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    posted a message on Requesting to have a weapons and equipment mod made, and am open to hearing estimated commission prices. Forge 1.12.2

    Hey VentralRaptor24,

    maybe I can put your mod idea into practice. I wouldn't take any money either. If you like the mod in the end and you put it in the modpack, you can mention me in the description. That would be cool. I would then make the forge mod available on Curseforge.

    For help you can send a list of Weapons & other things you want for the mod. Like so:

    -Weapon 1 (Specs)
    -Item (Specs)
    -Granade (Specs)
    - ...
    - ...

    So I can try it. Have you got Discord? So we can chat detailed?

    About me:
    - I have created 9 mods. (available on CurseForge)
    - Over 3200 Downloads (19.11.2020)
    - YTube Cannel ForceofPhoenix
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