection has areas where a single misstep will lead you to death. The map's base block is netherrack, which adds quite well to the hellish and horrific theme of the map. I strongly reccomend this map to anyone looking for an extreme challenge. Do NOT play this map if you are new to CTM. Matt's style of mapping is fairly unique and several areas are quite original. Other areas are more traditional dungeons however, making for a pleasing blend. You won't spend too much time farming, as Matt tosses you right into the action and never lets it stop. His maps are fast-paced, action-packed, and keep you on your feet.

    Author: T0z
    Rating: 7.0
    Commentary: This series has a great start to it with an old and warm feeling that makes you feel like you're ready to take on all the castles in the world. Open-air exploration on an unusual, repetitious rock may not be your style, though. The map has a different style of VM, the Chrono Altar, which records your time (although not perfectly) as you play through the map and get the three wool needed for it. The first map mainly focuses on cave/castle assault, which although may be overdone slightly, still can be fun. You'll see yourself trying to avoid falling off things and going as quick as you can to survive here.

    The Cybele Adventures
    Author: kingkaider
    Rating: 6.5
    Commentary: Though not the best looking map series, these maps do have a good story line and well thought-out areas for the player. These are maps good for newbies to the CTM series as they are at about the same difficulty as Super Hostile but with less fiery deaths and a weird sense of humor, especially the brown wool in DepthCharge Caverns. But overall, these are average maps and a must-play for people who are tired of dying in lava.

    Author: Chubuniman
    Rating: 4.5
    Commentary: Chubuniman is new to the mapmaking community and did a decent job on his first map. In most areas he lacks a bit of originality and lacks the use of the erode brush. Other than that you will find a fun experience with a lot of custom loot. Chubuniman implements a variety of custom monsters which gives the player a exciting experience throughout the map. The map seems to be fairly unbalanced, though, and you get some of what you need for the whole map right at the beginning. He is a rookie in the map-making community, but the map is at least worth checking out.

    Unlisted Maps (Awaiting Reviews)
    The Korrupt Kingdoms

    Individual Maps (list is from z_bill)
    2d Wool Challenge
    The Ancient Catacombs
    Apocalyptic Parkour
    Armageddon Series
    Argale Caverns
    Asteroid Wasteland
    Awesome CTM Map
    Awesome's CTM Archive
    Becoming Insane
    Bedrock Hostilities
    Blistering Sands
    Boundless Horizon
    Brimfire Caverns
    Bryan's Fight to Survive Maps
    The Burning Desert
    Cake Quest
    Canias Challenges
    The Carnivorous Pigs
    Cave Escape
    The Cavern of Drew
    ckbruin13's Maps
    Clues Core 2
    Cole's Challenging Maps
    The Conquest Chute
    Crawling Caverns
    CTM with a twist
    CTM Warmup
    Cube Escape
    Cubes of Fun
    Cubic Horrors
    Dark Box
    Dark Days
    Darkness by Crocodoom
    Darkness Takes Over
    Deadly Realms
    Death Collection
    Death Dessert
    Death's Aerial Survival
    Desert of Demons
    Desolate Isles
    Discoveries of the Ender
    Distortion Series
    Domination Map Series
    Dreadful Enemies
    Drostan's Moderately Hostile Maps
    Dshing's Deadventures
    Dead Paridise (sic)
    The Ditch
    The Dungeon
    Dungeon Exploration
    Dwarf's Survival Island
    The Earth of Death
    Ecthel's CTM
    Elemental Towers Map Set
    ells death sentece (sic)
    The End - Extreme
    End of the Deep
    The Ender Throne
    Environmental Mayhem
    The End
    Extremely Adverse
    falapasta's maps
    Feed the Beast
    FizzyOLt's Maps
    Floating Islands
    Flock's Super-Badass Survival
    Flying Treasures
    The Forest of Eternal Dark
    Fortress Quest
    Four Islands
    The Frozen Caverns
    Galactic Gauntlet
    Giant Creeper Survival
    Gloom World
    The Gloomy Rain Forest
    Golden Soul
    The Great Cheese
    Guude's 404 Throwback Adventure Map
    Hard core survival
    Harrysbird Map Series
    Hide & Seek
    High Time to Die!
    Hollow Eyes
    Home Cave
    Hostile Lands
    Hostility Islands
    impossible dimensions
    Industrial City
    Infested Caverns
    Insane Terrain
    Insane Quest
    Intense Survival
    The Island
    The Islander Series
    The Islands of Chaos
    Islands of the Skies
    J.A. CTM
    Jester's Treasure
    Jrdarkness2's Map Shack
    Kyu's Mad Worlds
    Labyrinth of the Creepers Part II
    Lancerserverlord's Maps
    Land of the Ancient Entities
    The Land of Wool
    Lands of Lore
    Lethal Reality
    The lost memory
    LR Survival Maps
    Marooned in Sky
    Masta Jump
    Micro Hostile
    Minearia CTM
    Minecraft Madness
    Mini CTM, with a twist
    Mischievous Maps
    Missing Chunk
    Mission Impossible
    Mob Madness
    The Monster Monument Maps
    Mooshroom Survival Island
    The Mopo Way
    Mrlisawsome's Maps
    Mountaineering Journey
    My CTM Map (DDBreath)
    My CTM Map (ManHands178)
    Napkin Shredder
    Nightmare Fantasia
    Nightmare World
    Obsidian Dome
    Odirodi (Ancestrial series?)
    Oneroot's CTM
    Panicville Hardcore
    Parkour For The Wool
    Philip234's CTM
    Piramid of the Damned (sic)
    The Plains
    Planetary Mayhem
    poorkitten CTMs
    Portal Run
    Rage Hard Series
    The Realm of the Endereggs
    Resources Limited
    Ruins of Craft
    The Run
    Saga of Death
    The Sandpit
    Sandy Islands
    Sburb Craft
    Sea of Despair
    Silent Series
    Sinful Flame's Super CTM
    Singapore12s's CTM
    Skyblock Extended
    Skyloft One
    the sky's the limit
    Sky Tower Terror
    Smitje's Maps
    Solar Survival
    Spanone's CTM
    Spooky Caves
    Stone Tree
    Stuck in a Coma
    Super awesome death island of fun
    Super Mario World CTM
    Super Survival
    Super Survival (Skyval)
    Three Islands
    Toxiic's Impossible Maps
    Trap Island
    The Trials
    The Trolling Worlds
    Tyrannical Turf
    The Unbeatable Series
    Unpleasant Experience
    Ultra Hostile
    Ultra Series
    Undead Mountain
    Underground Corridors
    Unpleasant Experience
    The Unrealistically Impossible Series
    Valley of Fire
    Verry Hostile (sic)
    Vice's Inhabitable Realms
    Wasted Lands
    Wealth of the Worlds!
    Wonderfully Shady
    Zap's Elemental Survival
    Zombeh's Twisted Dimensions
    Zombie Town
    Zorro's Super Friendly Series
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    posted a message on [Shop] [CTM] CTM Shop
    Thanks for the list Yuri! Added them all to the thread. I also added all the one-off maps from the old CTM Central just as links.

    I've contacted all my reviewers and asked them to review; most of them are really slow at reviewing ( :( ) so basically this thread will get updated as fast as they review. I've given them a huge list of maps to review; so if they ever decide to actually stop being lazy and play any I'll update the thread. (jk reviewers, I love you. <3). Hopefully we can get a lot of reviews soon-- this thread is a pretty comprehensive CTM guide right now, but I want to add a lot more reviews.
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    posted a message on [CTM] [Collection] The Lonely Lands by isaac_bardin [1.4.5]
    Added MasterViniMC and StaticRayMinecraft's Let's Plays to the thread! Thanks for LPing, guys! :)

    Quote from Boyde712

    Isaac, I'm playing through Humble Beginnings right now and it is totally epic. I mean, after raging at Spellbound(I did rushed places like n00b dressed up as boss and payed dearly for it), it's nice to have an easier, extremely aesthetically pleasing and rather fun map to fall back on. :) After one early restart I have 3 wool, am at I3, haven't died once and am at level 40 XP. Can't wait for dem bookshelves....

    If you want dem bookshelves, I'd suggest going to
    The Arid Lands. :)


    EDIT: Catastrophic Creeper Caverns has been updated to v1.1. It now has a ton more charged creepers, and no moar glowstone. :)

    Also, I have decided to indeed add a Rankings board with the top 3 times for each minimap I make. I'll trust you all to not make up times, but recording your speedrun will make me happy and will verify it. Please note that in order to be placed on the rankings, you have to download and speedrun the newest version of CCC, released today. Thanks!


    Very important notice: Mediafire just deleted all of my files ever. Screw you, Mediafire. So I'm moving to Fileswap. Unfortunately Fileswap doesn't have a download counter, so my download count is permanently messed up. <___<
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    posted a message on ◊◊ The Four Cores ◊◊ [SMP and SSP] [New map released!]
    Wow. Wow wow wow wow wow.

    Just finished the Sunken Muds.

    Man, that was one amazing map. Your series absolutely needs more popularity. The difficulty curve and balance of the map was perfect-- you gave out absolutely GINORMOUS amounts of loot, which encourage the player to keep on playing, but there's also hard areas. You've mastered the idea of hooking players in and wanting them to keep playing with this kind of system.

    The placement of records was somewhat strange-- I went a long time without finding any at the beginning. Because of this, I thought the map was absolutely huge. In the end, it turned out to be just a large, or perhaps a bit larger, than the average Vechs map, but it was obvious that there was a ton of care put into each area. I loved that there were so many sub-areas and secrets to be found. The individual dungeons, with the circle stone brick trim, were a fantastic addition. I loved that you could either choose to explore them or not, and sometimes dungeons led to great rewards or other areas.

    That brings me to my analysis of all the great features used in your map. I loved the use of villager trading, even though it only appeared a couple times. The loot from villager trading was hard to get, but was yet another bonus goal in the long list of things to do in your map. As for custom mobs, I'll try not to spoiler too much, because I don't want to have to use spoilers during this review at all, but I must say that your use of custom mobs was absolutely great. As for your teleportation systems, these were AMAZING. There was always a command block teleporting station just at every right moment; right after I conquered a long area and wished I had some good way back, there was always a teleport provided for me. This allows you to go to any place you've already conquered. Aaaaaand ender chests. Those were put to great use; I loved that they were scattered around and used as "another inventory"-- when I had too much loot to carry, I could plop down an ender chest and use it as a backpack to store some of my loot. So overall, you used a ton of inventive new features that really made your map shine and stand out.

    As for the terrain, it was absolutely beautiful. Although brush strokes were obvious in a couple places (I can't imagine how long it took for you to make the walls in the huge mycelium/stone brick tower area, so I was OK with the fact that you got lazy on some of those brushes), it was very obvious that you spent a long time making each area look great. I loved that each area kept its own cohesive theme, but still managed to include a wide range of things. Again, going back to the idea of dungeons, I loved that there were sub-areas with great themes that you could explore to get bonus loot.

    I have just a couple critiscms-- one is actually that you give out so much insanely awesome loot that at some points there's just no motivation to go into those side-areas and dungeons to get more loot. So the time you spent making those areas is mostly wasted, because when you have full diamond armor at the end and all the loot you'll ever need, there's no real motivation to go into the side areas. But I understand that, at the same time, you wanted to provide large amounts of loot so that no farming is needed. I know this wouldn't really fit the theme of the map, but maybe you could make some kind of side goal? For example, next to the record monument, you could have a wall of item frames, and you could find mob eggs in areas to place in the item frames. This would motivate people to explore more and would provide an actual reason for people to do so. The other critiscm I have is the spacing of records-- not where they are in the areas, I liked that, but where they're spaced across the map. (A quick note about the spacing of records inside the particular areas-- I loved how records, like in the giant lava cavern with the cobblestone pillars coming from the lava, made you look around and go through the dungeon, but still have the location be obvious at the end). Going back to record spacing across the map, there weren't really any records in the early areas, and then in the later areas you even had 2 records in one place (the snow cavern-- there was one record in the cobweb mass and another at the end of that snow dungeon). But all of these critiscms are just small complaints overall.

    Honestly, this was one of my favorite CTM maps that I've ever played. My previous favorite CTM map was Spellbound Caves, but this honestly was so much fun. I loved the huge abundance of enchanted, awesome loot; the giant, beautiful areas; and the new features like teleports, ender chests, villager trading, custom mobs, and custom items that you used so much. All of these really made your map great, and I'm looking forward to playing any future maps you make.

    And I said this before, but I'll say it again-- your map needs sooo much more popularity than it has. This is a fantastic, fantastic map. Everyone on the fence about playing this, don't be! Trust me, you'll have made a good decision if you play this map.


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