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    posted a message on is this vps good?
    2048MB RAM

    150GB Diskspace

    300GB Bandwidth

    2 IPv4 Address

    5 IPv6 Addresses


    $23.00 Monthly

    is this any good for a vps to run a 35 slot server?
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    posted a message on Mining tips?
    I just started on a new server and i dug down to bed rock and I have stairs to the surface but... i used up all my iron digging down and i want to find more i have stone tools and most or the time i only find 3 ores after 1 hour of brach mining. Plz tell me how to count layers and best way to get most ore
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    posted a message on youtube video series of how to set up hey0
    I have three videos out so far.
    part one I show how to do basic stuff-

    part two I show two ways to fight griefing-

    part three I add kits to the server disallowed items and a new group-

    part four how to connect to your server-

    part five how to run a server on linux/ubuntu

    please donate so i can run a rented server that has around 15-20 slots(I wished more but I'm broke right now) just pm me if you do ill be very happy and you will be a higher rank
    now I don't know what i should do so please post below on what I should do next.
    I uploaded the files to megaupload here they are:http://www.megaupload.com/?d=I6S7GTTH
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    posted a message on selling 6 slot server
    I'll rent out a 6 slot server for 15 bucks a month. Specs are 1 gb or ram, 2 ghz processor, 50gb disk space, and unlimited bandwidth. post below if you wanna talk about the prices I may go lower.
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    posted a message on NEW minecraft server NEED MODS/ADMINS
    I made a new server it has some hey0 mods on it i need a mod or two and a admin
    thats the Ip
    If you join and its down i may be working on it
    and soon ill build a city
    it has no whitelist
    and money will some be working
    my user name is bluegle on it just i made this account before my friend gave me this one
    Edit:i did some work made a base in a tree. ill add kits soon and it'll only be a pick and some torches
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