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    *note: in the picture it mentions Towny, but we removed it due to technical issues! Emeralds are also used as currency!
    The Dargonain Isles is a RP-PVP (role-play player-versus-player) server, but mainly a role-play server. It includes a custom map, factions, McMMO, towns, continents, and more! Explore a vast landscape including snow-capped mountains, cities, various continents, rivers, lakes, beaches, large forests, deserts, mesas, snowy islands, swamps, and plains! Mine in the resourse-populated caverns and caves, purchase weapons and armor, tools, material, horse gear, or anything you desire (including actual horses)! Roleplay in the custom-made map, find new places, and battle! Visit us at


    -You MUST fill out the RP sheet!

    -Role-play before engaging in a fight with someone!

    -Keep swearing or foul language minimal!

    -Don't taunt people outside of RPing!

    -Add "Esgorth" to the "other" section in your character sheet!

    -Stay loyal to your character's role-play information!

    -No inappropriate content!




    -Wood elf

    -Jungle elf


    (Like a werewolf, but with a bird form)


    (A scaled, bird-like vampire creature)



    Long ago after the civil war laid into ruins, this continent is nearly abandoned.


    Large and thriving, this kingdom is the mainland of all.


    Overtaken by Kalthor, this mountain-island of the North is nothing but a large mountain and forest.


    Split into two, Wenig of the West strives to be the coldest, second most mountainous, and most rugged terrain.


    OOC (Out of character):
    Have you ever role-played before?:
    From 1-10, how well is your role-playing experience?:
    Do you have a skin that will match your character's appearance?:

    IC (in-character):
    Name (first + last):
    Native kingdom:
    Weapon(s) of choice:
    Short biography:


    Posted Image//lh6.googleus...9.39.00" target="" data-ensure-absolute>https://lh6.googleus...9.39.00 PM.png" />

    Posted Image//lh5.googleus...9.40.23" target="" data-ensure-absolute>https://lh5.googleus...9.40.23 PM.png" />

    Posted Image//lh6.googleus...0.26.13" target="" data-ensure-absolute>https://lh6.googleus...0.26.13 PM.png" />

    Posted Image//lh3.googleus...0.53.19" target="" data-ensure-absolute>https://lh3.googleus...0.53.19 PM.png" />


    Block Creeper



    Command Book

    Craftable Horse Items

    Custom Items


    Faction Mobs




    Permissions Manager

    Portable Horses

    RolePlay Chat



    World Guard

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    The Dargonain Isles

    Welcome to the Dargonain Isles, a survival bukkit server with PVP, factions, MCMMO, and more! We have a unique system that requires skill to win, not gear.

    Server features:
    -Custom map
    -NO shop! You must gather your resources from the wild!

    -Please Minimize foul language
    -Griefing is allowed!
    -No cheats/hacks
    -Respect others
    -Have fun!

    Server IP:
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    Hello, everybody!
    Staff member indyracoon here! Great server. We're expanding it a ton and would love to have players join.
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    posted a message on (CLOSED) AKAVIR: The Elder Scrolls Minecraft ✧✧ {24/7}{Serious RolePlay}{MMORPG}{Nations}{Dungeons}{Player-Economy}{Land Ownersh
    **Out of Character**
    IGN: indyracoon
    Age: 12
    How did you find us? MC Forums
    What Roleplay experience do you have? WoW, LotRO, DDO, various Minecraft servers, Dragon's Prophet, and some other games
    Define Meta-gaming in your words: Meta-gaming is making your character know something in the future through an OOC source, and the knowledge being something your character probably would have never found out without the OOC source.
    Define Power-gaming in your words: Power-gaming is making yourself too powerful through RP, such as killing 723 men, 293 horses, and a chicken with 1 punch.
    Define God-Modding in your words: Godmodding is similar to power-gaming; it's making yourself overpowered in loads of things, such as dodging everything, flying because of 'magical powers', etc

    **In Character**
    Name: Aegther Fox Racoon (pronounced ahg-thur fox rakoon)
    Nickname: (Optional)
    Age: 19
    Gender: M
    Race: Nord
    Appearance: Dark green eyes, average height, black hair, light skin. He wears a green hooded cloak, grey face scarf, a short tunic, a leather vest, a black belt, a quiver, leather arm bracers, leather pants, black boots, and fingerless gloves.
    Personality: Aegther likes to explore and be anonymous. He can be friendly depending on the circumstances.
    In-game RP example: (Include dialog)
    A = Aegther
    R = Argonian
    K = Kahjit

    A walks around the streets of the large castle.
    R comes up to A.
    R "Excuse me, sir, but are you intrested in my… my… um…"
    A "Your what?"
    K comes around and pickpockets A
    R "My potion, it's a… Potion of speed."
    A "How much is it?"
    A looks for his money.
    K watches
    R "Well, it's quite expensive- it's--"
    A "Well, it seems a pickpocket was here."
    R "You see, I had made a deal, it wasn't my fault!"
    K comes out.
    K "No, it wasn't."
    A looks at K
    A "You thief!"
    K "Well, it wasn't mine either-- you must let me explain!"
    A "Explain yourself."
    R walks off.
    K "Well, I.. I… Alright, it was me! Take your money!"
    K throws the money behind A.

    Background: (Be detailed and in-depth. Also explain how you came to be in Akavir.)
    Most of what Aegther can remember about his childhood was spending it in Skyrim. He liked it there, too. The town that he grew up in, was no other, than Riverwood. He always remembered waking up to the sound of the river, flowing and hitting rocks. No trouble normally occurred, and the guards would always break up any fight or keep away any danger. He lived like this until he was 12.

    When Aegther was 12, he moved to Whiterun, the city that his father grew up in. Shortly after, his mother caught a disease and died. 2 years later, when Aegther turned 14, his father joined the military. He was in the military for a year before being wounded in battle and having to resign from his occupation. Then came Aegther's lust to explore, when he was 15. He wanted to visit Cyrodil and Marrowind, Hammerfell, and so on. But he really wanted to visit Cyrodil. His father would always say, "We don't have enough for the trip," or "I'm still recovering". When Aegther turned 17, he went out on his own to visit the imperial city Solitude. Then he decided to finally visit Cyrodil.

    During his trip to Cyrodil, he encountered a Dark Elf. The Dark Elf said that he was running a transportation business, so Aegther paid him and got in. Aegther told him to travel to the Imperial City. He went up east, saying he'd take a shortcut. Aegther, not really liking Geography nor History, only knew that Cyrodil was down south of Skyrim. Aegther just trusted him and went along. He later found himself in a weird place with gigantic fungi and weird plants. They stopped outside of a small town. He asked where he was and why they stopped and the driver replied, "bandits."

    Then he saw them, approaching the carriage with their weapons drawn. They had green cloaks which seemed to act as a symbol of something to each other (perhaps a group they formed that wears green cloaks). The driver took out a bow and shot one of them, just before taking a full impale from a sword. Aegther took the cloak and mask that the dead bandit was wearing and ran off. For some reason, though, the carriage driver had taken him to Marrowind (yes, the carriage driver somehow managed to mistake Cyrodil as in the position of Marrowind.). Being near a small town near a river with a port, he ran to one of the galleons, asking permission to board. "You don't even know where we're headed," was replied. "Take me anywhere, just let me board!". And so Aegther paid and got on. It set sail the day-after. When Aegther went above deck, it seemed those green-cloaked people were looking around. On the trip, he had made a friend, "Era'kiio" (pronounced Era-keoh), who trained Aegther how to use a sword and bow. And this trip was to an island very far away, Akavir.
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    Out of Character(OOC) INFO: (Don’t be shy; We won’t ban for this part, it’s only to know our players.) I'm a kid who likes gaming, and knows a bit of programming. I also like to build stuff and my fav genre is fantasy-medieval. I also like the LotR and the Hobbit.

    IGN(In Game Name): indyracoon

    Roleplaying experience (What roleplay servers have you played on before? Or what Roleplay games have you played before?): I've been on the past server, WoW, LotRO, DDO, Dragon's Prophet, and other RP games.

    Country/Time zone: MTN Time

    Where did you find us?: I was in the past server [and made
    [was that what it was called?], and remembered about the server shutdown for the 4th age.

    Why do you want to join us? ( Please be a bit detailed): I remembered the awesome experience of this server and would like to be a part of it again. I'd also like to re-make
    [if that's fine with the admins/mods, of course].

    Time you can give to this server (Everyday, or per week): Will vary.

    Who in our new lore destroyed Minas Tirith? the Haradim & Easterlings

    Which Captain of Rohan survived until the end? Captain Goman III

    Have you read the rules?: Aragorn 26

    What is RolePlaying for you?: Role-playing is like acting, making yourself someone else and engaging into an
    environment and interacting with certain guidelines.

    What is MetaGaming in your words?: Metagaming is like powering yourself to see the future from something your character normally wouldn't have seen, such as in the chat, someone planning something but accidentally puts it on global. If you'd use that content you found out to buff your character, you'd be metagaming.

    What is PowerGaming in your words?: Powergaming is not giving someone a chance to counter your action, such as RP 1-hit killing without giving them any time to fight back.

    In Character(IC) INFO:

    *Your IC part should be detailed if you want to be accepted*

    Name (Please give your Character a name that fits with your race): Aegther Fox Racoon II [but just call him Aegther usually]

    Race (Go see the race section. And is he a man or a woman): Gondorian man

    Age: 18

    Combat Class: Archer

    Professional Class: Gather

    Character Backstory [It should be about 3 paragraphs, 400 words or more. And please no stories like this : His/her parents were killed by orcs. He/she trained, found the orcs, and killed them all. The end. (You cannot be anyone important in the server without being approved, you need to work your way to the top.)]: Aegther's father [Aegther Rethain I], was just a nobody in Minas Tirith. Eventually, he made the city of
    in the Misty Mountains, alongside his elven friend Ailwarth. Aegther II was later found wandering in the city and was adopted into his family. Later on, at the beginning of the fourth age, when Ailwarth had left to go to the Undying Lands, his father was struck with misery, which ended up into suicide. Aegther II was also struck with misery, so he wandered into the wilds and claimed his last name as 'Racoon'. Later, Erif'Morgul was abandoned because of the close-by great city 'Minas Tirith' was destroyed by the Haradim, so they feared that the Haradim would attack them. The city was left desolate, and the once successful kingdom in the mountains lost. Aegther II after almost his entire life in the wilds, would like to re-forge the foundations of Krad'Morgul, and turn it into once again, a striving city.

    Roleplay Example (A conversation/fight between your character and someone else. We want to see how well you can Roleplay.).

    I = innkeeper, A = Aegther

    I "Good evening! Are you staying or visiting?"

    A "Do you have any vacant rooms?"

    I "Yes, we have a few."

    A "How much would it be nightly?"

    I "That'd depend on the room."

    A "What's the cheapest?"

    I "Second floor, to the left. It's quite cozy."

    A "How much?"

    I "Well, a few coins a night."

    A "How much?"
    I "Around 5 or so-'

    A "How about 2?"

    I "4?"

    A "3."

    I "3 it is."

    Personality traits: Shy, and sometimes wishes to remain anonymous.

    Physical description (ie. what his face looks like) and/or image of skin?:
    Since I have no idea how to upload images on this thread (lol), I'll just describe it:
    Much like an Ithilien ranger (all of them died, right?). He wears a dark green cloak, a face mask, a white tunic covered by a brown vest, leather bracers, black boots, leather breeches, fingerless gloves, a quiver, and a belt.

    Skills (For every major skill you have, you should have one weakness. You can not master any individual skill to start out with. Once again, you must earn this. If you feel that this system would ruin or otherwise inhibit your ability to create the character you desire, please contact the admin team and we will look into a solution.): Archery, horseback riding, stealth.

    Weakness: spiders, strength, enclosures

    What is his/her ultimate goal? ( Ex: Becoming a king, owning the biggest farm, being the richest merchant in Eriador ) Re-making the city of Krad'Morgul [i think that's what it's name was.... or it was Krad'Enivar....]
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    ~Settler's Life~
    --------BUKKIT HAMACHI SERVER--------

    GAME VERSION 1.5.1

    Hamachi Network ID = indyracoon1

    Hamachi Network Password = 123

    Server IP =





    -Eulb Ekal








    -Rail System



    -Archmage Tower


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    I think Mo' Creatures should be made into a plugin for bukkit servers without requiring to install the mod to play on the server.
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    I forgot about this server for awhile. Definitely will join when it re-opens!
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    Is there a MC Forge plugin for bukkit servers?
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    Hamachi required!
    Network Names: Indyracoon, Indyracoon2
    Network password: 123

    No new guilds without permission
    No safe zone camping / spawn camping
    Each guild may have only ONE safe zone
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    Is there a Bukkit multiplayer version of the teleport mod? PM me link if there is please.
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    Is this compatable with bukkit servers?
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