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    posted a message on [REQUEST] Better Dungeons/Chocolate Quest to be updated to be compatible with 1.12.2

    I'm sort of new here, in fact I literally made an account specifically for the purpose of making this request.

    The 'Better Dungeons' mod, also referred to as 'Chocolate Quest' (in reference to the tag of the original creator) has been a absolute favorite of mine since it's last compatible patch.
    It improves the experience of exploring the over-world greatly by adding any of a LARGE number of dungeons of various shapes and sizes to the world generation.

    Anything from volcanoes populated by dwarf miners, ruined castles populated by armored warrior skeletons, underground swamps filled with spiders, hidden dungeons found behind waterfalls to massive pirate airships floating in the sky.

    There are bosses, weapons, tools, magic items and a lot more. really makes the over-world worth exploring.

    Problem is, it has not been updated in AGES, and it slightly kills me on the inside.
    I consider it to be an essential in my mod-list, and have lost much motivation to play in it's absence.
    There are no other mods that I have found that add what Better Dungeons/Chocolate Quest does to the game.

    If there is anyone who could update this mod I would be forever in your debt.
    I have no Idea what coding services are valued at but I am on the verge of paying someone to solve this.

    Thanks in advance to anyone able to help.

    In case anyone wants further context this is a vid from ages ago.

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