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    posted a message on 2 nice seeds
    the seed names are sh**head (need to censor for people, you can figure out the rest)
    this one has plenty of mountains with coal and planes everwhere right when you spawn
    the other one is sh**_head this one is similar but has much more mountains and planes and as well 3 biomes in the exact same area. great scenery i recommend using this one for servers actually.
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    posted a message on Ceris Kingdoms [24/7][Towny][Iconomy][Player Shops][PVP][No-Whitelist]
    in game name-impactjnewman
    what is rule5?: use common sense
    how did you find out about us?:through a friend named raishi
    did you vote for us?: the sooner you add me the more times i'll vote :smile.gif: and when u do i'll vote as well and some more :smile.gif:
    why you wish to join: so i can play with my friends and the plugins are really nice
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