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    IGN: iittssViruss

    Why we would trust you?: No way to really answer this question. However, I have no intention or no need to be not trusted.

    What Rank you want Be: Moderator/Admin

    What Staff Experience you Have being staff members?: I have been Owner on 2 servers of my own. (viruspvp.com) and (DownEco.net) I have been Moderator on thereevemc.com Developer on 2 servers (not worth mentioning)(Retired Dev.) And Co-leader on my friends server. (thedoghouse.mcph.co)

    Have you got Banned from Any Servers? Yes, advertising on mineplex for my friend (lol), and banned for AFK pooling on a server at some point

    Will You Abuse your rank?: Of course not

    If a Someone will break 1 of our Official rules what you would do to him? I always give 2 chances, the first is a warning if they were not aware of the rule. If they knew the rule and broke it intentionally or have been warned already they will get Temp Banned depending on the Owner's preference.

    What's Your TimeZone?: CST -Central Standard Time

    What can you do for Having Fun with The Community?: Be involved with the players and answer questions to the best of my ability. (It's a game! I'll make sure everyone is having the best possible experience playing on the server :)

    Here you can tell us More about your Experience or more stuff we need to know when we Give you the rank?

    I am bilingual, I speak Spanish and English. I am very experienced with MC and I am very active. I work at a store as a cashier so I can be on the server when I have time which is probably 4/7 days of the week. I am very active and knowledgeable so ask me questions and I would love to answer :)

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    posted a message on Adventure/RPG Server looking for DEV

    IGN: iittssViruss

    Age: 16

    Past experience: I owned and developed my own faction server. Helped develop a few other servers

    Anything else?


    Just looking to practice development and help out.

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