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    posted a message on [1.12.2] Pinecraft 2.0 - Minecraft: Now with more pineapples!


    Have you ever wanted more pineapples in
    your game of minecraft? Maybe a new ore? Maybe even some new tools and
    armor. Pinecraft 2.0 does all of those things and more.

    With the help of some friends for inspiration and a few old memes we've created this mod, and we're sharing it to you!

    This mod is actually the first mod I've made, and was also made in a few days.

    This mod needs 1.12.2 Forge to work. Download the official version over here: https://files.minecraftforge.net/


    Download Pinecraft 2.0 for Minecraft 1.12.2 Forge:

    The Pinecraft mod adds new early-mid game resources for you to have fun and explore with!

    - Pineapple Ore (can be found quite commonly throughout the overworld)
    - Pineapple Ingot (used to craft pineapple tools & armor)

    - Pinobrine (an inside joke, basically a reskinned zombie)

    - Pineapple Block (used for decoration & building)

    - Pineapple Sword
    - Pineapple Pickaxe
    - Pineapple Axe
    - Pineapple Shovel
    - Pineapple Hoe

    The entire set is equivalent to the protection of iron.
    - Pineapple Helm
    - Pineapple Body
    - Pineapple Leggings
    - Pineapple Boots

    - Pineapple (restores 5 food points)
    - Pineapple Pizza (restores 8 food points, gives poison for 30 seconds when consumed)


    Pineapple Ingots:
    Can be obtained by smelting pineapple ore in a furnace.

    Pineapple (Food):
    Unshaped Crafting

    Pineapple Block:

    Pineapple Pizza:
    Unshaped Crafting

    Pineapple Armor:
    Can be crafted just like any other vanilla armor set, except with pineapple ingots.

    Pineapple Tools:
    Can be crafted just like any other vanilla set, except with pineapple ingots.
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