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    Far From Home
    by Incognietis

    While this is still a functional forum page for now, the official page has been moved to https://minecraft.curseforge.com/projects/far-from-home

    Hello and welcome! I am pleased to announced the very first release of my terrain mod with over 4,000 hours of work, over the course of 5 years. Back in the 1.7.10 days I found RTG and ATG, and for some odd reason I thought that I could do better. So I went digging.. and found this amazing tool called terraincontrol by PG85, which is now named open terrain generation. My main goal was to find a way to create a seamless feeling world where climate transitions are less sudden, and biome transitions are less glitchy. I am very happy to tell you that through the use of OTG, I found about a half dozen "tricks" that nobody else uses in order to accomplish a world where around 200 biomes interlock as if they were all a single biome. Furthermore, climates do transition smoothly, although it isn't anything too difficult to pull off. It really needs to be seen to be believed..

    Current features

    Approx. 200 biomes (about 600 technical biome ids used)Full Biome's o' Plenty integration (with an unmodded version coming soon) Caverns and mountains like you've never seen before

    Custom biome objects both donated to me, and some made myself

    Features on the way

    • Mod support for dynamic trees, thaumcraft, and botania (this is trivial, but will have to wait till later)
    • There is a multiverse associated with this mod in which, you the player, will be able to portal across a number of dimensions. These alternate worlds will include every biome in the base world, but with a global modifier sorta like what amplified is to vanilla. There will also be an alternate dimension which is exactly like a vanilla world. Portals work pretty much exactly like nether portals.
    • Volcanoes, Oceans, Autumnal biomes, and Dark forest biomes
      • These are mostly complete
    • A better looking forum page


        • The vast majority of trees used in this mod are made by this guy. He is a hero. Without his trees, release would've been thrown out the window.

        • Some trees were used (I think)

        • The Logotan tree pack is great and provided some much needed trees than I did not already have

    A VERY SPECIAL THANKS to WHICHONEISPINK, a developer of RTG who put up with all my ridiculous questions so many years ago

    A VERY SPECIAL THANKS to TTFTCUTS, the developer of ATG, for showing me what a great terrain view should look like

    and finally..

    A VERY VERY SPECIAL THANKS to PG85 for developing this amazing tool. PG85 is the true grandfather of this project.

    Download Instructions

    Because this is the initial release, it is still in typical OTG folder format, but will later on be compiled into a jar. In order to install this mod you first need OTG+ v6, AND Biome's o' Plenty 1.12.2, and of course forge. The way OTG works, if mod data is written into the terrain, then the game will crash unless the mod exists. I will be making various versions of Far From Home including various combinations of mods. The reason why the first version is the BOP version is because it is just easier to develop it with BOP from the ground up rather than adding it after.

    So anyways..

    download OTG+ v6 and BOP 1.12.2

    install it into a forge minecraft as you would any other mod

    download my terrain preset and drag and drop it into your mods-> openterraingenerator-> worlds folder

    create a world with the same name as the world folder, in this case "Far From Home" without quotations

    Link to FFHTG curseforge page including download




    I apologize that everything is a bit of a mess right now.

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