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    posted a message on Server build: need help.

    Not sure if you're still researching this but this video is completely relevant.

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    posted a message on Server build: need help.

    Hello there. Let me answer at least one part of your question.

    The Xeon / i7 debate.

    I'd honestly recommend a i7 for your build. Find one in 3 GHz or faster with 4 cores (Hyperthreading is a cool feature here and may help you)

    Minecraft is a game, the i7 is made for games and other work like that. Xeons are made for the datacenter and Minecraft doesn't really belong in the data center (Until you're running quite a few)

    Xeons are great, they have a lot of extra features, but those are meant for the extreme multitasking that goes on in a datacenter, where the workload needs those extra features. You don't need those features, is basically what I am saying, and your money would be wasted on a xeon chip when you could get better performance out of an i7 for the same money.

    There's a lot that goes into what I am saying, and I'll try to explain some of it:

    Minecraft is a single-threaded application. It doesn't multi-task too well. it basically sits, runs on it's own core, and runs everything in a straight line. This means that Minecraft likes to have a higher speed clock speed (The GHz) more than it wants more cores.

    For one server, a fast dual core machine would be all you need. One core to run background stuff, and one core for minecraft to sit in and do it's thing. Minecraft would not benefit from having 4 cores in this instance.

    But, you want to run 4 servers and a teamspeak. I would recon a quad core i7 would be good for you, especially with hyperthreading (Creates a set of virtual cores, kind-of doubling your core count with some magic in the background involving task scheduling). A quad core with hyperthreading would give each minecraft server it's own core, give teamspeak some room, and quite a bit of extra space for background stuff.

    Now, why is a Xeon not good for this?

    Xeons are made for multi-tasking and for multi-threaded applications. This is the opposite of Minecraft. They are made to run more cores, at slower speeds, since this is what multitasking likes better. That's basically a lot of it. They aren't built for games. They are built for a data center and they have tons of extra features you wouldn't need, but would end up paying for. Some of these features are cool, but offer almost no benefit to a minecraft server.

    So, basically, you'd be better running your set on a re-purposed gaming computer than you would be on a hefty server.

    There are a lot of if's to this and I'd be glad to discuss some of it. From what you said so far, I stand by my answer, but I am cool with exploring more of this, but I'd rather have a chat with you via skype or whatnot than on the forums, since this is really more of a chat to have. You can find me on skype under the name "JaredKat"


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    posted a message on How can i host a server with a server rack? That way it will run faster.

    Okay so i am planning on making a kinda hunger games server. But i don't really have a OP laptop to host it. And i don't wanna pay does monthly costs. So i thought, "why not buy one of those server hosting machines?" and is it really that simple? Also please if you can how can i host it with a server rack? Steps please :)

    Heya! You don't really need the whole rack and everything to host a hunger games server, though props to Strahan202 and IonicHost with their amazing setups.

    I don't really know why Strahan has a rack and stuff, and the reason why I have a rack at home is because I do a lot of testing and experimentation with software and whatnot and need a good platform to do that from. There's pretty much no reason for anyone to have servers with 48GB RAM in their house unless they do some pretty extreme work with computers.

    For a minecraft server, you could probably run just fine on a regular desktop computer with 4 to 8 gigs of ram, or if you really wanted, you could buy up a old server machine to run from, though server machines can be loud due to fan noise and they also suck up a lot of power. If you'd like a couple suggestions, a "Dell Poweredge 2950" can be had for pretty cheap and can run some pretty nice specs for your money. I have a couple of those hanging around at home too. And even if you get one of those fancy 'rack servers', you don't need to get a rack for them. The rack is only a way to mount several servers all in the same place and to organize cables and so forth. It wouldn't make sense to buy a rack for only one server.

    The reason why hosting companies like "Low End Xeon" or any other host have multiple racks of highly expensive equipment is because they need to run dozens of minecraft servers on each server machine. A host may need 24 Cores with 196GB RAM so they can host many minecraft servers on the same computer.

    You only need to run the one minecraft server, so any modern processor(Even a Core2Duo) and 4-8GB of ram would run your hunger games server quite happily.

    You say you don't want to pay those monthly costs, but if you run your own server in your own house, you'll be paying for it in other ways. Keeping that computer plugged in all the time will raise your power bill quite a bit (Mine did when I started keeping some servers in my house), and it'll take a chunk out of your internet speed whenever people are on your server.

    Those monthly costs you would pay a hosting company go to renting a bit of the expensive, high-powered computer equipment that they run. Those monthly costs go to paying the power used and for the space you use on their computers. Those costs might even be less than what it would cost you to run it in your home.

    If you have any specific questions or whatnot, feel free to reply or PM me on here if you like.

    Happy crafting!

    -Eric from ioTheory.
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    posted a message on How to get a custom server IP for FREE!
    Quote from Strahan202»

    This is a pet peeve of mine. Your instructions are for how to get a free domain name, not an IP! I don't know why so many people here keep calling domain names IPs. They are NOT interchangeable terms.

    Yeah, it is different terminology, however I think the mix-up originates from web forms or people asking "What's the IP of the server" and someone responding with "somedomain.net", and so begins years of terminology confusion.
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    posted a message on looking for a small server host.

    Hello there! I'm Eric from ioTheory.

    I'd be glad to work out a plan for you that would be perfect for your needs. The servers we host are up 24/7/365, so you, your friends, or family can join any time. We do support just about any plugin out there, and even mod-packs.

    Our prices are pretty low, $6.00/Month for a good quality server with all the help and support of our team.

    You can take a look at our website, iotheory.net, or if you have any questions, find me on skype as 'JaredKat', or PM me on here.

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    posted a message on Windows Server or Linux Server?

    You say "go to a less resource intensive linux server setup or a much easier Windows server setup" and I would argue that linux is actually easier to go with. Though, that all depends on what experience you have. Both operating system flavors get the job done in a similar fashion, it's just the workflow that is different.

    Most companies out there go with a linux variant. This is easier in the way that most linux distributions come free, don't have the hassle of licenses and fees, and are simply more sensible to use on deployments of large numbers of servers. Many people would argue that linux is also more stable. I can personally attest to this, I've had windows boxes break down for no real apparent reason (Turned out to be something broke because of windows update), while my linux boxes have always worked (unless I did something myself to break them). Most web hosts out there use linux, I'm not aware of any minecraft hosts who are running windows. I think in the server world, unless you need something microsoft-exclusive (Microsoft Exchange server, or some feature of IIS), then go with linux.

    Anyway, good luck with what you are doing!

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    posted a message on Which Minecraft Panel do you Prefer (Need to know for a Host) [Poll]

    To put my own ideas out there:

    Multicraft I like because it lets me do a lot more with the server, a lot more fine tuning, etc. It's an industry standard and majorly popular platform to use for minecraft hosting.

    McMyAdmin, at least when I used it (Which I admit was a long time ago, maybe I should get a new install and see if my old owned license key works still heh) well, anyway, when I last used it, many more advanced functions weren't covered by the panel and I disliked this greatly. This is why I went over to multicraft, because it offered all the basics plus a lot more. McMyAdmin's interface was pretty sexy though

    PufferPanel, it's still in development, but from what I have seen, it looks really cool. I did a test install and it worked from as much as I did test, but because it's in development, I trust it less than Multicraft or McMyAdmin, which are secure and trusted platforms. A newly developed application may have security flaws or other glitches which are undesirable. This may be corrected in the future as the project gets further along.

    And I haven't used CraftSRV, though, they seem to be a little less than I like. They have a weird licensing thing about master and slave licenses right now, they seem to still be in beta (I haven't read any information saying otherwise) and the such. Of course, I don't have a license to install it with or else I would of definitely tried and tested it a lot more.

    Anyway that's my little bit of input. For my hosting, we use Multicraft, so that'd be my choice if I had to pick one.

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    posted a message on Error moving server - MULTICRAFT

    If I knew more about your particular setup I might be able to help more. If you'd like to share some more specific details or email/PM me the configurations so I could maybe see if any of that is acting up, that would help. I recommend private communication simply because I'm sure you don't want the world knowing your IP and Daemon passwords.

    While I may be able to help, you should think about filling the contact form on multicraft's site and shooting what you have to Daniel there. He knows the software better than any of us, so he's more qualified to help than us on the forums.

    Anyway you can PM me here or email me at [email protected] with config files or other specifics if you'd like

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    posted a message on Error moving server - MULTICRAFT

    This was an error that pops up if you are trying to move a server from a Multicraft 1.8.x install to one of the 2.0.0 Pre-releases. (Not sure precicely which versions or even if it has been fixed, I think I saw something in the change log)

    Best thing to do is to make sure both installs are on the same version. Make sure both have the same password in multicraft.conf and such, and try the move from there.

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    posted a message on Server info needed

    On the server hosting side of things, at least from my understanding at ioTheory, it makes no difference if the server can be hosted or not.

    I cannot answer for what other hosts can support as different hosts can have different setups, all that I can say for sure is that here at ioTheory, we could run that sort of server. We've done anything from vanilla servers all the way up to servers with hundreds of mods.

    If you've got any more questions feel free to respond here or in private message or whatever else.

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    posted a message on Server info needed

    Hello there:
    Modded server support is sometimes not an advertised feature of hosting providers. Though, if a host advertises support for FTB, or Tekkit, chances are they support any other type of modified server configuration.

    I represent ioTheory and we support modded server configurations. If you'd like to check us out on our website at http://iotheory.net. You can use the contact form there or PM me here with questions about us.

    Feel free to use the contact pages on other host's websites or whatnot to ask if they support modded servers. I imagine most hosts would.

    Anyway, good luck, and happy crafting!

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    posted a message on Looking for a 3GB/4GB server host with a decent price. With a custom ip

    Hello FantaPhantom.

    We at ioTheory could provide you with a 2GB server (Good for hosting 20 Players at the same time with a light plugin load) for $10.94

    We can provide you with edgepvp.iotn.co as an IP for free.

    Why choose ioTheory?

    We are a small company with a tight knit support team who are all really cool and ready to help you with your server.

    We also have:

    • DDoS Protection
    • 99.9% Uptime
    • Multicraft Control Panel
    • Personal, one on one support (We will help debug server errors, help with plugin installs, etc)

    If you have any questions, feel free to PM me here on the forums, find me on skype as JjaredKat', or email me at [email protected]

    Anyway best of luck to you.

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    posted a message on Create a server with a modem (without a router)?

    No, "No port forwarding needed" would be incorrect. Your model Modem is one of the two-in-one router/modem combos. This will require port forwarding.

    After a bit of research, this should be an accurate guide for port forwarding on your Technicolor modem/router:


    If you have any additional issues after following this tutorial, feel free to reply here so we can give you some more advice.

    Best of luck to you

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    posted a message on Requesting Sponsorship for a RPG server with custom plugin

    Hello HeroStuffs,

    I would be interested in providing you a server. For 50 players, I would recommend our 4 Gig plan and up from there for more players. We can give you the SQL and we can even help you out with the website as we do have web hosting plans. Feel free to get in touch about any questions as I would like to know more about how I could meet your needs.

    Well, anyway, at ioTheory we can provide you:

    • DDoS Protected servers
    • Reliable Servers
    • Enterprise grade hardware
    • MySQL Database(s)
    • Great, personal one-on-one support
    • Great security
    • And so much more

    Check us out on the web at http://iotheory.net

    You can get in touch with me here on the Forums PM, or email me direct at [email protected].

    Thanks for reading, I'd like to hear from you soon.

    Eric Robinson AKA Jared Kat

    Systems Administrator / Founder of ioTheory

    [email protected]


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    posted a message on Modded Server Hosting?

    Hello there!

    Sorry to advertise myself a bit but here at ioTheory, we provide the ability for you to upload your own custom jar file. If you've got a modded server and want to upload it, just get in touch and one of our staff members would be happy to help you out. Modded servers need a lot of ram, and you could grab a 4GB server from us for $21.16 (Our closest order for under your budget is a custom order for 3.5GB for $18.60). We run on Xeon processors meaning that your server will run great. We have run pixelmon servers and Tekkit/FTB servers for our clients, we could do it for you too.

    There's no one way to make sure a host offers support for modded servers unless they explicitly say they do. You could always reach out to their support team or email their information email and ask.

    Anyway I wish you the best of luck for your server

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