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Hi! nice to meet you! My name is Matt, and I'm a 16 year old boy who loves Hanging out in minecraft. I'm extremely shy, and love art, writing, and maybe a little role playing ^-^. I love anime, and just messing around. I'm very random, and like to have fun while being stupid at the same time! If you would like to talk, my skype is infinitycheese54. BYE! :D
Some anime, Video Games, Being a Nerd, Minecraft (I wonder how many people placed minecraft as an interest on a minecraft based website...), Terraria, Art, Art, More Art, Writing, Stephen King, Weird Al Yankovic, And being very, very random.
Location Minnesota

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Minecraft infinitycheese Xbox infinitycheese PSN Yeah... NOPE Steam infinitycheese

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