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    posted a message on The creator of Forrtresscraft saying MC stole ideas from him.
    What he has stated is now irrelevant due to the changes made in Minecraft.

    And stealing ideas? Clearly DJArcas was the one stealing ideas. I would bet a ton of money that FortressCraft wouldn't of been made if Minecraft wasn't so successful.

    FortressCraft is nothing more than DJArcas trying to fool people into believing his game is Minecraft on Xbox.
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    posted a message on Notch Quotes
    Quote from MatCatSMP

    Of course if anyone has any more Notch quotes post them here and I will add them to this site!

    'Earthsquotes is the worst site on the internet. Do not go there.'

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    posted a message on Biggest....village...ive...ever...seen!
    Quote from Sakotsu

    Does it really takes too much work to take a picture?

    Apparently it does for many people in this forum.

    But here it is anyway. Somewhat large, 22 buildings in total. No blacksmiths, so it sucks.

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    posted a message on Zachy's Server [Cracked]
    I love the irony in the statement 'No Stealing'
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    posted a message on At my school, I'm the only one that plays MC that isn't obsessed.
    Record EVERYTHING they do, and after a few years, show them the footage.
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    posted a message on Need some help!! BAD!!!
    The terms of service taken from the website are flawed. In no way would a legal representative in their right mind agree that those terms are fair and just. For one, it discriminates- according to Statement 12-You do not live in Nigeria.

    In no way would he be able to take legal action against you. Any legal firm could not and would not take this to any court, in any jurisdiction and expect in any way shape or form a positive outcome for them. Yes, in certain cases, breaking a Terms of Service is an illegal offence, however, in this case, you are not given the right to choose whether or not you can abide by these terms. Rather, it assumes that as soon as it is read, it is therefore legally binding. This is not the case.

    I highly recommend you ask him to proceed with laying charges. Post any e-mails threatening legal action sent to you. I could do with a laugh.
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    posted a message on Minecraft refuses to allow me to make this seed?
    Quote from Zerikzeras

    So why it hates periods so much is officially beyond me.

    Windows is a girl
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    posted a message on The secrets of 1.8

    No, in fact, it is not. Go look it up

    Yes, in fact, it is. Go look it up

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    posted a message on Minecraft or Terraria
    Quote from TheDeatus

    I dont understand how Terraria is so "awesome". I mean, it's 2D. The only good thing about Terraria is that it has more tools and monsters. Minecraft > Terraria :Diamond:

    This poll is as biased as a MW3 vs BF3 poll on the EA forums
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    posted a message on URGENT MOJANG FREE LABOR WORKER
    Quote from lordenki13

    If you wanna see my minecraft photography skills leave me the ip address for your server and i will photograph your server and show you my skills.

    I think Mojang and other Minecraft players are fully capable of pressing F2 on their own.
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