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    Hello everyone! Come and join our community(ip: mccraftingverse.servegame.com), it's a new server, and has lot of plugins.

    1. No griefing.
    2. No killing players.
    3. No hacking.
    4. Respect staff.
    5. Always listen to what Admin says.
    6. No spamming.

    If u break one of these rules,the admin/mod will ban u instantly,if your lucky,he might give u a chance.

    Also we need Mods,fill in the form below if u want to be a Moderator in this server:

    Mod App.:
    1. What's your IGN?
    2. How long have you been playing Minecraft?
    3. Have you been a Mod before?
    4. What should a Mod do?
    5. How active will you be on the server?
    6. More stuff about you?(Optional)

    In addition, we also need a plugin developer to help creating plugins for the server,u will have a rank higher than Admin if u became a plugin developer in this server.
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