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    Hey there,

    Update: So I've found some time again and will be starting to help setup servers again. Feel free to post with any problems you have.

    I've been running a server for about 8 months now, and feel as though I have a very good understanding of Bukkit, Mcadmin, and pretty much any other mod you can think of. I've been doing my best to share my knowledge with the other users, but ever since the view your posts function has been disabled, it has been very hard to tell if the user is actually understanding what I'm saying, or if I'm just talking out of the orface located on my backside. Also, this thread could possibly become something like a thread for almost any common problem, and some of the less common ones, as I will try to answer any questions on here so that other's can see them.

    edit: so mine OS was brought up, then I remembered.... oh yeah, I don't know how to use that.... so, I will help wig everything NOT mine OS.. sorry bout that :/

    Anyways, what I'm saying here is I'll pretty much do anything you need for your server, you just have to ask. If it's just a question that I can answer in the thread, without seeing too much of anything, such as your plugins folder or whatever, I'll answer it on here, and you should have a answer fairly soon. If it's something a bit more complicated, such as the server just not working and you having no idea what the problem is, I'll need to do something like dropbox for smaller problems, and teamviewer for the more complex ones. So basically, heres the only thing I'm asking for here if you want help:

    + If you have a question about portforwarding, please go here first. He explains it much better than I could ever.

    +Post a question/ problem here first. No matter how hard you think this will be, just post here first, because it's a whole lot quicker for me to answer on here than it is to answer over teamviewer, email ect.

    +If I can't help you on the forum, I'll probably ask you to get teamviewer as it is the easiest thing for me to help you with. For those of you that don't know, it is a screen sharing program that allows me to see your screen, and if you give me permissions, transfer files and edit things. Now, I know privacy can be an issue here, so I'm always willing to let you connect to my machine first, have a look around and I'll show you how to restrict what users can do once they have connected. I know that certain people can be a bit dishonest on the internet, so I'll let you play around with it until you feel satisfied that I'm not trying to give you a Trojan horse or something terrible like that.

    Thats pretty much it. Just start posting your comments and I'll start answering.

    Oh one last thing. I understand that the title of this says free, and that is because it is. I'll never charge you for services that are only needed because a program can be a bit difficult at times. However, it would be nice if you say, were feeling a bit generous and decided to drop a bit of cash my way. By no means feel obligated to do this, but the option is there if you want to. I know times are tough and I won't feel at all offended if you can't or don't want to give anything. If you do though, just let me know and I'll send you the info.

    Okay thats it!

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    Quote from Jaker232

    Ughh, I never deserve credit.

    I made a topic about this site, and this mod comes along, creates about it, and doesn't recognize I already have one.

    geez, at least I don't get respect around here.

    Your right, you don't deserve credit. If I make a post about how great Bukkit is, I don't deserve credit for Bukkit, or notifing people of it.

    He made the site, and is a moderator. He can sticky whichever the hell post he wants
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    For some reason, the vanilla software seems to be glitched, and never spawns the person excatlly where the spawn is. If you get bukkit, you can /setspawn excatlly where you want it to be, and you will spawn there everytime..
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    Quote from NZPhoenix

    I defer to those who have more experience than I do in hosting, especially hosting specifically for Minecraft. I am going to get a dedicated server soon, but I have a few questions about system requirements which will help me choose who to get it from.

    About how many players can you fit per GB of ram, without affecting gameplay at all? What about without affecting game play 'too much'?

    How important is the CPU in the server?

    What kind of server would it take to host 100 slots? 200 slots?

    Thank you for your time.

    Edit: I will be getting server hosting through a provider, not doing it myself.

    Okay, since your getting a provider, the post above me about speed is not important, as they should have a good speed.

    For the ram question, you can fit about 12-15 people on 1 gig of ram, depending on how big the world size is. However, as you get more people on the server, you need more ram per player, as there is more stress on the server. But, its nothing to worry about unless you plan on having more than 50 people on. For reference, we have about 25 people on almost all the time, and around 45 at peak times, and we have 8 gigs of ram, and it runs absoluty fine, actually great.

    The CPU is not super important, but you do want to have a good one nonetheless. Something I have heard however, is that minecraft servers don't run as good on more cores, such as an i7, and tend to run better on dual cores. I'm not sure of the validity of this, but its some food for thought.

    100 slots? A server whose owner I know ran about 76-85 people at all times, and had about 16 gigs of ram, but I don't know the other specs.
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