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    posted a message on City of Trindlum - Made for my book (Update 11/15: Rebuilding the Harbor)
    Backstory = Amazing, great to see you progress with History and Lore For Trindlum, cant wait for the book to be out, AND, for the map to be done!
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    Nice Render Illgoth, Trindlum definetely is large in size, in this update you've proven that and how hard you've worked to get all this done
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    posted a message on City of Trindlum - Made for my book (Update 11/15: Rebuilding the Harbor)
    Amazing Update Ilgoth! Keep up the good work, and the Conquest texture pack definetely pimps the city and makes its looks much more realistic
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    posted a message on Building competition 1.7.+ 1.8
    Is there a particular theme or build we have to do, this is way too brief.I need more information
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    posted a message on Jungle Islands -map (download)
    hmm.. It seems like it could have improvement, for some reason i hate the trees....I just dont like jungle trees in general but i feel like this is a map for custom trees. That would look nice. Other than that Your Photography and detail is nice, i like those caves down there filled with multiple blocks that merge well together. Anyway nice job :) keep up the good work
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    posted a message on Minecraft (Hint&Tips) Guide To Making Things Look Old/Medieval!
    Minecraft (Hint&Tips) Guide To Making Things Look Old!

    Ok so I have always been very fond of medieval houses, towns and stuff. And here I will show you how I, and maybe others make our things look old! Now, lets get onto it!:

    Material Use

    Ok, so Material use is very important and has a large impact on your buildings.

    For example:


    Here is a wall, its plain right? Just all stone looking.

    Now you can add to this by just adding in some cobblestone like so:


    I sometimes add in a few little scattered blocks at the bottom to give it that extra nice old feel.


    If your in 1.8 or something you could do a mix of polished and unpolished stones!


    So now that thats sorted lets look at some other areas of material use. For example cobwebs: Cobwebs add a very nice feel to your builds and definitely improve the reality meter. These can be used in Chimneys (We look into Chimneys later), attics, caves, etc.

    Walls and Fences

    Walls and fences also are very important in an old house, if you have corners on your roof or something. You can add these as supports and things. Cobblestone walls definitely look nice scattered around the place. These can be used for supports for many other things for example, bridges, paths, etc

    Roofs and Paths

    Roofs and Paths AS WELL, are important in your builds. Paths can be made out of most materials and scattering your blocks around look very nice, I like that mix of gravel with cobble, But lots of neat paths include leaves, clay, and lots of other things:




    Paths can also have little potholes and things in them, to give it that look of abandoned, as well as wrongly placed things scattering off the path.

    Roofs also are very important in your builds. I build some like this, with the scattered wood giving it a nice look:


    And then there are many others for example these:


    So now that those are out of the way lets move onto other stuff.


    Vines definitely help your builds, they add nice reality to those old abandoned houses, usually in forests or large masses of green. For example, here is a town I made with vines:


    As you can see, I have leave blocks hanging off from the top, this, I thought would be a nice touch to the house seeing as the vines were overgrowing and taking over that colourful feel I wanted. With those leaves I connected them all at the top, to make it extra realistic, cause no leaves randomly grow on roofs by themselves.


    So, Now we move onto chimneys, they are used in many old medieval houses. Both old and modern houses have them these days, but different styles. These days are more Brick, like so:


    Where as the olden days ones were like these:


    If your doing an old house its a good idea to add some smoke coming out, I think the best combination is cobwebs and grey wool or clay of some sorts. Like this:


    But if you think thats a bit over the top just go with the plain cobweb smoke

    Buildings and Decorations!

    Attics And Interiors

    Interior is a large factor in the old buildings.

    For Houses

    When I build a house, I always imagine the person living inside it so I can put in as much detail as I can. For example: I have pictured a soldier who has survived some war and spends his days reminiscing of his son, who died in the war. He has also picked up a small hobby of writing, and occasionally plans story’s and poems.

    In his house, I put a lot of detail, he has his personal writing desk where he does his pieces, I remodeled it into this world, as the server I work on doesn't let me use my builds for other things:


    Then he has his bedroom, rowed with bookshelves and a table with the skull of his son and some enemies, This I also had to remodel:


    He also has a beautiful view of the sunrise from his kitchen window. His kitchen is the usual but is also where he stores his old war things, such as Armour, weapons etc, this I unfortunately can not remodel though as I used a plugin from the server, but I hope I gave you an idea of it.

    Lots of other things as well, such as storage places, usually isolated from the main areas such as kitchens, bedrooms and stuff. These will usually include chests, crates, hay bales, cobwebs, and other stuff! And usually no windows.

    For Stables

    So, Stables are really nice touches for the old towns and villages. You wanna make it as realistic as possible, here is one I made a while ago:


    As you can see, its not very developed but does the job. Still needs loads more detail though, I just slapped it on. It holds the horse in a little pen where he has water and grass. They hold there food, saddles, Armour, etc. In some chests in the attic and down low, They also hold a guard there making sure to look after the horses and defend the building from intruders. Unfortunately, you can not see him, as he despawned.

    You wanna make your stables bigger, to be honest, as said before this build was rushed but yours doesn’t have to be! You can also add lots of windows making sure the horses have a nice view and don’t think they're in a jail.

    Stables usually aren’t in the middle of a town either, they should be placed not too far a way from the center, so a place where people can easily get to, but also not too close, cause people might not like the horses in their company and the smell of the poo!

    For Taverns or Shops

    Taverns and shops/stalls are very common in old towns and are very useful. For Stalls people usually do this or something:


    Ignore the text on that picture, I just couldn't be bothered making my own so I got it from the interne

    But you can explore with different materials, like how I recently made some stalls out of blue and light blue clay, and I liked it! Here they are:


    Taverns get a little more complicated, I usually just put in some of those classic tables and chairs, a nice door, some stools, a long bench, and a nice bar, as usual I don’t have the walls here cause I couldn’t use my other build, but try to imagine them:


    The bars gotta have a lot of detail, and in this case, the item frames are your friends. You gotta put in the drinks and food, even have a cool menu on the bench!


    Fountains are one of my favourite things to build in Minecraft! Note: These fountains will include those paths we talked about earlier!

    Here is an awesome fountain I made:


    So its pretty basic, put in the chairs, lamp, and the scattered path. But you can also add in much more detail, for example a rubbish bin or hole, some tables? I don't know, but the possibility’s in Minecraft are always endless right???

    Gardens, Parks, and Custom Trees!

    Gardens, Parks, and Custom Trees end up being really fun and you realize how much detail you can actually put into them. We are gonna start with Gardens though.

    Here is a wonderful garden type thing one of my friends made!:


    As you can see he has added in little hills with flowers and crops, as well as little pools, nice paths, a brilliant overhang entrance, And a nice custom tree to top it off!

    Now onto Parks. Parks can just be gardens but in bigger size. These parks usually include the same stuff the fountains do except a few more custom trees!

    Now we go Custom Trees!!!!!'

    Custom trees are very nice for old builds and have a very nice feel to them. So we have to start with the trunk, we can add in cool branches if we want!


    So it looks like a dead tree at the moment, but now we add the leaves:


    You want it random but not too random, it has to have some rough edges, not just a round blob. So we end up with something like this:


    Hope you enjoyed that custom tree tutorial! Enjoy some more!:



    So thats all for now! I hope you enjoy!!!!!!!

    Credits: Choasllord (my friend) Who contributed 3 pictures!

    Intipablo, Of course!

    And the server play.aedre.me for letting me build some of that stuff on their server!
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    posted a message on In Need Of Builders!!
    I would say im an 8/10 in skills but unfortunately im only 10. I would help you though so good luck
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    posted a message on City of Trindlum - Made for my book (Update 11/15: Rebuilding the Harbor)
    ok thats fine im just really excited to be in a build team!
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    posted a message on City of Trindlum - Made for my book (Update 11/15: Rebuilding the Harbor)
    Hey llgoth!!!! i would be very interested to join your build team!!!! i am good at building (i think) and i would really enjoy working with you. I also know command blocks quite well
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    posted a message on City of Trindlum - Made for my book (Update 11/15: Rebuilding the Harbor)
    Hey this is brilliant Building skills!!! Do you want to join our Build team we are currently recruiting!!! PM for further info
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