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    Wow. Just...wow. I can't even truly express how I feel reading some of this. (And it wouldn't be very relevant, anyways, I suppose.)

    From what I can see, this is merely an argument about which charities are more "worthy" of your hard-earned dollar. ((What a silly argument after all.)) You know what? That hard-earned dollar that is being fussed over? Go ahead and give it to whatever charity you want. Seems crazy, huh? But seriously, just pick whichever charity you want and send 'em the money. BAM. Problem solved. Believe that Xcharity is better than Ycharity? Well, show your support with the monies. Why in the world anyone would want to sit around preaching about how Ycharity isn't good enough to deserve help? If you ain't giving, you sure as heck don't have any place telling other people what to do with their money. Even if you ARE giving, you better get down off your high horse, because what anyone does with their paycheck is really none of anyone else's business.

    It's not about curing someone. It's about giving them a decent life. That can mean any number of things, but in the end it comes down to the person who is living that life. If her family is going to try to give her as enjoyable life as possible, then who are we to say that it is wasted? I work with the disabled as my current career. And oftentimes they can't have what you might call a "normal" life. (What a disgusting, self-righteous, condescending way to term it. But, I digress...) These people have to work harder to do things that you or I take for granted. And that doesn't always guarantee that they achieve those goals. That does NOT mean that they shouldn't have the right to strive for a better quality of life.
    ((Edit: Saw the post by Sivri. Completely agree.))

    Obviously you are entitled to your opinion just as I am entitled to mine, but I would urge you to educate yourself a bit more before spouting off sounding like...well, I won't invoke Godwin's Law, but you get the idea. A human's personal worth is NEVER measured by how they can contribute financially to a system. Euthanasia? Really? The right to live isn't given by a government or any other system; being born guarantees a creature's right to life. There is not other living being that can determine whether or not someone has that right. To think that anyone does is insanity. And I would never risk giving up my basic human rights just because I see someone who is physically less able than I. Only a complete and utterly mindless fool would open that door.
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    I'm a female, despite the strange hyperbutch phase I went through in high school.
    Not that I really think gender matters, especially when communicating via virtual means.
    Or in real life, actually. Huh.
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    Oh, this is the part I really hate. You know, the "shake hands and pretend not to be judging the other person while trying to ignore the fact that they're pretending not to be judging you, all while wondering if your hands are too hot or too clammy, if you're gripping too hard or too soft, if you're making too much eye contact or not enough, if you're displaying normal body language or if you look like an alien on its first day trying to blend in with the real humans, and dang it, now you've been shaking hands for too long because you got lost in thought and by now they definitely think you're a total freak and the friendship is ruined before it even started" bit. I really suck at this part.

    Awkwardness aside, hello everyone. My name is iistor ((yes, it's pronounced just like the Christian spring holiday, and no, I did not choose to go by it for that reason)). Just to lay my cards on the table, here's fair warning: I'm shy, terribly unskilled socially, and not always sure how to interact with people in a "normal" manner. However, I'm polite, friendly (if a bit skittish), and always appreciate good conversation. I like words and love numbers. I'm obsessive-compulsive. I have very slow reaction times and get my right and left mixed up. I swear too much when I play shooting games, but prefer more creative epithets when given a few moments to think about how best to express my displeasure. My two favorite snack foods are dill pickle flavored potato crisps and Little Debbie Zebra Cakes. Dishwashing is my second-to-least favorite chore. I have too many pets: a tiny dog, a large cat, and two giant iguanas. I rarely go into direct sunlight because I'm secretly afraid my skin will burst into flames. (I wear a lot of sunscreen, even under clothing.) When I was young, my greatest dream and wish was to grow up to be a Tyrannosaurus Rex. (Bonus trivia: It still is.)

    Okie dokie. I think that gives you all a rough picture of what I'm like. I just started playing Minecraft a few days ago, but it has utterly consumed me. So far, I've only played on single-player survival mode, but I'd like to overcome my crippling social anxiety and try out multiplayer someday. ^.^ ((<-- Only kinda kidding.))

    I'm gonna wrap this up now and get out of here without weirding out too many people (hopefully), but before I hush my face, I just want to say that I look forward to meeting some fellow Minecraft players and making some new friends. [/cheese] Ta~
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