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    posted a message on [1.6.2][Forge/Survival]Silvania: Ultimatum - WE HAVE RETURNED! ☢CUSTOM ATL MODPACK☢PvP☢ECONOMY☢FTB-STYLE MODPACK INSTALLER!
    User name*:Tyriell
    Location/Time Zone*:+01:00
    Did someone refer you?:
    Minecraft Version (eg 1.8.1)*: 1.4.5

    Job*: toolsmith
    Race: warrior
    Name: If you wish to use your exact Minecraft username, leave blank
    Age*: 21
    Bio*: He came from the far north. Son of the royal forgemen of Karak Vlag. The inheritance of this proud line of craftsmen lives on deep within the heart of this broken hero. Great evil once attacked the relatively peaceful life of the great hold. Born into feud and conflict, his family was forced to exile.He has chosen the path of the warrior, because that is the way of the norse clans. And glory in the name of his clan and this once great keep, is the most priced reward. K
    arak Vlag may be lost forever, but the legacy lives on in this young hero.
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