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    A fabric enchantments mod that adds a few enchants for swords, bows, crossbows, and armor. Mostly balanced around PVP but works great for PVE as well. Feel free to leave any bug reports, suggestions, or feedback in the comments below or on the GitHub page!

    Check the Github Wiki for in-depth explanations of enchantments

    Sword enchantments

    Combo - Hit enemies repeatedly in quick succession to strike them with lightning

    Fervor - Hit enemies to gain increasing attacking speed(up to a cap)

    Perception - Deal bonus damage based on experience level

    - exclusive with lethality

    Lethality - Deal bonus damage to enemies with more armor than you

    - exclusive with perception

    Lifesteal - Steal hp from nearby enemies on hit

    - short cooldown

    Inspire - Grant buffs to all nearby tamed animals after hitting an enemy

    Inferno - light all nearby enemies in a circle on fire

    - exclusive with fire aspect

    Triumph - regain health and hunger for kills

    - exclusive with rampage

    Rampage - gain strength and speed, and temporarily apply weakness on hit for kills

    - exclusive with Triumph

    Dueling - knocks all nearby enemies in a circle away

    Suicide - Hit an enemy to explode, and die instantly

    Armor Enchantments

    Sorcery (all)- randomly gain (positive) status effects upon taking damage

    - exclusive with shielding

    Shielding (all)- gain absorption after not taking damage for a while

    - exclusive with sorcery

    Lifeline (chest) - gain absorption after falling below half hp

    - absorption increases with number of nearby enemies

    - 1 minute cooldown

    Deflect (chest) - random chance to deflect arrows

    Flame Walker (boots)- leave behind a flame trail for a few seconds after taking damage

    Vision (helmet) - Apply glowing effect to enemies that attack you

    Curse of Darkness(helmet) - gain several buffs while in darkness, but burn in the light.

    Bow Enchantments

    Zap - Send out bolts of lightning that continually bounce to nearby enemies.

    - exclusive with volley

    Volley - Hit enemies to cause a volley of arrows to fall around the target

    - exclusive with zap

    Barrage - after hitting an enemy 3 times, shoot arrows instantaneously

    Knockup - launch enemies upwards upon hitting them

    Hunter - mark enemies for a few seconds, gain speed and jump boost for hitting marked enemies.

    Rejuvenate - grant protective buffs to all nearby entities

    Crossbow Enchantments

    Hook - pull enemies towards you instead of knocking them back

    Frost - apply freezing effect that damages and slows enemies

    - exclusive with tranquilizer

    Tranquilizer- after a brief delay, hit enemies are put to sleep

    - exclusive with Frost

    Antiheal - prevent enemies from healing from all sources for 4 seconds

    Bite - spawn angry wolves near the target enemy

    Shield Enchantments

    All shield enchants are Treasure, because the enchanting table is bugged for shield enchants atm

    Lightweight - reduce shield equip delay and shield disable time from axes

    Steadfast - reduce damage taken from all directions and from all sources while blocking

    Trident Enchantments

    Snap of the Deep - summon evoker fangs under the target, depending on the weather

    Inking - Gain a chance to inflict blinding on the target

    - chance increases with level and the weather

    More Coming soon - open to suggestions

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