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    Version 1.16.4

    IP Outcraftofficial.com

    Discord https://discord.gg/qXs56ym

    Small but loyal community just starting to build a core group! Come be apart of the OutCraft experience!

    Looking for a fresh start on a fresh server? Look no further, Outcraft provides a familiar feeling with expanded features. Supporting version 1.16+, there is a something for everyone.

    Feel the progress with the feeling of FRPG, daredevils level up your agility, pacifists level up your herbalism, miners keep digging up those levels, and more. Play it your way.

    A booming economy!
    Open shops at the mall, gamble at the casino, or invest at the stock market.

    Never get lost
    Minimaps ensure you can find your way around. Dual wield it with a weapon to protect yourself while finding your way home.

    Claim your land
    Protect your structures with land claims. Enlist trusted players or friends to build or mine on your territory.
    Having a rivalry? Settle it with a duel in one of three arenas with several equipment set ups.

    Between our Lobby to the ends of our survival world, you're sure to find a new adventure everyday.

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