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    posted a message on **Hermitcraft / Mindcrack-like server** Players Wanted
    In Game Name: ikentron

    Skype Name: ikentron


    How experienced are you at minecraft/How long have you been playing?:
    I have been playing Minecraft since early beta, ever since a friend told me. I logged on that same day and haven't stopped playing since, must be addicted. I'd call myself very experienced with the game, as I've played it from just about every aspect, vanilla, anarchy, bukkit, mods, etc. I have been running my own server since 2012, off and on (iKanCraft).

    How often do you play minecraft?:
    I play very often. Every day, atleast 5+ hours a day, but usually play much more than that.

    Why you want to join?:
    I typed this portion once and it went away... As I mentioned a bit above, I have played many different types of Minecraft, but the Mindcrack style in particular has always stood among me as being a very unique and enjoyable style. I have tried to emulate this type of experience, but it hasn't went so well for me, other servers barely even follow the same concept as Mindcrack. I believe this will be the server that blows others out of the water.

    What skills/strengths can you offer while on the server?:
    The strengths that I could offer on the server would have to be that I'm rather adaptive, and can easily fit into different situations. I'm a fast learner and always willing to help around, or complete any tasks that are thrown at me. Would even build a website if ever needed.

    Rate your self on how well you can build (1- 10):
    I'd say it depends on what's being included into the building category. If it's building smaller structures, i'd say about a 7, but if this also includes larger and way more complex builds i'm sure i'd have to drop myself down a notch ( :Notch: ) or two.

    Do you understand the rules and realize the consequences if you break them?
    Understand completely. Everyone has their own set of rules that need to be respected. As a server owner, I understand the importance of these rules.

    If you want to leave a server for various reasons, what would you do?
    If I was only leaving for a short period, i'd most likely let everyone know that I was going to be MIA for a while. However, if the most extreme circumstances came around, the server became inactive, and the owner wouldn't listen to suggestions, I may just resign.
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    posted a message on Attack Of The B Team Private Survival Server
    Quote from pianodude

    So has the player count been reached yet?

    Hasn't been filled that I know of, some whitelisted people have not shown up and some may never, will whitelist some others and see what happens.
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    Quote from _Swuggles

    You also forgot to make the player limit 11 so I can still be in it and 10 other people can too.

    Sorry I didn't whitelist you, accidently whitelisted _Swuggles and headed off. Has been fixed and have set the player count to 11.
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    posted a message on Attack Of The B Team Private Survival Server
    IGN: ikentron
    AGE: 17
    Why do you deserve to join?: Have been really wanting to check out Attack of The B-Team after watching Generikb, BDoubleo100, and Glis. Don't want to play single player as it gets boring after a while but I don't want to join an overpopulated server neither. I haven't played much minecraft in the last few weeks but plan on playing daily if I am accepted!
    Facts about you: Have been playing Minecraft since early beta. Usually run servers instead of playing on them myself, however I haven't wanted to lately. I'm mature and enjoy hanging out with others :)
    Do you promise not to grief and be friendly to others?: Indeed. Would expect the same from others too.
    How good are you in building?: Pretty good. I'm the best whenever I have inspiration or have an idea of what I want to build. Not the best on building on the fly unless I take a while.
    Additional Stuff: My skype is ikentron, I also have a mic. May record a lets play depending on how the server goes about too.
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    posted a message on PotatoCraft {24/7} {Whitelist} {Vanilla} {1.7.4} {Community} {MindCrack like}

    IGN: ikentron

    Age: 17 years old.
    Skype: My skype name is 'ikentron'.
    Timezone or Country: United States of America (Eastern/Est+5)
    Why do you want to join?: Even though I may not be accepted or the server may become full, I would love to join because I have recently started to enjoy a few of the MindCrackers (Mainly B-Team) and have wanted to replicate the experience for myself. I am usually a server owner but haven't had the drive for it lately and have decided to move to Youtube videos. I have searched these forums for days on end and whenever I feel I have found the right server, it's been invaded by the wrong types of people. I have even tried to create my own, but came to soon realize I only wanted to join one and I had a hard time trying to find others.
    Favourite block?: My favorite block would have to be Hardened/Stained Clay. Before this block was implemented into the game, I never really had a clear building block. I would usually end up using a mixture of woods and stones, but with clay, it is very easy to match it to your building style, and other blocks to create some very nice structures. I am a very friendly, mature, and active player too, I am able to come online daily and will most likely upload videos every other day unless something comes up.
    YouTube channel (Optional) and will you record: www.youtube.com/user/ikentron (I currently do not have any videos posted yet because I have been looking for the right server to do so. I have many plans though and have even purchased a quality mic (Blue Yeti) and Fraps.
    Will you be interested in the community activities?: I would. Even though I don't have the most experience with some of these activities, it could be very fun.

    Do you agree with our rules?: Agreed. All seem very straight forward.
    Have you ever been banned on other servers? If so, what for?: Have never been banned. As I mentioned above, I usually own my own servers, so I'm usually the one banning others. :steve_lol:
    Rank yourself out of 10 on the following:
    :cobblestone: Building 8/10 :cobblestone:
    :tnt: Redstone 7/10 (5/10 with command blocks) :tnt:
    :DSWORD: PVP 7/10 :DSWORD:
    :DPA: Caving 9/10 :DPA:
    :DHOE: Farming 9/10 :DHOE:
    :ph34r: Pranking 8/10 :ph34r:
    :Zombie: PVE 9/10 :Zombie:

    :Diamond: :Diamond: Diamonds to you sir, and thanks for reading! :Diamond: :Diamond:
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    posted a message on Paradise SMP [mindcrack like server]
    IGN: ikentron
    Age: 17
    Country: United States of America (EST Time Zone)
    Skype: ikentron
    What do you enjoy most about minecraft: I enjoy being able to express my imagination and creative side, along with others who like to do the same.
    How long have you been playing minecraft: Since early Beta
    Why should we pick you: Been ejoying the Mindcrack series more than ever from a few of the Mindcrackers, been wanting to do something but still unable to reach my expectations with most servers becoming inactive. Hoping this server will be different. I'm also rather mature and love to have fun. :)
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    posted a message on [1.7.2] - 100% Vanilla - MindCrack Based - Open Applications!
    6 Slots available! Fill out an application and you could be instantly added!
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    posted a message on [1.7.2] - 100% Vanilla - MindCrack Based - Open Applications!
    5 Slots still available! Don't worry if you haven't been chosen yet, you still have time! Everyones app is still being considered!
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    posted a message on [1.7.2] - 100% Vanilla - MindCrack Based - Open Applications!
    Still have 7 slots available! If you currently have an application but haven't been selected, don't fret! You could still be chosen.

    As for the people who have been chosen, you should have received the server details. I will let you know when people began to join..
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    posted a message on [1.7.2] - 100% Vanilla - MindCrack Based - Open Applications!
    Server is officially set up. Once you have been accepted, you may join the server.
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    posted a message on [1.7.2] - 100% Vanilla - MindCrack Based - Open Applications!
    Survival | Vanilla | UHC* | MindCrack

    Hello Guys/Gals! I'm here to introduce my new MindCrack style server. I have recently got into the MindCrack series and figured I would try it out for myself. On my adventure into trying to find a sutable server, I came to realize there were a lot, but very few were near decent. Alot of these servers were either immature or they fell far from the actual MindCrack concept. Personally, these were the types of servers that I wouldn't want to start a youtube series on or even spend a large portion of time on. That being said, I decided to create my own server. This server will try to have and share the same feeling as the official mindcrack server.

    General rules shared throughout most of mindcrack servers.
    • Do NOT grief or raid.
    • Be friendly and kind to others.
    • Be active.
    • Be mature.
    • Spawn area is for community builds only.

    Rule Exceptions:
    Rules are not applicable if:
    • Playing a prank - Don't over do your prank or use TnT and Lava.




    - 6 Open Spots -
    If you are accepted, you will receive a message on Skype.

    Skype Name:
    Youtube Channel:
    How many times a week can you record?:
    Country & Time Zone:
    Favorite MindCracker?:
    Minecraft Specialty(Build,Redstone,Etc.):
    UHC Mode (Yes/No):

    Please be reminded, if you fail to follow the rules, you will be removed from the whitelist.?

    This post will be updated regularly when needed.
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    posted a message on Mindcrack like vanilla server: MINECRAPPED
    IGN: ikentron
    Age: 17
    Youtube channel if you're planning on recording: ​Will make a new one, preferably 'ikentronLP'
    You must have Skype (msg me your Skype name if you don't want it public): ikentron
    fav thing to do in minecraft (ex: Building/redstoning): ​Like minecraft as a whole, meaning I like a mix of just about everything. Like experimenting with redstone, but also enjoy building new and unique things when needed.
    Country you are located in: USA
    Do you want UHC mode turned on or off?: On. Will give everyone something to look forward to and challenge themselves with. Even if you aren't too good at surviving, it's still fun.
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