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    Quote from Tyruswoo»

    This is great! I'd love to see an update to this for Minecraft 1.12, now that we can save commands as functions! This would be perfect if updated to 1.12!

    Hey! I have made my own notepad++ Minecraft commands language for 1.12! Here it is: https://www.mediafire.com/?23a679f65gg95or
    Hope you enjoy! Pm me any problems you have with it.
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    Hey! I've been building on and off for 4 years and in that time, I have been in several proffesional build teams including Hemetia (Fell apart), PST, and multiple others. Just had a quick look at this project and I'm impressed. I personally really enjoyed reading some of the lore aswell as features you plan to add!

    I'd like to apply for builder. Skype is: intipablo

    Although I prefer discord Skype is fine.

    I'm 14 years old, although I'm quite mature.

    Side Note: I mostly build fantasy however I'm quite capable of building medieval (assuming that's what you want).

    I'm alright at Terraforming although im not expert with v.s

    W.e = 9/10

    VS = 6=10

    Sometimes use worldpainter

    Experience: Been building for 4 years and been proffesionally paid (Completed over 50 Paid Commisions/Premades):

    Some people I've worked with in the past:




    And some other, less known builders.

    Links (due to my stupidity and laziness to ever make a proper portfolio, I just occasionally take pics of stuff i'm building):

    Sorry about FOV on that one.

    Oops, just realized this post is way too big, if you're interested in me we can just talk over Skype, I'll show you more builds in depth then!

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    Hey Guys, I recently started up a new youtube channel where I will be posting command block creations and cool map making stuff! If you're interested, just check it out! I'd appreciate it alot, I'm just starting out so don't expect the videos to be top quality yet, hopefully they will improve!

    Heres my first video:

    I've created a command that adds custom crafting aswell as certain machines to add to your very own world!

    The Machines include: Magma Crucible, Sawmill, Block Breaker, and Macerator!

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    Hey Im Inti, just a guy starting out on his own youtube channel. I plan to mostly post modded lets plays, but also vanilla series and possibly builds!


    If you're interested, go check out my channel and if u like the content (I'm quite new so quality will definitely improve!) maybe drop a like on some videos and subscribe to get all the latest updates! I plan to post weekly so stay tuned.

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    Ah you are back my friend! I hope this project lives up to the last one! Great roads.

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    Agriculture of Calradia!

    Hallasholm's Agricultural fields have been expanding rapidly. Slowly our farms grow across the lands and our livestock builds up. Those fields have finally setup food for the capitol and all its inhabitants. All of the farmers have been working hard and multiple projects have begun to expand even greater. We are adding things such as stables, land plots, and a market.

    Some pics of the district:

    Visit the district now at the capital Hallasholm.
    Who knows?
    You might just buy some land for yourself!
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    posted a message on Kingdom Of Calradia -{NEW} - {RECRUITING} - {Government} - {Economy} - {Military} - {Building} - {Role Play}
    1.Your In game name (Minecraft username): intipablo

    2. Skype (required): intipablo

    3.Age: 16

    4. A little about yourself: I love Minecraft and have been playing for almost 4 years. I have a passion for cartographing and soccer.

    5. What Occupations have you decided to do: Farmer

    7. How many hours a week can you be on for?: At least 2-3 hours a day.

    8.A brief (1-3 sentences) description of your role play character (With full Roleplay Name, Remember we are vikings so try keep in theme): Pablo Terrowin was a strong man. Growing up in the farmlands. He was hard-working and very bulky. After years of labour he was sent off to war. He fought bravely and came back a hero. Nowadays he settles down in the farmlands and tends to the fields and livestock.

    9. Have you been apart of any other clans? If so, which one(s)? ROF, Kingdom of Skeurhiel

    10. Why did you choose the Kingdom Of Calradia? Because it seemed more active and friendly than my older clans. And has lots to do.
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    posted a message on [Closed] Kingdom of Skeurhiel [Role Play] [Economy] [Cities] [Government] [Agion]
    New Armor Shop In Brekkur!

    Recently a new armor shop was opened up in Brekkur!!
    Open to all with the cheapest prices on the server!
    Buy yourself some new diamond armor for you or your nation! Only 1000 Dinars for the whole set (armor, pick, and sword)

    Vist 7 Market Avenue, Brekker - Suite 1A to buy your sweet new armour!
    Contact Intipablo for more information!
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    posted a message on [Closed] Kingdom of Skeurhiel [Role Play] [Economy] [Cities] [Government] [Agion]

    IGN:[/b] intipablo
    AGE:[/b] 16
    SKYPE NAME:[/b] intipablo
    PREVIOUS CLANS:[/b] Republic of Fiume, already noticed them of my leaving
    OCCUPATION OF INTEREST:[/b] Mighty Soldier, or hard-working Farmer.
    CHARACTER BACKGROUND:[/b] Pablo, a man hardened by years of working in the fields. Was a great farmer. Born into a family of peasants, he grew up to be a strong and bulky man, but because of financial struggles, he was forced to join the army for himself and his family. He became an elite soldier. And he became a seargent in his army, a veteran in war. Nowadays he works back in his families farm, where he works.
    TIMEZONE:[/b] The Australian one?? :P GMT: +11:00
    AVERAGE NUMBER OF HOURS PER WEEK: At least 15 hrs a week.[/b]

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    Quote from Usamathebest11»

    The idea is great due it combining civilizations and possibly clash of clans? but due lack of information and screenshots, I can not give a solid opinion at this time but keep up the good work and hope its the best.

    And don't implement a thirst system because this is not a zombie survival game.

    What kind of information would you want provided? Of course, it is lacking some, but the map is still in development.
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    posted a message on |BARBARIANS!| [HUNDREDS OF QUESTS!] [Custom Crafting And Researching!] - [Rule Your Army!!] [Defend You And Your Civilization]

    Welcome To the thread of Barbarians! A brilliant Work in progress adventure map. Feedback and comments would be most appreciated! :)


    Ruler of the Aarcton.
    Defend Your Civilization!
    Battle against the mighty forces of the Barbaric States out in the lands!
    Craft custom items and research new technologies to enhance your civ!
    Follow a unique and fulfilling Storyline!
    Explore a unique and custom 15kx15k terrain map!!!!

    Welcome! Here you will track the progress of this new, and exciting adventure map called, Barbarians! Built in 1.9!

    The Map will include all of the above and is focused on you, building up your civilizations army and defending it. To do this you will have to fight off the mighty barbarians that loot the land and destroy your cities. You will also have to research new technologies to enhance your civ, and craft custom items.


    Custom Mobs:



    - Recruits[lvl:1-5]
    - Infantry[lvl:5-15]
    - Captain[lvl:15-20]
    - Chief[lvl:20-20]
    - Lord[lvl:20-25]


    - Recruits[lvl:1-5]
    - Soldier[lvl:5-15]
    - Ranger[lvl:15-20]
    - Chief[lvl:20-20]
    - Lord[lvl:20-25]


    - Recruits[lvl:1-5]
    - Horseman[lvl:5-10]
    - Lancer[lvl:10-20]
    - Captain[lvl:20-20]
    - Commander[lvl:20-25]
    - Chief[lvl:25-30]


    - Undead[lvl:1-5]
    - Soldier[lvl:5-10]
    - Warrior[lvl:10-15]
    - Chief[lvl:15-20

    Pictures will be coming soon! These are the tiers of mobs, and more will be coming!

    Custom Crafting Recipes:

    Recipes SO FAR:

    Soft Hammer:


    Iron Battleaxe:


    Sharp Rocks:


    Stiched Leather Boots:


    Some Screenshots of the start of the map:

    Some Future Features (coming in next update or so):

    - Multiple cities & towns

    - Sidequests!

    - Third party? Possibly another civ (allies, or enemies?)

    - New Custom Crafting Recipes!

    - New Researching Technologies!

    - Ability to destroy a town/buildings (pillaging i guess)

    Thankyou for reading! Please say in the comments if u support my idea! :)
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    posted a message on CraftTE - a minecraft text editor - in development

    Nah it doesn't matter, someones already done it!

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    posted a message on CraftTE - a minecraft text editor - in development

    So, I need ur help here because im lost! :)

    The Text Editor is used for? Modding of some sort? or command blocks? Because if it were for command blocks that would be awesome.

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    posted a message on [ LUMIACRAFT ] Creative! Survival!

    Ign: intipablo

    Seems like an awesome server can't wait to get started!

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    posted a message on The Lithlandian Empire - {Moderate Roleplay} {Ranks} {Building}
    Quote from SpartanCookie»

    Kid, you robbed and griefed numerous settlements on Mirage when we had both played there. I also doubt your age, due to the grammatical errors in this application, but in the end, I don't care about the well being of Fiume, so go ahead and join.

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